The Fetish
The Fetish
By: Sassy Sue

I have known Beth for a while now and I find her to be an intriguing, complex woman to say the least. She is a teacher, a person who shapes the young minds of fifth graders in our school system and she is quite good at her chosen profession. That is one facet of her; she is an accomplished singer and a very beautiful woman, who is gregarious, fun loving, and sensual. I met her at a club one night, we struck up a conversation, and that was the start of a friendship the morphed into a great fuck-buddy relationship.

Beth is a demure woman at almost five foot, ten inches; she has shiny shoulder length fine dark brown hair. Beth's body is curvaceous, with full breasts with large dark areolas and gumdrop sized pink nipples. When is in in teacher mode she dresses quite conservatively, her large breasts are down played and she did not wear tight fitting clothing. When she goes out, she dresses to put her sexuality on display and is very desirous. The night we met, she was wearing a mid-thigh skirt wrapped tightly around her apple bottom butt. She wore a midriff baring blouse tied just under her voluptuous breasts, which were close to spilling out of her blouse. Her eyes rich amber brown eyes sparkled and she wore a bright white smile. Her complexion was dark, a natural rich tan color as if she was from the Mediterranean area. I learned later that she has Native American blood coursing through her veins.

It has been said, not by me, that I look like the Marlboro Man in the old cigarette ads and I have never been sure if that was meant to be a compliment or not. At an even six foot, I possess chiseled features and usually sport a five o'clock shadow. Blue eyes, dirty, blonde hair, and I clean up pretty good if I say so myself. Mother Nature was good to me when she handed out looks and I take after my mother and physical aspects I got from my father as well as his name, David.

That first night we were having a goodtime, Beth was out with some friends, and I was with some guys from work so we agreed to go out the next night on Saturday. We said our good nights, I watched her join her friends who were obviously teasing her about taking with me.

It was Saturday night and I met Beth outside her apartment building. I was dressed a little better tonight with clean jeans, a button down shirt with a blazer and black boots. Beth was stunning, wearing a white blouse, showing a lot of cleavage; I had a hard time to keep from staring, as most men would have. She wore a black wrap around skirt with a white diagonal slash, quite short and drew my attention to her long, shapely legs encased in black stockings. She wore a pair of short heels. Her hair swept over one shoulder resting on her breast and she was looking very sexy.

We went to dinner, then a few drinks and then she wanted to go to a club. We talked on the way and she told me about herself. She also told me she was a woman in need of a good time. The air charged with sexual tension and as the night went on, we both became daring, adventurous, and our libidos were taking control. We danced, each slow dance seemed to be a little more sensual than the previous, and there was no question as to what the night held for us. Kissing, a little groping and hands wandering a bit more than they should was when Beth suggested that I take her home. I was hurt and hoped I had not offended her, I began to apologize for my forward behavior but she pressed her finger to my lips and the kissed me. Arm in arm we headed to the parking lot to my car and sped off into the darkness of the night.

Beth asked, "Would you like to come up to my apartment for a little something, something?"

Taken back a bit by her surprisingly, bold invite but I was not about to say no to this hot woman, "Yes that would be great."

Arriving at her apartment, she opened the door and we entered, the door no sooner closed, and Beth was kissing me with passion and I could feel the heat radiating from her body. She took a breath, easing from my arms she went into the kitchen and came back with a couple of icy longnecks. Opening the door the door to the patio, she told me to wait here and she would be right back.

A few minutes later Beth had retuned, gone was the outfit she had worn earlier, she stood in the doorway, her intention was clear, and she had dressed, sort of, to convey the message. She stood in the moonlight, wearing a long grey ribbed tank top with a hem that ended just below her crotch, a brief expanse of bare thigh and the black hold up stockings caressing those long legs. That tank top was very revealing, and Beth's breasts were pushing against the thin fabric with her nipples were breathtakingly erect.

I could feel my own erection in my jeans, growing, throbbing, and an ache I was hoping to relieve soon. We sat on the patio and when Beth crossed her legs, I saw a glimpse of a pair of black lace panties hugging her mound and she took my hand in hers. Gazing deeply into my eyes, she said, "There is something I must tell you something that you need to know before we get to the point where I won't stop," with an air of concern.

Beth placed her hands, one on each cheek, "David, do you have an open mind?"
"I guess so, why, what's wrong, what are you trying to say?" "You're not going to tell me you're a guy in drag," I said with a nervous laugh.

