The House Sitter
I hated my best friend Christina just a little bit today. She was going to Miami for a week with her husband in the middle of one of the coldest February`s I've ever been thru, bitch! I digress, they deserved it, hadn't had a vacation since their honeymoon 6 years ago so when they asked me to house sit and watch their dog I said of course. Besides, their place was closer to work and Sean worked for the cable company, they had every channel.

Christina and I had worked together for ten undercover, lust filled years, every conversation we had revolved around either music or sex. Thru a sly smile, I was called a pervert on a daily basis; we both loved our relationship, no sex of any kind, but I knew i kept her panties soggy. She loved my attention, and would never stop my wandering hands when I'd catch her in the company file room bent over, ass sticking straight out. Christina was on the husky side, not big, but thick in the ass with a belly and a full, firm set of tits. The pants of her business suit would stretch around and cup her soft ass, I would get hard just looking at it. She would catch me out the corner of her eye walking in and seemingly bend over further and slightly spread her legs. If i was fucking her, I'd have thought her a slut, but id slap her ass then run my hand down her cheeks and run a finger deep between her legs and across her pussy. She would stay bent over for a few seconds before standing up, declairing me a pervert and playfully slapping my face. Tit grabs and pussy rubs went on for years, along with our dirty e-mails and shared fantasies until she met Sean. I truely wished them well as a physical relationship would have broken our unspoken, naughty friendship.

After Christina wed, i toned down our playfulness out of respect for Sean who seemed like a nice enough guy; business professional, a little short, a little chubby...the perfect fit for her. It was Christina who kept going, sending me links to her favorite porn sites and asking me how many times I'd jerked off over the weekend. I'd really slowed up on this banter, figuring Sean would kill me if he knew what we did at work and how we acted behind his back. Little did i know, Christina told him everything.

Late after work I showed up at their place, the snow was really coming down and i froze my ass off while the dog took a piss. After drying him off i noticed he was out of food, i wondered if they'd did this on purpose and called her a bitch under my breath. My feet were just thawing out and i knew I'd have to run to the 24 hour grocery. All i wanted to do was crawl in their bed, watch porn, jerk off in a pair of Christinas panties, stick them back in her drawer and fall asleep watching sportscenter. I went into their bedroom and threw the gym bag with my clothes in it on the bed and had flashbacks to the last time i was in here.

The previous summer Christina and Sean had a dinner party with their snobby friends but invited me for some reason. I knew none of these people so i drank wine and did vodka shots with Sean in the kitchen while Christina played host. Sean became touchy feely with one of the ladies their, yeah, i dared him, he was cool like that. Christina told ME, to keep him in line, whatever, we watched tv until they we're leaving. Sean apologized to the tits he gropped, never looking the lady in the eye. Kisses and hugs were given and as soon as the door shut on their guests, Christina looked at Sean and called him a pervert with the same look I'd seen for 10 years, i got aroused watching them play argue the same way her and I did at work.

The arguing quickly became wrestling which became deep kissing. Right in front of me, seans hands were busy squeezing Christina`s heafty boobs while she had a hand behind his head and the other rubbing the front of his jeans. I watched from the couch for a minute or two getting a little aroused by their light moans and heavy breathing. It was like they forgot i was there. I had turned my attention back to the TV when i heard a zipper being lowered, l looked over and Christina had her hand in Seans open fly and was stroking his dick. "Get a fucking room" My voice seemed to break the spell and they stood and started heading to the bedroom. Sean walked into the bathroom and i asked Christina for a pillow as I was definitely crashing on their couch. I could still hear piss hitting water when i was hit in the head with the pillow. I looked up and Christina`s nipples where clearly visible thru her beautiful dinner gown and she looked hungry for sex. "Thanks" i said purposefully slipping my shorts off in front of her and revealing the tent in the front of my boxers. She noticed right away and i gave it a quick squeeze and stroke while she stared at it. The toilet flushed and I unfolded the afghan from the back of the couch and sat down, Christina winked and walked back to the bedroom.

My eyes were heavy when I finally layed down and turned the TV off. I was just about asleep when i heard my name softly being called. Sitting up and looking towards the bedroom and I saw Seans head and naked hairy chest sticking out of their bedroom door. "What's up" I said loudly, my voice echoing thru the house. "I need a hand with something" Sean said, sounding as if he needed a hand hanging sheetrock or something. I got up and approached Sean and he gently pushed the bedroom door open for me. As i walked in, candlelight blanketed the entire room and I was so not ready for what I saw.

