The Girl Behind The Counter
The Girl Behind The Counter

She was leaning over the racks as I walked in, her shapely ass in the air, her long dark red hair falling down her back and shoulders. Her black T-shirt was riding up slightly to reveal a hint of flat stomach. Her black skirt was knee length but tight in all the right places. Her sheer stockings were also black and accentuated her shapely calves. She turned to look at me as I entered the store and greeted me with a welcoming smile.
She was the cute Goth girl at the record store and I was always glad to see her on duty whenever I stopped by.
"Hi, Gavin," she said, in her quiet but friendly voice, "how you doing today?"
"Good, thanks," I replied casually, drinking in her lithe, young body as she stretched over to stock some records. I'm a regular customer and most of the staff know me by name. However, even though we had chatted a few times while she rang up my purchases, I still didn't know her name. In my mind (and dirty thoughts), she was just 'cute Goth girl'.
She finished stacking the vinyls and turned to face me, tugging her T-shirt down as she did so. This caused it to stretch around and highlight her small but pert breasts. For a second, the outline of a nipple was clearly visible and I felt a stirring in my loins as blood starting rushing to my dick.
She was probably about 21 years old, almost half my age and had a look of fresh faced innocence that not even the dark eye shadow and mascara she wore could conceal. Both her ears were pierced with multiple metal rings and she had another in her nose. Her left arm was a sleeve of tattoos. There were crosses, roses, Latin words and other images and symbols that obviously meant something to her. She was always perky and was definitely more Goth in style than attitude. In fact Goth wasn't really the correct term but just one I had latched onto when I saw that she favored wearing black. Her dark red hair was straight with a short fringe that hung just above her languid green eyes that were currently looking right at me. I realized that I was staring at her unabashedly, lost in my dirty thoughts as I admired her toned, youthful figure.
"Um," I said flustered and trying to act nonchalant," I'm just here to do my usual look round."
"Of course," she smiled, "let me know if I can help with anything."
Thankfully she didn't seem to have noticed my staring and I started going through the racks, feeling a bit ashamed. I sometimes feel way too old to be hanging around a record store and listening to the music I listen to. I am very conscious of the fact that I probably look like an old man trying to be hip and 'down' with the kids. This is not the case but at times I am very conscious of my (middle) age. This was definitely one of those times. Thank God she didn't seem to think I was a pervy old man although if she had read my mind a few minutes earlier, she almost certainly would have.
I browsed and pottered around for about half-an-hour, picking up a few records and some cheap CDs. Music for me is more than just something to keep my ears busy. I am pretty obsessive about my collection and love finding and listening to some obscure vinyl release. Although I am not immune to the ways of progress, my MP3 player is among my favorite possessions and most of my CDs are unplayed once I've converted them to digital. My friends and family berate me for still wasting money on music but I firmly believe that if someone doesn't pay for it, the music I love will soon disappear and I will miss it a lot more than they will.
So I try to pay a visit to my favorite local record store at least once a month. I'm good friends with the owner and he often keeps some gems aside for me.
"Gavin," I heard cute Goth girl shout," I'm going to lock the door now but don't rush, I need to stay on catch up on some coursework."
I was so lost in my browsing that I hadn't realized that I was the only customer in the shop and it was close to closing time
"Ok," I replied. "I won't be long, I'm almost done."
"Cool, like I said, no rush."
I watched surreptitiously as she locked the door and lowered the blinds. I admired her lithe body as it stretched and bent in the most delightful poses. Before she could turn around and catching me watching her, I went back to my shopping. I finished skimming through the rack I was busy with and took my purchases up to the front.
She was sitting behind the counter looking at the computer screen. It was more of a desk than anything else so she had to look up at me as I approached. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle as I got nearer.
"Thanks," I said placing my pile down before her, "I'll take these."
"Sure thing." She started ringing up which was a slightly laborious procedure as each item had to be captured into the inventory system It didn't bother me as it gave me a chance to sift through the bargain bin that was next to the counter. It rarely contained anything I wanted but I liked flicking through the piles regardless.
"You always choose the coolest stuff," she said as she entered my finds.
