The First Encounter
This one is for you CAH, Rest in peace!

We met a few years ago, but it wasn't until about six months ago that we really started to talk and become friends. The conversations were innocent and fun. At least at first. But slowly they evolved and we became more open with each other, openly talking about private aspects of our lives with no embarrassment. We were happy with our friendship but I should have known that it wouldn't last.

We both enjoyed photography so it was only natural that I invited you to ride along with me one day when I decided to go out with my camera. You readily accepted and we made plans for the weekend, four days away. Our talks escalated during the interim. We talked constantly and everything was laced with such strong sexual overtones. When you asked me how I would respond if you reached out to hold my hand that I honestly answered that it would be welcomed. Pictures flew between us and the sexual temperature rose.

The Sunday of our outing dawned and I was awake and ready to head out the door. I was so excited, but so nervous. Would you take the first step to touch me? How would I respond? After all, I was married, not happily so...but I was still entrenched in the constraints of my marriage vows. I was nervous. I was scared. I was late!!!! I texted you but you calmly put me at ease and advised me to drive safe that I was more important than a few minutes.

I finally pulled into the parking lot where you sat waiting. I was so nervous that I was nearly shaking. I watched as you jumped out of your vehicle and strode toward me. You got into my car, looked at me and gently smiled at me. Instantly my fears vanished and my nerves vanished. You didn't touch me. I didn't touch you, but we picked up and chatted with ease, the way we had been doing for months. Along we drove toward our destination. Five minutes into the drive......ten minutes into the drive....and finally I said something in a joking manner and you took the bait to reach over and lightly grasp my thigh while you admonished me for my self degrading joke. Your hand stayed on my thigh. I looked at you and grinned as my hand reached down to rest on top of your warm hand.

"That only took you fifteen minutes to get up enough courage to touch me," I teased. You laughed and used the mountains and hair pin turns I had just driven across as your first of course. I just laughed and relished the feel of your hand on my thigh.

The conversation freely flowed, nothing at all sexual...but your hand remained firmly on my thigh. We reached the first place where we were getting out of the car with our cameras. We got out and traversed the path that we had decided upon. The day was so cold that we both kept our hands to ourselves and within our pockets when we were not actually taking pictures. It wasn't until we were done and waiting at the crosswalk that you gently put your arm around me to turn me toward you. You leaned down and quite naturally, I raised my head. Right there on the corner of a busy street in the city, you kissed me for the first time. A blast of electricity shot through me as your tongue delved into my mouth. My body instantaneously pressed tighter against you, searching for what it craved. But sanity unfortunately returned. We pulled apart, our eyes locked together and gentle smiles crossed our faces. We walked hand in hand back to the car. My body sang with fevered anticipation and a sexual charge drummed throughout me.

All day long your touches and kisses continued to assault my senses. We kissed in the car mere moments after our first kiss. At a red light I would glance over at you and I could see the longing and desire for me in your eyes and I would lean over to kiss you deeply. At another red light you would grab my arm and pull me to you across the car. I reveled in being in your arms, feeling your lips on mine. Our tongues danced together as they probed and played in tandem.

Every and any opportunity to touch we gave in to the temptation. It was so frigid cold outside, but when we parked to go to lunch, we stood in the parking lot clasped in each other's arms, clinging to each other with a barely repressed need that danced below the surface of our consciousness. Your hand within mine as we walked through the restaurant; Your body pressed against mine as we waited in line at a store; Your hand on the small of my back as you guided me through a crowd of people. All of these things and more only heightened my senses and awareness of you. With each touch my body responded in the most basic and primal way....I became wetter and wetter, my panties became sopping wet with the excitement that you stirred up within me.