These two spoiled their dog to an alarming extent. He had a bed with his name on it, his own wardrobe of cute little outfits for every occasion and every squeak toy a dog could ever want. Of course he only ate the best treats and food, but he also only drank bottled water. They had 3 5 gallon jugs and an office water cooler in their kitchen, of course all 3 were empty, now i knew they we're fucking with me.

I started up my car and loaded the empty jugs in the backseat and the wind whipped across my faced as I scrapped the thick snow and ice off my windows. If not for the orange glow of the street light high above in the neighbors yard, I wouldn't have been able to see a thing. The snow was coming down something fierce now and I pictured my bestfriend sitting on a beach in her bikini with an umbrella drink. I was jealous and freezing, when, out of nowhere, i pictured her large breasts pouring over the top of her two piece, nipples poking thru the thin fabric and Seans big hands squeezing them and pinching her nips hard. Arousal washed over me and even as the wind chilled my face, i felt heat in my pants.

The car was warm when I finished with the windows and hopped in. My cock was hard and it was straining against my jeans. As I drove I felt along it's length, stroking it hard and rubbing the head, I couldn't wait to get back and jerk off.

The parking lot was empty except for a few cars that I supposed either broke down or were the employees. I parked in a handicap, if a cop wanted to freeze his ass off writing me a ticket at 1:30 in the morning, I'd gladly pay it. Once inside the super store, I stood under the giant heaters by the door a few moments, the warm air felt so good. Besides for the stock crew refilling the shelves and freezers, the store was empty. I made my way thru the maze of empty boxes and wooden skids to the isle with the bottled water. Half way down the isle was a refill station for the jugs. As i walked past, a man restocking juice on the other side of the isle said hello. "How ya doin" I said, paying him no attention and moving to the machine. The water began to fill the first jug and i stared off into space, picturing Christina again, this time picturing her lips streached around Seans fat cock, slowly sucking him back and forth. In my fantasy she had pulled her bikini bottoms aside and was running her finger through her bald, bright pink shaved pussy.

As I stared at the half filled jug my cock was at full mast. I really needed to cum. I put my hand in my pocket and used my other hand to adjust it so i could rub my cock lightly through the thin material. I thought back to the night when Christina and I finally did something besides flirt.

As i walk into the candlelight, my eyes about jumped out of my head. Christina was tied to the bed in a kneeling position facing the headboard. She was topless, but still had on panties. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and as she looked over her shoulder i noticed she had a gag in her mouth. I almost came. Sean grabbed my shoulder, " she likes to be spanked while she gets off" he said. I had left many hand prints on her thick ass in my day so it was no surprise she got off on it. She never once complained when i would grab a handful of her big soft tits, and give her ass a little smack.

"These are new" Sean said as he sat next to his restrained spouse and motioned for me to look at her breasts. I sat next to Christina, through my boxers I could feel the heat radiating off her body, my god I was getting hard, Sean really couldn't blame me, I thought. As I leaned in, Seans hands grasped both her hanging boobs, then he basically presented them to me, as if we weren't already acquainted.

He squeezed her breasts rough and i watched her arousal grow along with her nipples. " There we go", he said, "look close". I leaned over and i noticed what he was referring to, she had a tiny barbell thru each nipple, and they were getting very hard. Sean traced his fingers along her pale flesh until his thumb and forefinger came to rest on each side of the barbells. I felt Christinas body tense up, "Watch this".

Sean gave her nipples a tiny tweek and Christina jumped, then the twisting motion started and she went crazy. Her hands were tied to the center post of their headboard with silky rope, but her legs were free and as soon as the pain started her hips fell flat against the sheet and began an obsessed fucking motion. Strange noises were escaping her throat as she bucked and twisted her lower body desperately seeking satisfaction between her legs. Sean abruptly stopped the onslaught and stood.

