The Group
I was all alone. Sandy had hooked up with a young orderly, and he must be good, she hasn't been home for two days. I was looking in my purse when I found the card from the older gal in the restaurant lady's restroom. She invited me to a party, so I called her.

"I am so glad you called, dear. I have been thinking about you, and I have told the other girls about you. They know I have good taste and would love to meet you. My name is Doris, by the way."

"My name is Carol. I have been thinking about you too."

"That is so good to hear. We are going to have a party tomorrow night if you are interested."

"I might be, what kind of party is it. I will need to know what to wear."

"Oh, dear, don't worry about that we undress when we arrive and dress when we leave. We are just a bunch of girls enjoying ourselves."

"No men, then?"

"Men can't compete with us for what we like to do."

"That does sound like fun."

"Only one rule we have. If somebody says no that is the way it will be. We get very few no's, in fact, I can remember any. Can I count on you tomorrow night at about seven o'clock? We would love to meet you."

"I will be there."

"Wonderful! I hope I get the first crack at you, or a better way of saying it is, I get your crack first. Just a little joke, we always say."

I laughed, and she gave me the address of her place, which was in a very fancy part of town. I didn't have to worry about dressing up, but I did intend to wear my thigh highs and heels. Most girls liked that sort of thing.

I arrived at the address. It was a gated house. I pressed the button, and a voice said, "Name, please?"

"Carol for Doris."

The gate opened, and I drove in and parked. Before I even got to the door, it was open, and Doris was standing there. She was fully dressed in a gorgeous gown, She welcomed me with a hug and a kiss with her hand on my ass. She said, "Theodore will show you the room to undress." Now, Theodore looked like a stuffy hunk who you would not mind joining the party. He led me to a small room, showing me a door where the party would be held. I took off everything but the thigh highs and heels and walked through the door.

I had only walked into a room nude with heels only once before this. A bunch of young lads in a fraternity waited for my entrance. I enjoyed the cheers and those saying, "Hot cunt and motherfucker" I had a lot of sex that night, but that was long ago.

The room had eight recliners with pillows in front of the recliners. The recliners were in a circle, and those that would be seated could see each other. There were three women in the room. All of them nude. Two standing and one was sitting in one of the recliners. All immediately came up to me.

"You must be Carol. I am Roxanne. Welcome."

"I am Susanne. Doris had hundreds of adjectives to describe you, and they were all correct."

"Welcome, Carol. Mary Louise, here."

All of them hugged me and kissed me. I had never been hugged and kissed by three nude women in a group. Roxanne was about 30 years old. Susanne a little older, and Mary Louise somewhere in the '50s.
Every one of them had exquisite bodies. I certainly looked forward to the rest of them. Bonnie and Karen came into the room next. I found out they were sisters. Bonnie had big luscious looking tits, but Karen had a better overall body. Liz entered and then the crown of them all Julie. She was my age and a very sexy looking women even nude she portrayed a feeling of fuck me I am yours.

Doris finally entered with the gown gone, she was even more stunning with nothing on. I only hope I look that good at her age. She immediately said, "Alright, ladies, please be seated, we have to vote on a few things, but first, I hope all of you have met Carol." A lot of various noises of acceptance were given by the group. A few sexual comments were made. The one I liked best was from Julie, who said, "So fucking edible.

"Girls, we have a few things to bring to a vote. One of the girls suggested only one couple at a time, and the rest of us watch. That doesn't mean you can't play with yourself."

The suggestion was voted down. I was hoping the action would start soon because I was wetting this recliner, something awful.

"Another suggestion was to let a group of men in for us. A little variety for our pussies might be nice."

The suggestion was approved with the exception; it is done only once and then re-voted. I certainly hoped the butler would be included in that.

"Final suggestion that we are allowed to bring pets."

This went into a lot of discussions. Most of the group wanted no pets, and what you did with them at home should stay there. The suggestion was voted down.

"Alright, girls, it is time to enjoy ourselves, and being I am the leader and owner of this home, I have the first choice."