"Oh no, not even close," Beth laughed making her tits bounce.

"I guess so. What are you trying to tell me?" I am normally a patient man, but I had never wanted a woman as badly as I wanted Beth just then. My cock is hard as titanium and could not be harder.

"I have this thing and it often turns men off and I need to know if it's going to bother you too before we go any further."

"I have a very open mind, sweetheart. Just tell me and we can down to business here, okay?"

" I have a fetish."

I laughed. "I have a dozen of them."

"A lot of guys are turned off by mine, though."

"What is it, Beth?"

Beth simply stated, "I love cum."

"You really managed to find a guy that is turned off by that? I mean, I believe you, but it just about makes my dick explode just hearing you speak those words!"

"No, I mean I really love it. I love the taste of it, the sight of a man's cream gushing from the eye of his prick. I love the musky rank aroma--oh God, it is just so masculine. I love the silky feel of it on my skin, webbing between my fingers and dripping from my hard nipples. I like to play with it and to rub it all over my body. However, there is thing about cum that I find to be so provocative and sensual for me. The ultimate for me is for a man to shoot his load of cum all over my ass so it runs down my ass crack. I cannot help it, David. I feel like I have pleased my lover, and this is his way to reward me for being a good fuck. For this fetish, I have been called a low-class submissive slut by some men but I do not care I just want to feel cum on my body."

"So let see if I understand what you are telling me, you want to fuck and when I cum you want to watch it spurt out of my cock and cum on your body not in your pussy, right? Then you want to rub my cum on your body and play with it, right?"

"You got it," Beth said with a slight hesitation in her voice.

Beth was watching me intently, trying to determine if I would fuck her or flee rejecting her and her fetish.

My cock was aching to tap that pussy, there was no way I would refuse her desires, and to be truthful the thought of cumming on her body was quite erotic for me.

"So, Beth let's get on with me giving you your reward. I will cum anywhere you want and I will even help you rub it on your body."

Beth turning, gliding into my arms with the biggest smile on her angelic face, and looking into her eyes there was no mistaking her intense desire within her. Kissing Beth, savoring her taste as her tongue entered my mouth. I wrapped one arm around her waist and pulling her to me as I cupped one cheek of her firm ass with my free hand. Beth wiggling closer to me, her hunger so obvious and passionate that it made my knees weak. We slowly stripped the clothes from each other, our kisses warm, wet, and constant through the shedding of our clothes. I picked Beth up in my arms and carrying her to the bedroom, never breaking our embrace.

I lay her gently on the bed. Beth bent her knees and spread her legs. Her delectable pussy beckoning me, I climbed between her legs, wrapping my strong arms around her, and pulling her tightly against me.

"Seriously, those other guys should be committed," I said.

With soft, slow strokes, I brushed the creamy, supple skin of her inner thigh. Beth is squirming and sucking in quick breaths as my feathery touch creeps up her trembling thighs. I touched her pussy and it was as I anticipated. Beth's sweet pussy is warm and so wet that her juices were already oozing from her cunt. Her juices are moistening her perineum and trickling down the crack of her pretty ass. Playing with her juices and rubbing the luscious lubricant further up on her ass.

"I want to be painted with your juices, and you want to be coated with mine. Sorry, but I'm just not seeing the problem here, sweetheart."

Taking one breast into my mouth, softly sucking while running the tip of my tongue around the darken areolas and taunting her rigid nipples I could hear Beth groan.

Beth giggling, "Well, it might get messy. There may be some, um, let us say, transference between the two. Ya know the thought of tasting even their own cum makes most guys uneasy."

I thought about it for a few seconds, "Well, I've always kissed my girlfriends after a fervent blowjob, and I've tasted my cum on them before. I just think that a thank-you kiss makes the act seem less degrading and more like the wonderful present that it is. It is such an intimate way for a woman to give herself to you, if you know what I mean. Eating a woman's pussy after we have fucked, I am sure I have experienced a cream pie or two so I really don't see a problem."
I began kissing my way down her taunt tummy, lingering shortly at her scrumptious breasts, gently massaging her smooth warm mound. Her fingers are raking my back and her body is squirming under the weight of my body. The scent of her of her arousal, intoxicating, heavy in the air and I wanted to spread her hot, wet pussy lips and devour her juicy cunt. Restraint David, restraint, hearing my thoughts I spread her inflamed pussy lips and then I began to stroke her clitoral hood and was rewarded with her stiff clit grew stronger the closer I got. I could feel my breath on her pussy and I pursed my lips kissing her adorable pink, throbbing pleasure nub. My hands cupping her firm ass, lifting her cunt to my mouth I aggressively licked her pussy as she pressed to me and sung a song of passion.

