The Funeral
My name is Sue, I had just returned home to attend my grandmother's funeral in a nearby city, but I had an ulterior motive for returning home. I am a twenty-one year old strawberry blonde with the puritanical values drummed into me as I grew up. Sex was not a topic that we did not openly discuss in our home beyond the mandatory birds and bees talk that we all suffered through. I had experimented sexually, but I was still a novice with only one notch on my bedpost and he was a disappointing first time fuck. I knew there was more to sex and I was determined to find the pleasure I was missing. I am 5'6" tall and weigh approximately 110 pounds. I have a slender figure with curves in all the right places and cold blue eyes. My tits are a 34 B cup and will be a mouthful for some lucky guy while I am home for I am planning to get fucked while I am home; I just don't know who the lucky person is yet.

My family went to the funeral home and paid our respects and then everybody went in different directions. I caught up with old friends and then I ran into my cousin Rick, a good-looking guy, who is my age. He just returned home for the funeral as I had so we talked for a few minutes before the services started. Rick was a nice guy and we fooled around in our teenage years, which resulted in a couple of make out sessions and stroking each other through our clothes and getting horny as hell. I now knew I just met Mr. Lucky for my panties were damp with anticipation and my nipples were standing up begging for attention. We agreed to meet after the funeral to catch up on each other's life.

With the funeral, over Rick and I left the house on the pretense to get something to eat. I called my sister and told that I was not feeling well and I was going to my hotel room for the night and I would call her the next day. We went to Rick's hotel room and Rick left me there while he when out to pick up our food. While he was out, I had removed my bra and put it my purse and I felt the dampness of my pussy increasing. I put my blouse back on, quickly stroked each one of my nipples to get some relief. I buttoned up my blouse leaving the top three buttons unbuttoned in order to provide Rick an unobstructed view of my tits. My nipples strained against the fabric, screamed for attention, and were very erect. I was ready to have my brains fucked out.

When Rick returned we ate ravenously and reminisced about the make out sessions, we had when we were 16 years old, which took place in our grandmother's basement. As we sat on the opposite beds, eating our meal I made sure that my skirt was riding up and my red panties with the damp spots were visible for Rick to view. After the meal, Rick sat next to me on the bed and pulled me closer to him. I could see that he had a raging hard on and it made a tent in his pants. I seized the initiative, pushed him back on the bed, and lay next to him. Rick looked a little surprised when I gave him a kiss that was much more than a cousinly peck on the cheek. I gave him a hot lingering kiss and slid my hand over his erect penis causing it to strain against the fabric of his pants. When the kiss ended, Rick was amazed on how I had taken the lead. He asked me if we should fuck because we were first cousins. I told him I was on the pill, he could use a condom, and if he did not have one, I did. I was serious about getting fucked and fucked right.
I then reached over, undid the buttons on Rick's shirt, and gave him another hot kiss and this time I forced my tongue into Rick's mouth. Rick eagerly reciprocated and pulled me closer to him. I slid my hand into his shirt, stroked his nipples, and pulled his shirt out of his pants. Rick deftly undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and caressed my breasts. I was red hot, aching for more attention so I laid back and began encouraging Rick to play with my tits as he removed my blouse. My nipples were tender and erect as Rick ran his tongue around my areolas. My nipples were becoming puffy the more Rick sucked on them and bit my nipples. He played with my boobs until they were throbbing and this was the first time my nipples had become puffy during a sexual encounter, it felt fucking great.

I felt, what seemed to be gallons of love juice dripping from my pussy and running down my thigh, but I was not ready to fuck yet. I wanted the pleasure I was feeling to last a lot longer for I was fucking horny and wanted more than a quick "slam bam thank you ma'am" fuck like my first, almost fuck. I quickly pushed my new lover on his back and nervously, but in a feverously manner, I undid his belt and opened his pants. I broke our heated embrace and stood up quickly. Apparently it was a little too quick, because a sign of alarm was apparent on Rick's face. I immediately bent over and stroked his hard cock through his trousers as I unzipped them. The mask of alarm disappeared from his face, replaced with an air of eager passion as his pulsing cock was exposed. Pulling his pants and boxers from his, hot body and I threw them on the floor.

