The Date
I could not believe it. An older gentleman asked me for a date. He wanted to take me to a club that had entertainment. I was so taken back; I almost forgot to say, "I would love to!" Everything he did was being the perfect gentlemen, and I wished it wasn't so perfect. I knew the exact dress I would wear as to make him feel like he was with a high-class woman. Clingy but not too clingy. Low but not to low. Leggy but not too leggy. My green dress with the slit skirt to a few inches above the knee. It was tight enough across the ass that any man would enjoy without overdoing it. My inquires around gave me the info this was a rich older man. I don't know maybe something would become of it. I indeed had slept with older men than he was. I looked forward to it.

The doorbell rang, and when I opened it, a stranger said, "Mr. Beecham is in the car, may I assist you to the car?" He took me to a limo and opened the door. Sitting there was Christopher and when I got in the dress rode up, and with the slit, he did get a lot of look at my leg. He did look which was a good sign. This was unusual for me, a man with a driver. He greeted me and offered me wine or something more. I choose the wine. We arrived at the club, and I was impressed. Getting out of the limo with a helping hand and a look down my dress, seemed just like the places I have gone to before. We walked in and got in line to be seated for the show.

As we stood in line, I saw Christopher fold a hundred dollar bill small enough for him to palm. The line was moving slow, and when I didn't move quickly enough, I was bumped on my ass by the gentleman behind me. I wasn't really sure if it was an accident or not. When the line moved again, I held my position, and sure enough, I felt a prod on my butt. I stepped back a small step until I felt the prod on my cheeks. I wiggled just a little, but enough to tease the prod. I felt it pushing into my crack. This was no accident. I turned and looked into the eye of a handsome Latin man. He smiled, and I turned back around and moved my ass against him again. All this was happening as Christopher was telling me what good reviews this show had been given.

By the time we reached the Mat-re-DE, my panties were wet. Christopher slipped into the hand of the Mat-re-DE the hundred dollar bill, and the waiter was given some code, and we were seated at a table next to the stage but perpendicular to it, We were in the last seat, and he sat on one side, and I sat on the other. After he ordered drinks, I held his hand and rubbed his knuckles. The next table was seated, and there was not much room for the customers. I had moved my chair around to see all of the stage. The lights dimmed and a Master of Ceremonies, gave his pitch, and soon bare-breasted women in elaborate costumes filled the stage. I felt Christopher's hold one of my fingers. I stiffened it, and he smiled, rubbing the length of it. My man liked bare breasts.

I felt a hand on my leg and turned enough to see my Latin line gooser sitting to my right side. Here I was holding hands with one man who thought my finger was a cock, and another trying to explore my bare leg. I crossed my legs and in doing so propped myself on one cheek giving more exploring area to my Latin friend. That is all he needed as my crossed leg gave him ample room to explore higher with the slit opening new avenues. He was bold enough to rub the side of my breast, then moving his hand up my leg. This white-bearded gray-headed Latin was driving me nuts. I uncrossed my legs, and he immediately moved into the slit in my green dress and was inching up my bare thigh. I knew where he was headed and I was not about to stop him. Christopher continued to rub my finger while watching the bare-breasted chicks. My mound was touched. If the lights come on now, it sure would be embarrassing, but when they did Latin man was safely back in his seat, mesmerizing some young gal whose tits were falling out of her dress. I wanted him back but the rest of the show, had too much light for that to happen.

The show ended, and I stood and turned, but Latin man was gone. Christopher's car showed, and we entered. He said, "Carol, would you like to go back to my place and have a drink or maybe more?"
At that point, I was horny enough from Latin man to say, "That would be wonderful!" His place was exquisite. He poured us drinks and looked at me and asked a question I was not expecting.

"Carol, did you enjoy getting felt up watching the show?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh Carol, I hope you don't think I am dumb enough not to know what was going on."

"I don't know what to say."

"If you had a chance to fuck him in front of me, would you?"

"If you would like that."

With that my Latin fondler walked into the room. He reminded me of that guy on TV, and I expected him to say, ‘I always don't fuck, but when I do, it is only with the best.' He walked up to me and kissed me. He unzipped my dress, and carefully slipped it down my body. He turned me back around and kissed me again. I felt his manhood pressing against me. I started undressing him. Christopher said, "Let me get out of your way. Just make it good for me, and I will sit in this chair and watch."
I asked my Latin friend his name, and he told me, Carlos. I then said to Carlos, "Carlos, let's give the man his monies worth." We did just that with hot lovemaking that I didn't want to stop. After shooting in me three times, once in the mouth, and twice in the pussy, he could not get it up again.

I said to Christopher, "Would you like to fuck me?" He said, "If only I could, but I haven't had an erection in years, thanks to diabetes." I went to him, unzipped his pants and took out his limp cock. I said, "I have been very successful in the past in getting men off this way," I sucked him slowly until he came. The soft tugs with my lips did the trick and I never saw a man so happy.

Christopher and I had many dates. Carlos visited me at my home. One of the things I liked, he never wanted to fuck Elaine, which pleased me. I knew Sarah was jealous as she watched him walk up to my front door. Christopher, Carlos and I never got together again, but I was sure happy about that first time. If Carlos ever makes a commercial I hope he says I am the best...
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