Beth wanting to participate in the pleasure, urged me to position my legs toward her head. Beth's lips, wet and hot, she was kissing the inside of my thighs next to my swollen balls. My cock was rock hard, unyielding her hands on the thick shaft and her mouth sucking on my nuts, I was hers. Her warm silky mouth is engulfing the head of my prick, her tongue in the slit of my dickhead, Beth, eating my pre-cum. I ate her cunt hungrily, as she sucked and licked my dick, occasionally removing her mouth long enough to rub the head all over her face, worshipping it, adoring it and best of all spreading the nectar onto her face. We lay locked in a sixty-nine position for as long as I could stand it.
"Oh God, I am going to come a quart!" I said panting.

"You better!" she said, taking my seven plus inches completely into her mouth and sucking frantically on my unyielding cock.

Two months without sex, two months of built up cum, I desire to release an explosion of warm, sticky cream in order to fulfill Beth's decadent desire. She sucked it down greedily. My cum can no longer be restrained, oozing at first, then a small spurt to tease her taste buds and then the eruption of wet gooey cum. Beth has the thirst of a woman staggering out of the dessert after being lost for a week, she drank my cream in gasping gulps. My cock was a rock star, cumming repeatedly with strong spurts of cream for Beth the cum slut that was sucking my cock. I could feel my cum pooling in her mouth, dribbling from the corners of her mouth. Rivulets of creamy cum is dribbling down Beth's chin and dripping onto her breasts clinging to her stiff nipples. Slipping her mouth from my dick Beth grasping my boner, pointing it at her breasts she stared at the las two ropes of sticky cream spurting from the eye of my dick and landing on her chest clinging to one pink nipple.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed. "I've never seen a man come so much in my life!"

"I have never come that hard, either. The weight training program I'm on raises my testosterone level and my recovery time between ejaculations has dropped down to that of a teenager's, but I've never come that hard or that much." I kissed my way up her lovely body until I found her lips. "You turn me on so much its unbelievable."

She attacked my mouth with her hungry tongue. We kissed forever it seemed, the taste of my semen and her sweet juices socializing on our tongues in a sweet, ambrosia of desire. The thought of another man's cum is not my inclination; however, the blending of my own with this gorgeous creature's cum is a five star meal for me.

"I lost some of your cum, sweetie. Can you get it for me?" she asked mischievously.

I started to retrieve it with my finger but Beth brushing my hand aside. "Not with your hand, silly--with your tongue."

I took her slick nipple in my mouth and sucking my cum from her rigid nipple with skin as soft as dandelion fluff. I held the cum in my mouth until Beth, inserting her tongue and kissing deeply as we were sharing the only substance that could slake her incredible thirst, cum. My cock quickly found its second wind.

Reaching between Beth's legs, I found her pussy to be sopping wet from a combination of her copious, delectable juices blending with my saliva. Beth's outer lips swollen, puckering, and then parting them gently with my fingers, my hardened cock entered her without the slightest hint of resistance. Rolling over, locked in a lover's embrace Beth on top, setting the pace of our fucking. Her warm, wet juices, spreading across my groin each time our bodies bumped.

Kissing with a passion I have never experienced before, we licked and nibbled on each other as Beth is bouncing up and down on my, pulsating hard dick. Her big tits were flouncing wildly and she was panting as we fucked. Snaking my hand her ass, reaching down between the cheeks of her ass, I placed a finger on each side of her pussy and gently began stroking Beth's puffy lips. I can feel my cock sliding into her silky pussy between my fingers. Beth was not a model of restraint, and she was squealing as she began to cum. Beth was orgasming, she came quickly, she came hard and my fingers stroking her lustrous pussy now dripping with her cum. My cock entering her again and again with her pussy clutching my thick shaft. Beth's whimpering, my moans, it was a cacophony of a sexual concert. Beth had her legs wrapping around my ass, pulling me deeper into her cunt. This was the trick, crying out that I going to cum Beth slid off my cock.

