The Elf's Gift
The Elf's Gift
By: Rachel R.

Christmas was fast approaching, just days away now and the whole town was getting ready. Everyone was putting up Christmas trees and lights. A fresh blanket of snow had fallen injecting a boost of Christmas energy and everything had a holiday feel to it. It is the Saturday two weeks before Christmas, and McCall's Mercantile was a busy place. McCall's Mercantile, is an old store that is the mainstay for this small mid-western community. They had a little bit of everything it seemed. Clothes, shoes, hardware, appliances, housewares, toys, you name it they probably had it. Today McCall's Mercantile is filled with Christmas shoppers. Next to the toy section was a big Santa's Workshop display, complete with Santa's throne. As was the custom of years gone by every Saturday evening during the Christmas season Santa stopped by McCall's Mercantile to spend some time with the children.

Santa was actually Freddie Lee McCall, the fourth generation of his family to run the store. Freddie Lee's life was the store. He worked there ever since he was a little boy. Now in his fifties it was his store. His parents retired and left the store to him several years ago. Every day Freddie Lee could be found at the store. He loved being on the floor, interacting with the people who shopped at his store.

He never married, never had kids but he loved playing Santa Claus. He even had a few extra pounds around his belly so he pulled off the Santa look quite convincingly. He always had a girl play an Elf, to keep things orderly and moving. This year Christine, a relative new employee, approached him about being Santa's Elf. Christine who was hired during the summer months and was an ideal employee. She got her job done, was very friendly and helpful to the customers. While Freddie Lee found Christine to be, very attractive they have had a purely professional relationship.

Christine was a strawberry blonde in her late 30's. She was an attractive woman who kept herself in great shape by eating right and exercising daily. She certainly did not look to be in her late 30's. Being she was not married, many of the male employees at McCall's Mercantile tried to date her. However, she always turned them down. With the lack of a man in her life rumors in the small town quickly circulated rumors rife with lesbianism and secret lovers in another town. None based on facts, just fueled by the loose tongues of old ladies, rejected suitors, and envious, bored homemakers.

The kids with their moms and dads began lining up to visit with Santa. Freddie Lee putting on the Santa suit, complete with white hair and beard, red hat and black boots. There was a knock on his office door.

"Santa, are you ready? The kids are waiting."

Freddie Lee opened the door; there was Christine in her Elf outfit. The outfit consisted of a green mini dress, a tight green top with a white pixie collar, green stockings, black ankle boots with silver buckles and pointy toes. On her head, she had an elf's hat cocked to one side. Freddie Lee thought she looked nice, a real Christmassy look.

"Ok let's go," he said and with Christine escorting the jolly man, she led the way to his throne. The kids where excited to see Santa.

"Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas everyone!"
Santa shouted out as he took his seat on the throne. Christine led the first kid to Santa and things got under way. At first, it was the same old thing. He would ask if they were a good boy or girl this year, they always wanted a spider man action figure, a pony, or something like that. Things were running smoothly. Then Freddie Lee noticed that Christine seemed to be eyeing him. He was not sure about it so he glanced at her. She was looking at him, her back to the line of kids and parents. She gave him a little wink. He was not sure what that was about so he returned his attention back to the little boy sitting on his lap.

Several kids later, he glanced at Christine again, this time she licked her lips seductively. This caught him by surprise. For a second he forgot about the little girl on his lap talking about her bad brother. He recovered quickly though. He snuck a glance at Christine again but she was busy with the next girl in line and her mother.

The next little girl was very young; she needed help to get up on Freddie Lee's lap. Christine bent over, directly in front on Freddie Lee, giving him a nice view of her green and white striped leggings that were covering her firm ass. It was a nice one, her ass that is. As he was enjoying the view, Christine turned her head. She saw he was looking and she smiled. She picked up the little girl and placed her on his lap.

"Oh Santa you're turning me on." she whispered in his ear. Freddie Lee was totally unprepared for that. He froze for a couple of seconds before regaining his composure and focused on the little girl on his lap.

The next several kids became a blur; Santa could not tell you their names nor what they wanted for Christmas. He kept sneaking furtive quick glances at Christine, most of the time she was busy with the next kid and parents. However, when she was facing him she would always wink, lick her lips, or blow him a kiss. Each time when Christine would place a child on Freddie Lee's lap she would whisper to him, softly in his ear.

"I'm so turned on right now."

" I want your big Santa cock."

