The Girl's Floor
The new dorm at our college was different than all of the rest. It was the first high rise dorm, in fact it was the first high rise building in town. All of the other dorms were set-up to either be entirely female, or at least have completely separate wings for male and female students. This dorm was set-up with two floors for guys, two for girls, etc with a total of 12 floors.

One could enter the elevator on the ground floor and stop at any floor you wanted. Thus as a resident you had to be aware that members of the opposite sex could be on your floor at any time. There was supposed to be a curfew after 10:00 PM, but it was rarely followed by guys or girls.

My girlfriend lived in this dorm on the seventh floor. I was in her room often. She had a very understanding room mate (and very cute!) Her roomie did not care if I broke curfew and in fact there were many nights that I stayed overnight. The only down side to this was the size of the beds. With the cooperation of the roommate, the restroom thing was not an issue. I always had someone to run interference so to speak.

I guess you could say that another negative was the lack of privacy because these rooms were small. There was no partition between the small beds, there was barely three feet of space between them. They ran out from the wall on opposites sides of the room and thus the ends of the bed overlapped in the middle of the room.

The first time that I crashed there with my girlfriend, she was a bit timid when it came to any frisky behavior when her roommate was there. Oh, she was not afraid of making out and even some heavy petting, but when it came to getting naked or certain activities, it was quite different. It was okay to fondle skin on skin if it was after lights out and under the blanket.

Being a young college guy, I would take whatever I could, but after a few times it was starting to get a bit frustrating. I started to push the envelope a little, with a some help from her roommate. I asked her roommate of she could give us some alone time prior to lights out, to which she agreed. My girlfriend opened up a little bit and we were able to get naked on the bed and this opened up more activities.

At first just foreplay, a hand job and some mutual masturbation, in addition to our usual making out and heavy petting. Then after getting comfortable with that, we started going all of the way. We looked forward to our time alone in her dorm room. (It was much more difficult to get a girl into my dorm room, and my roommate was a prick!)

One night when I arrive on her floor and made my way to her room, there was no one there. I hung around a few minutes and my girlfriend came back from taking a shower. She had on her normal full length robe and a towel wrapped around her hair. Knowing that she had nothing on underneath, I was pretty frisky right away. I asked if her roommate was around and she said she thought she was gone for a long weekend.
With door closed and locked, I turned down the lights and turned on some of our favorite music for making love, Rod Stewart. After a few minutes of foreplay, we were both naked and I was on my knees beside the bed with my head buried between her legs. She was obviously enjoying herself as she had her eyes closed and her head tilted back. I used my fingers and my tongue just how she liked it.

Alternating between fingers and tongue penetrating her juicy pussy. I would then rub a finger over her anus, dipping in a bit with each pass, but not really penetrating that orifice. I could tell that she was close to her first orgasm of the night and I concentrated on her clit, nibbling and rubbing as she moaned, sending her over the top.

I moved up onto the bed beside her as we held each other during her recovery period. She lay there as I started to stroke my rock hard cock. I got up on my knees and straddled her as I continued to stroke. She got back into the action my slowly fondling my balls with one hand while playing with her tits with the other. I was stroking my cock with my left hand and with my right I joined her in playing with my balls.

I was getting very close and knew I was about to shoot all over her tits when the door came open and her roommate came walking in. It was too late to stop and I was amazed because my girlfriend did not stop what she was doing either and I shot rope after rope of cum all over her chest and it was running down her sides onto her bed. A few ropes even hit her in the face and she had my cum dripping off the side of her face.

Her roommate did not say anything when she came in. She just moved to the end of her bed and sat down to watch the show. Granted, with her in the room, the show did not last very long, but as far as I was concerned it had a great ending. When I had finished, she just sat there and said, "Wow, that was so hot!"

We did not even cover ourselves, and when we looked at her, she had a hand in her pants. She definitely liked what she had seen. When I was able to gather my thoughts a little, I wondered what was up, because my girlfriend also did not say a thing. It was then that I realized they must have set this up.

I confronted them and right away they both said that I was right. It seems that my girlfriend's roommate had asked about our play under the covers and after a very long conversation, my girlfriend agreed to allow her roommate to "accidently" catch us and then see what would happen from there.

Well, I'll tell you what happened, I was so turned on by the whole story and the fact that my girlfriend and I were still naked, that I was hard and ready to go again in no time. I reached a hand out to the roommate and she slowly moved from her bed to ours. I started to unbutton her shirt and to my surprise my girlfriend started helping me undress her roommate.

Now I told you how small the beds were, but that made absolutely no difference with two naked girls on it with me now. My girlfriend and I seemed to be of the same mind as we caressed and licked her roommates' tits. I moved down the bed and found a very juicy pussy with a very strong aroma. My fingers slipped in easily as I began to finger-fuck her while my girlfriend continued to suck her tits. I spread her legs farther and farther apart as I moved my head between her legs and licked her juices. The two girls were kissing and caressing each other's tits as I moved up to insert my cock. As I got closer, my girlfriend took hold of my cock and guided it into her roommates' pussy.

She gasped as I shoved it in quickly, as far as it would go. I slowly pulled back nearly all of the way out when I felt two hands on my ass. One my girlfriend and one her roommate and at almost the same time they both pulled me back in and each time I pulled back out, they pulled me back in until we were all in rhythm. The whole scene had me turned on immensely and I did not last long, filling her roommate with my hot cum!

It turned into a night to remember and each time that I stayed over in my girlfriend's dorm we re-lived that night.

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