The Gentle Lover
I have gotten all dressed up for a dinner date. I leave my house 45 minutes early, so that I could get to the restaurant on time for my date. The waiter led me to the reserved table but my date wasn't there. I waited there for half an hour just in case he was running a little late.

After that I got up from my table, picked up my bag and looked through it. I grabbed my wallet, dropped the money on the table to pay for my meal and my drink. I was a little aggravated that I got stood up but what can I do.

As I walk out of the restaurant I have my head down. Hoping that no one notices the embarrassment that I have just suffered. Luckily no one came up to me and started talking. I was so glad to be out of there. That night as I was walking home, I noticed a gentlemen dressed in a suit and tie with his hair slicked back.

He saw me walking down the street and he stopped talking right in the middle of his sentence. He turned his head and looked directly into my eyes. I was shy but I gave him a cute little smile. As I walked passed him I bid him goodnight and continued on my way.

I heard him politely tell his friends that he would catch up with them tomorrow. He ran down the sidewalk until he caught up with me. He said to me" Hey little lady what has you out so late and why are you alone if you don't mind me asking. I was a little hesitant at first but I told him anyway.

I said to him" I was supposed to be on a date but the jerk stood me up. I did not even get a phone call without any type of explanation. The gentlemen said " well that's a shame". A beautiful young lady like you. He sure is missing out. It's his loss and hopefully my gain.

We continued to talk until I reached my destination. He said" before I bid you goodnight madam, would it be to much to ask for your name and number. I replied to him " I'm not so sure" I just net you not even 45 minutes ago. I am not sure that would be a good idea considering that I had just got stood up.

I would hate to have been made a fool of twice. He replied " trust me madam, I could never turn down such a gorgeous woman like yourself. I looked into my bag and pulled out a pen and I wrote my name and number in the palm of his hand.

I looked at him directly and said" please do not make me regret this". It is the last thing I need, to get stood up again and made to look like an ever bigger fool. He said" I promise you, I won't let you down little lady". I go inside and I go up two flights of stairs. I open the door to my little one bedroom apartment. I take my shoe's off at the door.

I pull my dress over my head and just leave it lying on the floor. As I take my hair down I move my head from side to side. Letting it fall all the way down to my waist. I walk down the hallway as I unclasp my bra and let it fall to the floor as well.

I stop at the bathroom door. I step out of my underwear and I open the door. I go to the sink and look in the mirror thinking in my mind. What could possibly be wrong with me? Am I not pretty enough. Am I undesirable?

I just wish that someone could tell me so that I could know what it is. I walk over to the shower.
I turn on both hot and cold water, getting it to the temperature that I desired. As I stepped in and got my hair wet. I placed my hands on the wall, let my head down and shed a tear. Thinking in my mind that I could not take anymore of being let down.

Being discarded like I was nothing. I take in a deep breath and push back the tears and the hurt in my heart. I finish with my shower and dry off my body. I slip into my silky red night gown and matching underwear. I head to the kitchen and grab a bottle of wine.

I pull a glass down from the kitchen cabinet and the wine cork. I take the wine bottle to the sink and pop the cork. I go to the living room and set the glass and the wine on the coffee table. I display my candle set all over the living room. I light them and I turn out the lights.

I sit on the couch and grab the remote. I start flipping through channels trying to find something interesting to watch, but their was nothing on. I turned the T.V. off and watched the flames of the candles dance upon the wall. I finished off the bottle of wine and I headed to my bedroom. At that moment I heard the doorbell ring.

I wonder who could be at my door at this late hour. I leave the chain locked but I crack the door and peek
out. A gentlemen turned around and gave me a huge smile. I smiled back at him when I realized that it was the gentlemen that talked with me all the way to my apartment. He asked if he could come in.

I told him that I was not in the appropriate attire to have company. He said to me " I promise that I will be a gentlemen and I won't touch unless it is what you desire. I was hesitant but I said ok. I closed the door, unlocked the chain and let him enter.

He came inside and saw what I was wearing. He said to me" that I was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen". I blushed, smiled and looked down at the floor. He grabbed my chin gently and made me look into his deep blue eyes and said that I have no reason to hide such a beautiful face.

I smiled again and he brought his lips to my ears and said" if you were all mine I would show you all the possibilities that come along with such a gentle and caring man. I led him to the couch and we both sat down. He sat down facing the T.V. and I sat down on the couch Indian style and staring directly at him.

He tried to take it slow and just talk but he ran his fingers through my long red hair, grabbed my chin and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. He asked me if I would close my eyes for a few moments. That he had a surprise for me. I placed both hands over my eyes and let him continue on until he had me uncover them.

He grabbed me by the waist and led me to the den. He removed my hands and uncovered my eyes. To my surprise the fireplace was going. There were candles surrounding us, lighting up the entire room and a blanket spread out on the floor. He grabbed my hand and led me to the blanket. I sat on one side and he sat on the other.

It was romantic. There was a bowl in the middle of us with fresh fruit inside. He asked me to close my eyes and open up my mouth. I did as he asked and I felt him place a piece of fruit to my lips. I slowly bite into the fresh fruit and the juices start dripping from my lips, down my chin and onto my neck.

I went to wipe them away but he caught my hand before I did, he kissed me and tasted the juices that were on my lips. He lifted up my chin and licked the juices from my neck. He let go of my chin and fed me another. We did this a few moments. He picked up the bowl from the blanket and placed it on the table behind him.

