The Energizer Bunny and Little Blue Dude
Hey,my name is Tex, I am 48 years old. Never been married,but I became a father at the age of 16 after having an affair with a married woman. She and her husband didn't want my son, so with my parents help I took him and raised him. I joined the military after high school and later became a Special Force operative. Working up through the rank I am now a Captain. I had also finishing college with a BS and later a MBA degree in preparation for life after the military. Nothing that I had done or gone through could have prepared me for Ms Julie Land.

The moment that I held Julie,it was lust and love at first sight. She is was a teacher at the locally elementary school on the base where I was station. One day on the way to work,her car broke down on the military base main highway and then made a popping noise followed by flames shooting out from under the hood. I was watching the training troops on a field near by when I heard the noise and saw one of my men take off in the direction of the noise. I glance a head of him and saw what he saw and then we all took off. By the time we got there I had just enough time to pull Julie from her car as the flame over took it . The fire trucks arrived a very short time later to put out the fire, but they couldn't but out the one that was in my pants. Ms. Julie Land was in my arms from the moment that I pulled her out of her burning car until the EMT guys arrived. I held that woman so tied I think I gave her a few bruises. All of 5'3" was Julie,who was cuddly and plump all in the right places, where a man like me love to see it. Her big hazel green eyes just seem to look in to mines begging me to protect her. Which just suited me as I am 6'3"and weighing in at 220,I have a very dominate personality and attitude. I decide that before the week was over I was going to be tasting those luscious full lips of hers and anything else she had to offer.

I stayed with her until she was released from the hospital with a few cuts and bruises. We made plans to get together for dinner at her apartment for later in the week. I arrived on time with flowers and wearing civilian clothes. A few of the neighbors looked at me, I guess because of see this huge white guy knocking on this little black woman door. I didn't give a fuck and when she open that door, I knew she didn't either. Baby girl was wearing a short green dress that wrapped around her luscious body as if it was making love to it and the tits were on display. Lord my cock was scream right along with my mind FUCK HER, FUCK HER NOW!!!

She invited me in and took the flowers from me after giving me a chaste kiss with a very lustful look in those hazel eyes of hers. As I watched her go into the kitchen, I licked my lips as I thought about how I want to tap that fine ass of hers, It was about that time that I smelled something good, that was good enough to make my mouth water. Ms. Julie Land had cooked a full course meal for me!!

She had me take a seat at her table and served me Southern Fried Chicken, mash potato made from scratch, homemade biscuit and greens. Damn baby girl knew how to get to this good old boy's heart, as well as his pants. Diner conversation ate and found that we were very comfortable with each other and had a lot in common. After homemade apple pie, coffee and a few very passionate good night kisses, Julie asked me to stay the night. I did what any red blood American male would do, I said yes and twenty mind later I realized I have found me a freak! Gone was the prime and proper out came the seductress.

When I said yes she got up and turn on some music and did a slow burning strip tease out her dress. As I said there with my mouth open and dick hard as a rock thinking all the while I am one lucky bastard. The bra she had on was like black silk painted on her plump tits, it did very little hold them in place. The matching thong, lord!! I had to unzip my jeans when she turned her fine ass to me swinging it in my face. Then she sat down in my lap and but not before pulling out my cock and balls. Julie had to use both of her little hands with assistant from me ( I stood up ) so that she could get it out. The look on her face was what every man would love to see when a woman looks at his cock. She act like she didn't know what to do first suck it or fuck it or figure out a way to do both at the same time. She settle for sucking the mushroom head of my cock into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue. Man my eyeball rolled back in my head and I almost howled. When she came up from there still standing between my legs, she took off her bra, I was in love. Her tits were nice big and pillow softy, I know about the last part as I just had to reach out and whole them. I am man with big hands and had one in each hand just barely. As I was massaging them Julie was swing her hips back and forth to the music with the sweetness naught girl smile on her face. I also kept hearing someone saying" oh my oh my "and realize it was me. Then as the music ended she back away taking her tits out of my hands, I was hurt, but then I got over it when I looked down then back up at what she had in right hand. Julie had taken off the thong and was standing front of me naked as the day she was born. I just sat back stroking my cock and enjoyed the view as another song came on and she gave me the nastiness lap dance that I have ever had in my life. We ended up fucking on the floor in her living room, then every other room in the apartment. We are not quiet fuckers and there were a few banging on floor and ceiling before morning. I decided then that Julie was going to have to move in with me out the country where she can practice being a nudist inside and out as much as she wanted to. Where we could also fuck and be as loud and as wild as we wanted to. After a good breakfast,which she fixed for us I told her that she need to end her lease of the apartment and that she was moving in with me by the end of the month which was next week. Julie looked at me startled and a little afraid. I reached over and kissed her softly and then back away just enough so that we were looking into each other eyes, as I wanted to make sure she got what I was saying.

