The Greatest Gift
This morning for some reason I felt compelled to get up early, take a shower, put make-up on and fix my hair nicely. I also figure why not change the sheets on my bed to those nice flannel ones that feel so soft against my skin. So I change the sheets. Why I am feeling this need is beyond me, it is Christmas Eve and I will be spending it quietly alone at home, so it is not like anyone will see me or appreciate my extra attention, after all it is not like the television will say "looking good Christina." But it does lift my mood a little, looking good, and this years holidays have been extra hard, so any mood enhancer is good at this point. I briefly consider putting on some lingerie and sending some sexy pictures to my boyfriend, but decide to do that later. I grab a cup of coffee and take it to my desk and turn on my laptop and go to V9 hoping to see him there. I am sad when he is not there but figure I will write some while I am waiting for him to come on. I start working on my latest story and get engrossed in the work, my mind feverishly churning to come up with something especially exciting.

There is a loud knock at the door, and I think how odd at this time of the morning for someone to be at the door, but I figure maybe it's the postman with a package or something, it is Christmas after all. I walk to the door and through the window I see a man. He has gorgeous deep blue eyes, a boyish face and a huge smile plastered on it, and next to him a suitcase. I think to myself, no, this can't be, can it? I ask who is it and the response is "the one that loves you." OMG I recognize that voice and know it as well as my own, as I have heard it in my ear for hundreds of hours combined over the last few months. I have heard the saying my heart skipped a beat but have never felt it until now. I go to throw open the door, but it doesn't budge. I chuckle and say "I guess it would help if I unlocked it first" and I hear from the other side of the door "indeed." I finally succeed in opening the door and you are right there, close enough to touch, my fondest wish and an answer to my prayers. I am overcome with emotion, my eyes fill with tears of joy, I am crying and laughing at the same time, how strange. You open your arms wide and I eagerly step into them and you enfold me into your strong arms, I feel a sense of peace and contentment that I have never known, a feeling of finally being complete and whole. My arms wrap around you and I place my head on your chest and bask for a minute in your love. I feel you kiss the top of my head and then shiver. Oh yeah, we are still standing outside in the cold, to tell the truth I don't feel it wrapped tightly against your body. But I say to you "babe I think we should take this inside where it is warmer and definitely more private." Again you say "indeed" and chuckle.

I take your hand and pull you into the house. I turn and double lock the door, as I want no interruptions. Then I say "let me take your jacket", I take it and put it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs. I take a deep breath before I turn back around, I am suddenly so nervous. I think to myself, should I show him upstairs where to put his suitcase or should we stay in the living room for a while? I have thought about this day for so long and can't believe how shy I am feeling all of a sudden. I look at you and running through my mind is how much I want you to kiss me, and I start to blush. You tell me "come here, my love", I walk towards you and when I get there you ask me "what are you thinking about that has you blushing?" I reply quietly "nothing." I am looking down trying to hide my red face, but you are having none of that. Using your finger you tilt my head up until I am looking at you, my eyes quickly dart to your lips and just as quickly into your eyes again, I am hoping you didn't catch that. My heart rate picks up and I have butterflies in my stomach and of course I blush even more. You bow your head slightly, your lips getting closer and closer to mine, and you say, "you know what I think?" I shake my head no, not trusting my voice. You say I think, and you give me a feather light kiss, that you, another whisper of your lips against mine, are thinking, another soft kiss, about this, and with that your lips take mine in a long, slow seductive kiss. The instant your lips touch mine I gasp and you take advantage of my open mouth and slip your tongue inside, I moan as our tongues touch for the first time. I pour every bit of love, longing and desire into that kiss, hoping you can feel the emotions you bring out in me. Our tongues caress each other, rubbing over and around time after time. Our kiss seems to go on forever, long slow kisses with tongue, sliding into little nibbling kisses, then back again to deep kisses our tongues doing a slow tango with one another. When the kiss finally ends we are both breathless, both wanting and needing more. You say "take me to your bedroom, my love", I reply huskily "with pleasure."

You grab your suitcase and I go ahead of you up the stairs and into my bedroom, you set your suitcase on the floor at the far end of the bed, then turn to me and move silkily towards me, like a hunter stalking it's prey. When you are standing before me, you take a hold of my wrist and pull me up against your body tightly. I can feel your hard length against my stomach, trapped between our bodies. You place your hand against my cheek and run it through my hair until you get to the back of my head, then pull me into a kiss. While this kiss is still just as sweet as the earlier one, more of the passion that we are both feeling is creeping into it, it is more possessive, your mouth claiming mine, our tongues more aggressive, tangling in each others mouths. Your hand leaves my head and both trail down my back until you reach my butt, you grab my cheeks, bend your knees slightly and rub your hard length against my hot core. You can feel the heat radiating through both of our jeans and so can I. My arms steal around your neck, clinging to you as we tease each other. We rub and grind against each other a few more times, I am moaning and breathing heavy, I can't believe it, I am so close to an orgasm and we are both still fully dressed.

