The Education of Sare Part 3
Her toes curl as he kisses her pussy in a way that is all mouth and tongue. She couldn't see him doing it, but its feeling was better. Naked except for the mask and earplugs, Sara is totally at the mercy of touch, his touch, which expresses itself in so many ways. Harnessed into a contraption that has her spread out like the Vitruvian Man is Gavin's new stage. Sara is excited to see what Gavin will do and where it will take them. Since moving in, Gavin has exposed her to more than she could image sexually, sometime as a participant but more often as a voyeur. Gavin explained that he wasn't one for sharing, especially not her, which pleased Sara with Gavin leading and following.

Gavin, the teacher, and Sara, the student tonight's lesson, involved sensor deprivation. No sight or hearing, she would have to trust in the touch, his touch on her body. Sara was excited and scared all at the same time. She shook as he strapped her into the contraption before placing a blindfold over her eyes and plugging her ears. Gavin kissed her deeply until her head spun, then alternating from sucking her nipples, then an open mouth and tongue kiss of her pussy. Her nipples are so hard that they hurt, while pussy has a slow but steady weeping for more of his attention. When getting it, Gavin almost takes her to the edge, but he backs off and leaves Sara shaking, moaning her pleasure and displeasure when he stops. Unable to hear or see him, Sara tried to reach out metaphysically to Gavin, to get a sense of where he was and what he might be doing next, but that was to no avail. Then there is a little stroking of something on her ass cheeks, first the right then the left, nothing complicated, all soft and light. It caused her to want more of the teasing but with weight. Suddenly, Sara receives a whack on her left ass cheek then one on her right. The light touch was followed by a smack before switching from hard to soft and left to right. At first, it was a surprise as the pain quickly moved into the rim of pleasure. Deprived of sight and hearing, Sara concentrated on the feeling. She could tell that it was an open hand smack on her behind, followed by a slow, teasing caress of what felt like a finger dragging between her ass cheeks. Gavin added an open hand patting of her wide-open pussy, making sure to hit her clit, so that felt and energy shot from her clit to her brain. It was then that she started feeling the whispers of an orgasm. Drenched in sweat and her pussy juice dripping and sliding down her legs, some falling on the floor but most sliding into her 4 in black red bottom cum -fuck- me-pumps.
All of a sudden, she could hear, and it frightened her. Forgetting that she was in restraints, Sara tried to move away.

"Shhh, Baby, it's ok...," Gavin whispered against the side of her face after moving her sweat-damp hair out of the way.

Slowly her heart and breathing returned to normal as they could be under the circumstances. Then it hit her. She hadn't cum...was Gavin going to let her cum. Did Gavin mean what he said??

"No, Sara, you were a bad girl, and you had to be punished," Gavin said in a voice that left no agreement as if she would, as he carried her out of the playroom to the spacious bathroom. He carried her over to the large tub and climbed in with her. It was then Sara realized that Gavin, at some time stripped out of his suit and was as naked as she was, having lost her pumps along the way. Sliding with her into the tub of warm scented water, Sara moaned her pleasure, letting her body relax as it came in contact with the water. For the moment, not being allowed to cum was forgotten, as parts of Sara's body were soothed by the warmth of the water. Sliding down into the tub behind Sara, Gavin pulls her to him, a pose of total relaxation for them.

"Sara, you are doing very well," Gavin said into her curls.

We sit there for a moment, enjoying the afterglow and water. Sara notices that Gavin's breathing is in rhythm with hers. His hands, stroking her body along with warm scented water, lauds Sara into a sense of peace.

Later as I dress for the evening out, I wonder if Gavin will let me cum? He had given his orders, no pleasuring myself. My pussy was his, and it was up to him to see all of my needs. As I slipped on the cream-colored backless dress that echoes the style of old Hollywood over my naked body, I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped. Gavin said not to wear anything underneath the dress, and now I see why. The silk molded to my body as if it was a second skin.

