The Dream
The place was sparkling clean. I worked all day cleaning the house. I usually break it up but got ambitious to do it all. I looked in the mirror, and I undoubtedly was not the sexy thing I thought I was. I went to the couch and just put my head on a pillow...

I looked at myself. I was wearing a high collar dress with a skirt that was mid-calf high. Dorky lace shoes with a two-inch heel. The hat was not of this era. It even had a veil. My hair was short and kinky. Why was I dressed like this? It indeed wasn't me. Who would the hell want me looking like this? All around me was a meadow. I started to walk but ran into a glass wall. Every side of me was a glass wall. I was in a glass room with no door. As far as I could see people were walking towards me.

The first person to reach my glass room was Bob. I stood there looking at him. He unzipped his jeans and took his cock out. His had surrounded it with his hand, and he pointed it at me. He gleefully said, "You want a little of this, honey? Do you want it in your cunt? How about sucking it like you always do for me. I promise you it will fit right into your cute ass!" By the time he got done with his rant. Peter arrived.

"Carol, would you like another tour of my cock? Would you like me in your pussy and William in your ass the same time? Sure, I could see your pussy outlined in that suit, I had it brought to you just for me. I liked the way you looked at me while William was sucking my cock!"

"Carol sweetie, Pam's got a new dress for you. It has a hole in the front and a hole in the back so Elliot can lick you and then fuck you if you want. I betcha really want to try!" The dog was with her and continuously licked the glass.

"Your husband eats me better than you do. He prefers to fuck me rather than you. You miss that cock, don't you. You ought to fuck Tim; you would like it. I bet you didn't realize, Jim wanted me more than you," my longtime friend informed me. I told her, "Sarah, you are hurting me."

Alice peered into the glass room, and said, "You are not that sexy anymore, are you? We should paint you in that old lady outfit. I never ate you because I did not want to make your daughter unhappy. Her young pussy is delicious, and I am surprised you never found out."

Jesse stood there with his big cock swinging. He had a big smile on his face, as Tina stroked him. She said, "You are not going to get any more of this, Sugar." She bent down and kissed that beautiful swinging member. That beautiful black pussy was pointed right at me when she did.

"Because of you, I have to fuck my old man, and I hate it. I wanted you so bad, I can taste it," Roxanne hooted while she played with herself.

They were all there. Everett, Emily, Barbara and others who I had sucked or fucked since middle school. The glass walls fell to the ground, and they all came rushing towards me. Pussies were pushed in my face. Cocks poked at my ass and cunt. I was overwhelmed by all of them. I wanted them all to eat my pussy and fuck every hole I had...

I woke up with a start. Standing looking down at me was Elaine. She asked, "Who is Elliott? I groggily said, "Never mind." I knew she would press until she found out, but I was in no mood for that discussion.

"Mom, Bob is here would and he and I are going to use your bed. It just has a lot more room."

"Go ahead, enjoy yourself."

"Everett is here too, and he wants to fuck you."

"Not looking like this!"

"He can wait. Take a shower and put something sexy on and you will be just fine."

After that dream, I was ready for some big black cock, and that young man would fill the bill. I went to the shower and stripped the house dress and bra and panties. The water felt good on my aching muscles. The shower door slid open and a naked Everett took his place behind me. That meat on my ass felt better than the shower water. His hands ran down my sides, thumbing the side of my breasts as he did. He rolled his hands to the front of my belly and let them make their way to my mound. Both hands on my slit and he softly took each lip and parted it. When he fingered my clit, I could not take it anymore and turned and jumped on him with my legs wrapped around him. He fumbled for awhile but finally got it in me. Oh, that filled up feeling! He pressed me against the shower was as the water poured on us. He was so fucking strong. He held me and fucked me until I came. It was amazing that somebody so barely out of his teens knew how to please a woman. I wished all the men I fucked had his staying power. No wonder Elaine even preferred him to Bob. Of course, she would never tell Bob that as he was the only source to Everett.

Everett dried me off in a very seductive way, and when he laid me on the bed, he fucked me until he came. His stamina without firing gave me three orgasms, the first a cunt-wrenching climax, followed by two little aftershocks. As we cuddled, I asked him, "Everett, would you eat me?" That is all I had to say, and he was spreading my legs before I had a chance to prop a pillow for my head so I could watch. This young man ate pussy like he had been doing it for years. He knew all the right spots that few men knew. I watched as he sucked his cum from my pussy. His face was soaked. It took a long time for me to fire being the others being so recent, but I did. I kissed him getting our cum off his face. The mix I liked.

"You mess with your kid?" he asked because it was the first time he ever said anything to me. I said, "No, but I am glad you enjoy her." He immediately replied, "You ought cunt like you. Nice titties like her mamma. You'd both have fun." I started to say something, but he continued, "You fraid? I fuck my older sister all the time. She hot piece of ass! Would you like me to send her over for you? She likes to eat pussy too. Just give me the word." All I could think of was Tina, but I just said, "Well, maybe sometime."

I told him I was tired and needed rest. I did go back to sleep without that wild ass dream in my head. When he left my side, I did not know, but wrote a note on my mirror with my lipstick, ‘BEST WOMAN EVER'. I did not if he meant me, Elaine or his sister Effie...

That about catches up my life to this very day. It will be awhile before my sex life gives me a new adventure. I must be getting old. Questions one might ask are; Will Sarah and I ever have relations again? Will I let Pam's Elliot into my life? Will Elaine put her foot down about Bob and me, now that they are engaged? Will Everett ever convince his sister to enjoy some white pussy? Only time will tell. Maybe somebody new. Who knows. Hope to see you in the future. Peace.
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