The Dream

My husband had taken the kids on a small vacation to Ft.Myers Beach, giving me some much needed time to myself. A cold glass of wine while sitting naked in the hot tub. No one to ask where this or that was. No one to hollar "MOM, she is hitting me". No one to ask "why can't I my friends parents let them do it". Just me with nothing but peace and quiet for the weekend. I had a light dinner and decided to take a walk by the lake behind my house.

An hour later, I walked into my house all alone it was very dark. Then someone grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth. Whispered don't say a word or scream we are here to make you feel real good and take what belongs to me. I didnt know who he was or who "we" were that he was talking about. Dragging me to my bedroom and turning on the lights. Three men stood beside the bed were there they were naked slowly stroking their hard cocks. Then the man whispered in my ear Liz I told you one day I would come and take care of you the right way. The way a Master or Owner of your ass should take care of you. He then said, " don't turn around take off your clothes I want your ass naked NOW!"

Next thing I knew I was pushed down on the bed my hands and legs were pulled apart and tied to the corners of the my four poster bed with silk neckties from Tony's closet. I didn't recognize the three men and then I looked at the foot of the bed and there you were. My Master who I have dreamed about for so long now wanting you to make me your slave, your cum toy. I am needing and wanting to feel your body weight on mine, feel you slide into me, biting me, spanking me, pulling my hair and making me do all they nasty naughty things you talk about during our chats. Finally hearing your voice for the first time made my knees melt and my pussy wet. You just watched while the others secured me to the bed not saying a word.

I couldn't recognize any of the men who were there I was getting very nervous. You brought me out of my state of panic and said to me,"I have brought you some friends Liz to suck them off jerk them off and to let them fuck you. Tonight you will do what I tell you to understand? Your ass is mine and will do what I tell you to and they will do what I tell them too. Understand what I am saying Elizabeth?" As you spoke to me you walked up beside the bed and lightly ran your hand up my body from my toes to my face. Slowly very slowly a whisper away from my skin. Then you leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Be good to my friends my cum toy and I will reward you." I still couldn't believe that you were actually here, excited and confused why these other men were here with you. But when it all came down to it I didn't care. I wanted to make you Master proud of me and do everything and anything you asked of me. You then told the other men, "remember you can fuck her mouth, eat her pussy and she can jerk you off but her tits and pussy and ass belong to me. DO NOT touch them."

You went back to stand at the footboard to the bed and leaned against my dresser crossing your ankles and arms. You looked so hot in a black tshirt and faded wore out jeans. Then you motioned for the fun to begin. One of the men climbed up on the bed and straddled my face rubbing his hard 6 1/2 inch cock on my face, lips, then lifted my head and pushed his hard throbbing cock into my mouth. I could taste his precum salty but thick and very creamy. Holding me by my hair he slowly fucked my mouth telling me what a good little bitch I was and that I was going to have so much fun sucking his big cock. But it was nothing compared to you all I could think about while sucking his cock was you.

One of the other men grabbed my hand and placed it on his almost 6 inch cock told me to stroke it. His cock was already wet and slippery I stroked it at a steady pace not too fast or too slow. Every now and again he would grab my arm and fuck my hand. I could hear him grunting as i did what I was told me to. I heard the first man groan as he fucked my mouth and told me swallow my cock bitch swallow it all. Gagging on the first man's cock but it felt good to be used like this. I have never been used like this and I loved it. I felt like the dirty cum toy that you always said I was.

At the same time the first man was straddling my face, I felt a warm mouth and tongue licking it way up my leg gently biting every now and then up my thighs to my hip across my belly to the other side of my hip down my other thigh licking, kissing and biting. I felt fingers hovering over my mound not touching just hovering. I felt my pussy quivering and my juices just slowly dripping down my lips and onto my ass then onto the bed. He then began to suck on my clit almost brutally and without warning rammed two fingers in my wet pussy. While sucking he made scissors movements within me. Pushing and pulling in and out of me hard and fast.

The man that was fucking my mouth grunted and said, "Sir can I cum in her mouth almost there ughhhhhhhhh ugh,". You were watching the whole time not saying a word. Then you cleared your throat and said to him, "you can cum in her mouth and on her face, but don't you dare touch her tits. They belong to me and only me." He released his hold on my hair and pulled out and held my mouth opened and shot his load in to my mouth. Three shots of his thick cum, he closed my mouth and my nose and said swallow every drop of my cum. I did as he said and he collapsed down beside me. He

was still grunting and breathing heavier laying next to me.

As for the man who was finger fucking me hard and then slow never keeping a steedy rthyme had been stroking his cock. I was just about to cum and he sensed it, so he clamped down on my pussy lips and sucked harder holding my hips and I screamed out and moaned your name Jim. As my pussy juices flowed out of my hot pussy and into his mouth. Feeling spent and exhausted my knees drop to the bed. I feel the bed moving and open my eyes and the guy who just sucked my juices out of me is standing there like he is gonna pee and starts shooting his load all over my face. He hits my eyes, nose, cheeks, and chin. I was begining to feel like a pinata at a kids birthday party.

