The Fourth Floor Balcony
I live in a 6 floor apartment complex on the 4th floor. You come to my door and I answer it wearing a black see through nighty and underneath I have a lacy black push-up bra and lacy black boy shorts that show just a little bit of butt cheek. I give you an extremely hot, passionate kiss. I lead you out onto my balcony which is obscured by trees on the front side but not from the sides. I start to strip your clothes off and kiss and stroke each part I reveal until you are standing naked before me with a raging hard-on. You in turn start stripping my clothes off as well, lingering to stroke and play with my breasts and nipples until I am panting with desire for you.

mmmmm you know exactly how to get me to beg for more. You put your hard cock in between my tits and I squeeze them together nice and tight and each time you thrust out from between them I give your cock head a lick or slurp. You decide you want more and tell me to get on my knees and suck you like the good cock sucking slut that I am. You grab the back of my head and start thrusting your cock down my throat. I am looking up into your eyes while you keep pumping my face. You can tell by my "fuck me" eyes looking up at you that I am extremely excited.

I just can't hold back my moans of excitement any more even though we are very exposed on the balcony and anyone could hear. I stand up and bend over the patio table offering my pussy to you saying "RAM ME HARD WITH THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS" You grab a hold of my tits from behind and slam your cock into my wet pussy. I am so turned on by now that my pussy juice is dripping all over your balls and down my legs. You get me so incredibly wet, I can't believe it. I am having a harder time keeping quiet now and am moaning more and more even though I know all anyone has to do is look out their window and they will have a front row seat.

I have cum so many times by now that your cock is glistening with my juices. You take your pole out of my pussy and ram it into my ass. I almost pass out from the extreme pleasure you are giving me. I have given up all pretense of trying to be quiet, I no longer care if anyone sees us I am too fixated on the feel of your cock sliding in and out of my ass and your balls smacking my clit every time you slam into me. I cry out "PLEASE DON'T STOP YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM! Then I cum so hard that I swear I see stars.

You tell me to get back on my knees where I belong and suck your cock like a good slut until you fill my mouth to overflowing with your cum. I moan at the dirty talk which just makes me suck you all the harder and faster. You can finally take no more and cum on my face and some in my mouth.

When you finally stop cumming and jacking off you take your cock and scoop up the cum on my face and stick your dick in my mouth feeding your cum to me and having me lick you clean. Turning to go back into my apartment we realize that there are quite a few people on their balconies and are now clapping. I guess we had had an audience without realizing it.

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