The Evening
I slide the key through the slot that unlocks hotel room number 445, flipping on the switch the room lights up as I say "Welcome to my humble abode" you smile and laugh. After all we had just met during dinner & dancing at a charity event to help Kids go to summer camp and working with mentors.

"Please make yourself comfortable, while I go and order us some treats." I return having a seat next to you on the cozy leather sofa. I gaze into your eyes admiring your beauty and your luscious lips "You look lovely tonight" I whisper leaning over and pressing my lips upon yours in a soft kiss as our third kiss gets interuppted by a knock on the door, "Room Service" I quickly rise up and open the door as the guy wheels in a tray of fruit and champagne.

We make small talk sipping bubbly mentioning everything in our lives from work, books, movies, family and activities we enjoy doing in our time. I grab a strawberry teasingly guiding it over your red lips until you open your lips and gently pull on it taking a small bite and sucking it in . I feel myself getting aroused. "You are a beautiful woman." I whisper leaning forward brushing my lips along your brow whispering to you "We are going to enjoy this night in ways you've never thought to imagine." You respond, "I hope this works both ways. It's been a while since I've had a wonderful evening." A smile creeps on my face suggesting "Say it is a lovely evening outside lets head out onto the balcony?" "Why thats a wonderful idea." you reply with a smile.

Standing before me in your smoking red dress showcasing your lovely features all the way down including little red toes poking out through the open toe hot heels. Sliding my hand in yours, you guide us across the room untill we stand in front of a large mirror gazing at eachother.

I step back admiring your beauty while gripping your hips and pressing hot kisses upon your lips msh,msh, sliding my tongue inside your hot lips . I twirl one finger gesturing for you to turn around placing your hands on your waist waiting. I move hovering at your back never touching you, reaching for the zipper down at your waist sliding it down I press kisses on the side of your neck.

The dress falls to the floor, a puddle of sexy red pooling at your ankles. "I'll be right back" I whisper turning off the lights. I make my way through the darkened room closing the windows and drapes "Come Here," I say, opening the balcony's french doors. The moon lights your path, our eyes gaze eachother's while you stand before me exposed in sheer silky black bra, black lace panties with dark thigh high stockings and three-inch open heels. You view the lush countryside along the lake when you hear the slide of a zipper, the rustling of fabric as my pants hit the floor.

As cool as the night brezze blows, you feel a little chill as I move behind you. The lift of your heels causes your hips to fit to mine perfectly allowing the prodding head of my manhood to slip easily between your legs. You shudder, feeling the bulb tip weep against your inner thigh with wanting, feeling my warm hard, thick desire.

"Beautiful Evening" I whisper while reaching for one of the balcony's paded chairs before adding "Hold onto the railing." You obey curling your fingers around the cold metal. I lean over chest warm on your back, circling arms around you. While you look on, I wound the tie I wore to dinner between your wrists and the raling's bars, binding you tight.

You don't have long to ponder what I have in mind as the legs of the chair scrape the balcony floor I take a seat. "Back Up." You step in reverse, upper body leans forward, a move you knew would raise your backside and put it eye level with me. You thank your lucky stars for the canopy of night sky above but your luck begins as I grip the tops of your stockings & thighs gently spreading you apart. closing your eyes, opening them swiftly and widely-caught off gaurd by the tip of my tongue running along the elastic of your panties between your soft silky stocking legs far as I could reach.

It wasn't far enough. I'm barely able to tongue the crease parting your sex & thighs. You want more and tell me with a whimper that sounds like a cry. "What are you doing?" you ask while I move my mouth and probing fingers against the sexy fabric, "Tasting You." "You"re not having a good time?" I ask feeling you squirm away from my hand. "Yes, oh yes " you nod and sigh gasping as I slide a finger deep between your legs and hook it around the crotch of your panties.

Spreading my hands , one on the back of each thigh, massaging you moving up over the cheeks of your sweet bottom to the small of your back. It feels good to you The warmth of my fingers taking hold of the waist band of your panties and peeling them down each silky leg at a time, baring you completely except for the bra and heels. I cupp your sweet bottom, thumbs slipping between your legs opening you. The night air blows against you, cooling your heat with your own moisture untill I lean forward stroking my tongue the length of your sliky slit.

Your moans drift through the night air while I lick & suck on your clit through your damp pink folds, spearing my tongue into your core, swirling, sucking, licking and lapping in and out, pulling back and pushing in. You moan in pleasure.

"Are you having a good time now, my dear?" I ask my voice deep filled with arousal. I see you nod and say "Good, I want you to enjoy this evening as much as I do." Sliding my hand between your legs, two fingers slides through your slick folds squeezing the hard knot of nerves above, You thrust against me as I pull away. Behind you, I chuckle while you feel the heat of my gaze and my warm breath on your bottom. "Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are?" I whisper lightly. "Do you know how few women are this comfortable with their bodies? To be this uninhibited?" "I'm not so sure that I'm either," you admit softly. "You should see the moonlight on your skin. I rub both palms down the outside curve of your hips then over the round of both cheeks while my lips unsnap your bra freeing your sweet breasts before pressing my thumbs into your cleft between and pulling you apart. " Your pussy is absoultely exquisite." I sigh, lening forward to breath you in, taste you with a long hard lap with a sweep of my tongue.

You glisten Like petals soaked with honey. I can't get enough You're so intoxicatingly sweet. I slide my tongue deep inside you. I feast, drink and dine from the rosebud of your saucy bottom and pouty lips to your juicy hard clit.

"MMMM" I humm while blazing a trail of lovebites along your plump pussylips. You moan with a sigh saying "I need you inside me I can't wait anymore."

I rise behind & towards you aligning my cock up placing the tip against your entry, rubbing teasingly along your juicy pussylips, sliding through your slick dampness. I thrust forward giving you a feel of my desire. I grip your hips , my fingers digging into your muscles with need. All we hear are the wet slapping sounds of our bodies, my balls kissing your pussylips pop,pop,pop. My hands slide around
cupping your breasts rubbing and massaging them with loving squeezes.

Fingers rubbing your nipples squeezing them between each finger and thumb. "Yes I see your pussy wants her cock ahhhhh baby feel that hardness depp in you." I whisper in your ear while suckling your earlobes and kissing side of your neck. I feel your pussy muscles clench around my cock immersing myself in you inch by luscious inch. My belly slams against your buttocks as the wet, delicious sounds of sex fill the night air. My testicles slapping wetly against your hot drenched pussy in hard loving thrusts.

I slide one hand underneath you, sliding it over the slick,surface of your belly to your soft silky mons. You cry of pleasure as my fingers begin rubbing your senstive clit. "Oh Yes," you moan "Give me all your cock baby, Harder. Oh, Please...." I thrust into you with quick rapid strokes feeling the waves of your pussy washing over my cock as I groan and feel my balls tighten and with one final push I explode cumming deep inside your heated pussy "Ahhhhhhhh baby take my cum and cool your pussyfire mmmmm." Massaging & squeezing your breasts I bring you up against me feeling waves of pussyjuice waxing my cock riding out tight orgasmic aftershocks in your womanly heated ocean of love.

Holding you tightly to me whispering while I squeeze & massage your breasts sliding one hand over your soaked mound of joy strumming your clit with rubs and taps. I untie your hands as you stretch and turn running your palms along my chest to my belly, capturing my lips in a loving kiss you whisper "Thank you for a wonderful evening baby." "It was my pleasure." I smile capturing your lips lovingly as I feel a slight chill hit my cock and balls, "Time to take our play indoors and finish our treats." I say with a smile as you reply running a few fingers along my balls "Why of course."

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