Then the man which I had been jerking off, it was too much with all us moaning and cumming could not hold back anymore. He started to fuck my hand harder and then told the other man to get off of me he was going to cum on my face and mouth too. He climbed up awkwardly onto the bed and kneeled next to me and said, "Open bitch, I have a nice warm batch of cum for the lush girl who needs to fuck." His cum shot out it hit me in the face, eyes, mouth and hair. I was a mess a really big mess. Cum covering my face and in my hair.

You had watched and said nothing since the ordeal begun. With one look the men all left. Turning around you closed the door and locked it. Walking around the bed in silence running just your fingertips along my foot up my shin over my knee and along my thighs. I watch you moving with the one eye not hit or covered in cum. Turning away from me you walk to the bathroom. Not sure whether or not I pleased you I start to cry silently. I heard water running and then it turned off after a couple of minutes. You came back said to me, " Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy, I have to clean you up. tsk tsk tsk. You are such a dirty little slut." You cleaned my face and went back to the bathroom and rinsed out the washcloth. You can back in and tried to get as much as you can out of my hair. Looking at me you asked, "Did you enjoy this little get together?" I nodded to you not sure what answer to give you and not sure my voice would hold up. Grabbing me by my face you smiled kinda evil like and said, "I am a very patient man with you Lizzy. I asked a question I want an answer not a nod. Understood?" I cleared my throat which was sore from suck your friends cock, "Yes Sir, I enjoyed everything you have done for me", I said to you. You left once more to rinse out the washcloth and came back and washed on my breasts and legs where the other men had been. Then saying when you fuck me, taste me , feel me you don't want to feel, fuck or taste another man on me.

You come back into the room and untie my hands and legs kissing each one as you release it. You tell me to stand up and I do on wobbly legs. You kiss my forehead, eyes, nose and then my lips while squeezing my tits and pinching them. Then twisting my nipples making me scream out in desired pain as I call out, "Yes, Jim give me everything you have please." You lift your head and said disappointedly, "Lizzy have you forgot the rules so quickly? You will call me SIR is this correct Slut?" Shaking and scared that I had been so stupid not to call you Sir. I answered quickly, " You are correct Sir. I am sorry Sir it will not happen again." You told me that you were going to fuck me and not stop until you had cum and had your fill of me. Shoving
your cock into my hot wet horny pussy and pulling my legs over your shoulders. Pounding away at me hard and fast holding my thighs against your chest. I was squeezing my tits and you would spank my tits or ass every now and again. You were close to cumming and so was I again. You told me to get on my knees and hands I did so quickly as to not know if I would get in trouble and what the consequences would be. You grabbed my hips and shoved your cock in my pussy again and told me to fuck MR.DICK. I love him so I slide my pussy up and down on Mr.Dick and then you spanked my ass on both cheeks hard. I could feel the stinging on them. You yelled at me I said FUCK him I mean FUUUUUUUUCK him do you hear me? Yes, I said desparately to wanting no needing to please my Master.

You leaned forward pushing my legs down toward my tits and started to pinch and pull on the nipples with your fingers and slapping them leaving red marks on them. My body started to shaking and I was moaning softly and you asked me, "Is my slut going to cum for me?" But before I could answer you answered for me. Telling me that I was going to cum all over your big fat dick and cover you with my hot pussy juice. As I started to cum and squirt my juices all over your gorgeous dick Jim, pulling down towards me I bit into your shoulder not drawing blood but leaving my teeth marks in your shoulder. You haven't cum yet so you push my knees up and the rest on my huge tits. Pounding my cunt hard and fast, telling me that this is not the last time you fuck your cunt. You make so happy that you want to fuck me again. I rake my fingernails down your back and you start to cum shooting your hot sweet load of cum deep inside my pussy. Shooting six shots of hot, thick, creamy, and sweet cum in my tight fat pussy. You are filling up your cunt, your cum toy, your submissive dirty mommy.

Leaning back far enough to let my leg to the slide down and then you collapsed beside me. Pulling me against your side and hooking my leg around your waist you say to me, "Nice to meet you Lizzy. I'm Jim, you have been playing with your pussy for me for months now . Sucking on those huge ass tits of yours. I have missed our chats in the mornings and hoped that you have too. I needed to fuck you in person. I needed to hear you moan out loud." Not sure if I should talk now without being asked a question, you saw that I wanted to say something. You said, "Liz you can talk now. Tell me did you enjoy this surprise for you?" I told you that I did but who were the other men. You said that they were your friends and you wanted to fulfill all my fanstasies and started with this one first.

I awoke alone and still wet from the dream. Wow, I need more dreams like that.
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