The Graduate
It was her first week at the new job and so far all of her customers were raving about her. Cynthia had just graduated from her school with a physiotherapy certificate. She had been dreaming of this for years ever since she had visited Tibet and leaned the art forms of touch. The teachings were very different here in the US and much of what she was taught would certainly be taboo but none the less she prevailed and got her degree. A small shop right in town had hired her right out of school and she was ecstatic.

The door swung open and hit the small tubular bells which instantly caused Jaime to raise his head. "Good morning, Dear," he said staring into the wide eyes of one sweet young lady. He was always smiling but Cynthia seemed to make him smile harder.

"Good Morning." She said with a tune. "Do I have any appointments today?"

"Yes, you do actually," he said whipping his neck in her direction. He watched her closely as she walked past him in her jogging suit. Jaime studied every little curve on her thighs and rear until he felt a slow nudging guilt creep into his head, then he quickly turned back to his calendar in front of him on his desk. He spoke into the desk. "A mister Boner", he stuttered. "Er, a Bonner or something."

"Oh yeah!" She cried from behind the wall as she stopped short of her office. She walked back towards the front and peeked around the corner. "Boner?" She said with a snicker.

"I don't know," he said into the calendar. "That's what it looked like." He heard her snicker and then he laughed at himself.

"If he shows up, send him in. I'm gonna take a quick shower." She walked back toward her office and Jaime looked down into his lap noticing his own excitement. He laughed to himself again.
"Huh, Boner. That's funny," he mumbled. He returned his gaze to the calendar in front of him but was quickly interrupted by the bells of the shop door. Jaime looked up at a tall, fit man with a grey buzz cut. "Mister, uh"

"Bonner," the man said shortly. "Jack Bonner." He raised his arm up to shake the hand of Jaime to greet him and Jaime's hand met his. It was firm, rough and very controlling yet confident. Jaime sat quickly.

"Good to meet you," Jaime said and attempted to recall what Cynthia had told him a few minutes earlier but was unable to recall. "Cynthia is in her room," he said and paused, then pointed down the hallway "Third office on the right."

"Thanks," said Jack. "I'm sure she's expecting me." Jack ventured around the corner and headed down the hall. In the background he heard a phone ring and then he heard Jaime's voice in the distance. Slowly opening the door to Cynthia's office he inched his way into the room, latching the door behind him and tossing his jacket onto the chair to the left of him. Directly in front of him was a cloth lined, doctor-like table inviting him to push his palm against it. He did and heard a thump behind the door to his right. He stared at the door and before he could speak a word, it flew open. His eyes had been filled with the flesh of a voluptuous woman that bore not a speck of clothing and though she turned quickly and wrapped the towel around her dripping body he could not remove the caught image in his mind.

"Ooops," she cackled while turning and tucking her towel. "Sorry, I didn't know you were in here." Cynthia said turning again to face the man and holding out her arm to shake his hand. Jack could not speak but he slowly held his arm out. The towel was covering her up but the image in his mind remained and there she stood in front of him naked as the day she was born in his mind. "Hi," she said confidently. "I'm Cynthia."

"Hi," he said embarrassed. "I'm Jack and I'm...I'm sorry, I should have knocked." Cynthia smiled while he was apologizing and let go of his hand.

"No need to apologize, Jack." She said with a smirk. "''Cause I'm bound to see your assets in the next hour, right?" She laughed and headed over to the table where she kept all of her oils. "You may as well undress now and lay on the table face down." She turned and set a towel on the head of the table. "You can cover with that, if you want." She stated, turned back to the table and grabbed some wash cloths. "Do you want me to leave the room?"
"No, that's alright." Jack quipped. "No need to be shy, here, I guess." He chuckled and began to unbutton his shirt and yank it out of his trousers. Cynthia showed up at his side with several hangers and held out her hand.

"Here, let me hang that up for you so it doesn't get wrinkled." She said smiling and took his shirt from his hesitant hand. She twirled around and hung it up on a rail by the door and then returned to Jack's side waiting for the next article of clothing. She met him with some surprise.

"Wow, really?" He stammered. "That is some serious service." His eyes were wide with true amazement and his demeanor shifted to a much more relaxed state. He realized he felt different and stood tall, took a deep breath and proceeded to crack his own neck with a quick, forceful tilt to the side. She smiled because he was already doing half of her job.

