The Girl Across the Hall
I live in apartment building where there are three women living across the hall from me. Two are very pretty and the third not as pretty as the other two, she is just cute. Every day we would pass each on the steps on the way out and each time I would look them over. The two tall blonds built like models, which was what they were, would smile seductively,the cute one would just look at me and smile shyly. One day, one of the models slipped me her cell phone number and a note that asked if I would like to have a three some. I just smiled at her and the next time I saw her,I said yes and promptly went out and brought a box of condoms. Three nights later, there was a knock at my door and it was the blonds from across the hall, Barbie and Stacy (no joke). They told me their names as I let the two naked women into my apartment, and they started grabbing me and kissing me. In no time I was as naked as they were, with one on her knees sucking my cock and the other trying to eat my tongue. We fucked in as many combinations that three people could get into that night and some were very memorable. One time I was fucking one of the blond from the back while she was on her hands and knees with her face bared in the pussy of the other one. My condom covered cock hammered hard into her as she was licking and sucking at the pussy that I had just fucked. They both came screaming in their release loud enough to be heard by their quiet little roommate across the hall. After catching their breathe the ladies entertained me as they 69 each other,while I watched and jerked off. After they had finished again to another screaming release they turned their attention back to me and the rest of the evening was lost in mindless sex. It was early the next morning when the girls left my apartment and later that day when they left the country. It seems that they had gotten a job oversea and had no plans of returning, that information came from their former roommate,Taylor. I had knocked on the door two days after our little getting together and she answered. It was the first time that I really paid attention to her and damn. Guys best advice, pay attention to all the women that you view for the first time, because if you don't you will most definitely miss a jewel. I tried to swallow my guilt as I gave my total attention to the woman in front of me and what she was saying. She was shapely and full figured with the biggest brown eyes set in the cutest face. I could tell by her body language that she knew about me and her former roommates. Shyly and with hesitation she answered my questions, volunteering the information about the girls not returning. I found myself standing there listening to her and wishing she had more to tell before she shut the door on me. In the weeks to follow I would pass her in the hallway at first just nodding hello or helping her with her groceries bags when she had been shopping. At no time did she let me into her apartment, and she kept her distant socially but was always nice. Then life offered me another chance at with my neighbor.

It was mid-winter and it had been snowing for at least three days one. Not being able to go out I had to decide to make the best of it. My apartment had a functioning gas fire place which was one of the reasons why it cost more than my neighbor across the hall. It was later that night that I heard a knock at my door and as I got up to answer it the door on the way I noticed that my some of the lights that I normally had on that were on timers had not come on. I checked some other lights and found that the power was out in the whole apartment. Well at least I had heat, I thought as I looked through the peep hole and saw the top of Taylor's dark head and then her face in the light dim light provide by the emergency lights. I opened the door and looked down into her frighten face

",Taylor,baby what is wrong? "I asked fighting the urge to pull her into my arms and hold her.

"I don't like the dark that all I, I, I,"Taylor said in a voice between tears and fear.

I watched as tears swelled up in her eyes and I stopped fighting the urge and wrapped my arms around her. I held her as we sat in front of the fire in the twilight of the candles. I am not sure when we fell asleep,but I woke to find her gone. I got up and looked round my apartment and even tried the lights, but they were still off. I decide to go to her apartment to check on Taylor. I knocked on the door and found it open,I went in finding myself in total darkness, until my eyes were able to adjust to the light as much as there was. I heard noise coming from a room in the back and then I saw a faint light. Following the sound and light I found Taylor. She was standing in the middle of what looked like to be her bedroom wearing just a pair of black lace boy shorts, no bra to holding her fullness in place. Even in the dim light of the flash light that she was holding I could see that the clothes she worn covered a figure that would rivaled the likes of Marlin Monroe and others like her. I turned and went back to my apartment as fast and quiet as my stiff cock would let me. Shutting the door quietly behind me to Taylor's apartment I went back into mines leaving the door open and busied myself making us some soup and coco to drink all the while hoping my hard on would be gone by the time she came back. I heard the door close just as finished heating up the soup and the kettle for the hot water had started to sing.

"Taylor?" I said as she came around the counter dress now in dark sweat that really buried that yummy body of hers, but it was ok, I had seen her secret.

"Sorry I needed something warmer to wear and I wanted to check on my fish tank to make sure they were warm. I had to wrap a couple of towels around their tank to keep them warm," She said as she came to stand in the kitchen as I pour soup into bowls.

I stood there looking down at my neighbor in an apartment in the dead of winter with no electricity and heat provided by a gas fire place and all I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck her.

The apartment was toasty warm by the time we had finished the soup and had moved back to the couch with the coco. As the evening worn on over wine after the coco and a diner of homemade chicken soup that Taylor, I had the opportunity to learn more about her. She was as sweet as she was shy, but I could tell that there was a very passionate woman under all that shyness. I decided that I wanted to get to know Taylor even more and as the evening worn on when we were laughing about one of my silly stories and I found myself kissing her. Her lips were soft,warm and tasted of the sweet wine that we had been drinking.
At first she didn't respond, but as I slowly continued my tasting of her lips, she began to kiss me back. Like her, the kisses were soft and shy, but as we continued to kiss she became more responsive and I could feel the passion rising in her. I responded to it and I felt Taylor hesitate just a bit as my own lust was raging like a house on fire in my body. I tried to slow my roll to keep from just going all out and seducing her.I felt that she wasn't like her former roommates or any woman that I had been with in a long time. This was a woman who gave her all from her heart and just needed a good reason to do so. I quickly got up, excused myself and went to the bathroom where I had very quick jerk off session with myself. I sprayed cum all over the shower wall as I came biting into a face towel to keep from screaming her name. Once I had calm down enough to trust myself to walk without falling over, I washed up and went back into the room where I had left Taylor. What I saw stopped me dead in my tracks and made my dick go hard as an iron rod,standing there in firelights of my living room was Taylor,naked and soo inviting. Her long dark wavy hair hung down to her small waist that was atop flared womanly hips and at the bottom of some very impress full tits that sported the larges brown areolas and nipples that I had ever seen. Her skin glowed like old ivory in the firelight enhancing the already yummy vision of her full figure. She looked at me with her large dark eyes that just invited me in spite of her shyness, but I wanted to hear her say what she wanted from me. I didn't want to scare her way or make her feel less for any reason. She close the small distant between us by walking up to me and standing with in my arm reach of her.

