The Education of Sara part 2

Have you given any thought to my proposition Sara?
I had asked her to move in with me either in the city or someplace else. My career as a published author allowed me to work anywhere, and Sara would have no problems finding a job as she had double-majored to teach history and English.

Sara rose from lying on the bed and slowly walked over to me. I love watching her wearing my tee and a green lacey thong, and her hair curls like a dark cloud around her head and upper body. All of it made her dark olive skin glow warm with healthy vitality. All of it was an invitation to a serious fucking which I was there for. I opened my arms to welcome Sara.

"So?" I asked, opening my arms to welcome Sara.

"Are you sure? "Sara said, stopping a few feet from Gavin searching his face to see if this was what he wanted.

"Yes, Sara, it is, and it's the only option for us." Gavin said as he stroked the right side of her face. His touch so light sent tingle sensation throughout her body, resulting in damping in intimate places while hardening in others.

Sara couldn't believe that she was now 'the woman" Gavin was fucking made all the more stimulating by Gavin's confession of his sexual kinks. The admission had peaked Sara's interest and desire to try them with his guidance.

The days and nights they had shared laid the groundwork for Sara's first instruction and introduction in Gavin's world outside their private couplings. It was a much broader scale than she had ever known or heard, much less imagined. So with this in mind, Gavin started his introduction with the basics, expectations, and establishing boundaries.

Kneeling naked at the right side of Gavin's king sizes bed with her head down a position that she chose herself, Sara was the image of serenity and submission. Gavin looked her over with appreciation and contemplation of what he would do to and with her. Sara's large breasts with their dark-colored nipples large areolas hung heavy full like some exotic ripe golden-brown fruit. The rest of her was just as lush and inviting.

Gavin took a slowly appreciative walk around Sara's nude body. As he took in the curves, valleys, and mounds of her body, he could smell the musty intoxicating scent of Sara's arousal. Reaching two fingers into her pussy Gavin had to stifle a moan as his fingers were coated with the warm wetness. Rubbing it between his fingers thumb, he breathes in deeply the heady scent. Then he rubs it on her puffy dark nipples and then rubs what is left on Sara's bottom lip before sliding the fingers into Sara's mouth. Without being told to do so, she sucks them clean, never taking her eyes off his face. Tasting the musty sweetness of her essence, Sara sends a low moan around Gavin's fingers. She continues sucking and nipping at them with her teeth as she rubs her damp thighs together. Trying to calm the heat building there, but it is too late for that. Gavin's hands start to stir the pot that was her. With toes curling and pussy so tight that it hurts, Sara moaned deep and long into Gavin's demanding mouth. She felt that she could never get enough of Gavin, and this time like the first time, Sara would want more. After all, she has loved him for years, wanting him for almost as long and had given herself to him to do as he will with so long has, he never let her go. Whatever he wanted from her, she would provide.

"Baby Girl remember that I told you?," Gavin whispered against my lips, looking deep into my eyes.

"Yes, Gavin, I remember."

"Good, good, we are going out tonight. So let's dress you as we are going out this evening.

Rising from the bed and leaving me there, missing his warmth, I watched as Gavin picked up a large white box tied with an even large red ribbon. I was returning to the bed where I waited and wondered. Placing the box in front of me and gestured for me to open the box. I was surprised by what I found inside. Laying among the white sheets of tissue paper were unmarked boxes of various sizes, which I took out and put on the bed beside me.

"You may open this and put on what is inside," Gavin said, handing one of the boxes to me, which I promptly took and opened. To my delight, inside was a pair matching demi-bra and bikini panties set made out of delicate lace that almost matched my skin tone. I put on the panties that turned out to be crotchless and demi bra that barely held my breasts in check, leaving my nipples to fend for themselves. I looked at myself in the large dressing mirror on the far and was shocked. It seemed as if I was naked but for the lace hide little, it covered and supported my girly bits where needed. Turning to check myself out in the mirror, I was amazed at how the barely-there lace hugged some of my curves while accenting others.

"Sara, come here," Gavin said, breaking my observation.

Returning to him on bare feet with hips swaying, feeling so incredibly turned on yet still in control of myself.

"There are only two items left in the box. I will leave you now to finish. Once you're dressed, sit in the chair over there and wait for me to return to you, understand?"

