The Education of Sara part 1
Over the years, I spied on my stepbrother (by marriage) Gavin when he would be making out with his latest girlfriend in the small studio shed that was supposed to be mother's art studio, and each time, I wished it was me. The last time I watched was when he was fucking his girlfriend Becky about three years ago. I remember sitting in the dark of my hiding place, a closet full of junk, watching them through the slightly abjured door. Gavin had her on her knees sucking his cock, and she was doing it as if her life depended on it. Watching with bade breath as Gavin took control and started to fuck her mouth like I had seen him fuck her pussy. I watched in raptures as her body began to shake as if she was about to cum, but then Gavin pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop. He then lifts Becky and places her face down on the futon, and plows his cocks deep into her pussy with one thrust. It was about time. I thrust my fingers into my drenched pussy and started raving my clit. She had gone from moaning to screaming Gavin's name and begging him to fuck her harder. I fought with myself not to moan, biting my bottom lip with my eyes devouring the scene before me.

GOD, how I wish I were her! Even now, I remember sighing and closing my eyes as my fingers took me to the edge. That was when Gavin heard me. Opening my eyes, I found him staring back at me! Not actually seeing me, but Gavin knew that I was in the closet! At first, I was scared, but then I didn't care as he must have known that I had been watching them... watching him for a while. Feeling his eyes on me, I spread my legs wider, imagining him seeing me and what I was doing through the closet door. Having taken off my panties, I could feel the air against my hot pussy, and have worn a sundress that had made it easy to push It up and over my breasts, leaving me as naked as Gavin and Becky and almost as hot and wet. Still looking in the direction of the closet, Gavin smiled, and then he up his game. In a blink, he goes from being cock deep in Becky's pussy to trying to shove it down her throat. Becky seems to suck his cock down her throat as her hands play with his balls. Grabbing a fistful of her blond hair, he pushes her off his cock and flips he back onto her knees, ass up face down. Using her wetness to lube her asshole slowly goes his cock into Becky.

"Damn Gavin! Oh God my... asshole!"
Despite what she said, Becky started pushing back onto Gavin's cock, and she went back to fucking Gavin with glee.

I was wet, hot, and drenched in that closet, wanting to be Becky... no wanting to be with Gavin. We found our rhythm, and we fucked, Gavin and Becky and me watching them. I almost bit my tongue off to keep from screaming my release as I held my body tight to keep from letting Becky know that I was there. I came so hard, body shaking and pussy clamping down hard on my fingers as my pussy juice squirted out of me. I believe that I went visually blind for a time, or I must have passed out. When I could move, I realized that I was alone as I made it back to my room on wobble legs. I promise never to put myself in that situation ever again. It's five years later, and I'm back home at our parents' request for a "special dinner," or at least that's what my mother called it. I haven't seen or heard from Gavin since I watched him with Becky, but my desire for him hasn't changed. It had gotten stronger. I guess he continued to think of me as his little sister, who he made feel unique and precise by how he treated her. Gavin became the center of my world and my shield in bad times when I somehow didn't meet my mother's idea of how "her" daughter should be. Time has a way of changing things and not always for the better, so I went in and took a long hot shower with a heavy heart.
Still deep in thought when I came out of the bathroom with my hair wrapped in a towel, letting my body air dry, I walked back into my bedroom and froze in place. Gavin was sitting in a chair near the window dressed in dark jeans and a black tee-shirt, his long dark hair hanging down onto his shoulders and I'm sure smelling a unique set, Gavin. The look on his handsome face was calm and penetrating as his eyes slowly looked me over. Now, I'm not a skinny girl. I'm curvy, but the tone as I practice belly dancing regularly is a way to exercise and release tension. So, there was a lot to look at and appreciate. At least I hope he did... enjoyed it, I mean.

"Baby girl, my have you grown up, and it's in all the right places," Gavin said, letting the appreciative look in his eyes finish the rest of what he was going to say. They tried to consume the theme.

For some reason, at the moment, I felt like being silly, so I slowly turned around, letting Gavin see the rest of me. Letting my full hips sway from side to side, I put my hands upon the towel as if to hold in place, thus striking a pose. At this point, the nipples on my giant tits were hard and begging for attention. Even my pussy was beginning to heat up. When I turned back around, my mouth when dry, and I almost forgot how to breathe, Gavin was standing right behind me, and then I was up against the wall between Gavin's arms and his body.

"Mmmm, Baby Girl, have you been liking what you have seen over the years?" Gavin said his voice was deep and dreamy, yet its authority was there. He expected to be answered.

"Ahhmm Gavin, I..."

"Don't lie Baby I've always known of your voyeurism," Gavin said with a wicked yet knowing smile.

