The Dream That Became A Dual Reality
Her lips are so full, so calm, so naturally juicy, so full of mystery...

Her smile is a question mark of searching desire, "do I want to know you?"..."do I want you to know me"...

Her eyes penetrate the depths of suspicion making certain the lustful passion you're witnessing is more than noticeable...

It's enticingly inviting...

But make no mistake, this girl is no mere one night acquaintance...

Her body radiates with sensuous curves that defy surrealistic artistry...

Petite, slender, majestic mystery with unmistakable craving passions...

A slight twist of her stream-lined slender hips, one higher than the other, leading to a comfortably tight stance accenting that most luscious sacred V...

Inflamed, come suck me nipples, protrude arrow-like from bulbous juicy red rosettes that adorn the faces of two magnificently sculpted breasts that hang lazily, teasingly, off-set waiting to be petted, ingested, digested, cum ejaculated, with wild severe intent...

Oooops, she caught me adjusting an out of control spectacularly magnificent erection. I don't get this hard, this large, this thick, so quickly...any more!!! What a thrill to know it's still possible.

Her subtle sauntering foot steps are gentle, each step caressing the floor, delicately, toe first.

She's so comfortably soft sitting on my leg, the one that's at a rigid ninety degree angle while the other is outstretched allowing my cock to grow to it's own arousing heart beat.

"Need help taming that gigantic monstrous work of art?"

Her voice is like a melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate truffle overflowing down your chin.

"I'm not sure if it's even capable of being tamable! You sure excite every craving desire I've ever had, am having or ever will have!"

"Well, I've got just the cure for out of control monster cocks."

"And what might that be? 'cause I'm about to have an uncontrollable spontaneous premature monstrous orgasmic release."

"I've got the vary solution for such craving maddening desire. Ever been inside a pussy that can take all you have to give for as long as you wish to give it, for as hard as you wish to thrustingly pound in all directions and for as deep as you have ever thought you could penetrate?"

She takes me by the hand leading me into a semi darkened room. Her hands undress my already nearly naked body as she slips out of a shear one piece see through veil.

Her voice becomes a harmonious echo, "Are you willing to take it beyond the limit?"

"All depends on what the limit is and where we go from there."

"What if I said you've never fucked someone so deep or so very tight before."

"Think I'd have to ask how's that possible."

She begins fondling my cock in ways I've never experienced before. First she applies what feels like a lubricant gel that becomes warm then she rolls my cock over her wrists then strokes with her hands then repeats these movements over and over.

In between the rolls she randomly swings my balls around in several directions while spinning them by holding the scrotum high and tight then rotating my balls as if they were a propeller. My scrotum stretches out giving me a pleasure never felt before.

She positions her body in front of me so I have complete access to her huge pussy. Her pussy lips are gigantic with her clit hanging between them slightly lower than the outer edge of both lips.

She spreads her legs just wide enough for me to view the most luscious pussy I've ever had the joy of eating.

"Yes, you can eat me but I better let you know that I crave intense oral satisfaction. That means go for it and surprise me with your intense sucking, gnawing, chewing and diving really deep with your tongue. That's what I'll be doing with your cock."

We spin around into a comfortable dual oral pleasuring position. She strokes my cock with both hands. As my crown emerges from it's foreskin she immediately drives her tongue deep into the crown opening.

She realizes my craving desire for having her tongue inside my cock. She dives deeper, her tongue swirling in rotating motion. Her hands twist my shaft in opposite directions as her lips fold over my hooded crown.

Her tongue dives even deeper. I smile! She blurts out, "There's much more, are you ready?"

"I'll take all you've got to give, and more, if you've got it."

I feel pre cum oozing out as she sucks hard then gives me that thrill I crave. Her tongue dives as deep as possible then she thrusts in and out like a pile driver. My hips jet in all directions anticipating her next thrust. It's impossible, yet so rewarding. Random thrusts in all directions...Unbelievable!!!

Before I can control the intense stimulation I release an orgasmic explosion. She swallows every drop while continuing to fuck my cock into a state of ultimate ecstatic joy.

Her tongue flattens out in rigid form causing a huge bulge throughout my shaft. Her hands follow the bulge as she jacks me off with intense strokes.

I finally get comfortable after that extreme orgasmic release. Her hips rotate inviting me to have my way with her pussy.

Her massive pussy lips hang down in front of my face dripping with a thick nectar. My tongue goes wild with a taste I've never experienced. So sweet, so thick and juicy, a taste that's reminiscent of mango, strawberry, tangerine/vanilla cream with a hint of chocolate mint that creates an awesome contrast.

Sucking each pussy lip is like a dream come true that becomes so real you wake up salivating out of control.

While I suck one lip the other dangles against my chin then the other one tickles my Adam's apple. The most unique part of her pussy is the enormous clitoris hanging between her engorged pussy lips.

Her clit is over seven inches long and two inches thick. Together with her pussy lips there's so much liquid pouring out from her pussy I can swallow in huge gulps.

