The Gift
Sam and I were on our way home with our friend Paul, Paul is a black a guy we met at a party one night. Rumor has it that he has a 10 inch long and very thick cock. Neither of us have seen it but that was about to change if everything went right and our female friend Allison didn't back out. We had arranged everything with Paul prior to tonight. It was Allison's birthday and we told her we had a big surprise for her. She would have to follow all of our instructions exactly. You see, Allison had a fantasy to fuck a big black guy and we were about to make that come true.

We gave Allison the key to our house and specific instructions on how to proceed. We really didn't know how far she would let us go or if she would even show up at all. Either way was OK, it was completely her choice. We explained to Paul everything about Allison. She was 5ft 2 inches tall, very slim at 110lbs and had absolutely magnificent breast with small perky pink nipples. Paul was excited. At dinner as Sam filled him in on what she knew about Allison's likes and dislikes in the bedroom.

The plan was when we got home Allison would be upstairs in our guest bedroom, she knew the precise time we would arrive. She would be dressed in some very sexy lingerie, a silk black blindfold that Sam had left for her would be tied tightly around her head. If she followed the instructions she would have watched a home made DVD of Paul masturbating and talking dirty to her the entire time. She would never see Paul get off as the video would end just before he was about to shoot his load. Our thoughts were that after watching the video Allison would not back out as she would already be smoldering between the legs.

We drove up to our house and were pleasantly surprised to see Allison's car in the driveway.
The house was dark except for a flickering light in the upstairs window where the guest bedroom was. The look on Paul's face was excitement and fear. Paul had never done anything like this before. Quietly we opened the door from the garage entrance, we remove our shoes and made our way up stairs. Sam went alone just to check out the bedroom and see if Allison had complied. She motion for us to be quiet as she checked to see if Allison had watched the video. Apparently she had.

Form the top of stairs Sam motioned for us come up. Paul and I slowly climbed the stairs and entered the bedroom, Again Sam motioned to us to hold down our excitement as we gazed at Allison on the bed. The flame-less candle flickered light across her soft smooth body.
Her breast were cover by a thin white see through bra. Matching panties covered her curvy hips and her neatly trimmed bush. we could see her small pussy lips and thin hair through the fabric. Just the excitement of this had me about to cum right there and then.

Paul and I began to undress, Sam followed our lead. In seconds we were all naked just staring at Allison's tight little body. Allison laid motionless and said nothing. Frequently she would moisten her lips with her tongue. In all of the quiet excitement I hadn't even noticed that the rumor about Paul was true, he had the biggest cock I had ever seen, this scared me a little as Allison was this petite little thing with a tiny pussy. This thing was really going to fill every inch of her.

Sam and I sat at the end of the bed in a large chair. Paul made his way to the edge of the bed, his cock was already straight out from his body, a small amount of pre-cum had form at the tip. Paul looked at us for approval. Sam and I both jester ed that it was OK for him to continue. He took Allison's little hand and rubbed it across the tip of his cock, she jumped as the first contact with Paul spooked her.

Allison quickly settled in and began stroking the massive cock causing more pre-cum to flow from the tip. The first words that broke the silence were from Paul. In a soft but deep voice he told Allison, taste it baby, I want you to taste it. Allison seductively moved her glistening fingers to her mouth and tasted Paul's nectar.

Sam and I watched as Paul traced his fingers over Allison's body, lightly and softly he traced circles around her chest and the edge of her bra just teasing her. Her head stretched backwards as she took a deep breath. It was obvious she was in a very high state of arousal. Paul slid his hand under her lacy bra. His hand covered her entire breast as he began to squeeze and massage her soft breast the moans flowed softly from her lips. Paul wasted no time sliding the straps from her shoulders to expose her breast. Allison's nipples were rock hard just begging for attention and Paul was the right man for the job. His tongue tickled and licked her nipples. Allison began to thrash around a bit.

Paul's hand reached down between Allison legs and gently pushed her legs open, Allison knew what he wanted, she opened wide. When Paul moved her panties to one side it was obvious she was excited. She was soaked and began to moan and gasp as Paul's fingers found there way through her slit. In seconds Allison was cumming, her thighs grasping on to Paul's hand as his fingers found her g spot. Screams filled the air as she unloaded her first orgasm on his hand. Allison's head trashed side to to side and her back arched from the bed. Oh god I'm cumming, don't stop baby don't stop.

The screams turn to grunts as Paul's massive cock found its way into her mouth. One hand on her face as his cock slid in and out of her throat. Paul fucked her face steadily as her orgasm subsided. Sam and I had enough of just watching. Sam straddle me on the chair and my cock slid easily into her soaked pussy. My view was now blocked by Sam as Paul penetrated tiny little Allison on the bed.

I wrapped my arms around Sam to get a better view of the bed. Every inch of Paul's long thick cock was deep inside of Allison. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist.
After several minutes Sam looked back over her shoulder to watch Allison get fucked. She leaned back as a powerful orgasm took control of her. I think Sam's screams of ecstasy brought Allison to another thundering orgasm. Paul kept pumping her through out the entire orgasm until he unloaded a massive amount sperm on to her tits. Allison tore the blind fold from her head and stuffed her tongue in Paul's mouth as her orgasm withered away. I'm not sure if I heard Paul right. I think he asked Allison if she had ever had anal sex. She began to respond as I Shot my first load deep into Sam.
To be Continued...
A story by Stephen
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