As we started to drive home you became braver and started to dip your hand between my thighs to lightly caress me through my jeans. My breathing quickened and became choppy at your caresses. I returned the favor by running my fingers up and down the length of your hard manhood. I was secretly pleased when you shifted your hips forward to allow me better access to what I so greatly desired. The teasing was great as we hurtled down the road toward home. Desperate to caress and touch unrestricted we began to desperately look for a place to stop where we would have some privacy in which to ease the burning all consuming fire that burned madly within us. We finally ended up by a local lake. The lake was frozen over and absolutely gorgeous, however other than a cursory glance; I paid no heed to the beauty that surrounded me. We parked and came together with a force that was fueled by our mutual desire and a full day of teasing.

The car remained toasty warm, heated by the kisses and touches that were readily given and freely accepted by both of us. Our hands roamed across each other's bodies. Your fingers flicked at the button on my jeans but you stopped when you saw the war within me. You knew how badly I wanted to feel your fingers upon me. You knew how much I needed to cum. But you also knew that I had never done anything like this, to step out on my husband; and you were willing to leave the decision to me. You were so gentle with me as you whispered against my forehead telling me "It's all good, if it doesn't happen today or even ever, it's all good. I don't want to lose your friendship, that's my main concern." Your words eased my worries and I gathered my courage and reached for the button on my pants. The sound of the zipper was loud in the car as I quickly lowered it and shimmied out of my pants. You wasted no time as your hand and fingers delved into the depths that you had openly craved all day. Your fingers danced around my clit and gently probed and pushed into my warm depths. I heard you gasp at the first contact and your softly breathed words "So wet" caused my eyes to flew open and latch upon yours to gauge your reaction to that finding. Your eyes were soft and warm and glowing with desire. Relieved, I closed my eyes and laid back to enjoy the sensations that you brought to life within me. It didn't take long, but you soon had my body on the edge of a huge explosion. You were relentless as you drove me over the edge into a maelstrom of feelings. I cried out as I came, your fingers still moving inside me. As I came down from my orgasmic high, you leaned over and lightly kissed each eye, then my nose, and then finally our lips met. I was still breathing deeply and secretly pleased that your fingers had only slowed in their movements, but had not been removed. We kissed, our lips searching and learning the planes of each other's mouths. I gently nibbled on your lip. My hips instinctively rose to meet your gently moving finger. You chuckled and began to tease my clit and pleasure my pussy with more force and pressure. My hips bucked against your hand and my fingers dug into the plush seats of my car as I came again with another earth shattering orgasm. Eventually you pulled back and kissed me gently.

I couldn't wait to return the favor. I NEEDED to taste you. I NEEDED to feel you in my mouth. You didn't need much encouragement from me to free your cock. I leaned over and greedily took you into my mouth. Your taste was phenomenal as I pulled your manhood into me, sucking and nibbling your length. I played with you in a successful effort to drive you wild with my tongue. My hands reached down and fondled your balls while I sucked and played with you. At one point, I looked up and with my lips pressed against your body asked if you liked the view. I will never forget the light in your eyes or the eager nod that you gave me. That was all I needed as my mouth descended upon you as I recommenced to drive you wile until finally you surrendered and fell over the edge into absolute and extreme pleasure.

We didn't stay at the lake long, we knew our chance of being caught was getting higher with each passing minute. After straightening our clothes and with one more kiss we drove away, laughing at the total Ã�âïÿýïÿýyouthfulness" of our first sexual encounter being in a car at a deserted lake, at our age too!

The drive home was quiet as we both settled down from our explosive orgasms. You sat with your hand to your face and I suspected, but it wasn't until you confirmed it later, that you spent the whole drive home savoring my scent that still clung to your fingers. Little did you know that after I dropped you off, I couldn't stop smelling my hand---because it smelled like you.

One of the last things we said to each other before parting company was when I asked, "did you come prepared with a condom today?" You laughed and kissed me before answering, "No, I never thought it would go as far as it did, but I guarantee you that I'll have one handy the next time we are together." We kissed goodbye and left each other with smiles, knowing that we WOULD finish what we started.
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