I nodded my head in agreement, still trying to look over my shoulder to check myself out in the mirror; ass looked terrific!


I jumped when Gavin said my name loudly and harshly. I quickly came to attention and lowered my eyes to the floor, scared that he was angry with me.

"When I speak you will listen, do you understand? If not, I'm going to spank that gorgeous ass of yours until I see my hand print all over it. Now use your words to response to what I said."

For a moment, I went back in time to when I was nineteen, and Gavin had done that just that spanked because of what I can't remember, but I do still remember how he made me feel. The way his hand felt on my bare ass...

"I'm sorry, and Yes Gavin I will sit in the chair and wait for your return," I said in a rush of ecstasy of breath due to sensual remembrance tinged with fear. Yes, he scared and turned me on simultaneously, though not always in equal measures.

Gavin left me to prepare to return sometime later dressed in a beautiful black-on-black suit that fitted his broad shoulder trim, muscular body.
Looking down at me with hooded eyes, I can feel his eyes taking in the dark green lace dress that hugged my body down to mid-cafe from its off-shoulder neckline. A neckline that only stayed in place because of my ample tits. They were threatening to free themselves at the moment due to my deep, almost panting. I was so aroused that my mouth watered at the sight of him, and I wanted to go on my knees to him.

"What is it, Baby girl?"

"May I please...." I started my voice small and shaking with fear and desire.

"Ask for what you want, Baby," he quietly demands.

I could feel the heat rising from my core to expanding throughout my body and the sheer energy of it taking over my mind, or maybe that was Gave? I didn't know, nor did I care, as I was where I had wanted to be all my life, with Gavin.

May I please suck your cock? I ask hopefully and quietly, not caring that we were going out.

"No," he said firmly and to the point.

Then seeing my face fall as I felt the pain of denial, Gavin added
"If you are a good girl, maybe later."

Hope sprang up in me as I licked my deep red lips and devoured him with my adoring eyes.

Gavin then had me turn around slowly to look me over. My hair was a dark mass of loose curls that circled my head and shoulders. I had chosen to only accent lips with makeup, letting them dominate as my eyes were to be covered by the beautiful black mask that had been in the box. It now lay on the bed, waiting for instructions from Gavin. The soft smile on his kissable lips and the lusty look in his eyes let me know he appreciated and admired what he was seeing.

Gavin added a simple circular collar of fine silver with a plate smaller loop in the center to my ensemble. Then he attached a thick silver chain of the same quality as the collar to the circle, and it was then that I realized it was a leash to lead me around. Over the years of snooping and doing research, I realized that Gavin was into BDSM. In the process, I became interested in but of a lighter degree. I didn't know how deep Gavin was into it but assumed that the question would be answered tonight.

"Come, Baby Girl, it's time to go," Gavin said, breaking me out of my musings.

So we left with Gavin leading the way by a silver chain.

Gavin explained where we were going and how I behaved on the drive. There were three simple rules:
1. No looking at anyone (no matter what freak shit I might see), so eyes down and when it doubts look at him.
2. Talk to no one unless Gavin gave his permission which he quickly said he wouldn't provide under any circumstance.
3. Never leave his side for any reason.
4. Don't take your mask off until we are back in the car

"Baby girl, you are going to witness all kinds of sexual debaucher that can be done between consenting adults ... things that you have never seen before, and much that you could or would imagine. Gavin adds that no one will touch me as we pull up in front of the mansion. He asked me if I had any questions, and I just shook my head no as I looked at some of the people entering the mansion dressed and barely covered. What kind of place was this? I felt excited and scared, but Gavin was with me, so I was safe.

The mask Gavin had put on me before leaving is made of black lace and ribbons, making what I was wearing look even more elegant. When I peeked around started to feel overdressed when I glanced at other women and men. Some women and men had only a mask on, while others had the barest resemblance of a dress. Still, all had collars and were attached to a chain led by men and a few women. As we walked in among the crowd with Gavin leading me, I could feel eyes on us and even notice some people, primarily men giving us strange looks.

Remember what I said, Baby, Gavin said, pulling me to him with the chair to whisper in my ear.

"Yes, Gavin, but they are staring at us.."

"No, baby they are staring at you and only you. "


"You are one of the sexiest women in this place and you are with me."

See, they are looking at us, I said, smiling up at him despite the 4in heels.