" Oooh Santa let me suck your candy cane."

" I've been a good girl Santa but I want to be bad with you."

The store closed by the time the last kid sat with Santa. As Christine escorted the last kid and his mom out the door Freddie Lee told the rest of his staff they could go home, he would lock up. He pulled off his hat and beard as he toured the store, making sure all the doors were locked. Christine was still at the Santa display, tidying up a bit. As Freddie Lee approach she turned to him.

"Please put the beard and hat back on."

" Why?"

"Don't ruin my fantasy." Freddie Lee was confused but he did as he was asked. When he was done, she took his hand and led him to Santa's throne.

"Please can I sit on Santa's lap now?" She asked in a cute sexy voice. Freddie Lee sat in the throne, not exactly sure what Christine was up to now. She jumped into his lap, put her arms around his neck.

"Oh Santa I've lied. I have not been such a good girl this year. I hope you will still bring me some presents."

" Well Christine, how bad have you been?"

" Bad enough. I have to make it up to you somehow." As she said this, she reached down into his lap, found his cock under the velour his pants, and rubbed his erection gently.

"Christine what are you doing?"

" Santa, I want to make it up to you, so you see that I am not such a bad girl." She slid off his lap between his legs. She rubbed his cock, which was rapidly coming to life. She pulled down his pants to expose his cock. She grabbed it and it instantly became hard. It had been years since Freddie Lee had been with a woman, none as sexy as Christine nor as aggressive and he liked the feeling...

"I want your big Santa cock." She stroked it. He had forgotten how good a woman's hand on his cock felt. Christine's hand felt great as she slowly stroked up and down. Christine licked the head of his cock, he moaned. She ran her tongue all around the head of his cock.

"Your cock is so big and delicious, Santa."
She kissed the head of his cock, and then licked it again. She looked up at Freddie Lee, smiled, and then sucked his cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his thick cock, still maintaining a firm grip on the base of his cock with her hand and her elf hat bouncing as she gave him head. Freddie Lee began to move his hips, slowly thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth. She pulled off, kept stroking Santa's throbbing pole with her hand.

"Does Santa like this?"

" Oh yes." moaned Freddie Lee. Stuffing his cock back in her mouth, she continued to work it. Up and down, running her tongue over his rigid flesh, and squeezing his balls Freddie Lee ready to cum in his Elf's mouth. As he had not been with a woman in a long time it did not take much before his cock was tingling all over. It was as hard as it had been in a long time. Freddie Lee was aching to release his load into her ravenous mouth. He ached to cum.

"Oh Santa you like this." Christine said as she stroked his cock.

"Oh yes" was all Freddie could respond with, grinning broadly.

"Santa I want your cum, give it to me."
With those words uttered, she popped his velvet shaft back into her mouth, sucking his cock deep into her throat. Squeezing his balls, sucking on his cock, he could not stop it. His hips rose as he shot a huge load deep into her mouth. A second later, another load let go. She sucked it all in, swallowing his Christmas gift and his hips rising to meet her face as she sucked fervently on his cock. He shot several more times before he was done. She sucked it all up and continued to suck after he was done and when she finished you could not find a speck of his cum.

He settled back into his throne, his cock rapidly deflating. Christine continued to suck his cock, eager to get all of his cum.

"Oh my God that was great." Freddie Lee said, trying to catch his breath. Christine was licking the final drops of cum leaking from his cock.

"Thank you Santa for that. I loved it. I hope you can see that I was a good girl this year."

She got up and disappeared around the corner. Freddie Lee finally got up, his legs were a bit wobbly at first, and he pulled up his pants restoring Santa to his respectable image. Christine reappeared, now in her street clothes and he let her out the back door.

"Good Night Santa." She waved as she got in her car.

The next week was strange. Christine worked her regular shift; she acted as if nothing had ever happened. Freddie Lee went out of his way several times to see her, even asked if she had fun Saturday night being Santa's helper. She said yes, said that most of the kids where good. However, there was not a word of the afterhours activities that took place on Santa's throne.

Freddie Lee was a bit confused by this. He could not have been dreaming, could he? No, it was all too real. Nevertheless, if Christine did not want to bring it up he was not going to either. So he went about his daily business. But he also kept a close eye on Christine when he could, without making it obvious. Maybe he never really noticed before but Christine was a very sensual woman. Even in her late thirties, she was still sexier than most of the younger girls working at McCall's Mercantile.

