The Favour
"The Favour"

It had been a fun evening of watching movies and listening to music. Now it was time to go. Neither one wanted to end the night but with the hour growing later no amount of conversation and stalling could prevent a choice from being made.

"Oh my God, its 4am!" She laughed. "It's so late! I didn't realize I had been here for so long." Yawning she stretched as she started to get up from the couch. "I really need to get going if I'm going to drive all the way back home from the city. I should leave now before I fall asleep on the way!"

"Well, if you're too tired you can stay here. It might be safer." He replied. "I don't mind sleeping on the couch for a night if it would make you feel more comfortable."

She worried her lip a little bit. If she stayed he might get the wrong idea, but it really was late and she was exhausted. The drive home took almost an hour and she knew it would be a long drive with no one in the car next to her. Peeking out the window and seeing the rain pounding against the glass she flashed back to a few years earlier when her car had hydroplaned in the rain at night. Her heart had leaped into her throat thinking she was about to fly off the road out of control. The rain made the decision for her.

"It would be safer to stay. It would really be doing me a huge favour if I could stay." She agreed coming back to the present moment.

"It's no problem at all, really." He told her.

"Okay, but this is your home, I don't want to put you out in anyway. The bed is big enough for both of us. I don't mind sharing. I just want to get some sleep."

"Sounds good to me." He said leading the way towards the bedroom.

"Um, I just realized... I don't have any pyjamas." She said her face flushing. "Do you mind if I just sleep in the buff? It's how I normally sleep anyway." Seeing the shock on his face she tried to backpedal, "it's just I don't want you to get the wrong idea! I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

"Well, I don't mind but if you get to go nude, so do I because thats how I sleep too." He laughed. Her faced turned red thinking about what they were proposing. To sleep in the same bed both nude. It was almost too much, sure they liked one another but they were still basically strangers just getting to know one another. ‘Carpe diem' she thought. She trusted him enough not to make a move on her. She knew he was super respectful, it was part of what she liked about his personality.

"Oh hell, let's just go for it. No harm, no foul, really." She said.

A few minutes later in the dark she stripped down, listening to him do the same from the other side of the bed. The room was quiet except for the sounds of them getting ready to do something that on one hand seemed totally ridiculous and yet on the other made total sense.

Crawling into the sheets, she felt the bed move as he too climbed in. Laying a respectable distance from one another neither said anything.

"Well, goodnight." She said quietly in his direction.

"Sleep well." He replied.

The room went quiet again. She tried to relax and settle in to sleep. It was a strange bed with different sheets. Different lights outside the windows. She was feeling exhausted but she couldn't relax enough to let sleep overtake her. On the other side of the bed she could hear his breathing slowing as he began to drift off into sleep. If only, she thought. Sighing she turned on her side facing him hoping to get a little more comfortable. It wasn't working. She felt alone and a bit nervous sleeping in this new place. Seeking comfort and thinking he was pretty much asleep anyway she cuddled into him putting her hand over his chest and using him like a giant teddy bear. His warmth and solidness made her feel a bit better and less alone. Resting her forehead on his arm she closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Her body was feeling heavier and she could feel herself relaxing, moving towards a dream. Without realizing it her hand had started wandering across his chest. Feeling him and his manliness next to her. Helping her descend further into her subconscious.

Then, in her dream she felt someone running their hand up and down her arm, she relaxed even further and let the dream take over. Feeling the hand rub up and down her back and into her hair. She felt a presence close to her own face. Her body began to wake up in confusion and she felt his forehead on hers, his soft breathing next to her, his nose only an inch from her own. It was his hand she had been feeling. Her stomach tightened in anticipation knowing how close he was to her. Feeling that unbearable tension of the moment before a kiss and then his lips slid across hers and she was back in a dream.

His mouth was hot on hers as their tongues tentatively reached out and connected. The kiss was hesitant at first. Slowly but surely, their confidence began to come back into it and their mouths began exploring deeper and with more urgency. Pressing close together holding on tightly as they exchanged fevered kisses she could feel herself losing her inhibitions and her desire building. Still wary of going too far she tried to pull back and to slow down.

Undeterred he trailed kisses down her neck holding her close to him and tasting each inch of her as he moved across her body. His hands with a mind of their own slowly moved up her body. His thumb resting under her breast, his palm and fingers against her ribs.

Feeling him so hot against her and his hand so close to her sensitive skin she gasped slightly. Taken aback and wanting more. Not knowing what to do, she squirmed a little, both not sure of how far she was willing to go and at the same time wanting him to touch her more.

He took her movement as a sign of encouragement and trailed his mouth down between her breasts. Kissing the perimeter of each one. The sensation driving her wild until she gave in and let her head fall back as he finally closed his scorching mouth over her hardened nipple. Sinking her hands into his hair she knew she was lost now. There was no turning back. He had woken something within her that wouldn't be satisfied with only a cuddle anymore.

Smiling to herself she broke away from him gently and let him lay back.