"I was trained in Tibet," she said looking at the floor. "so I really learned so much more than massage of the body. I learned how to massage the mind, as well. Do you feel relaxed? Not threatened? Ready to let go of the brutal days that brought you to me?" She waited. Jack took a minute to think, then a deep breath.
"Yes." He said and then thought again. "Yes, I do." He chuckled as he handed her his pants and watched her delicately fold them and drape them across the hanger. Jack removed his socks and stuffed them into his shoes, picking them up and scuffling past her to put them under the hanger on the floor.

"You know, you are welcome to the shower, if you like." Cynthia chimed as she watched Jack breath in deep attempting to hold out his chest and pull his shoulders back. "There are little soap packets next to the sink" She said.

He looked into the bathroom for a brief moment and took a step forward. "Are you sure?" He asked.

"Absolutely," she stated motioning toward the bathroom with her hand. "If it makes you feel comfortable."

"I'll be quick." He said waltzing toward the bathroom. Cynthia walked toward the head of the massage table and picked up the towel she had laid down earlier.

"Here!" She hollered and tossed the towel to him when he turned. "You might want that." Jack smiled, turned and headed to the shower. Cynthia watched the door close behind him and headed to her oil table. She reached to the side and grabbed her Kimono robe and with one motion slipped off the towel and slipped on the robe. The silk teased and hardened her nipples which she attempted to wipe away the obvious protrusion to no avail and quickly gave up. She heard the shower water stop and a few minutes later Jack emerged, slightly hiding the shorts in his hand which he quickly placed over his hanging trousers.

"There's regular oil or more expensive oil that I can use which will run your massage up to two hundred." She said into the mirror at her oil table where she watched Jack lumber over to the massage table and examine it as if he wasn't sure how to mount it. She turned toward him. "You can lay on your stomach and I will start with your neck and back."

"Ok," he said. "So what is the difference and why so expensive?" She turned around and placed her hands on his shoulders feeling the tense areas of his shoulder muscles.

"Well," she said hesitantly. "One is just baby oil and it's very good for the skin and relaxing the muscles. The other is a mixture of oils and herbs that work not only on the body, but on the mind." She began to poke at him with the first three fingers of each hand as if she were testing tenderness. "It induces a euphoric feeling and truly relaxes your body and mind. I call it the truth serum." Cynthia chuckled, while running her soft hands up Jack's spine and across his shoulders.

"That sounds fantastic," Jack mumbled into the pillow where his face rested. "What's in it and will I be able to drive home afterwards?" Cynthia laughed and ran her hands down the sides of his body, letting them glide lightly but paying attention to the areas that may need extra work. She liked the way his skin felt and when she would reach his hips her fingers would draw along the underneath of his pelvic area.

"Of course, Jack." She said convincingly. "It's not a hallucinogen, just a mix of lavender and eucalyptus in the right quantities." She leaned over and put her lips near his ear. "At most," she whispered. "It will put you to sleep." Jack felt her breasts upon the top of his head, her long silky hair against his neck and her hands again gliding down his backbone as she walked beside his lifeless body, then under the towel and over his rear. Soon her fingers were pushing into the tops of his thighs. Instantly he became uncomfortable lying on the penis that had quickly become erect. He lifted his hips slightly to relieve the pressure and attempted to lure his mind into more honorable thoughts but as soon as Cynthia's hands moved across the front of his hips and begin to retreat under him, Jack felt the back of her fingers move slowly up his hardened shaft.

Cynthia felt his cock against her fingers as she massaged his hips from underneath. She attempted to move her hands away but didn't want to seem startled. Jack opened his eyes as she slowly made her way up his spine and soon her thigh came into his view. He watched closely as her legs swayed back and forth with every palm thrust into his muscles. He wanted to close them again but as she stepped forward he could almost see where her thighs met but the kimono she was wearing seemed to block the view. Again she began to rock back and forth while tenderizing her prey and when she grabbed the back of his neck her next step forward revealed all that was necessary for Jack to never want to close his eyes again. His gaze followed the curvy lines of her thighs all the way up to the lips of her perfectly shaven vagina. He took a deep breath as she leaned forward on one leg and watched her beautiful lips open up like a blooming flower.

