The Fire

It had been a very long couple of days, I was exhausted and feeling very stressed. I was out in the backyard, sitting by the fire, trying to relax and get rid of a headache. I was mesmerized by the changing flames and could feel myself beginning to relax at last.

I sensed you before I saw or heard you. It's like we were connected on another level. As I began to stand to greet you, you put your hands on my shoulder and held me in the chair, gently, yet firmly. I felt your hot breath on the back of my neck as you leaned down to kiss it. Your strong hands eased their way down my shoulders to grip and rub my upper arms gently. You continued to kiss my neck and my ears as I began to relax and sit back into the chair again.

You pull my chair back from the fire a bit a move around in front of me. Your kiss lights a fire deep within me and I moan as you break the contact. I reach to pull your mouth back to mine, but you stay just out of reach. You kneel on the ground in front of me and take off my sandals. You begin to rub my feet slowly and sensually. I can't help the moans that this generates.

You stop, and stand before me, leaning down to kiss me again. This time I wrap my arms around your neck and hold you to me. I feel you urging me to stand. As I do, I feel you grasp my butt gently but firmly and lift me. Instinctively, I wrap my legs around your waist.
I break the contact of our mouths and ask you what you're doing. You simply give me a sly smile and reach in to nibble my neck. I close my eyes and moan in pleasure. You laugh gently and tell me how much you love it when I purr for you. You walk across the yard carrying me and kissing my neck. You stop beneath the biggest tree in the yard and let go of my legs, slowly pushing them from around you. As I stand and open my eyes, I realize you have managed to spread a blanket and we are now standing on the edge of it.

Your kiss stokes the fires of desire and wanting that are already burning in me, and I forget what I was even thinking. I feel your warm hands slide under my T-shirt and tease my nipples. They are already hard and extremely sensitive. Gently you ease my shirt over my head and take my breasts in your hands and knead them gently. As you continue to tease my nipples, I feel my heat rise yet higher. I moan and reach to pull you closer.

Your response is a deep chuckle as you unbutton my shorts and gently push them down over my hips. Once they hit the ground and you help me step out of them carefully, you leave me standing there, with a touch of your fingers to my lips and a calming smile. You step away from me only to return a moment later with one of the chairs from the patio table.

You cover the chair with a soft blanket, before turning your attention back to me. Taking me in your arms, you kiss me deeply, your tongue tasting my lips, and my mouth as I open and greet you in kind. Our tongues are speaking without words as you continue to stoke the fires of desire. My hands have wandered down your back to grip your butt, and hold you tight to me. I feel your cock as it begins to strain at your jeans. As I reach to release it, you pull away and guide me to the chair and sit me down in it.

In a flash, you are between my legs and gently kissing my inner thighs. I know you can smell my arousal. I want so much more, and yet you take your time. You kiss your way up to my mound, and blow gently on the fire you know is burning there. As I moan and press myself against your hand, you rub my lips and my clit through my lace panties. The lace is soft, yet is just enough to add extra sensations as you do. I can't help the whimpering sounds I make as you begin to play and pleasure me.

You twist your fingers in the crotch of my panties and pull them aside, as you do, you gaze at my wet pussy and smile while licking your lips sensually. I feel myself getting wetter and begin to thrust my hips toward your mouth. I want your mouth on me, your tongue in me.

At last you give me what I so desperately want. You finally kiss my pussy, lick my lips, my slit, and then you thrust your tongue in at last. I'm in heaven,.. I know I am. Nothing else could feel this good. You reach and pull my ass to the edge of the chair and proceed to eat me. Showing me levels of pleasure I didn't know existed. Your tongue is swirling around my clit then it dives back into my pussy. You're sucking on my clit, no wait; you're biting at my clit...... I'm writhing in the chair, torn between pulling you away and holding you tighter.

You grip my ass to hold me, and then slide two fingers into my pussy as you suck my clit hard. The resulting orgasm has me convulsing and crying out, begging for more and begging you to stop all at once. Yet as you try to pull away, I hold you tight between my legs. Your fingers work my pussy again and you know I'll be exploding again quickly. You watch my face as you finger me, and rub my clit with your thumb. You know the second the orgasm starts and dive in to lap up all my juice and give me a licking to remember.

As you feel my heart beat slow, and feel me relax, you raise up to kiss me, knowing I love to taste myself on your lips. I suck your lips into my mouth and lick your chin. You wrap the blanket around me, and gently lift me, chair and all and return me to the fire pit area. As I start to protest and reach for you, you kiss me gently yet thoroughly and whisper in my ear, "Shhhhhh, there will be time later,..... for now, it's about your pleasure." Then you stand and turn to put more wood on the fire........
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