"Yess, my dear you are amazing. All eyes will be on you tonight and many will want you but you are mine," Gavin said, his pride mingling with lust as he walked up behind me dressed in a dark grey suit with a lighter grey shirt underneath. He kissed my neck as he slid his hands between me and the dress to rest his hands on my breasts. He slowly massages my breasts and nipples as he tells me what to expect about our evening out.

Gavin had my body purring, pussy getting wet and hot as he caresses me into a fever that he could only put out. Then just as suddenly as he started, he s and led me from the house to one of the tall glass towers. There seems to be a party tonight, and all of his colleagues from work will be in attendance. He and I made our entrance and worked the room together and then separately, all the while keeping each other insight. I watched as women, married or not, tried to get his attention, rubbing themselves against him and showing off what they had to offer. Of course, this was all done discretely. He repulses them with grace and finality that booked no argument from them. The men who approached me were just as discrete, but they didn't seem or want to take the hint that I wasn't interested in them or whatever they had to offer. Gavin had to recuse me, which he did with the coldest of smiles, and his 6 ft 3 height and physical presence would allow.

"Come, my dear, let me show you the city lights from my office," Gavin whispered as we walked away from the whispers, the rising lust and rejections.

As Sara stood in Gavin's dim lite office looking out at the city lights, losing lost herself in that moment, remembering the day that Gavin and she fucked for the first time. Without any boundaries or rules, these moments with Gavin had been beyond words and had always let her want more Take off the dress, Gavin said after taking a seat on the long leather sofa across from the wall of windows overlooking the city. He wanted to see her against the backdrop of the city light and nighttime sky.

Turning around to face him with the view of the city at night as my backdrop, sliding off the dress letting it pool at her feet. Sara stood there feeling her nipples already hard got harder and pussy starting to throb like it had its heartbeat.

He sat there looking at Sara and acknowledging that she had impacted his life since day one. Now she stood her beautiful, naked and waiting for his commands.

Standing quietly, Sara waited for Gavin's subsequent request. Feeling the coolness of the A/c against her skin, Sara could feel the tiny hairs on her body stirring, adding to her overall arousal. With Gavin sitting there, handsome and sexy, only added to her...

Sit on my desk, spread your legs wide and play with your pussy for me, Gavin said in a voice that was so relaxed, almost as if he was asking for her to make him a sandwich or bring him a drink. Yet she could tell by his eyes and the vibes radiating off him that his request was more than causal. So after arranging herself on top of his large wooden desk, feeling the smoothness of the wood against her bare ass, Sara spread her legs wide. Leaning back, she started playing with her sloppy wet pussy.

My God, Sara is so wet, he thinks, listening to her fingers at play in her pussy. He still couldn't get over how responsive she was to his requests and touch. Watching Sara as she fingers fucked herself in his executive office with city light and the nighttime sky as her backdrop for his pleasure. He could hear her arousal building toward orgasm, something he had promised to let her have, but not now. Gavin raises from his chair and goes to Sara, who is lost in play. Gavin removes her fingers from her now dripping pussy and puts them in his mouth.

Sara was so happy that he was going to let her cum finally with him watching her. Sara loved Gavin to watch her cum sometimes others, of course, with his permission. She was so close to coming. Every nerve in her body and her pussy was beating like a raging drum calling her orgasm. Then Gavin did what she had hoped he wouldn't do and stopped her. Sara watched in horror and lust as he sucked the fingers that had been bringing her pleasure clean. Sara watches in rapture as Gavin lick his lips when he stops, slowly savoring the taste.

"No, baby, no. Now let's go back to the party," Gavin said as if he asked what time it was.

Sitting there naked, horny, and angry (she had gone past frustrated), Sara sat there trying to catch her breath that she hadn't realized she had been struggling.

"Go back to the party??," Sara, stuttering, asked.

"Yes, let me help you dress."

