The Glenn continued
Christopher was holding his breath he realized as he let out a sigh when he started to bath Mary's back. She felt like she was pushing into him and enjoying it thoroughly.
Mary was indeed enjoying it she turned to him and had her breast bare and he stopped...with no words she reached for his hand that held the lathered flannel and put it to her breast, he took the notice and continued his ministrations as he felt his member growing more erect by the moment.

Mary was starting to moan and she didn't really know why this was new to her this feeling of pleasure that ran deep through her being. She loved how he touched her and stroked her skin and then to her surprise her eyes flew open as she felt him with the cloth between her legs.

He said " Tis okay my little waif, I am just washing you continue to close your eyes and enjoy it." She relaxed a bit and realized no one can see her and she did fully enjoy the washing what came next was nearly too much for her to bear.
Christopher could contain himself no further, he had to have her and have her he would, he knew she would be his wife by morning even if she did not. The small minds of the settlement would make sure he made an honest woman out of her and he knew that talk would continue for years so he was bound to make them wonder what happened in the trees.
He bent his head down between her legs and saw the downy hair of her mound, he parted it and saw that beautiful pink rose bud and put his mouth on it and began to suck and lick it, Mary stiffened and he pushed her back into the rocker and pulled her legs closer to the edge of the seat so her ass hung off of it and put her legs over his strong lean shoulders. All without stopping his explorations of her sweet heavenly pussy lips and he felt her start to shiver with the oncoming orgasm.
Mary grasped the arms of the rocker as he used it to his advantage and rocked with her and was doing unheard of things between her legs, she didn't want it to stop but at times it felt too good. She started to moan and it felt as if she was outside herself with the wave of pleasure that took her onto new heights.

Mary was naked and melting into the chair as she came down from that last orgasm and Christopher could not take anymore. His breaches were going to burst if he did not get them off. He carried her to his bed made of the finest feathers he had collected since being in this place. He laid her carefully back and as he took each piece of clothing off he stroked her and kissed her between each chore. She was languid and relaxed and naked as the day she was born with her hair spead out among the pillows and one knee bent. She looked like she knew what would happen but in reality Mary was as clueless as the day she was born.
Finally Christopher was finished and his erect manhood stood out firm and proud and very large. She was just watching him as if someone had carved him, she remembered the pictures in the family bible and the picture of a naked Adam coming to Eve and that is as far as she knew what was going on. He stroked his manhood and precum was oozing out already glistening in the firelight. He eased himself into bed and came between her slightly parted legs pushing them further apart he stroked her womanhood again and as she nearly climaxed he inserted a finger to that tight place she was wet very wet but he didn't think her ready yet. He brought her again to climax and two fingers that made her gasp with both pleasure and a wee bit of discomfort. Yet she pushed into him and could not help herself and her bodies desire, this was the moment Christopher had waited on and he climed on her and began kissing her as his cock found her wet center, he had the tip of his head in her slowly rocking back and fourth, instinctively her arms went around him and as he kissed her she made moaning noises in her throat that were starting to be very loud, he took this and went with it and pushed into her to the base of his cock, she spasmed and was quiet he saw tears glisten in her eyes...he said " shhh shhh my little waif, the pain will pass I promise." He eased back a bit feeling more wetness come out as he did and he pressed back into her nearly exploding as he did, but he wanted to wait...he wanted her to feel his pleasure and know it.
Mary felt impaled she was enjoying it all thinking that his manhood touching her this was was all there was to it and she loved it, then he pressed so hard into her. Did his thing his man piece become stone? It hurt so much and she felt as if she could not breath her pulse felt like it only beat between her legs and she wanted him out yet she felt like she didn't want him to leave after a few moments, when he first started to pull out she felt a rush of warm fluid come out and down the crack of her ass. What is happening to me she thought...but thinking ceased as Christopher began to pick up the pace, her breath became gasps of pleasure the pain was gone and she pushed up into him and writhed with pleasure and screamed as another orgasm had her in the grasp. He felt as if he would cum there on the spot as he felt Mary push into him nearly doing a back bend as she did and then that scream that throaty sexy sound did that come from this little waif that he found on the ground covered in mud?
He picked up the pace after that feeling her legs wrap around him and her nails raking his back and he filled her with his cum as he shook and moaned and fell atop her.
After a few moments he rolled off and held her close,"Are you okay Mary?" he asked.
"Mmmm hmmm" came a sleepy reply.
He then said, "I suppose I should tell you now that I must marry you, and Mary I do want to marry you, I want ...he started but she had fallen fast asleep with a smile on her face and he was unsure how much she had heard of what he said. Oh well there was morning to tell her but he would have her again first!

Do I hear any takers for a part 3?
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