Rick lying on the bed, exposed in all his glory, his cock erect and the head glistening pre-cum that was oozing down his shaft. His shaft was about seven inches long, approximately and inch and a half thick. Uncircumcised and the head of his cock shimmering with his pre-cum with his turgid shaft ensconced in a thicket of curly brown pubic hair. I stood there and took the gorgeous sight in and I told Rick that his dick was in for a workout tonight. Rick just smiled and said it was all mine tonight. With that, Rick sat up, grabbed me by the waist, reached around to the back of my skirt, and slowly unzipped it. The skirt fell to the floor and I kicked it over on the pile of our discarded clothes. He squeezed my tits with his free hand and slowly traced the black waistband of my red and black Victoria Secret's panties around to the front and down my vaginal wedgie.

I pushed him back on the bed and knelt above him; I slowly lowered my head to his chest and sucked on his nipples making sure that they were erect as mine. I worked my way down to the base of his cock. With great care, I ran my tongue up the cock stopping just below the head. I licked his cock as if it was a Tootsie Pop and devoured all of the sweet cum that was on the shaft of his dick. I licked the underside of his penis and applied pressure to the base of his cock in order to prevent him from cumming. This time when I got to the head of his dick I kept going and covered it with my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsate as I licked the head of his dick. He begged me to let him cum and I kept delaying the pending eruption for as long as I could. I then continued to suck his cock and let it slide down my throat until my lips were almost to the base of his shaft. He fondled my breasts and squeezed my nipples as I inched down his cock. I could feel his cum in my throat as I continued to suck his dick. This was the first real blow job that I have ever given and I was going to make one to remember for both of us. As I sucked his dick, I held his balls in my hand and slowly massaging them. It was the best fucking feeling! There was no way to keep Rick from cumming, so I released my grip on the base of his cock, slowly raised my head and waited for the load of cum that was surging through his dick to my mouth. Cum exploded in my mouth, it was hot and had a silky texture and a unique flavor. I swirled it around in my mouth and over his cock. I wasn't sure what to do with it so I swallowed most of it. When I opened my mouth cum ran down my chin and dripped on Rick's thighs. I was not about to waste any of that cum, so I wiped it on my finger and placed it on Rick's lips. He grudging licked his lips not sure he wanted to taste his own cum but he wanted to fuck me so he licked his lips. I assured him it wasn't that bad, after all, I swallowed most of his cream. I went back to the business at hand and began to suck Rick's balls. At first one and then the other, each ball carefully pampered by my tongue as I carefully stroked his cock, as I knew he would need some time to recover after that blowjob; and I had not yet had the elusive, mind-blowing orgasm as advertised.

My pussy was screaming for some attention, I could feel the heat radiating in my cunt and sticky gooey juices in my panties. It was time for Rick to remove them and I knew how I wanted him to do it. I released his swollen balls from my mouth and lay next to him so we could cuddle for a few minutes. I started to grind my swollen pussy against his hip and he ran he hands down my body to my panties in an attempt to remove them. I whispered in his ear that if he wanted to remove my panties he could, he just could not use his hands or touch my cunt until my panties were completely off. Enthusiastically Rick quickly set about his task.

Rick gave me a passionate kiss and I could taste his cum on his lips, delightful. He kissed his way down to my tits with the puffed up nipples and gave each tit several licks and kisses. My pussy started pumping out some more pussy jizz and Rick's cock was getting hard again. Rick was at the waistband of my red and black, cum soaked panties. He caught the waistband with his teeth and raised the panties up away from my body. There were strands of cum clinging from my body to the panties. Rick carefully and methodically pulled my panties down my hips and onto my thighs. He pulled them down with the aid of his tongue and teeth and avoided any contact with my pussy while removing my soaked panties. With one quick pull, he removed them from my legs and dropped them on the pile of discarded clothes. I spread my legs so he could enjoy the view of my salacious pussy. My pubic hair, matted with generous amounts of my cum and there was a trickle of cum running out of my engorged pussy. The lips of my pussy were puffy and my clit was peeking out of its hood, crying for some attention from a hard dick or tongue. I wanted the tongue first and then the hard cock. It was my turn to enjoy the licking he was going to give to my anxious pussy. Rick took my legs and placed them on his shoulders elevating my hot, gushing cunt. I gave him a grin and two pillows. He placed one pillow on the floor at the edge of the bed and then slid the second pillow under my ass just below the small of my back.