Smiling down at Sara's up-turned faces, the dark red lipstick accented the warm tones of her face, and the black lace mask only added to her beauty.

Yes, the dogs will be on us tonight, I thought as I took Sara to the first viewing room of the night.

I stood there breathing heaving, my pussy seeming to pulsate at this point and its juice making a slow path down my thighs. We watched people having sex in ways I never knew where possible, couples performing light BDSM, group sex, same-sex, etc. All of it had a total on me, and oh my God, I was past horny, and I wanted Gavin to fuck me right here and now.

"Do you like what you see, Baby Girl?," Gavin said, whispering in my ear. I sat there rubbing my thighs together, my nipples pebbled hard and exposed behind the lace green of my dress. The rest of my breasts followed, about to leap out of their confinement.

"Yesss, Gavin, I do," I shuddered, watching a woman covered in sweat, cum, and her blond hair pleasured to her head, and her skin blotchy as two men, one white the other black, all masked, were fucking her mouth and pussy as if it would be their last. She was into what she was doing and what was being done to her and that there was no one else in the world but those two men and her. My fingers were busy in my sloppy wet pussy with another two in my mouth like I was sucking a cock. Gavin, with hooded eyes sitting with me between his legs on an oversized couch, silently watching me.

"Baby, would like for others to watch you like you use to watch me years go ago?," Gavin asks as he pulls the fingers out of my pussy and puts them in his mouth starts sucking on them.

"You mean like you used to do with those others...girls...women. Yes, I always wanted to be them and have them watching me.

"Come with me," Gavin says and leads me from the show that had come to a climax while we were talking.

Gavin led me to a private room with a bed, a table, two chairs, and a large, two-door cabinet. As I looked around the room, I noticed the hooks in the walls and on the table informed me that others would be watching us. The very thought turned m in ways that were beyond anything I had ever imagined.

"Do you really want to do this Sara?" Gavin asked me as he wrapped me in his arms, hugging me to him and allowing me to find how turned on he was, which made me even hornier.

"Yes, let's," I whispered against his lips, my voice heavy with need.
"Okay, take off you dress and getting into position."

Smiling, making sure to keep my mask on, I slowly take off my dress, letting Gavin and others enjoy the view. Leaving me with soaked crotchless lacy panties, the demi bra that my breast had found their way out of, or maybe that was Gavin's doing, and my 4 in cum fuck me pumps. Standing there almost naked to viewing eyes, I turn to face Gavin and almost lose it. He had removed his suit jack black shirt, exposing his smooth muscular tan chest with its dark nipples. His six-pack abs appear too tight and firm there are also seems to be a light sheen of sweat on his exposed skin. Looking down, I could see his cock straining to get out; he wanted this as much as I did. Slowly with purpose in my stride, I walk toward Gavin and go to my knees once I am Infront of him, taking the position. Knees wide apart, exposing my pussy for view, hand on my thighs and head bowed.

"Very Good Sara, but you need to spread your knees further apart so that I can see your pretty pussy. I am sure that its wet hot and ready for what I have plans for it," he said with a heavy suggestion of more exciting things to come. I watched as she moved into place, knee spreading wide her glistening pussy on displacing for his pleasure. I stood and walked over to Sara, who kept her eyes on the floor and stayed in position. God, she was a natural submissive, made so either by nature or nurture. In either case, I was thankful for it and that she had waited and chosen me.

"Remember what we had talked about over the past week, Sara," I said, taking on a lecturing tone.

"Yes, Gavin," Sara said firmly but softly.

"What is your safe word, do you remember?"

"Yes, it's destiny, Sara said, looking up at Gavin, who smiled and overlooked her stepping out of the position.

I could see that she was nervous but probably more excited than anything else. After all, Sara's wish and might were finally coming true. After our first encounter, she and I have spent days fucking like rabbits all over my former home doing the same in my townhouse in town. I also took the time to expose Sara to the softer side of my kinks, leaving the rest when she and our relationship was ready for it. Tonight, I would keep it simple, letting her enjoy exposing herself to others who can look but not touch. Using the chain still attached to the collar, I pulled her to me for a deep penetrating kiss that promised more to come before pushing her back down to her knees. Sara's lips are swollen, and her mouth is open as if she was waiting for something. I almost gave in but, no that would be for later. God, I loved how she wanted me in her and how responsive she was to me, but then I had trained her over all those years to be.