I knew what she wanted and I did not disappoint her, I came with her hand aiming my cock the first spurt of cum landing on her chin dripping onto her breasts. The second third and fourth cum spurts, weaker in intensity were landing on her tits and tummy. Her palms on her body Beth smeared the cum all over her body, squeezing her tits and nipples the cream oozing from between her fingers. My cock aching, I had nothing left to give Beth, and it felt as if my soul had just orgasmed.

Drained and weak, I rolled Beth over and lay on top of her, we were like an Oreo cookie with a layer of cum frosting between us. My cock, three-quarters stiff I slipped it back into her creamy pussy, moving slowly inside her, bringing her down gently as her contractions slowed and then finally subsided. I am not sure if Beth had about thirty small orgasms or just one amazing gigantic one that had lasted for almost a minute. I do know I had never experienced such an incredible response from any woman before. Beth made me feel like the world's greatest lover.

"That was incredible," she said, panting as she tried to catch her breath.

I moaned in agreement, lowering my face to her chest and nuzzling her beautiful breasts and feeling my cum on them. I gathered my wits and caught my breath. I ran my fingers gently across her firm belly, stroking her as her breathing slowed back to normal.

"That didn't gross you out, did it?" Beth asked.

I took her face in my hands and kissed each cum coated cheek.

"Hell, no! That was the most amazing fucking that I have ever experienced, I think you're wonderful, Beth."

Beth was kissing me again, her hunger already returning. Reaching down to her pussy and removing a finger coated with our juices and brushing it across one of her breasts, I then began sucking that cum-covered tit into my mouth. Beth moaning, slipping her hand down, scooping as much cum from her pussy as she could manage, she rubbed her slick hands over her breasts, coating her skin with cum as if it was lotion. We held each other tightly, and I could feel our juices and sweat on our skin as we sucked on each other's tongues.

I thought that last session had left us both blissful and content, but Sarah had other ideas. I felt her hand wrapping around my cock, coaxing it back to life.

"I think you have another round left in you," Beth said, giggling.

I was thinking that it was impossible, but when looking into Beth's sensual eyes and I could see the playful desire twinkling in her eyes and I could tell Beth wanted another cum bath. To tell the truth I would not mind cumming on Beth again, if I could. My cock half hard and on its way to a full-blown erection. Beth with her soft hands guiding me into her warm slit and gave me a little instruction.

"Slowly this time, okay?" she asked. "I think I want you inside me forever."

We fucked slowly and Beth was an orgasmic machine. She had several more orgasms by the time I finally came again. Beth is pulling my cock from her pussy after the first blast, and she let the other shots of cum, spout into the air, landing on her stomach. Beth is playing with the thick cum with her fingers, spreading it around on her silken skin and occasionally lifting a finger to her lips and sucking on it. Moving into a position Beth moving into position, laying her red lips on the purplish, engorged head of my cock and with a slurp it was in her wet mouth.

Beth legs, splayed wide, at my face and her cum-coated pussy lips were puckering as though begging for a kiss. Hesitating briefly, Beth notice and made a simple request.

"Please, David, lick it for me. It makes me so hot, and you won't believe how wonderful we taste together," she said, licking my cock in long strokes and then taking it all into her mouth.

Unable to refuse exotic woman, I lowered my mouth to her pussy and tasting my first cream pie. The naughtiness of it sent my arousal level into overdrive and I fed hungrily, licking and sucking at her juicy pussy for all I was worth , devouring our cum.

Ravaging that sweet juicy pussy of Beth's with my mouth for ten minutes until I shot another load of cum right down her eager throat. Beth kept sucking until my dick wilted in her mouth, and this time I knew I was done for the night.

"Oh yes, David, My God, you eat pussy better than anyone in the world! Please do not stop. Don't ever stop."

We lay together then, our heads touching, sharing a pillow, and staring at the ceiling, each of us trying to come to grips with this intense new relationship. She kissed me then lay her head on my chest, her soft feminine cheek perfectly contrasting with my own sweat and cum-coated and taut masculine skin. Beth lightly stroked my nipples with her fingers.

Other men have ridiculed Beth for her fetish; I help her to celebrate it tonight. Beth has soothed her own feelings of inadequacy by exaggerating my normal human flaws; Beth desired me just the way I am and I definitely desire Beth and her kinky cum fetish of which we now share. Our compatibility was total and maddening and anytime Beth needs a cum shower I am here for her.

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