The Gilberts
My husband told me that a new guy at his office seemed nice, and why didn't we invite him and his wife to dinner some evening. Hubby thought it would be a welcoming gesture. I thought why not as they were new to the area, and probably need some good advice where all the right places were located. So I told him to invite them, and let me know what evening to prepare for them.

He did invite them for Friday evening, and that gave me plenty of time to prepare. I told him to tell them to wear casual clothes, and bring nothing, we had plenty. He seemed somewhat excited that they might be visiting. I wondered why, but blew it off to being hospitable.

Donna and Abe arrived, and the men introduced their wives to their spouses. Donna was a cute thing with a pixie hair cut. She was wearing a skirt and blouse, and Abe was in jeans and a polo shirt. We had a few drinks and settled at the dining room table for the main meal. It all went very well. We decided with such a warm evening to sit out on the deck. Donna sat across from me, and her skirt was in a position that, when she crossed her legs, a nice view of her thighs was evident.

My husband got most of the looks from Donna and even Abe. It surprised me, with me in my shorts and tank top, but I thought maybe they thought it was best to butter up his coworker. The evening talked progressed about what they had learned since moving here and missed the fun they had in their old small town. With the drinks having their effect, Donna started relaying things they missed from whence they came.

"We did join a group of three other couples, just to blow off steam, and the men complained about their shitty boss, and the women complained about nothing and everything. We would meet each Saturday, at the Baxter's. Martin and Nancy had a beautiful home. They had all the niceties including a hot tub and pool. It was great to meet in the summer."

"Sounds fun, Donna," I proclaimed. I was hoping she would move again because when she did, I got a nice view up her skirt. I am sure my hubby would have liked the view I had.

"We all did get carried away one Saturday. We all took turns bringing snacks and the booze so the Baxter's did not have to bring anything because there house was constantly used. Paula and George brought snacks and booze, but thought they would liven thing up with some pot. The pot and booze did not mix well."

My hubby pronounced, "That can bring trouble or fun, I guess it is how you look at it." It sounded like he had been hitting the weed, but not my conservative husband.

"Somebody that evening brought up the subject of vacations and who was going where. Pat and Judy Flynn gave a lengthy description of their reservations to a resort in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Our hostess, Nancy, talked about the cruise they were going on in the Caribbean. She and Martin were to visit; she thinks about 4 or 5 islands.

Nancy was more than excited about the trip, she said, "I can't wait for those two weeks. Sand and sun, and oh, those beaches."

Bob Jackson asked, "Any of the islands got nude beaches."

"You sound just like Martin, Bob."

"Well, do they?"

"Yes, and Martin keeps after me to go, but I brought a bikini, a tiny thing, to satisfy him. Would you like to see it?"

"Of course," said Pat, "as long as you are going to model it."

"Oh, I wasn't going to do that. I was just going to show you how tiny it is."

"Honey, put it on for us," said Paula.

"I should know better, but if that is what you want, I will put it on."

Donna explained that she was gone a few minutes, and the anticipation in the room was high. Donna told us that Nancy had the best body of all of the women there. Nancy had kept all of her weight in check. I could see Donna was getting excited relaying the adventure because she was not concerned when she crossed her legs that a lot more showed that I liked. Those red panties looked inviting.

"When Nancy came back in the room where we all were, it was a stunning sight to see. Tiny was a poor description of that bikini. Nancy hung out of both sides of the top. The bottom dipped so low in the front that part of her mound showed with all its puffy beauty. Her ass was exposed because the material only covered her crack."

I watched my husband hanging on every word Donna spoke. I liked it when she told us that the men in the group kept making adjustments on the front of their pants. Donna had made an adjustment in the way she was seated, and now my husband had the view that I once had. Hubby was making adjustments too, he was getting turned on by Donna and her story.

"Nancy had made a big splash with all the men in the room and some of the women. She was the sexiest woman I ever had ever been around. I knew what was coming next as the under their breath comments filled the air."

"So what do you think? Too much?"

Pat proclaimed, "You are not going to get away with that on a nude beach."

"I have not decided to go on a nude beach yet."

"You will, every woman has that fantasy," Judy told her.

"I am not sure I could do that in front of a bunch of strangers."

Bob said, "If you go, don't go alone. With your body, you will be hit on immediately. Joan went alone, and she was sorry she did."

"Joan, you went to a nude beach?"

"Something I always wanted to do."

George said, "If you are worried about strangers, we're not strangers, so take the bikini off."

When Donna relayed that information, I felt myself getting wet. Donna was bothered too by reliving that thought, as my husband saw more and more of up her skirt. Donna then told us that she asked Martin what her thought and his reply for him was easy, "At least take off the top, honey."

"She did, and her puffy pink nipples were instantly getting hard by all the looks she could observe being given them. She did something I didn't think she would do, she stepped out of the bottom of the bikini. She modeled her nudity walking around with nothing on but high heels. I will admit, I got wet from it."

My first indication that Donna went both ways. I would test that later if I got her alone. Her descriptions of comments being made by both the men and the women were hot and bothered me even more. The one I liked best was Judy saying, "Oh, down, down girl, if only I could!" Donna told us she liked that comment by Judy as it was so relevant.

"What started out so innocent that night led to an orgy of madness, which I am sure the pot and booze helped. I will not tell you who did who, but nobody was spared having sex with someone you were used to having you. I think I said too much already."

My husband got out of his chair and went to her. He hugged her and told her he understood. The bump in his pants was evident. I was surprised when she put her hand on it. My horny husband unzipped his pants, and Donna helped herself to it. Abe came right over and helped her with her newfound chore of kissing my husband's cock. I sat there and watched the two of them take turns licking my hubby's cock. Donna would take it in her mouth, and then Abe would. I will admit I got hot watching it.

My husband emptied his love juice into Donna's mouth, and Abe started licking her lips and trying to get as much of my husband's cum from his mouth as he could. He came over to me and started kissing me, sharing my cum with me. I looked over, and my husband had Donna on the floor, eating her cunt, which I wanted to do all evening. I watched that pantied cunt all evening as she told the story of her past. Abe had both of his hands on my breasts, and from then on, I was an easy mark. Get to my nipples, you get to me. Abe was a nice strange fuck, as I watched my Wilbur eat Donna.

After all the cumming, quiet was everywhere on the deck. A few dogs still barked from all the noise that just had happened. Wilbur made a pronouncement, "I think we should all go inside and switch partners. Apparently, my Wilbur was as anxious, as I was, to taste our guests. I could only imagine Wilbur blowing Abe because Donna and I followed their lead by going to separate bedrooms. On Wilbur's and my bed, I finally got to taste that cunt of Donna's loaded with Wilbur's cum. It was bare now and quite delicious, And I give thanks that she liked her husband's cum as she licked me off. It turned out to be a fantastic night making love to my new friend.

We do swap on occasions, but Wilbur and I spent the majority of our time on what we really wanted. Wilbur with Abe, and Donna with me, enjoying our lust for life, and each other's wants.
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