The rest of what he said was lost in a kiss, causing me to open my mouth, inviting his tongue in, which came in a rush, demanding and taking control. His hands grabbed my ass, and he squeezed and moved on to my breasts belly arms.

"Sara it was as close as I could get to having you and still be respectful of your age and our situation," Gavin said, breaking off the kiss, then pressing his forehead against my own and breathing heavily as he did so. Whatever else he was going to say it was interrupted by a knock on my bedroom door.

Releasing me back on my feet, Gavin hands me my robe laying on the bed. He goes into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

"Sara, please open the door I need to talk to you."
It was my mother, and by the tone of her voice, this was not going to be a conversation that I wanted to have.

The conversation was short and to the point. She and Gavin's father were getting a divorce, separation immediately. He had already left the house, which was his anyway, and she was going within the hour. Since I was 23 and had been on my own since I was eighteen, my mother figured I would have plans of my own. I listened, which was all she wanted me to do until she left my bedroom, leaving the door open behind her. Gavin came out of the bathroom, went to my bedroom door, shut and locked it, then leaned with his back against it. Something told me that he already knew about the separation and upcoming divorce. The look on his face and his general body language gave me the impression that Gavin was about to add to the family news. Oh God... he was going to marry Becky?!

"Sara, baby," Gavin said again as he approached me, now sitting where he had been sitting. Kneeing Infront of me and placing my hands between his. The warmth of his hands comforts me and yet stirred things in me that...

"You aren't a little kid anymore and I don't have to stay away. For years I played the game to keep our parents form figuring me out especially my dad., but I wouldn't be surprise if he knows about us. "

The last part Gavin seemed to say as an afterthought.

Us? I asked almost in a whisper, unsure that I had heard him correctly, feeling as if my mind was separating from my body, and this was something that I had wanted to feel for years.

"I waited until you were ready and sure about us. "
"I've always been sure, but I was afraid that you didn't feel the same way, I said, looking into his grey eyes that did little to calm my nerves. It is why I stayed away. I couldn't face it. You had moved on and married someone like Becky.

"Why the hell would I marry her? Yes, you stayed away but considering our parent's idea of family time, I avoided coming home as well, forcing my father to either meet me in the city or stay in touch by phone. Now, where were we before the interruption, His eyes drifting from my face to my now bathrobe-covered body." Oh yes, take off the robe.," he commanded before moving to sit on my bed. Once there, Gavin leaned back on his elbows, still looking at me with smoldering eyes and a wicked sexy smile on his face.

Not taking a moment to think about it, I stood and did as I was told. My towel-covered hair I released first, letting the towel fall to the floor and my thick dark curl spring free around my head and face. My robe soon followed, and there I stood naked before my soon-to-be-ex stepbrother's eyes, wondering what he would be to me after all of this a dream lover that was never meant to be?

"Baby Girl, no more hiding. We will spend the weekend fucking all over this house and its grounds. In the between times, we will figure out what we will do. Well, I already know you have always been mine. I knew that the day we were introduced. You were such a shy little thing with all that dark wavy hair and golden-brown skin. Oh, and the way you looked at me with the big brown eyes of yours, I had considered kidnapping you but decided to let our parents have their fantasy. As the years went on, I played the game and fucked girls here regularly while waiting until you were legal. That day came, and you left home, ran off to Europe and then college, only coming home when your mother demanded you too."

Standing there, I could feel a warm blush running down my cheeks to spread around my body, feeling the embarrassment of Gavin knowing and wondering why I saved myself for him?

"Come here, Sara," Gavin said, moving to sit upon the bed, and it was then that I noticed the bulge in his jeans. It looked painful.

Walking toward him, I kept my eyes on that bugle, wondering if he would let me touch it...

"Baby Girl... do you see something that you want? "

All I could do was nod my head slowly as I swallowed and then licked my lips.

"Use your words, Baby. I need to hear your request.

Yes, Gavin, I said, taking a deep breath as I put forth my request, "would you let me...would you teach me how to suck your cock?

The look on my handsome face went from open lush to questioning, and I knew what the next question would be, and I wasn't sure I was ready to admit to it.

"Baby Girl comes here, Gavin said with a touch of concern in his voice as he reached out for me pulling my naked body onto his lap and encircling me with his muscular arms. At this moment, I became timid and scared.

Baby, look at me, Baby... Gavin said in a low deep whisper.

Are you still a virgin?

Take a deep breath, feeling tears beginning to swell in my eyes, and I hesitate. It was like the words had gotten caught in my throat.

"Use your words Baby and tell me."