You tear your mouth away from mine and gently lay me across the bed, then join me, we turn and face each other. Looking deep into each others eyes, your hand slips down to my right breast, running your fingers over it you can feel my nipple hardening against them. Shifting in the bed, you bring your mouth level with my breasts, opening your mouth you exhale your hot breath directly onto my nipple, I can feel the heat through my blouse. Surprising me you close your mouth over my nipple and start to suck it through the material, it gets wet as the moisture from your mouth penetrates to my puckered skin. Your teeth graze my nipple and I moan, "please babe I want to feel you directly on my skin, with nothing between you and I", you must agree as you help me off with my shirt and then take off your own as well. You look at my naked breasts for the first time, your breath inhales and you tell me how beautiful they are. Taking my breasts into your hands you squeeze them and push them together until both nipples are very close together, licking, sucking and grazing your teeth against them both at the same time. Letting go, you give each of them separate attention, your mouth closes around my nipple and you suck strongly on it, it feels so good on my breast but I also feel the inner muscles of my vagina clench. You gently bite my nipple, then a little harder as you know I love this, you flick your tongue against it. My other breast is not being ignored as while you use your mouth on my one, your fingers are stimulating my other, then you switch sides and each breast receives the loving attention the other just got. My hand is on the back of your head, fingers threaded through your hair, holding you to my breast. All of your movements are slow and sensual, unhurried, like we have all the time in the world, and for now we do.

You tell me "you are overdressed for what I have in mind, my love" and I reply "I will have to remedy that then, won't I?" I stand up, take my shoes off, unbutton my jeans and slide them and my panties off, I am now standing naked before you. I think to myself how good it is that I shaved this morning, so my mound and legs are silky smooth. Your eyes caress my body, just like your hands soon will again, and you say, "you are so beautiful, my love," I blush. You scoot over in the bed, take my hand and say "come lay down with me." I lay down beside you and turn on my side so I am facing you. You lean into me and kiss me, soft nibbling, teasing kisses at first, that soon become deep, lingering kisses, our tongues meeting and stroking against each other. This kiss is a seduction of my senses, the feel of your lips and tongue on mine, the taste of your lips, the sounds of our heavy breathing, all combining to fan the flames of my desire. Never in my life have I wanted anyone more, needed anyone more. You pull your lips from mine and instead kiss my neck, my breath catches and I moan deeply, as my neck is so sensitive, and being kissed there always gives me wicked chills, and gets me very excited.

You kiss down my body, your lips a whisper against my skin. Lower and lower you go, you push my legs apart and settle between them. You are mere inches away from my bare mound and I can feel your breathing against me. Then you blow over my lips, I gasp, then moan, oh, that felt so good. You touch your tongue to me, my lips unfurl like a delicate flower coming into full bloom. The scent of my arousal teasing you, making you want to taste me. You stroke your tongue against my lips over and over, then delve in to taste my sweet nectar. You moan and say "you taste so good, my love," I am not able to respond, other than to moan. I am so close to an orgasm and I know you must be aware, with as many times as you have heard me cum over the phone with you you over the past months, and I know you are hearing the build up and urgency in my voice. I say "oooooo, oh babe, oh babe, I'm gonna cum, you're gonna make me cum," I put my hand on your head and pull your face tighter against my pussy. You focus your loving attention more fully on the hard nub that my clit has become, then suck it into your mouth, my orgasm washes over me like a tidal wave, my hips undulating against your lips and with a loud, long moan I fill your mouth with my sweet cum. You are still licking me, trying to get every last little bit of my cum that you can.

My breathing starts slowing down some and I tell you "babe, I want to suck your cock, I want to feel you in my mouth, please," You say "alright, my love, I have been wanting that for months now." You get off of the bed and take your socks, jeans and underwear off, then tell me to get up, you lay on your back with your head towards the foot of the bed. You tell me "I want to feel your mouth on me while I taste you." Just straddling your face gets me excited, as I know from just a few minutes ago how incredible you are at oral sex, I just hope that I live up to your expectations. Looking down I see your cock for the first time and sigh, perfect size, perfect shape and I love the pronounced cap. You are sticking straight up and there is a little bit of pre-cum on your head. Leaning down I lick it off and am rewarded with a moan from you. I want to feel your hard length in my hand before I do anything else. So I take you in my hand, curl my fingers around you and start stroking slowly up and down as I watch more pre-cum collect on the head of your dick. I lean down and again lick the evidence of your excitement, tasting you. I tell you, "babe you taste so good." I lick up the length of your hard shaft and swirl my tongue around your cap, paying special attention to the ridge just under the head. And finally I take you into my mouth, sucking until your balls touch my chin and you are buried deep in my throat. Licking the base of your cock, I feel you moan against my lips, that you are licking and sucking so attentively. I start sucking you slowly, savoring the taste and feel of your hard shaft in my mouth. My head is moving up and down your length, my lips closed tightly around you, and you can feel the powerful suction, every second bringing you closer to the brink. I feel you inserting one finger into me and stroking slowly and sensually, then I feel another finger entering. You curl your middle finger and start stroking the roof of my pussy just inside the entrance, and I can feel my arousal building and building, while I focus my attention on your cock, trying to bring you as much pleasure as I possibly can. My body keeps climbing higher and higher and I am so close to orgasm and I can tell this one is going to be more intense than usual. I have to stop sucking you as I am breathing too heavy and moaning too much to continue, but I wrap my fingers around your cock and start stroking you again, my face right next to you. All my muscles start tightening and I am right on the edge, I say "babe you are gonna make me cum again" your chuckle is muffled a little against my lips, you say "that was the plan." I chuckle a tiny bit back and in an extremely breathy voice say "smart ass." You start moving your fingers and tongue faster, and I feel my orgasm building even more and I know that this cannot go on much longer. And it doesn't, almost right after I think that, the most powerful orgasm I have had slams into me, I sob out "ooooooooo oh babe, I am cumming." As soon as those words left my mouth, I did something I have not done in a really long time, I squirted, you got a big mouthful and then my juices got all over your chin and were dripping down over your neck and made a big wet spot on the sheets. I say "OMG babe, I had no idea that was going to happen, jeez I almost drowned you," I was kind of embarrassed, and my face was starting to turn red, but you chuckled and said "don't be embarrassed my love, that was so HOT!"