"Julie, you and I both know there is no one else other than another me who gets you and can give you want you want and need in a relationship and in life. I watch as the fear left and she smiled. Now get your fine sweet chocolate ass dress woman we have some business to take care of."

At the end of the week the following week, Julie Land and I were housemates.

One day I came home and the song the Freaks Come out at night was playing. Now I live off a country road and my land is posted with the simple message "There isn't any thing here worth dying over" . The house sits way back off the road so when Julie met me at my truck with a cold beer,a wearing a smile and nothing else. As I got out of the truck, I said to my self life is good.!!

Later that day I had gotten a call from Taylor saying that he was on his way home and could he have his room back for a while.

Well Taylor and I had been roommate, housemates over the years whenever he needed a place to stay when not wandering around the world or in college. He and I had shared a lot over that time,as we had pretty much the same taste in everything from women to what we ate and were soon to share a lot more.

I told Julie about Taylor leaving out somethings,which I thought would be better explain in when she met him. She was ok with the idea of having a guest for a while, but wondered about our fun and games. As I kissed her on the way out the door to work I told not to worry about it. Everything was going to be just fine. As I drove to the Post I called Taylor and we talked about Julie as we had been doing since I met her,leaving nothing out.

"This is all cool TD but are you sure she is the one. I mean man look let be for real here ......"

"Don't worry she the one and man. Look I will not be home until late, so you go a head and let yourself in when you get there. Julie should still be up and you two can talk. I am sure when she see you, she is going to have some questions."

"Ok TD,we will do this your way."

"Hey buddy when in all these years have I ever steered you wrong?"

Change in plans.

Taylor tried to call TD back,could only reach his cellphone mail box so he call the house and reaching no one there he just left a message that he was catching and earlier flight out and that he would be there 4 hour earlier then he had planned. He would rent a car and drive out to the house and he would cook dinner.

No one got the message..

When Julie arrived home it was late for her, as the fall was there and it was already dark. She was carrying bags of food as she enter the house smell something wonderful coming in from the kitchen and smooth jazz was playing softly in the background. She smiled and thought for the thousandth time since meeting Tex what a lucky woman she was. As she put down the bags she notice a box on the table all wrapped up nice and pretty. This time she laugh and teared up a little, she just knew it was from Tex as he was always bring her presents. A book he had heard that she wanted to read, flower, candy, a pet rock, etc. She looked at the card attached

Here is something blue and wonderful just for you,Energizer Bunny

Julie had to laugh to keep from crying, that was Tex's pet name for her since the first night they were together. He had even shorten to EB. When they were out and about in the world when wanted her wanted immediate attention. Ripping the paper off the box she opens it to find a small blue vibrator. She sat down and looked it in wonderment as she read the instructions. That lovely man had brought her a clit cuddlier!!! She decided to name it the little blue dude,as it would be her next favor best man after Tex. She just had to try in out, stepping out of her skirt bare ass as she didn't wear panties except when necessary, since Tex thought they were for tearing off her. She sat down in the chair spreading her legs, she put the vibrator between her pussy lips and right on her clit,then she pushed the button

