The Grand Finale
This may be my last post here I hope you have enjoyed my drams and desires XXX
Adele stood up smiling at him, her shirt covered in damp splashes where he had sprayed her with his seed, the smell of his cum filled her nostrils.

He stared at her a little cum shiny on her face and in her cleavage, he watched as she turned walking to the kitchen, he admired her ass in those tight jeans and the leather knee boots she wore as she walked towards the kitchen. He walked towards the doorway , leaning against the door frame he saw her figure outlined by the fridge light, her long wavy blonde hair cascading down her back.
She walked to the French windows looking out into the dark night, , she could see the light from his window where she had first seen him, she grinned.
Watching her he felt his cock swelling , he walked across kissing her neck his hands slipped round her waist he felt the cool damp patches on her shirt, looking at their reflection they smiled at each other, he gripped her shirt pulling it open, she squeaked her breasts bouncing in their red silk cups.
He nibbled her neck, his hands squeezing her breasts, she stared as he pulled the cups downward, her pale nipples hard, he pinched and rolled them in his finger making her squirm and wriggle, he pulled them stretching the sensitive flesh then let them spring back, she cried out, staring at her nipples as they darkened.
His hands slid over her stomach slowly circling down, he unfastened her jeans, unzipping them his hands pushing them lower trying to slip his hand into her panties, he growled in frustration, kneeling behind her he pulled them as far down as he boots would let him, kissing her lower back making her giggle, he slid his hand between her legs feeling the damp silk covering her pussy he moaned as his finger slid under the silk, searching for her moist entrance, he pushed making her cry out parting her legs as he slid his finger in & out, he slipped another finger inside her, she leaned forward a little gasping as he pumped faster, he wrapped his other arm around her waist and searched for her clit, easing back the hood she screamed as he exposed the tip gently rubbing . She stared at her face, biting her lip as he pumped faster into her hips thrusting against him she leaned forward her boobs swinging as she cried out
"Fuck me... Fuck me"
He stood grabbing her hips tugging the panties down, rubbing the tip of his hard cock against her he pushed slowly into her, she tipped her head back crying out. As he slowly filled her, then he slid back almost out and rammed into her hard his hips pumping making her gasp. His hands squeezed her breasts, he pulled her nipples the movement of their bodies making them swing, the pain in her nipples making her purrrrrrrrrrrr, she slid her hand down and allowed her nail to lightly graze his cock making him moan louder. She teased her clit squealing her hips jerking as he moaned
"I'm gonna cum"
He slammed hard & deep into her as his cock erupted into her, she gave her clit a pinch crying " Oh God" as her pussy flooded , her knees buckled and he held her up his fingers gripping her hips.
Feeling their juices seeping past his aching cock he stepped back dropping to his knees to kiss her soaking pussy, taking some of their juices into his mouth, he stood up spinning her around kissing her they shared the beautiful cocktail.

He heard her gasp, whispering
"Encore Encore"
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