"Sara, get up on the table and lay on your back."

She moved to do as I commanded and laid there waiting patiently for me to act. Securing her hands, I put her wrists into the restraints above her head, causing her tit to be exposed now free of the demi bra. Giving me all kinds of ideas of what I wanted to do to and with them, I settled on sucking each nipple into my mouth as far as I could getting surround breast tissue as well, before genteelly biting down on the mound of flesh in my mouth. Sara gave a quick intake of breath that came out in the next breath like a moan. When I did the same to her other breast, Sara screamed my name. Releasing the tit with a pop sound from my mouth, I move to be thigh spreader on her. Thus exposing her pussy for all to see, visually enjoying its beauty and the wetness that I was creating.
Turning my back to the shaking and moaning, Sara turned to look up at the two-way windows on three of the four walls in the room. I could feel the eyes on us and knew that there was a nice size crowd watching waiting to see how much I was willing to share. After putting the thigh spreaders on Sara, who was now covered in a light sweat, I attached the hooks to the harness I had put on Sara and positioned her. Spread her things wide and let all who wish to see her sex. The scent of her filled the air around me, along with the desire to dominate her, which took me over entirely. Standing over her body, I started to stroke her tits as I asked her if she was okay. Behind the mask, I knew that her hazel eyes were huge in her face filled with lush and desire, but I needed to hear her words to be sure.

"Yes," Gavin said breathlessly and studdering, I am fine....ahh Oh God, I'm fine...
Good, now get ready, and then I place my mouth in her pussy and start feast. I would give her oral and not let Sara come until I wanted her to. I was going to work her up to coming and then taking it back down or stopping altogether, moving to focus on other parts of her body or just standing around watching her scream and beg me to let her cum.

"Baby Girl, you can't until I say matter how prettily you beg me.

You will come when I'm ready to let," I whisper to her, knowing that the voyeurs could hear me. Remember how I used to control you when you were watching and how you felt each time I stopped?," I asked, knowing that she would understand that it was never about the other women, but it had always been about her...first to teach her, then control her.

We locked eyes as I went back between her legs, now shaking with energy from her orgasm that was just over the edge. Sara, now trembling, drenched in sweat, the black mask sticking to her face like a second skin, her hair plaster to her head, makeup in her raw sexual state was beautiful beyond words. For a moment, all I could do was look at her and be thankful that I had waited all these years for her to be ready for me. With that thought in mind, I took her to the edgy with touch circling her clit slowly with building pressure, and I finger fuck her pussy and asshole until she was fighting the restraints. I stopped to ask her if she wanted me to stop, and Sara screamed No and started to plead with me to let her cum. Standing there for a moment, with my fingers and thumb still in her. I slowly moved in and out like a pulse with the taste and scent in my mouth and nose. Sara and I came crashing down together as I replaced my tongue, mouth, fingers, and thumb with my cock. I fucked her until the quaking in her became the quaking in me. Our passion for each other was out there open for anyone to see, but I think that they were busy doing their own thing. She came first amid tears, screaming, and loss of control that had her arching her body. I soon follow, ramming my cock up to my balls inside of Sara. Her pussy glammed down hard on cock. It was like demanding mouth sucking me until I had no more to give.

For a few minutes, we laid where we were, and then I found the energy to release her from the retrains and carry Sara from the room of voyeurs to a place where we could be alone. It was no more than a large bedroom with a large bathtub already filled with warm scented water bathed in ambient light. I also ordered a cold lite supper earlier to not be disturbed. Sara, returning from the land of bliss with enough awareness that I placed her in the tub of warm water. Quickly I followed, removing what few clothes I had on, and slid in behind her, wrapping her in my arms with my body as her resting place. We agreed that we would come to this place again someday, but for now, I would be her only teacher, lover, friend, all of that in no particular order. When Sara turned in my arms to look at me, I knew that she realized what I had done and been doing for years, through thought and deed, leading her to me... to us.

Looking in deep into Gavin's eyes, I saw myself. Even after all these years, I can still see myself knowing that he had been preparing me, teaching me what it meant to be with him. I felt myself smiling and watching his eyes as they smiled back at me. Yes, and I still have a lot to learn.
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