"Thanks," I replied without looking up. I was still worried about her thinking of me as a creep so wanted to keep our interaction to a minimum.
"I always tell my boyfriend and his friends about your choices although I just pretend that it's something I discovered and they think I have the best taste in music."
"You don't mind?"
"Hmmm?" I glanced briefly up at her. She was looking at the computer as she chatted to me. I stole another quick glance, taking in her long eyelashes, her cute, upturned nose and the light splattering of freckles that dotted the bridge of her nose.
"You don't mind that I use your taste in music to impress my friends by making as if it was mine?"
"Not really. As long as people are listening to the music, I don't mind." I went back to looking through the stacks as she continued capturing the sales.
"Wow, that's a really sexy outfit."
"Excuse me," I looked up startled from the bin.
"On the sleeve, this outfit." She held up one of the records I had selected. The cover depicted a buxom brunette dressed in a tight, latex fetish outfit that exposed a great deal of cleavage. I had been looking for the album for some time and had hardly registered the provocative nature of the sleeve. Now that it was being pointed out, I felt embarrassed again. I really did feel like a dirty old man.
"Um, yeah, I guess. I didn't really notice," I mumbled, feeling that heated flush coming over me again.
"I wish I had breasts like that."
"Um..." I looked down again, feeling quite uncomfortable although my cock seemed to be far less ashamed. I could feel it hardening with each word she spoke.
"My boobs are so small. I would love to be able to wear something like this. Do you think it would suit me?"
"Sure," I stammered, not looking up. My treacherous cock was now rampant.
"Yeah, I would love to wear something like this for my boyfriend. It would really turn him on. Would it turn you on?"
"Yes," I said quietly, unable to avoid her direct question any longer.
"I bet it would. Does your wife dress up for you?"
"Not anymore," I said. My wife and I had separated sometime ago. I still wore my ring although I couldn't tell you why..
'Maybe I can dress up for you sometime."
"I don't think that would be appropriate."
"Why not? I've seen the way you look at me. You were staring at my ass earlier."
"What? No, I just-"
"No, it's cool," she interrupted my defensive stammering," I saw you coming through the window and made sure I was looking my best for you. I know you like my ass, you're always admiring it."
She did have a nice ass. Firm and round, always framed perfectly by tight skirts or jeans.
I turned to look at her. She was looking up at me with a playful smile on her lips. She brushed her hair back behind her ear and this simple gesture made my cock throb.
"So why don't you want me dressing up for you?"
"Well for one thing you're young enough to be my daughter."
"Ooh, kinky, I like that. Do you want to be my Daddy?"
Jesus Christ!
"Uh, no, I just meant that I don't think it would be appropriate for me to-"
"C'mon man, don't be worried. It's cool, I promise. I just find you quite sexy and I know you like me so let's have a bit of fun."
She leant over the counter so that her face was level with my waist. My cock was by now a rigid rod of steel in my pants. It stained against the zip and made a conspicuous bulge that was literally right under her nose.
"Look, he really wants to," she said with a giggle. Before I could say anything, her hand was tugging on my zipper. She tugged my shirt up and unbuckled my pants with an expert hand and before I could really think about what I was doing, I was assisting her in tugging my pants and boxers down.
My cock sprang out, hard and proud. It twitched in the air as the blood engorged it. The mushroom shaped head was purple and bulbous.
"Ooh, that's a nice cock. I always imagined that you would have a nice one."
Imagined? This gorgeous creature had imagined what my cock looked like?
The thought of this made it pulsate violently, rearing eagerly upwards.
"Oh, Gavin," she murmured," I think we're going to have a real good time!"
She licked the palm of her hand and then grasped my erection in her slick fist. She pumped it a few times and I exhaled in an aroused gasp as the delightful friction stimulated my cock further. She then held it in her hands and traced a finger along the sensitive underside. Her breath was hot on my shaft and I throbbed in anticipation. A shiny droplet of pre-cum oozed from the tip as she inspected it. She was laying flat on the counter now, her wondrous ass jutting out and teasing me as she manipulated my raging hard-on.