"Is that too hard, Jack?" She asked. "Tell me if it hurts, you know."

"No," he cried. "Not at all. It's perfect. I like that especially." He didn't want her to move at all but his coaxing didn't work as she moved to the front of the table and squeezed the back of his neck with both hands. She palmed just above his shoulder blades for a brief moment and stopped.

"OK," she said. "Let's get that oil. You want the good stuff, right?" Jack confirmed with a mumble. Cynthia popped the top of the corked bottle and walked back to the table Jack was laying on. She began to drizzle it onto his back. Jack hardly noticed as it felt light and room temperature but as soon as she began to rub it in with her hand, he felt a warm sensation. She walked the bottle back to the oil table and walked back to Jack, placing her hands on the small of his back and smoothing the oil all over his back, then up into his shoulders. She swiped her finger across his upper lip quickly. "What...uh," he exclaimed but before he could finish she leaned into him.

"Just breathe in through your nose and breath out through your mouth, deeply." She whispered. "You'll thank me later, I promise." Jack took a deep breath and the scent was heavenly but he felt a strange sensation wrap around his skull. Another breath and he felt a tingling in his spine. One more breath and he felt a warm sensation in his toes. "Nice, isn't it?" she asked as if she either knew the answer or was going to suggest one for him. Jack took another deep breath and let it out as he spoke in a drunken slur.

"Oh, my God, yes." He said out of the side of his mouth and into the pillow. Jack felt as if he were drifting off to sleep but as Cynthia would walk around to the side of the table, he thought he could catch another glimpse of her naked thighs and his eyes would widen. He was slightly dazed but still coherent. Cynthia's hands worked their way up his back again and soon his shoulders were being attacked by her forceful touch. He watched as her crotch slowly appeared right in front of his face and when she worked on his opposite shoulder she would lean toward him, her kimono would slightly open and he would get an eye full of her beautiful lotus.

Jack studied every little detail he could and as his gaze moved up her lips he noticed she had a large, nearly perfectly round clitoris and though he wasn't sure, he thought it must have been in a state of excitement. His eyes widened again as she reached over his back, gliding her hands over his shoulder then his arm, pulling herself up onto her tiptoes.

Cynthia's sweet button was nearly touching his nose and as his heartbeat quickened, his cock dug into his stomach and he let out all of his breath slowly but forcefully. It was enough warmth for Cynthia to notice against her thighs. She looked to see what it was and realized how close she was to Jack's face and then remembered how she had never put her panties back on. She backed down slowly and worked her hands back to his neck and looked at his face.

Jack was smiling from ear to ear and looked extremely content which made Cynthia wonder just how much he may have seen. "Is everything OK?" she asked him with the intent of retrieving some sort of sign as to where his mind was.

"Oh yes," He said in a sigh. "Simply beautiful!" Cynthia cocked her head to look at him and watched his eyes roll into the back of his head while she worked on the back of his neck, then she moved her hands down his back and walked backwards, rolling her hands over his ass cheeks. She squeezed and palmed his cheeks several times, then grabbed the towel and covered him. She placed both hands around his thigh and squeezed, working her way down his leg, stopping at his ankle. Spinning her butt around she worked her way back up his leg, then fully embraced his butt cheek with both hands.

Jack felt her thigh against his wrist. Her skin was so soft, so warm and he wanted so badly just to grab her thigh and just when the thought hit him he felt her hand run his inner thigh and her thigh moved against his fingers. He took a deep breath and tried not to imagine how close his hand was to her little nest. He couldn't take it any longer and moved his head into position to see but she leaned into the table and grabbed his other butt cheek, squeezing and kneading it like bread while his hand lay mushed between her thigh and the table. He could feel the warmth from her against his finger and it was slightly warmer than her skin. She moved again and pressed her whole crotch into his hand.

Jack tried not to move his hand as he could feel his two middle fingers lay across her lips and he didn't want the feeling to stop. Again Cynthia moved to work her hands around his lower back and as soon as he felt his finger slip between her lips, he twitched uncontrollably. "Dammit!" He thought to himself knowing full well she would realize what had happened and move or scream or freak out or something but she didn't.

