The Edge
It is in the gloaming, and the light washes over your body and the diaphanous lingerie you wear.

In our created temple where the burgundy sheets show the paleness of your delicate features, you are bound, kneeling upon the bed. Yes, the simple blindfold covers your eyes, you expect release, and you know not the Master's intentions.

The chamber to our humble sanctuary is warm and you are relaxed, yet at the same moment filled with expectations; expectations of desire, expectations of release. The sound of my voice does indeed soothe and calm, and then you feel the coldness of steel upon your shoulder. You know now that the knife, giver of pleasure, shall slowly take from you that needless clothing to expose to me all you have to offer. You trust me so inherently, you know that the blade shall not ever cut, merely excite for the potential is ever existent. I run the blade down your arm and you shiver, then once again, upon your shoulder you feel this knife quickly and surely cut through the first strap of your brassiere. You quiver. I slowly peel down that one loose strap to reveal a perfect breast, yours that belongs to me. I gently, yet firmly, fondle one of your nipples.

There, you lay, beginning to become slowly revealed to me in your perfect devotion. I cherish this moment. The sight of your body, excites me yet, as you and I are both aware, I have the control to maintain my desire until I allow release. You feel my cock press against your breasts. In addition, I command you to stay still, demand that the wanting you need to suck my manhood be stilled.

Suddenly you feel the knife slowly pressed against your inner thigh. The blade is warm to you, like cum might be, and it slides towards your clit. You remain perfectly still. The blade then turns, and you feel the lace panties fall softly from your hips. I feel your clit, rubbing the wetness that is there. Spreading it upon your thighs. I allow you to lick the tip of my cock now. And you savor the pre-cum taste. Yet I withhold. You withhold, you must.

The trust between us determines the sexual tension within our sacred space. You are safe here, trusting, giving all.

I finish removing your brassiere now with my hands, the blade no longer needed. Your flesh has become hot to the touch and I feel your need as my own.

Knowing your body is mine, I begin to savor every curve with my hands. The slope of your breasts, the hardness of your nipples, the way your neck arches towards me, your lips offered in supplication to my desires. We kiss a long slow kiss that only heightens our passions for one another. We barely touch skin against skin, I know that to force you to withhold is indeed the greatest pain I might inflict, know that you hate me for this and want it at the same time, and know that you willingly give control to me for it excites you beyond measure.

We kiss once more.

I command you to lay upon the bed now, legs spread for me, and I gaze at the perfection of your body, thrilled with the thought that all you are belongs to me. And then you feel my hard, swollen cock against your thigh, then you feel the warmth of penetration, then you at last know we may begin to move our bodies in that dance, that rhythmic motion that brings towards that union we know now in imminent. I remove the blindfold then, no longer needed, I want to savor your gaze into mine, to see the surrender there, and to know that our hearts have become entwined.
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