"Back on your knees, you know the drill", he said. Christina pulled against her rope and struggled to get her lower body off the bed. "She can grind herself to orgasm" sean said. "But we're not gona let her, I think she needs her plug". Christinas head snapped around and she began vigorously shaking her head no. "Just relax" he said as he walked to the dresser and produced a small metal butt plug and a bottle of lube from the top drawer. "Pull her panties down" he said to me. I simply obeyed, I crawled behind her and reached for the top edge of her pink panties. The material was streached across her ass and thru her crotch very tightly. Her pussy had puffed up into a nice cunt and was just visible thru the garment, a large dark wet spot had soaked thru and saturated the panties. I pealed the panties down off her hips and the crotch area stayed sealed to her pussy, I used my finger to pull the material away and brushed against her lips so lightly that I was surprised to see goose bumps appear. "I'm telling you dude, she's on fire, you touch that pussy even just a little and she'll show you her trick". Sean had seen my finger contact her pussy, or maybe her response, either way I felt guilty for touching his wives privates. I wondered what kind of trick he was talking about, but I had a pretty good idea.

"Spread this lube on her hole" Sean said handing me the bottle. I placed the tip above her hole and let it dribble down over it, her asshole seemed to be drinking it in. "rub your finger in there, get it nice in juicy" Sean exclaimed with a grin. I worked my finger in nice n slow to the second knuckle, then pulled back a few times before burying it and hearing Christina moan. When he thought her asshole was sufficiently greased he handed me the toy. I brought the tip to her hole and gave the slightest push and watched her asshole expand, excepting half the butt plug easily. I pulled back and fucked her with it a few times then looked at Sean and he simply knodded. I pushed it in until i felt pressure, then forced it deep and watched her asshole expand around it until the large bulb was swallowed. "Now pull her panties up" Sean said.

He moved back by his wives side, leaned over and gripped her nipples once more, smiled at me, then started twisting. Christina went wild, thrashing all over and pulling on her restraints, moaning and trying to scream thru her gag as her back arched and fell over and over. Sean began jiggling both her breasts by the nipple stud as I looked on from behind. The wet spot on her panties had grown significantly and moisture was escaping the Spandex leg holes of her panties and began wetting her inner thighs. "Hey, give her a spank" Sean said taking a breather from torturing his spouses heavy utters. I had done this many times in the privacy of our file room and various other places at work, but here, in their bedroom, I was actually a little nervous. I thought hell, I just fingered her ass and shoved a butt plug in their, I reached back and......SMACK!!

I awoke from my day dream to see water spilling over the top of the 5 gallon jug. I stopped rubbing my hard on, shut the water off and screwed on the lid. I chuckled as I felt heat and wetness in my pants from all the secret attention I had just given my Johnson. I heaved the jug and turned to set it in the cart and almost dropped it as I tripped over something. I looked down and the stock boy was on his knees at my feet and had pressed his face tightly against the front of my pants, his mouth at the tip of my hard on. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry" I said without actually thinking about the situation and realizing I'd done nothing wrong. Way too slowly, the stock boy pulled his face off my crotch and I put the jug in the cart. "it's no problem" the young lad said looking up at me thru glazed over eyes. "Do i have anything on my face"? The stock boy asked. I looked down at him wondering what the hell he was talking about, then i noticed. I had stroked on my cock so long that I spewed precum, a lot of precum, and I had an enormous wet spot on the front of my pants. It looked as though I had had a full release, it was dark and very wet and there was even a slight swirl of thicker cum in the center of it, so embarrassing. I looked at the youngsters face and noticed, oh my god, he has wetness right at the corner of his mouth. I motioned with my finger to the corner of my mouth and my jaw hit the proverbial floor as his pink tongue slithered out his mouth and licked at my pre ejaculate. I suddenly realised what was going on and I relaxed knowing he wasn't going to call security or anything. My brain started putting it all together, he must have seen me come down the isle, noticed me playing w my cock, and quietly crept up beside me and watched the show. Hell, he was so close he probably watched the wet spot getting bigger and bigger all the while he got hornier and more daring and finally made his move and pressed his face against my hard on and got my cum on his face.

"Did I get it" he asked in a very flamboyant tone. "Yeah" I said. "Lets get you cleaned up" and with that, his hand took hold of my cock and he brought his mouth to the wet spot which was right at the head of my dick. I jumped, nervous of getting caught, but as I looked around, I noticed how sneaky this little fucker was. He had moved an entire skid of bottled spring water next to his kneeling position blocking the view from that end of the isle. My cart, with the dog food on the botton blocked the other direction, so I relaxed. I pushed my hips forward into his mouth and let my hand slide behind his head pulling him tight against me. As I did this his eyes closed and he moaned into my cock sending vibrations up my shaft. He was alternating between breathing warm air onto the wet spot and then sucking and nibbling with his teeth, the combination actuallyàfelt amazing. Once again, I got lost in my thoughts, just sorta zoned out while this young kid nibbled on my cock.