Yes, I am, I whispered. What happened next was the first of many amazing things to come. Gavin kissed me. The first touch of his lips to mine was light as we looked into each other eyes. Then I started to cry, and the kiss turned passionate and reassuring as Gavin laid me down on the bed pressing the front of his body against mine. I could feel the bulge of his cock against my left thigh and knew that he would have a wet spot. It seems that despite it all, I was very aroused, and my pussy juice was dripping down my thighs.

"So, you save yourself for me," he said, his voice full of wonder and happiness.

"Yes, I always wanted to the one that you were with and knowing that it wasn't possible because I was just a kid and you were and well you were your way to college and then there was Becky," I left the rest hanging the air not willing to admit any more than I already had.

"You know that all those women, including Becky were just a blind and a needed distraction to keep my hands off you. Sara...Baby you were so young when I fell for you," Gavin said, licking and kissing away my tears. Now there is nothing between us but us. Again, the rest of what he would say is lost in the array of kisses followed by roving hands and whispered erotic promises. Then he quickly got off theme going commando under his clothes, Gavin was naked in no time, and it was my turn to gaze appreciatively. He towered over my 5 ft 2 in height at 6 ft 2 in and was a combination of muscle and lightly tanned skin set off by his dark, almost black hair and dark grey eyes.

"Using every woman that I was with along the way was to keep me from jumping at you too soon. I have even gone so far as to stalk you once you left home. So, I know that there hasn't been anyone in your life or bed. I'm here to claim what is mine, what has always been Oh, and our parents and society, be damned, we wasted enough time trying live up to their standards.

With that said, Gavin pulled me into his arms as his mouth claimed mine. My arms went around his neck with my hands ending in his hair. The heat of our touching flued the fire that had been smoldering between us was so long. I wanted him to fuck me like he had the others with the same passion and raw sex. As a person in the desert with an incredible sexual thirst, never quenched. I wanted Gavin to fill that part of me with his cock, body, and mind. I wanted to be his. I guess I was ready to be Gavin's whore and so much more. I wonder if he knew?

"Sara, he said as he kissed, licked, and sucked his way down the front of my body, first teasing my tits with his mouth and hands. Spread your legs for me, Sara. Let me see your pussy again after all these years.

With no thought to right or wrong of his demand, I pulled my legs up to my chorusing my breast and spreading my thighs wide as I did so expose my glistening, wet, heated sex for him. Feeling exposed beyond reason and yet I started to tease my clit as Gavin stood there watching. He stepped back a bit and began to stroke his thick cock that was now wet on its head. He took it in his right hand and started to stroke his cock slowly, never taking his eyes off me. With eyes locked on each other, we started masturbating until we both were shaking and had begun to plunge fingers into my pussy. Gavin slapped my hand away and put his mouth on my clit. I almost came off the bed in shock and pleasure. No man had ever touched me like this, and the way he was eating me, no other man ever would. Every nerve in my body was screaming for something that I didn't understand, and then Gavin put a finger in my pussy and started to finger fuck me. It wasn't enough...I needed more... I needed his cock in me.

Please, Gavin, put your cock in me. Please break me open and take what is yours. I didn't have to ask twice. Gavin placed the head of his cock in my pussy was sloppy wet and aching for his attention
"Baby Girl, this will hurt a bit hold on to me, bite scratch me, let me be the bearer of your pain and pleasure." With that said, Gavin slid the first half of his cock into it before hitting my hymen. I was withering under him in the pain of stretching to fit him and my desire for more of him.

"Hold on," I said, and then Gavin slammed into me up to his balls.

I was lost in pain and slow-growing heated pleasure coming from the core of my body as Gavin started moving with purpose. Some of the pain was gone, and I began to meet Gavin's thrust. I became lost in the heat of it all as we consumed all the years of watching, waiting, and wanting into our fucking. We crashed into each other with force cause the headboard banged the wall again. The sound of it became the beat for our fucking. The faster we fuck, the louder it banged. Never having felt this way, and despite all my years of masturbation, I thought I was going to explode. Then my orgasm hit me, and I tried to scream out my release, but I couldn't so I dug my nails into Gavin's shoulders, riding the waves of my orgasm I fucked him harder. Hitting the high point of it, I came down with such a crash that I went blind and deaf for a bit. As I lay there shaking, unable to control any part of my body, I felt Gavin ram into me and then stop, and my hearing came back in time to hear Gavin roar. Rowing over and taking me with him, his cock still inside of my body, Gavin held me, whispering words that I was slowly making sense of, and it made my heart happy, and I smiled.

Sleep started to pull at me even as my body was still singing the release of my orgasm.

"Baby girl, we are going to sleep, and then we are going to have some more fun, and I'm going to broaden your education by introducing you to a few things."

Smiling again, I closed my eyes, whispering Gavin, Gavin...
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