She looked up at me, her black fingernails stroking my hard cock. Her green eyes and innocent demeanor were entrancing. Then with that playful smile on her lips, she extended her tongue and started licking the tip. Her tongue was a wet blur as she lapped up my pre-cum. There was a jolt of delicious pain as she probed the slit and I jerked back spasmodically. Her mouth followed me, engulfing my member in its warm, wet confines. She looked up at me again, her mouth stuffed with cock, and started tickling my balls with her nails.
I started fucking her face furiously. She spluttered as I grabbed her by the back of her head and thrust myself forcefully into her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around my helmet and her teeth lightly grazed the shaft. I bent forwards so I could grab that tantalizing ass, massaging the firm flesh of her derriere as she sucked me off.
"Mmmm!" she murmured around my dick before allowing it slide from her jaws, dripping with her spit. She grabbed it in her fist again and started jerking it furiously off into her open mouth, slapping it against her tongue. Her eyes were closed now and I marveled at her youth and beauty, thrilled that she had offered herself up to me like this.
Unable to resist, I grabbed her under her arms and lifted her up so that I could kiss her. She was so light and squealed in delight as I picked her up. Our lips puckered at first, we kissed quite chastely until I felt her teeth pulling on my lips and her tongue inching into my mouth. Suddenly we were all over each other. My fingers tangled in her red tresses, her hands cupped my face and our tongues met. We moaned in unison as my hands ran down her slim frame to cup her ass and push her against my throbbing cock. She ground her hips against me, my dick against her thigh as she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. She then pushed me back, a feral look of lust in her eyes.
"Get naked!" she ordered
I stepped out of my pants and removed my shirt. I'm normally quite self-conscious of my middle aged body but was too overwhelmed with desire to take any notice of this now. My cock swelled between us, an engorged beacon of unadulterated yearning.
"Your turn," I growled.
She knelt on the counter before me, my face level with her navel as she lifted up her arms to take off her T-shirt. She wore a black lace bra that she quickly loosened to reveal her small but gorgeous breasts. Her nipples were hard, demanding immediate attention. She started tweaking them with her fingers as I stood before her jerking off. I was transfixed by the details of the ink on her arm as she played with herself.
"I think your breasts are perfect," I said.
"Don't you think they could be a bit bigger?"
"Not in my opinion. They're so perky and natural. I love them."
"Oh, you know just what to say don't you?
"I really like your tattoos too," I said, my voice transformed by lust into a hoarse whisper. "They're really sexy."
"Thank you. Come here. I hate to see jerking off when I could be doing that. I want to feel those hands on my body."
I moved closer, tearing my hands away from my cock so that I could hold her hips. I tilted my head so I could lick her tits. I noticed that her one nipple was also pierced with a ring.
"Nice," I murmured, taking it between my fingers.
"Flick it with your tongue. I really like that."
Cupping her breast in my hand, I squeezed it and did as she requested. The metal was cold on my tongue as I flipped it rapidly between my lips. She squealed and wriggled at my touch, her pleasure evident. As I fondled her, she started shucking her skirt down, exposing her white panties. The mound of her pussy was like a peach, the hint of her lips outlined by the cotton. There was visible dampness indicating that her arousal was no pretense.
I slid a hand down her taut stomach, over her panties to cup her pubis in my hand, my fingers pushing her panties into her pussy. She felt so soft and warm in my hand that I resisted her pulling her underwear down so that I could massage her through her garments for a bit longer. Eventually, I moved my hand aside so she could tug them down and expose her pussy to me.
I slid my hand along the slit. Her pussy was almost completely hairless, her lips puffy and displaying the slightest hint of vibrant pink. My finger slid into her easily and her vaginal walls immediately tightened around it. My teeth bit down gently on her nipple as I fingered her. Her hands were around my head, tugging gently on my hair.
"Oh, yes, Gavin. That feels so nice. Oh God, you know exactly what to do."
I inched my thumb between her cleft, searching for and finding the pliant nub of her clit. I massaged it, tracing its outline, teasing either side of it and rubbing it gently. I inserted another finger inside her, increasing the pace of my probing and feeling her getting wetter by the second.
"Oh Christ," she moaned, "Please fuck me! I want you so bad."
