The Elusive Whisper
Lying in bed, your mind slips through the veil that separates consciousness from a dream.
You hear a faint whisper but you don't know what it means

You feel the soft touch of fingers in your hair as a breathy whisper hits your ear,
Spectral fingers move along your neck, as you feel lips are near

Your eyes moving behind closed lids, a smile turns the corners of your lips,
You shift in your bed and feel hands upon on your hips

A warm breath over your sleeping face as someone straddles your waist,
Fingers dance along your bare flesh. Moving without haste

Your nipples harden, your body warms and your flesh tingles under soft, roaming fingers,
You enter the twighlight between sleep and wakefullness - the feeling lingers

Then your dream state returns. Their hands - your body, your auras begin to mingle,
Your stomach, your nipples, your breasts, begin to tingle

Fingers move, slowly around each nipple. Palms pressed against flesh, parting your thighs,
As gentle kisses are laid, lovingly upon your eyes

A pair of lips, like a soft breeze, move across your lips. What you feel is nought but bliss,
Your lips part, wanting more of that ethereal kiss.

You feel the heat growing between your legs. Your body welcomes this invisible visitor,
Fingers, warm, exploring; making you tremble

Tracing a path around your swelling clit, your hands move as if controlled by some unseen force,
They slowly slide your panties down, an inevitable course.

You feel the pressure as he enters you. Large, warm and hard, he slides, slowly, deeply,
Your legs move to wrap themselves around your unseen lover.

You feel the orgasm building inside you. Your legs try and wrap around your lover, embracing,
Your body arches, your heart is racing

The waves build and crash like an ocean. Your body jerks with each spasm of your climax,
You're breathing hard, your pussy tense then relaxed.

As the orgasm subsides, your body relaxes and the weight over you suddenly fades,
Your eyes then open. A sweet smile is on your face

You look around the room, confirming that it was all a dream. A wonderful, pleasurable dream,
You drift back to sleep, so real it seemed.
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