It was a busy week for Freddie Lee and McCall's Mercantile with Christmas fast approaching. This is the last weekend remaining before Christmas, everyone finishing their shopping. It was so busy that Freddie Lee actually forgot about the events from last Saturday night. That was until Saturday morning when he remembered he was to play Santa again that night and Christine was to be his elf. His cock stirred. Christine was not scheduled until midafternoon and Freddie Lee could not wait to see her.

She arrived a little before two and immediately went to work. Freddie Lee wanted to talk to her but did not want to see overly anxious. He waited a while before approaching her.

"Hi Christine, are you ready for tonight?"

" Oh, hi Mr. McCall, yes I am looking forward to seeing all the kids and their Christmas wishes. I had such a good time last Saturday night."

She gave no indication that there was anything else on her mind, just her job and seeing the kids all excited for Christmas. Freddie Lee went back to the stores business, but thoughts of Christine and last Saturday night were never far off. The seemed to drag on for Freddie Lee despite the fact he was very busy.

Finally, it came time to get ready. He changed into the Santa outfit in his office. He was a bit early and the wait for Christine come get him was killing him. Finally, she knocked; opening the door, he saw that Christine was in the same Elf outfit as last week with the exception that the leggings were red and white stripes and a red elf hat. He looked her up and down, she did not notice as she was looking at the people in line waiting to visit with Santa.

"Oh looks to be a busy one Santa are you ready?"

" Of course I Am." and off they went to Santa's workshop.

It started normally, however Freddie Lee kept sneaking glances at Christine. If she had anything in mind, she was certainly hiding it good. She seemed to be enjoying her elf duties, keeping things moving smoothly with a smile.

Freddie Lee detected nothing about Christine that would lead him to believe she was going to repeat last Saturday's performance. After an hour or so, he forgot about it as the children kept coming. Seemed like an endless line.

Soon the end was in sight. Freddie Lee, while thoroughly enjoying his time as Santa was also anxious to get out of the suit, which was making him hot. Christine brought a little boy over, sat him on his lap, her face close to Freddie Lee's when she whispered once again in his ear.

"Oh Santa I am so turned on right now."

This caught Freddie Lee by surprise but Christine just went back to her duties as if nothing had happened. Freddie Lee hesitated before snapping back to reality, bringing his attention back to the boy sitting on his lap. The last few kids were once again a blur to Freddie Lee, as his attention was more on Christine than the kids.

Watching her closely, she would lick her lips seductively, being careful to have her back to the waiting parents whenever she did this. As last week when she brought the last few kids to his lap, she would whisper something in his ear.

"I'm so hot right now Santa."

" My pussy is so wet thinking of you."
"I want you."

Freddie Lee could not stand it, and his cock was hard in his pants. Good thing the Santa suit was a bit bulky; it kept his bulging cock well covered. He could not wait for the last kid to finish, but he still took his time with each and every one of the children. The time seemed to drag.

Finally, the last child was finished and all the customers were gone. He told the remaining staff to go, and he would lock up. He never locked up the store quicker in his life, practically running, and his cock hard in anticipation of the excitement he hoped awaited him. When the store was all locked up, he headed back towards Santa's throne. There was Christine, sitting in the throne with her legs crossed, looking very sexy. Freddie Lee stopped and stared.

"Oh Santa I've been hoping you would return."

" Um, yeah, I ah, um, I was hoping you were still here too."

" Santa you turn me on so much. Come to me." Freddie Lee did as he was told. Christine sat up, unfolded her legs putting her feet on the ground with her legs spread. Freddie Lee approached. He stopped short of her. Christine looked up into Freddie Lee's eyes, seductively licked her lips, reached out, grabbed him by his belt, and pulled him closer.

"I'll been waiting all day for this Santa." She said as she unbuckled his belt, and then pulled his pants down. She rubbed his cock through his underwear.

"Oh Santa, it looks like you have a nice present for me." She pulled his underwear down; his fully erect cock sprang free. She grabbed with one hand, began stroking it. Freddie Lee jumped a little when she first grabbed it, he still was not used someone else touching his cock.

She brought his cock to her mouth; she kissed it, and then licked it. She took it into her mouth; her tongue ran all around it. Before she even got started, she pulled it out.

"No Santa I don't want to do this." Freddie Lee was suddenly overcome with disappointment. Christine releasing his cock and stood up, constantly looking in his eyes.