Afterwards he lay down on the blanket and asked me to lay beside him. I did. I laid on my back and he laid on his side. I looked at him and just stared. His eyes were spectacular. His face was ruggedly handsome. His smile just reeled me in even more. As he was staring into my eyes, I felt his fingertips barely touch my leg and make a trail all the way up my thigh.

Just before he got to the hem of my silk night gown and stopped. He kissed me again and this time continued to trace slow kisses on my jaw. He whispered in my ear" dear sweet lady you just don't know how much I want you but I want to take my time with you.

He slips a single fingertip from my lip right to the middle of my breasts and asked if I would like him to continue. I shake my head yes and he gives me a sexy grin like I just made him the happiest guy in the whole world. I have never had anyone look at me like he just did. I continue to lie still on the blanket and he slowly takes his hand and slips it under my night gown.

He takes a single finger starting at my belly button but this time he traces a single line against my stomach, to my breasts and starts to tease my nipple with his touch. My nipple starts to stand at attention. He repeats the process and gets my other nipple hard as well. He pulls up my gown and exposes my soft bosom and my erect nipples to his gaze.

He looks at me with that sexy smile and asked me if I could slip out of my gown. I gently nodded and pulled the gown over my head. Once the gown is removed I grin at him with a nervous look on my face and lie completely still. My nipples are still standing at attention and he continues to tease my nipples.

I let out a quiet moan which lets him know that his touch turns me on. He sits up on the floor and gently places his hands on my thighs pulling me toward him. He positions himself between my legs and places his hands on either side of my arm. He gives each nipple a slow lick making them even harder, before he has a chance to move away to another part of my body, I arch my back bringing my nipple closer to his lips
he opens his mouth slightly placing my nipple between his warm tongue and the roof of his mouth. He slowly starts to suck on it. The feel of his lips around my nipples made my pussy wet with pleasure. He broke the suction that he had on my nipple and gave the other a slight lick with the tip of his tongue.

I arched my back again and pushed my nipple further into his mouth. Wanting his lips to close tightly around it and create suction. At the same time my other breast was being gently squeezed with his other hand.

I felt the pleasure radiate from my breast all the way to my loins. I felt my body temperature rise and small drops on my body made me glisten. I wanted to feel his touch down there but I dare not speak or rush him. Once he removes my breast from the gentle touch of his mouth and his hands. He asked me to close my eyes and stay still.

I do so awaiting the sensation that he is about to bestow upon my wanting body. I hear him reach into the basket and as my eyes are closed, he aske me to open my mouth. I do so as he places another strawberry inside. I bite and I enjoy the taste on my tongue. He grabs another strawberry and bites it letting the juices flow from the delicious fruit onto my nipples and my breasts.

He licks it off my body. He wipes his hand clean and reaches into the basket one last time. I feel a light touch against my skin. My body shudders lightly when I feel the coldness on my skin, my body tingles all over and it feels great.

I feel the cold liquid drop on my lips and I open my mouth to partake of the cold liquid, ending my thirst. He places the cold object on my nipples. Moves from my breasts to my stomach, all the way down to my pussy and places it on my soft mound. I gasp loudly, then he removes the cold object away and blows his warm breath on my clit. Making my opening severely moist.

I feel his hands again. They are placed on each thigh again and his fingertips move down my thigh to my ankle. He does this a few more times and stops. He bends over and whispers in my ear that he wants me to expose myself to him. I give a little giggle but I place both hands on either side of my pussy and spread them while my eyes were still closed.

I feel him sit up on his knees. I don't feel his touch. I open my eyes and I see him with a camera in his hand taking sexy pictures of me. I smile and look at him seductively. At first he just gets my face, afterward I push my arms closer to my side making my breasts push closer together and push outward.

Then he gets pics of my entire exposed body. I spread my legs and he gets a close up of my pussy, focusing on my clit and my vaginal opening. He puts his camera down and sucks gently on my clit. Then he pushes his whole tongue deep inside my vaginal opening. My clit is peeking out from the clitoral hood that kept it hidden until now.

He comes back up and whispers in my ear again. He says " sweet lady do you mind rolling over on your stomach. I smile and roll over. I automatically put all my hair in my hand giving him a tempting view of my neck. He notices my tattoo and places a kiss right on top of it. HE licks all the way from my neck, straight down my spine.

When he reaches my ass he spreads my cheeks and licks my ass multiple times making me moan louder with every stroke of his tongue. I stand up on all fours and he lays on his back with his face up under my pussy. He looks at it for a second admiring the sight. Then he rubs my clit with his fingertip.

After a few rubs my pussy starts glistening again from the light of the fire and he licks it vigorously. My pussy was slick and it shined. I felt some of my juices release from my opening and drip onto his tongue. He rubbed my clit more, hoping that more of me would drip onto his tongue.

The man walked around me and showed me the bulge he had in his pants. He smiled as I looked at his unexposed cock and said" see what you do to me little lady" I slowly freed the bulge from it's cage and placed it into my mouth, all the way down my throat.
He let out a deep sigh as if he needed someone to devour him and moaned.

I started to bob my head up and down until I felt his cock shudder. I knew he was about to cum. He quickly stood me up, picked me up to his waist and placed his thick cock deep inside my opening and came as he kissed me.

Once he was finished I felt his cum drop down my thigh. His cock was still hard as a rock. He sat down on the couch and I rode him long, fast and hard. My hips gyrating real fast, back and forth on his cock until he was covered from tip to base in my cum.

by Amber Marie Murphy( May 2020)
My inspiration was from a photograph of a fire place in the album of a friend.
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