As the liquid subsides I take her entire clit in my mouth all in one tongue sucking gulp. She takes advantage of my zestful advance and throws here hips into my face driving her clit down my throat.

The thickness of her cum is overwhelming. Her orgasm is outrageously overflowing. It provides such a smooth gliding thrust I simply relax and take her entire clit deep down my throat while swirling my tongue around it's circumference. Cum pours from around the thickness of such luscious meat.

Her pussy lips caresse my face as I twist from side to side adding more intensity to our mutual pleasureful joy.

Her speeds up her hips thrust and I know she's about to explode again with orgasmic vengeance.

Her vocal expressions are both guttural and harmonious. Her pitch increases until she screams with continuous release of all out blissful satisfaction.

She blasts forth with so much cum I can't take it all as it flows around my jaws, down my neck.

With her clit down my throat I still manage to swallow in rhythm with her bucking hips adding more intensity for her spectacularly juicy orgasm. Her hips go wild with thrusting fervor. My cock is so swollen from her sucking the entire time we've been eating each other ferociously. The way her tongue fucks the inside of my shaft is a pure blissful unequaled ejaculation experience.

"Hey, how about sharing some tasty kisses?"

Her voice is ecstatic.

I don't hesitate or respond except with luscious tongue swirling madness.

We stay locked together with throat tingling ferocity until she announces, "I want you to fuck me with that massive cock of yours while you're still swollen. Fuck me for as long as you wish. I've got a thrill you'll never regret."

Before she even finishes her sentence my cock is thrusting deep into her pussy. Her clit and pussy lips ride on top of my shaft semi flaccid. As we begin to match our hip thrusting excitement my cock becomes harder and harder. Her clit stretches out longer and longer, her pussy lips become inflated balloons.

My balls smack directly into her anal rosebud so hard the sound resonates through our bodies. With cum soaked scrotum and cum splashing as they slam again and again into her anal sphincter.

She tightens her anal sphincter just as my balls hit her rosebud. For a fraction of a second I feel that pinching sensation that adds yet another flavor to the madness fucking spree we've engaged in.

"Come on, don't hesitate, give me that deep penetration you and I both crave. I can take all you've got to give...don't back down!!!"

Her words strike a torrent of enthusiasm throughout my entire body. I go wild with the deepest thrusts I've ever had the pleasure to endure.

Her pussy sucks my cock deeper with every thrust. I love women who know how to do this extraordinary maneuver. Thanks to her well developed muscles she transforms my cock into a mega monstrous over-swollen bettering ram.

Every thrust stretches her pussy wider and wider. As my crown enters her cervix the tightness draws my foreskin back with every forward thrust.

When I withdraw, the foreskin folds back over my crown.

"I got an idea!"

"Go for it."

"Let me tuck my clit inside your foreskin, then just thrust deep enough let me feel each stroke. I'll wrap my hands around my pussy lips so they hug your shaft, then fuck my clit into an insane orgasmic explosion."

We position our bodies to go for it. As I thrust forward she twists to the right then to the left. We set up a rhythmic twisting hip thrusting routine that takes us over the top.

Three or four orgasms later our bodies are spent, our breathing intense, we're on the verge of collapse.

"I knew you could fuck the hell out of me like no one ever has before. I crave massive cocks but your the surprise of a lifetime. My pussy is so engorged and inflamed I feel that pulsating heat beat like pulsation. You're an amazing fucking thrill not to mention the greatest fucking experience I've ever had. Do you realize we've been fucking each other for over six hours? That's what I call being fucked into oblivion. I can't wait until we do this again. Hope you don't mind having a sex starved orgasmic maniac on your hands."

"Your the most thrilling, sensational sexual partner I've ever had. I'm not ever letting you go. My cock is so outrageously swollen you've added new meaning to unlimited deep penetration.
Your pussy is what dreams attempt to fulfill. Your my dream come true. How could I ever let you go?"

"Just one more request! Let's fall asleep with your cock as deep in my pussy as possible. I want to be on top so I can take full advantage of your cock stabbing into my rib cage."

"What if You excite a dream in me where I want to continue fucking you throughout the night."

"Then just fuck me into that constant state of oblivion because I'll be right there in the same dream."

Last thing I remember is the crown of my cock pressing so hard against her uterine wall and striking the edge of her rib cage. She reached down and felt there were four more inches of my shaft exposed.

"WOW, you really are engorged. You weren't this massive before. Can you take it if I can?"

"You're in charge. I'm all for feeling your belly bulge against my chest."

"I was hoping you'd say that. Here goes...let's take it beyond all limits"...

With that my cock jabbed deeper than ever before due to how swollen our marathon sexual encounter took us. I was feeling so overwhelmed. To be so down right exhausted and yet still have the desire to fuck her again and again left a lasting inspiration in my mind.

We both had that dream...We both fucked each other into an insatiable state of oblivion..We both wanted more...We both got more...We're still going for more than we ever thought possible.

Sexual pleasure has no limits...

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