"No Santa I want you to fuck me right here, on your throne."
She turned around, facing the throne, dropped to her knees; she bent over onto the throne. She reached back and pulled up her green mini dress then pulled down her red and white leggings. She was not wearing any panties, her ass now totally exposed with her perfect peach peeking from between her thighs, opened for him. Freddie Lee looked down at the beautiful sight. Christine on her knees, leaning on Santa's throne, her ass exposed. He could see her smooth, pink pussy lips with a glimmer of her juices in her slit.

"Come on Santa take me right here, right now, fuck my pussy."
Freddie Lee's disappointment from only a few seconds earlier totally disappeared. It had been quite a long time since he had seen a real pussy, much less one aching for his cock. He stared at it.

"Santa please don't make me wait any longer," she begged while reaching behind her, pulling her ass cheeks wide, offering herself to him.
Freddie Lee carefully dropped to his knees. He was not as young as he used to be, his knees not in the greatest shape. However, he was not going to let this opportunity get away.

Once on the floor he positioned himself behind her, he pointed his cock at her pussy. He rubbed it on her pussy, feeling her hot wet pussy.

"Yes Santa that's it."

Freddie Lee rubbed her pussy a few more times before pushing his raging hard on into her cunt. They both moaned. Grabbing her hips, he pushed in a bit further, pulled back, pushed in again, this time a little further.

"Oh yeah Santa."
Again, he pulled back and pushed in, every time lubing his cock with more of her slippery juices, allowing him to push in even further. A couple more times and he was all the way in his balls was spanking her monkey.

"That's it Santa I want all of your cock."
Freddie Lee fucked her slowly at first, then slowly increasing the speed of his thrusts. She pushed back to meet his thrust, to push his cock in even further.

"Fuck me Santa." She demanded as his cock slide in her.

"Fuck me with your big Christmas cock. Make your elf cum," Christine said as she turned to look at Freddie Lee. His cock pounded into her repeatedly.

"That's it Santa, fuck me hard!"

Freddie Lee thrust his throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy. Every time he tried to drive his cock deeper into Christine. His grip on her hip is tightening with every thrust, pulling her back to meet him as she thrust hard against him.

"Come on Santa give it to me!" Christine moaned.

Billy Bob's cock was tingling; every thrust brought him closer to exploding. He rammed his cock in hard.

"Yeah Santa, fuck me, fuck me harder!"
Freddie Lee was close; there was no stopping him now. He began to moan.

"Oh yes Santa, cum in my pussy!"
With a grunt Freddie Lee's cock erupted deep in his elf's cunt. Another thrust, another shot of cum.

"I want your cum Santa!"
Christine cried out, pushing her hips and pussy back to meet Billy Bob's thrusts. His cock shot again and again. It had been a long time since he came like this, since he came this much. He pushed in again and squirted again. Christine could feel his hot cum filling her pussy.

"Oh yeah Santa give it to me!"
Another squirt from his cock, this is the last one. But he continued to pump her hard, his cum mixing with her cum. As he pumped, the hot mixture of juices began to leak out. His pumping began to release his grip on her hips, began to relax. Finally he stopped. Nevertheless, he did not move. His cock, still throbbing, still buried deep in Christine.

"Oh Santa that was wonderful."
Breathing heavy, Christine turned to look back at him. She wiggled her ass back and forth a couple of times. Billy Bob smiled. Slowly he pulled out, sat on the floor, breathing heavily, pretty spent. Christine quickly turned around, planted a big kiss on his lips.

"I loved that Santa, you were great."
Reaching down, she rubbed his slowly deflating cock. Cum was still leaking from it. She scooped the large drop of cum that was on the head of his cock, brought her finger to her mouth, and sucked it clean.

"Your cum tastes so wonderful Santa."

She stood up, pulled up her stockings, pulled her dress down.

"I'll let myself out, thank you Santa, Merry Christmas!"
She smiled at him one more time, and then vanished into the night.

Billy Bob rested for a few more minutes before getting up. Back in his office, he changed into his normal clothes, locked up and left for the evening. He had just received a great Christmas present.

Christmas came and went, the store continued to be busy into January. Freddie Lee did not get a chance to talk to Christine, although she worked her normal shift. At the end of January, Christine gave her notice. She was leaving, moving to another city hours away. Freddie Lee never saw her again, but that was one Christmas present he would never forget.

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