Julie said, "We all know who that is going to be."

Doris replied, "Of course, I choose Carol."

Bonnie proclaimed, "Well, get it on girl, we are all anxious to see how she cums."

Doris pushed some buttons on her recliner, and the lights dimmed, and soft music started playing. Doris asked, "Carol, are you ready? Then spread your legs, girl, because Doris has been thinking about this since you blew Carlos in the restaurant . And if you are good, we have a surprise for you."

Doris came up to me and watching her hips sway as she did, made me want her all the more. God, she was so sexy for being that age. She took my legs and draped them over the arms of the recliner. I was completely open and felt the coolness from the air from being so wet. She knelt on the pillows at the front of the recliner. Her hands ran up my stocking legs until she reached the top of my thigh highs. Her hands gently touched my bare thighs. She made little circles with her fingers. She took her hands and pushed against my knees. My legs opened even more extensive, and I felt more coolness as I was sure my pussy lips were opening. I looked down at her, and she looked from my cunt to my eyes.

"Carol, you could not be more beautiful. Your pussy looks delicious. May I taste it?"

Doris was teasing me, and the room watched as Doris did not wait for an answer but buried her face into my open cunt. She kissed and sucked each side of my opening. I craved to have her tongue on my clit. Doris was in no hurry to do that. She dragged her nose from the top of my mound, down my slit, and put her nose inside of me. I felt her lick my taint, that beautiful spot that is neither ass nor pussy but lies in between. Her tongue on it sent shivers up my spine. I felt her fingering my ass. I heard gasps from the group. I heard Julie say, "Eat her, Doris, or I will!" A lot of clapping from the group as Doris's tongue met my clit for the first time.

"Do it for me, Doris."

Doris obliged, and I was so close to cumming that I wanted it sucked. She combo-ed my clit with a suck and a lick, and with her finger up my ass, I came. My legs shot straight off the recliner arms, and I started shaking. I thought maybe the screams could be heard everywhere, but I realize now that was nonsense. I never came so hard in my life, and I didn't want it to stop. Doris stood up, and I put my hand on her pussy.

"I want to do you, Doris."

"No, dear, it is time for your surprise."

A door opened and in walked Carlos with that bulb head of his cock high in the air. He was nude and built like an Adonis. Doris backed away from me, and he pulled me down and mounted me, and I felt that cock I had blown in the restaurant enter my cunt. We fucked in front of everybody. I am sure between Doris and Carlos, there was jealousy, wanting, and every emotion you could imagine was in that room. Carlos rode me high, and that ridge on that big head of his cock did its thing, and I came again. Not as good as the first, but better than I had been fucked by any other man.

Doris only allowed me to be fucked, and Carlos left, with him whispering to me, "We ain't done, baby. You got my number." I gave him an air kiss and a wink, and I was sure he knew it meant I was not going to let it be done. A lot of gals pairing off. I found Julie between my legs. I sought Bonnie with those big tits, and we made out before I ate her. She was fun. I also went down on Roxanne, and by all the noise she was making, I knew she enjoyed it.

The last gal I ate was Susanne. As I ate her, she called me, "A two-bit whore." Surprisingly, I liked being called that, because sometimes I felt like it with some of the guys I had fucked. Susanne got the reward from me of making her cum a couple of times. She was a hot little cunt.

Finally, the meeting was adjourned. Doris asked me to stay because she wanted me to meet someone. I thought, "Meet someone?" Doris had me get dressed and led me out a door into her living room, which as awe-inspiring. Doris was obviously a wealthy lady. Standing by the fireplace was an elegant gray-haired man. I had seen that face before but could not place it.

"Carol, I would like you to meet my husband."

It then hit me square in the face. Doris's husband was our US Senator. I think I stood there with my mouth open.i

"Carol, I certainly enjoyed your performance with the ladies today. I really enjoyed your time with the young buck. Would you give an older fellow a chance to see what he could do?"

I went home agreeing to help our government in their time of need.
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