They returned to the party after getting herself back together with Gavin's help, dress and hair in place, and her lips stuck. The rest of the evening was a blur, and her body was raging. Desire and need were at war with Gavin's rules and her agreement to follow those rules. There was no conversation between them on the way home. Sara was still fighting with herself, trying to stay true to their relationship. She felt safe and loved, with Gavin in control, with also fed her desire for him to the point that she wanted to bring down his boundaries to seduce him, then to melt in his arms. Then there is the desire, the need for his touch, approval, and love. The last one she only whispered to herself in the quiet of her private thoughts. The car stops, and Sara realizes that having been lost in her thoughts that they were not home, they were back at the Manson! She sat wondering what was going on when Gavin opened her door to help her out of the car. The night air is cool, and Sara's skin tingles in response. Even that was arousal of a kind that had Sara wanting to take off her dress and leave in the car than to walk naked into the night as she had seen others do. Gavin led her masked and collared into the Manson. Sara lost in wanting to know what the hell was going on and how far where are they going?

Gavin, leading Sara a long had check to see if she had taken on the proper posture, eyes down and hands at her sides. Moving through the crowd, Gavin could tell that she was attracting as much attention as Sara had a year ago. He could hear the whispers and see the sidelong glance with questing looks. Would Gavin share her this time, or would she still be off-limits? This question he had already answered and had no intentions of changing his mind. Gavin knew that he had been driving Sara slowly into rebellion or worse by not letting her cum over the last few days. Gavin had recognized that she had held to the rules of their relationship despite being so sexually frustrated that a breeze could almost set her off. It was time to reward her for good behavior and deepen their bond simultaneously. He knew that she loved to be watched and watched, so he arranged for her to experience both simultaneously. Upon being escorted to their playroom, Gavin takes the chain off Sara, leaving her with just the collar. Instead of taking the lease off her, he ripped the dress off her body, leaving Sara naked to the viewers.

What is he doing, Sara thought to herself, knowing that she couldn't ask, at least not yet, not until they were alone? She could feel the eyes of those they passed on her, imaging her without her dress, her dark hair wild and free-flowing like a dark curly cloud around her shoulders and face. Sara kept her eyes downcast and held her head high, adding sway to her walk.

Those looking at her from behind watched her hips as if they were speaking a language they were dying to learn. Many adjusted their pants, and some started to finger their cocks and pussy. Some whispered among or to themselves wondering if her master would let someone have a taste of the exotic delight?

Standing naked in the room wearing the black mask collar and lease, Sara had questions, but she went to her knee as was expected and waited for Gavin's pleasure.

"I know that you frustrated with me, Sara, but you have been a bad girl, and I told you bad girls get punished, and good girls get rewarded," Gavin said as he walked around the room. This evening at the party you were fantastic everyone that you can into contact with were very impressed by you. Entirely take with your knowledge and easily the most attractive woman there. This is the first of such events, and I'm sure that you will continue to carry yourself in such a manner."

Looking down at Sara, I could tell by her body language that his praise pleased her, and she had seen the slight, quick smile that formed her full deep red lips.

"So, I have decided to let you have your way with me this evening," Gavin said, taking off his suit jacket and throwing it over a chair before standing in front of Sara's prostrated figure.

At first, Sara couldn't believe her ears, and then she looked up into Gavin's face to see if he had heard him right. Was he going to let her have her way with him? Oh, the things she wanted to do to him were many. The very thought was making her pussy clench and start to drool, that he would allow her to touch him and do things to him that she had been dreaming about doing for years. Sara felt her mouth begin to water at the thought of his cock, and balls and hands started to itch in anticipation of touching him and inhaling his essence. She was now looking deep into Gavin's blue eyes, letting him see her desires and how pleased she was with her reward.

"Anything that I want?," Sara asked her to breathe in a race with her heart. I can have you, fuck you any way that I want?? She now wondered as she stood in front of Gavin, looking into his handsome face.

