The Holiday
Just another night at Jal-alai. I have been hanging out here with the same group of friends for days now. Leaving my married ex was the best thing to do, but what now. I knew I could do better. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and snap out of it.

Dressed as always in a sexy little yellow dress and my favorite patent leather nude heels, damn they made me look hot, the colors against my rich mocha skin caught men's attention. I love the attention. A whistle always made me shake my ass a little more.

Walking in the door I saw all the old faces. Welcoming me back to my same night out. A bit of gambling, a drink or two and a hell of a lot of flirting. That was always the fun part for me. My breasts were always tastefully displayed, hips cover by only enough material to keep it legal and being blessed with a thick firm ass never hurt. But it was my lips that men loved, their full pouty curves just screamed to be wrapped around a rock hard dick.
That's what they always told me.

I sat and watched the first match, very cool game. I headed to the counter to make my first bet of the night. I was looking down at my program to choose my numbers, a voice from behind asked," Can you help me understand how to place a bet?" I rolled my eyes and kept reading the program. " I'm here on holiday and haven't been here before" the man behind me said. " Yeah, I can help you" I replyed turning around. The second I saw his eyes I was hooked.

Those hazel eyes made me want him. Then I really heard his voice as he said," Thank you, I'm lost reading this program". Oh my god the french accent made my pussy tingle. I'm sure the smile on my face told him what was happening to me, because he winked and gave me a knowing grin. I explained to him the methods of betting I used most, in the process I had moved closer standing straight so my breasts where sitting up pretty. He liked them I could tell.

We placed our bets, made our way to the court side seats and waited for the match to begin. As the players lined up for the salute they did at the beginning of every match he said," Thats my brother." I knew the one he was speaking of, he looked just as his brother did, very handsome with the same hazel eyes. My mind was working over time, I could see myself with my legs wrapping around his waist, his dick deep in my pussy. And his brother joining in, taking my ass, stretching me. The thought of the two of them pushing deep in me had me getting wet. My panties were soaked. I was so involved with my daydream I hadn't noticed the match had ended.

"Do you have farther plans for this evening," said in that sexy accent is what brought my attention back to where I was. "Um, no I don't have anything planned", I said with a grin on my face I'm sure. " Please join me for a late dinner." I heard and my nipples got hard. " I would be happy to." was my reply. I would have asked him out if he didn't ask, I wanted him.

We headed outside. " I have my car," I said. "Please follow me," he's voice was so sexy. I followed without worry, my mind still going over all the things I wanted to happen. My clit was swelling from the thought. We ended up at a very expensive Condo. He took me up stairs and handed me a very pricey glass of wine. Nothing like the ones I usually drank. By the third glass I was very relaxed, so relaxed I can't remember when I passed out.

I do remember the pounding I felt deep in my pussy as I woke up with his cock in me. I gasped as he pushed in again. Damn it felt good. He looked at me and said, " I can keep going for hours." The only thing I could say between my moans of pleasure was, " hours". He just smiled and turn me over. Took my hips and raised them off the bed. Before I could get to my knees his cock was pushed in me again. Feeling him stretch my walls was so hot I had to cum. I could feel it seeping out with every forceful thrust. God I loved it.

With out missing a beat his cock filled my ass. I know the neighbors heard that scream. I don't know which I was screaming from, the pain of having my tight ass forced open to allow him in or was it the sheer pleasure of being taken. I was sure I would never forget either.

"I love how your ass is sucking on to my dick, I know you like it baby." he said in that too damn sexy accent. " Hell your dick is making me cum again" and with that my pussy gushed creamy hot juice. I couldn't believe he wasn't pulling out. He was still rock hard. He's thrusts were just as strong as when I first felt him in me. A few more thrusts and he reached around my waist and pulled me up. I was pushed up against the headboard, his finger was rubbing my so swollen clit. The way I was feeling he could have done anything and I wouldn't have argued.

The rubbing mixed with the brushing of his lips on my neck held me in place. When his lips reached my ear I heard," are you ready for more?" A moan was the only answer I could give. He pressed his cock in between my ass cheeks. Not putting it in was driving me crazy. The rubbing of his cock and the rubbing of my clit fell in sync. He know I was going to beg for it. And he was right. "Fuck me please" I cried out.

" What do you want love?" He replied. "I want you to fuck me." " Yes baby", and he did. My pussy was throbbing from all it was going through. I didn't care I was going to last as long as he did. I was going to take everything he had. I was so wet he was gliding in even though I could feel him stretching me. My moan grow into a sound between a scream and pure pleasure. And Damn he was still going strong.

He showed no sign he was about to cum. Damn it, I wasn't given up. I was going to do what ever it took to get him to cum. Hell can he do this every night? Was the sun going to be rising before he was done with me? As I was asking myself this, he grabbed my hips and pumped faster. All I heard was okay and with a few more strong pumps and I was filled with cum.

He was still in as it was oozing down my legs. He kissed the back of my neck and said "lets get cleaned up". "You were great baby you stayed right with me." I didn't say a thing, I just smiled and moved to get off the bed. My legs felt like weak as my foot touched the floor.

Somehow I made it into the shower. The water was just what I needed. I cleaned up and was leaning against the tile, my eyes closed enjoying the water running down. My legs was lifted and placed on his shoulder, his tongue entered my so swollen pussy. I was in heaven. The soft movements he was making with his tongue was so soothing. He was enjoying it as much as me.

I got him up and pushed him to the wall, Slide down and returned the favor. His cock was hard but the skin was soft. The precum was such a great flavor. I sucked a bit hard to get more into my mouth. I know I had him when I hear him moan for the first time. This time I was in control. I adjusted the pressure and speed and heard more moaning. Oh yeah it was my turn to get him off.

He massaged my head enjoying how I was attending to him. He wasn't going to last long from the moans I was getting. Stronger and faster and he was on the edge, the water still washing over my back. My head was grabbed with both hands as he cum in my mouth, thick and hot running down my throat. His dick was finally limp. I was proud of myself.

I stood and leaned against him, just now noticing he was breathing heavy. " You are so good," he said in that accent I loved. We kissed and got out of the shower.
Laid on the bed and slept very well.

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