"Relax, just enjoy this." She whispered to him as she moved under the covers. Trailing her hands after him feeling him as she moved closer to her goal. Her own kissing must have had the same effect on him she realized as she kissed around the base of his swollen member. He was rock hard, turning her on more. Softly she took him in her hands and slowly ran her tongue from the base to the tip of him. She felt him tense in anticipation. Smiling again she repeated the movement again. This time instead of stopping at the tip she opened her mouth and slid her lips over him and continued the movement all the way back down to the base filling her mouth with his cock.

Holding him in place she began to move her mouth over him expertly pushing her tongue against the underside of him stimulating him further as her mouth began to make a hot wet mess. Pushing him as deep as she could into her throat she tired to swallow as much of his thick cock as she could. Sliding back up, her mouth made a wet pop as her suction was momentarily broken, a small strand of saliva still connecting her to him. Without hesitation she enveloped him again taking all of him into her mouth.

The sucking sounds and listening to him groaning above her was turning her on and she felt herself getting wet and her pussy was starting to ache. To ease her throbbing clit she pushed the blankets back and got up onto her knees working over him more effectively from the side. Her lips gliding up and down and her hands cupping his manhood firmly and massaging them.

Not to be left out she felt his hand slid over her ass gripping it and encouraging her. His hand was wandering across her most sensitive parts and she felt his fingers connect with her dripping hole and she heard him moan as he felt how wet she was. She wiggled against his fingers wanting more of him. He didn't disappoint as his fingers, now soaking wet, started to move over her aching button. Her body tensed and she moaned his cock still deep inside of her mouth. Feeling the vibrations of her verbal arousal echo down into his balls he spread her legs and slid underneath her.

She gasped against his cock as he pressed his face into her hot little pussy lapping up her juices and teasing her with his tongue. Not to be outdone she began sucking with more eagerness wanting him to feel how hot he was making her. His mouth flicked against her clit eliciting another moan from her and her body tensed. He was punishing her pussy relentlessly and she could feel the pressure begin in her toes as he continued to lick her sensitive bud.

Burying his cock deeply in her mouth and breathing hard through her nose she sucked hard on his cock and felt his legs tighten. In response he flicked her clit with no mercy. Her nipples tightened and she moaned loudly into him as her body tensed and finally released. Her oragsm shook her making her moan and squirm against him her mouth releasing his cock as she gasped for air.

"Mmm stop." He said as he started to slide out from under her. Stop she thought? Her legs could barely move yet, let alone go anywhere. She felt him move behind her and grab her hips moving her ass into the air. Before she had a moment to think about what was coming next she felt him slide his thick cock deep inside her drenched cunt.

Moaning into the mattress she tried to catch her breath. But he was relentless and began moving, faster and faster, and deeper grabbing her hips and slamming her back onto his cock. Masturbating himself with her tight little snatch. Each thrust forcing a strangled moan from her as he repeatedly hit her G-spot making her shake. Reaching around her, he placed his middle finger on her clit and proceeded to fuck her furiously. She could barely breathe, her pussy was dripping down her thighs and her cunt was throbbing like crazy. Her undoing came next as he thrust deep inside reaching places she didn't know existed and the she felt it. Him bringing his palm down in a harsh stinging slap across her ass. Her body tensed from the slap at the same moment his cock rammed against her G-spot and his finger pushed against her clit.

Screaming his name out, she came hard! Her pussy spasming around his cock and making him growl in pleasure. But he didn't stop, he kept pounding into her hot hole relentlessly barely giving her time before her back arched and she came hard around him again. Slowing this time as she came down from her high she started pushing her ass back against his thrusts loving how he felt drenched in her cum and sliding so hotly in and out of her abused pussy.

"Mmmm" She moaned savouring the feel of him filling her up. "Now, you stop." she said as she moved away from him.

Pushing him down she straddled his hips and wasted no time sinking his rock hard cock deep inside of her. Loving how big he felt from this angle. Wasting no time she began to rock her hips back like she was on a mechanical bull. Only her hips undulating and fucking him as her torso stayed in place. His hands dug into her hips following her movements and pushing her into his cock. Wanting more of him she grabbed his hands placing them on her bouncing tits. The feel of his fingers toying and tugging on her nipples was too much and she threw her arms up and her hands into her hair as she fucked him harder drowning his cock in her tight wet pussy.

"Oh, fuck I'm going to cum..." He gasped.

Moving one hand hotly down her body, the other still tangled in her hair, she placed it between her legs and started to masturbate her clit as she rode him into oblivion.

"Oh shit" He gasped watching her as his cock exploded pumping stream after stream of his hot sticky load deep inside of her.

Feeling his cum filling her up pushed her over the edge and she rode the waves of her own bliss as she came all over him again. Calming down she milked the last bit of cum from his cock slowly with her hips. Looking at each other and breathing heavily she smiled and kissed him. Sliding her tongue inside of his mouth and sharing one last bit of pleasure before sliding off him and laying breathless next to him.

"Let's do this again soon." She giggled.
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