Cynthia felt his fingers go where they should not have and a warm feeling quickly spread through her body. She knew she should have backed away but found herself pushing her mid-section into his hand. She took a deep breath and began to work on Jack's spine, grinding his hand with every push into his backbone. She felt his fingers move up and flutter against her clitoris and she began to lose concentration.

Jack couldn't believe it but it seemed to him two of his fingers were between her lips and things were getting juicy, literally. Jack flicked his finger and realized his third finger was right below her clitoris. Purposefully he moved it up and around her swollen button. Her hands flew up his back toward his shoulder and she seemed to massage him angrily but he realized he now had two fingers deep into her soul and she looked as if she may have been enjoying it. Jack curved his fingers, allowing them to slide further into her while she rode his hand and pressed harder and harder into his shoulders. He could feel her clitoris snapping against his knuckle.

Cynthia began to feel warm and tingled all over and wasn't sure if Jack had fallen asleep and was unaware that she was masturbating herself with his hand but he wasn't moving until she felt his fingers curl and slide deep within her. She took a deep breath and pressed herself against his hand hard in an attempt to stave off the feeling but it sent her body into an inner frenzy and she began to quake and tremble.

Holding off an outright cry, she took another deep breath and rolled her eyes into the back of her head. Moments passed while she tightly held his shoulder muscles. Slowly she dropped down from up on her tip toes, Jacks fingers emerging as if they were limp and she looked down at him hoping he was either asleep or deep in a trance. To her, he seemed to be pretending he was completely relaxed, possibly sleeping but she still was unsure of how to handle the next few minutes.

Cynthia took a step backwards and removed her hands from Jack's back. Turning, she grabbed a hand towel off the wall shelf and placed it on his hand, patting it slightly and leaving the towel there. "OK," she said still embarrassed and flush. "I'll need you to roll over now and I can work on the front of you."

Jack took a deep breath in and then let it out. "Oh, OK." He said with a bit of grogginess and began a slow turn to his side.
Cynthia watched as she turned to reach for the oil bottle at the opposite side of the table. She watched his towel follow him over and then it slowly slid off of his side, exposing his erection right next to her arm. She couldn't help but notice it was nearly as thick as her wrist and her eyes widened as she felt a deep yearning. She was able to pull the towel back over him while she brought the bottle to her other hand to open it and then she felt the warmth of Jack's hand against the back of her thigh then rose to her left cheek. Quickly turning to look at him she noticed his eyes were closed and he was smiling from ear to ear. Before she could say anything a little thought in her head made her stop. She smiled and slowly drizzled the oil onto his tummy and then up to his chest, circling each of his nipples with the stream.

Cynthia started rubbing the oil into Jack's chest and heard him moan as she drew her hands down his sides and over his hips. She watched her own hands as they disappeared beneath the towel and wrapped around his thighs. Rubbing the oil in slowly she pulled her hands back up his thighs and they met on his lower abdomen where she could feel the head of his thick cock skim and bounce along her fingers. Jacked moaned louder and she could feel him pushing against her lower back as if she were pushing her closer to his crotch.

"How are you feeling, Jack?" she inquired. "Are you relaxed?" She ran her soft hands along his sides as she leaned into him and over him. He took another deep breath.

"Incredible." He said slowly. "Freakin' incredible. You are a master with your hands." Cynthia ran her hands down his sides again, slowly, forcefully and over his hips and down his thighs attempting to reach just above his knees. The towel had slid halfway down his erection and she found herself staring directly at the throbbing structure. Her nipples hardened as they lay against him between his skin and her silk Kimono and she could feel the heat from his body.

Jack's hand moved up her back and firmly held her in her position against him but she barely even tried to escape his grasp, knowing he was more than likely pushing against her subconsciously. She remained at his side, gawking at his thick tool while she brought her hands back up the tops of his thighs to meet once again at his lower abdomen where they circled around and around. Cynthia pushed down on his pelvis and butted her hand against the base of his cock, raising the mast to a new height.

She marveled at the beautiful phallic structure and a smile came across her face as she ran her fingers down along the sides his coccyx several times. She moved back slightly and lowered her chest again onto his side then forcefully ran her hands down his body and then down his legs moving her chest across his belly. She felt his staff against her neck and then her hands came back up again as she eagerly caressed his hips one at a time. She drew herself down again and ran her hands back down his legs this time directing her cleavage toward his cock and then she felt it enter between her breasts. She cupped her hands around the top of his knees and then came back up.