"Yes."Gavin said as if he had been reading her mind.

Sara claps and jumps for joy with childish gee, sending her tits bouncing and adding to viewers' pleasure.

The air was heavy with the scent of sex and desire. Many watchers are already drooling with pussy, asses bare cocks out, or in hand, in someone's mouth, pussy, or asshole. Oh yes, there would be a lot of that going on, and the very thought made Sara almost jump on Gavin. Ripping the buttons from his shirt, she removed it to bear his impressive muscular chest and lovely light brown nipples. Sara stood there to take it all in before...before what? Sara could feel a smile on her face that spread to her pussy which she would swear was smiling. Leading Gavin to the large and long bench to support him and her, Sara set about slowly undressing him in the most teasing way. Each exposed patch of kiss received either a bite or kiss, sometimes both. Gavin was naked and strapped to the bench. His cock was iron bar hard, dripping with precum, and his muscular frame shook so severely that wet droplets flew into the air. Sara strolled around Gavin as if stalking her prey, ending at his feet. Sara started tasting her reward—continuing her bite, kiss, with a lick now added to the mix and a pair of roaming hands. With a long wet lick of his thighs alternating between them, Sara had Gavin cursing when she got to his balls and cock. Sara lingered, looking into Gavin's eyes that were all most slits in his face as he was, sucking air. Moving past, Sara attacked his lips, sucking and kissing at his tongue and mouth as she raked her nails down his neck and arms. Then climbing on top of him, Sara stood up, placing her feet on each side of Gavin's body, and she turned to face the wall stood there for a moment before squatting down over Gavin's cock. Gliding the stiff appendage into her slobby wet pussy she moaned and arched her back, thrusting out her tits as she did so. Then once seated, Sara starts to move and dance with Gavin's cock in her.

With each glide and hip sway, Gavin is fighting to hold on to his control over his body, but she was feeling so good, so damn good...he just wanted to let go and let Sara...

How with arms up over her head, swaying hips, and her pussy muscles clutching his cock Sara staring off slow began to speed up, and then it was if she had remembered the watchers. Sara started to play with her pussy spreading her legs as wide as her fucking of Gavin would allow. She could hear or see the watchers, some as couples, others as a group had joined them. Sara could feel her orgasm coming, and the way Gavin was moving and sounding his wasn't far off either. With what will she had, Sara moved down Gavin's body positioning her pussy over his mouth. His tongue and mouth contact on her clit was like an electric shot going through her body. Now it was Gavin who was in control. He had freed his hands and had them griping her ass to keep Sara in place. He now had her pussy right where he wanted it and her. With his mouth locked on her clit he shoved thumb into her pussy and fingers up her ass. To Sara's chant of fuck me fuck me...Gavin did just that. He knew that she loved it when he let loose and fucked her like he was out of his mind, but that was for another time and no watchers. Sara shook her body, doing its best to suck his fingers and thumb into her, and he tried to suck her clit down his throat. Not sure how it happened or when Gavin found himself ramming his cock into her pussy as if he was trying to connect with her tonsils. Pulling out, he let Sara slide down his body onto her knees, where he grabbed her as he slid his cock into her open mouth. Where she starts sucking his cock and massaging his bare sweaty ass cheeks. Gavin came firing cum into her mouth until it went out of the sides and dripped onto her breasts. Sara pulled back, sitting back on her knees under the spray of Gavin's release.
Hot cum spray and droplets fell from her mouth and onto her face, neck, and breasts. Leaning back onto her legs in the kneeling position, Sara rubbed the mixture of cum and sweat into her skin pussy, and mouth. Then she came hard and loud, squaring her lease at Gavin's feet. Sara came until she lost sense of where she was.

Gavin, back in control, took a seat on the floor, gathered the limp, and sated who was in the last throes of her orgasm Sara into his lap and whispered words only for her ears. She closed her eyes, sighed deeply in pleasure, and smiled.
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