Dropping to his knees on the pillow on the floor, his face perfectly aligned with my throbbing pussy. He also deprived me of being able to play with his cock while he consumed his portion of hair pie. Rick started kissing the inside of my thighs gradually working towards my honey pot. He licked the lips of my pussy and his tongue darted in and out of my cunt as he licked me from the bottom of my pussy to the very top where he found my red engorged clit protruding from its protective hood. Without hesitation, Rick gently titillated my clit causing me to shove my pussy into his face as savagely as I could. He continued gently lick and suck on my clit until I thought I would explode. Rick continued to eat my pussy and would often slide down and lick my asshole that was basking in pussy juice. Clamping my legs around his head and squeezing while I enjoyed a violent orgasm, as advertised. I came so much that there was a large wet spot on the edge of the bed. Resting my legs on his, shoulders and he turned me back on the bed and as he did, he slipped two fingers into my honey pot. Covering my nipples with my cum and spreading the remainder on my lips so I could taste my own cum, I guess turnabout was fair play. Rick lay next to me sucking my tits while I enjoyed stroking his cock to making sure it was nice and hard for the finale. We laid there a couple of minutes stroking and sucking each other. I could not stand it any longer I had to have that hard seven-inch cock in my pussy.

I rolled over on top of Rick and began teasing him for I knew within the next two minutes that his cock would be pounding my pussy, as I wanted. I kissed him and then kissed his tits. I swung my leg over his body so I was sitting on his chest and was facing his hard throbbing cock. I carefully placed a condom on the head of his dick, encircled his cock with one hand, and started to masturbate him, then without warning, I bent over and took his member into my mouth, pushed the condom down the shaft of his dick with my lips and felt him shudder. As quick as I started the blow job I stopped and slid his rigid waiting shaft into my pussy I leaned back slightly to give complete access to my pussy and once I felt my pussy grip his cock I lowered my knees to the bed. We rocked together rhythmically his cock sliding in and out of my pussy and my pussy clinching his hard dick. He reached up and played with my nipples and tits with one hand and with the other hand; he would play with my clit. My head was light and I had another violent orgasm as my pussy gushed with cum. A few seconds later I could feel Rick blow a load of cum into my hungry pussy. Juices were everywhere and we slid over each other's body as I dismounted Rick. We spent, exhausted and best of all, all fucked out. We lay together for a few minutes, Rick stroking my tits and I, playing with his balls and prick. I had enough energy for one more good fucking and I was going to get fucked again. Rick was licking my pussy and I stroked his balls. I told Rick that I wanted him to fuck me doggy style and I heard no complaints.

I knelt on the bed, stuck my ass up in the air where Rick positioned himself behind me and rubbed his cock on my pussy. He then teased my asshole and knocked on my back door with his cock. I told him I wasn't ready for anal sex so he teased me with his dick and lightly touched my clit. Rick slowly sunk his swollen dick into my dripping pussy and guided my hips so he could go deep into my pussy and find my g-spot. I started to shake and came at the same time as he continued to pound my pussy. He toyed with my tits as they bounced from the pounding he was giving my pussy. I felt him push into my honey hole and stop. I could feel him deliver another hot load of cum into my pussy and my pussy clamped onto his cock. I had another mini orgasm and cum ran down my thighs. He pulled his cock out and we fell exhausted onto the bed. I reached over and carefully removed the rubber from his spent dick.

We fell asleep while we were spooning, my hand holding his cock and my tits pressed against his back. It was a wonderful, warm sticky mess and I went to sleep satisfied that I found the pleasure I was looking for. I had gotten fucked good and proper and could wait to do it again. We spent the night in each other's embrace and soon it was time to get up. I crawled out of bed and was a little bit sore from all the sex. I went to the shower to clean up when I heard Rick come into the bathroom and asked if he could join me. I consented, we played some slap and tickle, and I gave him a quick blowjob, squeezed his balls, and exited the shower. I found my clothes and slipped on a pair of clean panties from my purse and left Rick my bra and panties form last night as a keepsake. Rick came out of the shower and I was dressed ready to leave. We agreed to see each other before we left town and we would see where it would go. I felt a slight warm feeling in my crotch and I knew we would fuck again and I started planning the next encounter.
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