Taylor had arrived to an empty house and decided to get himself settle before trying to call his dad to let him know he was back in town. As he walked through the house could see where Julie had her influence. The place finally looked like a home and not a stopping and dropping off point. After getting settle he put a call into his dad and left a message to call him later. Taylor then decided to start dinner. Emptying the food bags that he brought with him,he took out Julies gift and left in on the table. He couldn't wait to see if she liked it . After getting the dinner started,he decided to take a shower and wondered if Julie would mind him walking around naked,which is what he normally did. When he came around the corner to find Julie in total rapture using his gift to her. He just stood there looking at this woman, pleasuring her self with this gift! Her big tits .. lord he was right were out and free from her bra and her lips were open and formed in a prefect O. He didn't remember doing it but his cock was sliding in and out of her mouth before he realized it and couldn't have stopped if he want it.

This was how Tex found them when he came into the house,his girlfriend and his long time best friend and roommate. He looked at them for a second,took off his watch,removed his fire arm and took off his clothes. Went up to the two who where now lost in their own little world and grabbed Julie ass out of the chair putting her in a bend over at the waist state and slide his cock into her sloppy wet pussy and join them in their mindless state. As warm cum shot into her pussy and down her throat, Julie heard something that made her choke..

"You lying bastard she is great better then what you told me followed by a deep moan"

"Yes,son I was wrong she is wonderful and welllllllll .. "the rest got lost as Julie pussy muscles clamped down hard on Tex cock, as she choked on Taylor cum.

Both men once they got free went into action to help Julie who was trying to get a way from them,who was still choking on Taylor cum.

"EB look I was going to tell you, I just want you to meet Taylor first". Tex said as he looked at Julie angry face,who now was regaining her ability to talk. Julie looked up at Taylor embarrassed and yet ... She almost couldn't believe her eyes, Tex and Taylor could pass for twins, well maybe brothers. Both of them had the same body type and facial features, except that Taylor worn his hair in a crew cut and Tex was worn his closely shaven, almost bald.

"Look EB, honey let me explain," Tex said as he pulled naked body into his lap as she lick the cum off her lips from Taylor. Just watching her do that almost sent both them into sexual overdrive, but they realize business first.

"Like I told you when Taylor was born I took and raised him with me. So we pretty much grew up together. Taylor has been all over the world with his old man once he got old enough to travel as I had join the military after high school and later I became a Special Force operative. Working up through the rank and finishing college with a BS and later a MBA degree I was ready for what came after the military. My boy and are looking into starting our own security firm. He,like I have finished college and have the same degrees. We share a lot Taylor and I, Tex said as he looked down at Julie looking into her large hazel eyes and not seeing what he hope to see, needed to see, when he said the last part . We sometime even share women".

"Oh",Julie said as the confusion slowly left her. Looking over at Taylor and then back at Tex,she nodded her head in understanding what he was telling her.

"So what does this have to do with me,?" She asked know what she hoping to hear, needed to hear.

"Would you be willing on a long term,very long term bases for us sharing you in all ways possible? " Taylor said as he took the chair that Julie had been sitting in and moved it closer to sandwich Julie in between his father and himself. As they waited for her answer they both starting kissing and touching her. The side of her face, Tex placed a lingering kiss and Taylor suck her left breast. Soon they were a mass of arms and legs with hungry mouths seeking, taking and excepting what they could get. With no warning Julie jump out of their embrace and ran toward the hallway. There she stopped and turned around breathing hard from all of the passion that she just and endured to what was inside of her. She looked at the two men so much a like and yet she was sure different, she smiled and invitation..

Holding up the little blue vibrator in her right hand,and placing her left hand oh her hip she struck a seductive pose.

"So are you two going to let little blue dude and I play by our self or are you coming to join us.?" With that said she turn and walked with hips swing down the hall to the master bedroom .

Tex and Taylor watched her go,then looked at each other.

"Dad dinner can wait !"

"Ok son, lets go and see what EB and her new toy have on their minds."

We worn out three sets of batteries and the little blue dude, as Julie had called it that night,but the EB,she was still going. She finally had her wish that night to suck and fuck my cock or rather my son cock at the same time. Did I tell you we also broke down the bed??!!!

The End

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