Giving her nipple a final bite and suck, I withdrew my dripping fingers.
"Bend over!" I commanded and she jumped off the table to comply, her panties still around her ankles, she bent before me and spread her legs part. Her stockings were ticklish against my legs as I moved between her thighs to guide the head of my penis into her proffered cunt.
Slowly and deliberately, I pushed into her tight, bald pussy. Her labia clenched around my marauding dick as I sank to the hilt into her. Her young pussy was so tight that I found myself holding back from spurting after only a few thrusts. However the moment passed and I quickly built up a fast, insistent rhythm as I fucked her doggy-style across the counter. She steadied herself against the desk and started pushing back hard against my driving cock.
"Fuck me!" she screamed, slapping the desk with her palm.
There was a loud slapping sound each time I thundered into her. I spread her ass cheeks wide so I could watch my cock sliding into her pussy. The tight, pink rosebud of her asshole winked teasingly at me.
"You've been a bad girl," I growled, "so I'm afraid you need to be punished."
"Punish me!" she squealed, her thrusting getting more frenzied.
I slapped her hard on the ass, my hand leaving a red outline on her white flesh.
"YES!" she shouted," Slap me! Punish your naughty girl!"
I started citing the reasons I needed to discipline her. Each was punctuated by a slap on her ass. I alternated cheeks and was careful not to overdo it. She writhed and groaned with each slap, resting her face on the counter as I worked her over.
"This for cheating on your boyfriend and letting me fuck you like this!"
"This is for leading me on and teasing me!"
"This is for being a dirty little slut!"
My cock went deep into her with every thrust, her cunt muscles gripping me tightly. She had a hand between her legs now, fiddling her clit and stroking my shaft.
Suddenly, she stiffened against me and let out a passionate yell.
"Oh fuck, don't stop. Yes! I'm cummminnnggggg!!!!" she screamed as I felt her pussy clench around my stiff tool. There was a deluge of her love juice that coated my dick and balls as she climaxed beneath me.
While she was still in the throes of orgasm, I quickly withdrew and flipped her over onto her back. She opened her legs for me and I was in her once more. My hands were on her breasts as I leant forward to kiss her. Her tongue shot out to meet me and we shared a wet, sloppy kiss, our tongues entwined, and our saliva running down our faces.
I played with her nipple ring and soon she was squirming again as she was brought to another shuddering orgasm.
"Oh God, you're so beautiful," I moaned, watching her face contort in ecstasy.
"Oh shit, don't stop," she muttered." I want to make you cum. I want to make you shoot your load."
"Take it, baby!" I was standing up now, driving into her pussy as she lifted her legs into the air and opened them. Her cunt clenched even tighter around my tool and I felt like I was going to burst with pleasure.
"Yes, Daddy, fuck me!"
That did it! Unable to hold back any longer, I let loose a groan as I started cumming inside her. My cock felt like it was exploding with hot cum as I shot jet after jet of my seed into her writhing cunt.
Eventually, once the waves of pleasure had subsided, I withdrew my cock. It was dripping with our combined fluids. A white stream of semen gushed from her pussy as she sat up on the counter.
"God," she panted," that was awesome. For an older guy, you sure have a lot of stamina."
"Thanks," I gasped, more than a bit out of breath. "Nothing like young pussy to get the blood racing."
She giggled, running her fingers over her dripping snatch. "Well, this pussy is always ready for that cock. My word, you filled me with cum!"
She held up her hand, showing me the liberal coating of my sperm that ran down her fingers. She smiled wickedly at me before tilting her head back with her mouth wide open. She held her hand above her head and let the cum run down to drip onto her tongue. Some of it ran down her chin, the rest she swallowed with an enthusiastic gulp. .Twin forks of white jizz ran down her chin that she scooped up with her finger but not before a few drops landed on her shirt.
"Ooops," she said with a grin, "looks like I'm going to be taking some evidence home with me."
We dressed in silence. I collected and paid for my purchases. She smiled as she handed me the bag.
"See you next week, Gavin."
"You bet," I replied.
As I walked out, I realized that I still didn't know her name.
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