The Fourth Time
Well, I finally had my birds and bees lesson; from my Sister no less. She was off to school and Mom wanted to talk to me about something. I figured it would be pretty bad after the talk about the evils of incest the night before.

After Mom and I ate a strangely quiet late meal she told me to come to her room after my shower. I put on my best pajamas and went there. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in the sexiest nightgown I'd ever seen her wear. Mom at 38 did not exactly look like a mother of two teens. She patted a place next to her and I sat.

She went into the evils of incest again and birth defects that could result from it. Then she said that the love one has for family members sometimes outweighs such things as societies view of incest. She said if it is right to use intercourse as a show of love between unrelated couples it should be also be right to use the same expression of love between family members as long as a pregnancy is not the outcome. She said she knew Sis and I loved each other and we were old enough to transcend the evil implications of incest. She told me that she suddenly realized last night when she saw me with, "little Ron dripping love juice," her words not mine, that I was quickly becoming a man. She winked and said little Ron wasn't little anymore and most men would be very envious of "him." She went into the evils of sex with underage people and how much she was against it, but she said it looked like I was old beyond my years and with the experience of sex with Sis she wasn't going to come down on either of us.

During all this she wriggled around trying to get comfortable sitting on the bed and I could clearly see her fine tits swinging beneath her flimsy nightgown with a nipple peek a couple of times. She stood and gestured me to get up and I did. My dick was hard and it was really pushing my PJs out. I saw her look down at it and almost reach out before she caught herself and told me goodnight.

I went to bed wondering if my step mom fit into the incest category and decided that technically she didn't. I jacked-off to a whole new vision.

A week went by and Mom acted like a whole new person. She told me certain personal things; like she had her tubes years ago because she liked sex and didn't want to worry about getting pregnant. She had to explain the tying of tubes to me. She said she assumed that Sis just did a wham bam thank you ma'am with me and that sex wasn't just that. She said it involved tenderness, loving kisses, and other things I would learn when the right girl came along. Even though I was embarrassed by this frank sex talk it aroused me terrifically. I knew Mom knew this since I caught her glancing at my bulge more than once.

Instead of running around the house in sloppy jeans or a sweat suit after work she took to dressing in short shorts and halters or later in the evening in her flimsy pajamas. She would sit next to me on the sofa and help me with my homework often emphasizing some important point with a knee squeeze or rub. It's a wonder I learned anything.

One night she had dinner with the girls and she came home a little tipsy. I was in bed half asleep and I heard her going back and forth getting ready for bed. She always stuck her head in the room and told us goodnight, whether we were awake or not. When we were younger we both got a nice goodnight kiss, whether awake or not. That night she came in and gave me a good night kiss for the first time in years. This time the difference was she was naked.

I watched her through little squinty eyes. It was dark in the bedroom but she was backlit by the hall light. I saw enough to appreciate her more rounded body compared to Sis. When she bent over her tits fell against my bare arm and I moaned despite trying to feign sleep. She kissed me on the lips and I felt her tongue brush across them. As she stood up her hand accidently brushed the tent I had made and I felt the start of an auto orgasm. She was out of there in another second and I quickly stroked to a most satisfying ejaculation.

Later that night I awoke and quietly went to peek in her room. She had fallen asleep with her reading light on and she was still naked on top of the covers. I went over to her on my tip toes and just looked at her perfect body. Compared to Sis her tits were a little softer looking and her tummy was a little rounder. I was dying to see her pussy, but I just couldn't see it in the position she was in.

I was just turning to leave when she rolled over and mumbled something about being cold. I went back and started to cover her with a blanket and she told me to lie down and keep her warm. I lay down on my side next to her and she wrapped her arms around me drawing me against her and threw one leg up over my hip. Then she started to snore very softly as she went back to sleep. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest and I wished I had thought to remove my PJs. I wriggled around and worked my PJ bottoms down and off and could feel the hair of her pussy on my cock.

All that awakened her and she turned over with her back to me. I snuggled up against her with my hard cock pressing against her butt crack. My left arm wrapped around her and I cupped her breast and could feel her ample nipple get hard. She mumbled again and lifted her left leg and reached between her legs, found my cock, and pulled it between her legs and lowered her leg. I was biting my lip and thinking about my math homework. I pulled back and could feel my dick slipping across her vaginal lips. I pushed forward and felt it start to slip into her. I pulled back and pushed forward again and it definitely went right in. She had arched her back pushing her backside against me and we both continued doing this until she started to moan my name. We went a little faster and I could feel the buildup of my passion in my whole body. She soon started a high pitched moaning and we went faster and faster. Then both our cries of release filled the room as we came with an intensity I hadn't felt with Sis. I held her close and tight as my hardness subsided and soon we both were sound asleep.
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