You tell me "I can't wait another minute, I've got to be inside of you, now." You help me get up, I stand and you pull me to you and tilt your head up, cup your hand behind my head and pull me to you for a tender, heartfelt kiss. It was so sweet and loving that I felt tears fill my eyes. Nobody has ever kissed me like this before, ever. When the kiss ends we are both a little dazed. You move over a little in the bed and pull me gently down beside you, then you pushed my legs apart and lay there between them, grabbing both my hands you lace your fingers with mine, and bend your head down to mine for one more kiss. This one speaks of love and desire and need, our tongues stroking against each other, our breath mingled, as our lips both tease and tempt one another. Your face is above me, I gaze into your gorgeous blue eyes and say "I love you so much Bill" and you reply "I love you too, I can't believe how much" my eyes close for a minute to let your words and the caress in them wash over me. You say "open your eyes love, I want to gaze into them as I make you mine." That sends a wicked chill down my spine, and of course I open my eyes, and get lost in yours.

I feel you push past my hot, swollen lips, you enter me slowly, letting me really feel every inch of you, both of us lost in each others eyes and this one perfect moment in time when our dreams and fantasies are finally becoming reality. Your hard shaft is rubbing against my very swollen and sensitive clit and before you are even half way in I start to cum, my body squeezing yours incredibly tight and spasming around you. You continue pushing into me slowly until you are buried deep inside of me. You fill me completely and I fit you like a glove, as if we were made specifically for each other. You start to move in me with slow, sensual, deep strokes my hips lifting to meet you, our bodies moving perfectly together. This has none of the awkwardness that first times sometimes do, this has the ease and sensuality of long time lovers who know and understand one another's bodies and exactly how to please each other. You keep thrusting into me slow and deep and both of us can feel my body building again, reaching, wanting, you can feel me getting tighter around you, and tighter still, and then you feel it. My pussy spasming around you, contracting tightly, the spasms almost milking your cock. You feel my cum all around you and some leaking, a trail running down my ass cheek as you pull mostly out before thrusting deeply into me again. I wrap my legs around you, my heels against your ass cheeks, pulling you even tighter against me and deeper into me. I wrap my arms around you and you kiss me, our tongues sliding over and around each other, both of us breathing heavy, both of us moaning, and I think both of us close to orgasm. You are kissing the side of my neck while our bodies are pressed close together, muscles straining, tightening. I say "babe this feels so damn good, I want you to cum in me." Our bodies keep straining, building, climbing, you start to moan deeper and louder a catch in your voice, I have heard this many times in the past, you are about to cum and I want that so badly. I whisper huskily in your ear, "do it babe, cum for me." You start moaning even louder, sounding almost as if you are in pain and then I feel your cock pulsating and I can feel you cum, it is spurting into the furthest reaches of my pussy, I can feel it shooting powerfully into me and feeling you pulsate inside of me sets off another orgasm for me. My inner muscles are spasming wildly around your cock, squeezing you, and my cum joins and mixes with yours inside of me. You stay inside of me until you soften and slip out of my body. You move off of me and lay on your back and pull me close against you, my head and hand resting on your chest, you kiss the top of my head and say "that was incredible my love" I reply "yes, it most certainly was." You say "I still wish I had been able to get you a present." I reply "you have already given me the greatest gift, your love." You moan, give me a kiss and drift to sleep.

***********************************************Bill right at this moment is taking a well deserved rest in my bed. I knew I wanted to write this all down before any of the details slip away from me. I figure when we are old and gray together, we can read and reminisce on how perfect our first time was. I know in the next four days that he is here we will drink deeply and often from the cup of love that we had been filling for so many months. There will be many different positions and styles of sex to explore with one another, so more stories will follow. But ahhhhh this first time was special and will stay with me for the rest of my life, just like my love for him. Now I need to go and enjoy being in his arms while I sleep.
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