"Oh my, God!" cried Jack. "That is wonderful!" Cynthia turned to face him. She drove her fingers up his belly and worked her hands around his chest. And shoulders.

"Is that ok," she asked. "I don't want to be too rough, you know."
"No," he replied. "It's perfect. Thank you." Cynthia turned back around and Jack felt her hands harder against his skin, then he felt her lean into him and her hands forged down the front of his thighs again but this time he distinctly felt her breasts envelope his swollen cock. "Oh, My goodness!" He moaned rolling his eyes into the back of his head. feeling his hand leave her back she turned her head toward him. His hands were against his forehead and covering his eyes as she pulled back again. Momentarily she rubbed his hips and sides then again stretched her arms out before her and ran her hands down the front of his thighs.

An evil grin came across her face as she thought about burying his cock deep between her breasts once again and she hesitated just prior to him entering her cleavage and then forcefully pushed her tits down his shaft and stopped. She could feel his erection pulsing beneath her and then she slowly brought her hands back up his legs, pushing her chest harder into him. His body jerked and he moaned as she backed his cock out of her cleavage and then she felt his hands against her back, forcefully pushing her back against his hardened desire but she slid her hand under his tool and pushed it up into the air. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around his thick head as he pushed her toward his crotch.

Cynthia felt a surge of energy through his cock which she had pressed against her neck cradling it in her hand. Jack twitched and arched his back pushing firmly against Cynthia's back. She cupped his testicles in her other hand and felt the semen rush through his pulsating tool. Jack held his breath momentarily and let it out with a jerk of his body. A thick stream of pearly juice blasted through Cynthia's fore finger and painted the back of her shoulder.

"Oh my," Cynthia touted backing away a bit to look. "Hello there, friend." She said into the hand that held the mighty sword. Jack twitched again and Cynthia had not closed her mouth quickly enough, filling her pallet with the taste of his fresh milk. She quickly attempted to spit it out in reaction but quickly gave up while Jack pushed harder against her back.

Cynthia opened her mouth again and let Jack push her onto him. Her lips enveloped his thick, throbbing head and as it slid against her tongue she could feel the back of her tongue filling up with each thrust from Jack's hips. She held her position momentarily while sliding her hand slowly up and down his shaft. Slowly pulling him out of her mouth, she pointed his tool straight up in the air, squeezed the base and pushed the last drop of pearly jam to the tip. Cupping the head of his cock in her hand she set the slick dick against her cheek and began to giggle. She turned her head to face him.

"Are you OK?" she asked smiling and biting her lower lip. Jack let out the breath he was holding in.

"Woah," he moaned. "Uh, yeah. Couldn't be better. Wow, I mean WOW." Jack sat up and Cynthia stood, resting his cock against his stomach and then patted it.

"Let me get you cleaned up, don't move." She said while walking toward the bathroom. Jack watched her closely as she walked into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and wetted a washcloth. She slowly wandered back toward him, laying the washcloth over his wilting willie, then wiping him down. She tossed the towel over him and placed her hand on his cock, massaging it in the towel. "Look, Jack," she said. "Please don't say anything about this." She waved her hand in the air. "This doesn't ever happen here and I'm not sure what came over me." Jack's eyes were wide as he nodded in agreement. "Oh, wait." She said "You came over me." She laughed.
Jack struggled to get up as she Cynthia grabbed his trousers and shorts for him, tossing them at his side. "How much do I owe you now?" Jack asked delicately. A smirk of uncertainty crept across his lips.

"It hasn't changed, Dear." She said. "Pay at the front and please don't offer me a tip, that would make me feel like working girl. Just come back and see me once in awhile, OK?" Jack snickered.
"You betcha!" Said Jack. "You won't be able to keep me away!" Cynthia buttoned up Jack's shirt for him and fixed his collar.
"Don't stalk me, Jack." Cynthia laughed, Jack chuckled, got up and slipped on his shoes, buckled his belt and headed to the door.
"Thanks again!" He said waving to her as he opened the door and headed out. Cynthia winked at him as he was leaving.
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