"I,I,I know about my roommates and you," Taylor said in a soft whisper as she looked down at her hand to keep from looking into my eyes.

The soft lavender and vanilla scent that radiate off her made me want to lick her from head to toe as I stood there barely hearing what she was saying. I wasn't being a dog, but this was the first time that a woman had me wanting to be with her for more the than the obvious reasons.

She looked up at me with those big brown eyes of her that look like she was going to cry and then her full bottom lip started to tremble. That is all it took I pulled her into my arms and against my body where I am sure that my cock which was back to its former rod iron state made it presence known, as my lips claimed her my hands cupped her ass cheeks which were soft and soo... mmmm. Oh God was all I could think as she purred against my lips!No woman had ever done that as she melted into my arms. Taylor hands started to wander around my body caress my arms, my chest as her mouth found my left nipple thorough my tee shirt. Feeling her suck my nipple in her mouth though the cloth cause some serious body reaction for me to the point I think my ass hole even puckered in response!! I picked her up and carried Taylor to my bed room, where I laid her in the middle of my king size bed. I flipped the switch for the ambient light that had I installed and all I could think of as I looked at the woman lying on my bed was Damn!! I started to take my clothes off at the foot of my bed, within reach of Taylor who got up and moved my hand out of the way when I went to unfasten my jeans and she did that for me. With the zipper tab in her mouth she pulled the zipper down all never letting her eyes leave mines. Taylor pushed my jean over my hips and down my legs until I could step out of them leaving me naked in front of her. Taylor looked me over slowly with appreciation and desire that shone in her eyes. Her body responded as well nipples taunt and her breasts seem to become more firm. Her wanton desire was building her and I was about to either put it out or add fuel to the fire.

I pushed her genteelly back on to the bed and lay down next to her. Starting at her lips, I kissed a slow merciless path down her body to her heat, stopping along the way to lick the skin at her neck and to suck her nipples, as I massage her full tits one in each hand. Taylor's body was fuller in places than her former roommates and I wouldn't now want different, her skin, her fullness and warmth heated my desire for her even more. Plus I loved how she responded to my touch. The woman didn't moan, she purred like a cat and she rubbed herself against me begging for my touch in words and in action. By the time I reached her pussy which was smooth shaved, fragrant with her own special scent I could,see her honey slowly leaking out between the thick lips of her pussy. Taylor was by now begging me to take her and purring for more of my touch. I spread the lips of her pussy with my fingers and dived in tongue first. It was like diving into a cup of warm fragrant juice with a sweet and very faint spice taste. I lapped at it with a sensual thirst, trying to drink my fill of her. Then I found her nub, the jewel that I was going to use to send her over the edge. I put my lips around it and rolled it between them as I slid my fingers into Taylor plush ass cheeks just as she started saying my name like a chant. Inserting fingers more fingers into her,my tongue and lips continued to turn on the volume of Taylor voice. She now alternating between purring and screaming my name. Taylor started to hug my head with her thick, soft thighs as the first wave of her orgasm found her. I had to use my hands to hold her thighs in place to keep her from squeezing my head and blocking of my view as I watched her cum.

I wonder how many women know that one of the greatest joy to any man is when he is making love to a woman is to see her cum calling his name. Taylor body was in raptures as she came calling me my name totally lost in the throes of her orgasm. I stood up and as her body rose up I slide my cock in one smooth decisive move straight into her. Taylor stopped screaming, her eyes flew open and her mouth formed a perfect O as she came hard with me in her. I now joined her in her orgasm as her pussy, so tight, wet and hot was convulsion all around my cock. Pulling her to me I wrapped my arms around her as I flipped on to my back taking her with me. Taylor was now on top of me and without a word from me she started to ride me. With her hands up above her head and her head thrown back she rode me as I now was the one moaning my pleasure underneath her. I started to rise up to meet her as she came down on to my cock which was now was a living connection between us. I reached up and grabbed her tits one in each hand and held on as I felt the bliss coming and I rose up to greet it and Taylor. When it hit I lost touch with time and my body as my mind seem too exploded as my body fired ribbons of cum into Taylor only to be stopped by the condom that I had slide on before entering her. She continued to ride me throwing her luscious body into gyrating movements that looked like she was dancing with my cock inside of her. I grabbed her and again flipped over this time putting me on top and from there I drove into her pussy ramming hard and demanding that she give her all to me. Now covered in sweat and overloaded by our desire we both found our bliss and we came ramming and tearing into each other knowing that there would be bruise and such,but for now there was pleasure in the pain. I rolled off her and held Taylor to me as our orgasms slowly released us. Taylor lay in my arms crying softly as a result of her physical and emotional release. I held her and kissed her until she fell asleep in my arms purring softly.
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