Christinas ass was going crazy every time I swatted it, between my spanking, Sean twisting her nipple piercings and a butt plug in her ass, she was close to cuming. It got to the point that her panties had completely soaked through, my hand was wet along with her pale creamy thighs. Pussy juice was soaking the sheet so I brought it to Seans attention. He smiled, but didnt stop the titty twisting, he leaned in and started kissing his wives neck, licking and dragging his teeth along her jugular. I kept swatting, but while he wasn't looking, I decided to give his wife a little relief, I figured she deserved it. I ran my finger across her cold damp thigh, then brought it up to her panties and pushed the material into her cunt. Then I moved my finger forward, searching for her clit. It didn't take long, her clit had swollen up to gigantic proportions and I quickly rubbed it, HARD!!!!

Her body stopped writhing and held very still except for the tight trembling in her ass cheeks. Now I'd done it, I didn't mean to make her cum, just wanted to give her clit a little rub, but cuming she was. The flood gates opened and her pussy started spraying thru the drenched cotton of her panties. During her orgasm, I started smacking her ass again, this started a squealing noise from her gaged mouth, she was hyperventilating. Sean realized she was in danger and removed the gag and Christina took the biggest breath and screamed "OH FUCK"!!!!!!!!!!!! And finished her orgasm in silence. So she was a squirter, she never told me that, I'd definitely be sending a complaint email, with "nice trick" in the subject line.

"Peal those panties off her" Sean said as he climbed next to his wife. Once I had them off, Sean removed his boxers exposing a short but super thick hard on. Christina lifted her leg and he crawled underneath her in a 69 position. I watched from behind as Christinas head bobbed up and down on his tool. Sean was busy sucking moisture from his wives thighs and pussy lips. I stood at the foot of the bed and watched, with a tent in my boxers, so I gave it a squeeze and a stroke, Sean noticed. "Hon, he's got a tent in his shorts, can he jack off on you" Sean asked his wife. "whatever you think is fine with me" she said between sucks. "Go ahead bro, it's fine" he said to me, so I took my boxers off and started rubbing my cock. "Hey" Sean said, "Rub it on her pussy, don't fuck her, just rub it thru her lips, and don't cum in her" I quickly realized my balls would be hanging in his face, but I was so horny I didn't care, I just did what he told me too. I looked up and seen Christina smiling over her shoulder as I started running the head of my cock thru her heated lips. I'd pull back and jerk just under the head a few times then rub it back on her pussy. Her hole was wide open and I placed the head at the opening, teasing her center, then I pulled back and jacked off some more.

Sean was busy sucking her clit and Christina had a mouthful of cock and they were both moaning and obviously really turned on by my presence. I rubbed through her lips once more and felt Seans lips make contact with the head of my cock. Soon his mouth was underneath my dick sucking against the sensitive area under the head and pushing me firmly against christinas swollen clit. She felt my cock sealed against her with Seans mouth and she started cuming again, spraying my crotch and drowning her husband. I started a tiny fucking motion, barely moving, but enough to keep the cum pouring, then Sean moved his mouth so he could breath. I pulled back started jacking my cock again, Sean reached thru his wives legs and grabbed my cock, tugging and pulling on it. He lined it up with her pussy and started rubbing it around her hole, then pulled me into her warm glove. I sank in to the balls, filling her pussy with what she had wanted all night, cock!! I felt Seans mouth on my balls as I fucked into his wife, it felt so good. He was licking and sucking and slobbering all over them, my cum was boiling over and I think he could tell. I pulled out and his mouth went to the tip and I stroked an enormous load off into his mouth while his wife looked at my face over her shoulder, she just smiled.

Sean crawled out from under christina after swallowing my cum, he untied his sexy wife and kissed her deeply. She began sucking him off again, only this time using her hands. She turned and looked at me and said "Well, you gona help me with this, he did just let you fuck his wife" I laughed and got in position next to her. She tilted his cock in my direction and my head came down and then I became a cocsucker. It was delicious, she stroked him into my mouth and said encouraging things like, "their you go, suck that cock" and " don't get squeamish when he cums, just feel it twitch and pulse, and let it flow out onto your tongue".

We swapped back and forth a few times, even wrapping our lips around him together, Sean was moaning how good it felt. I took hold of his thick monster and started sucking fast while Christina sucked his balls. Sean began to cum. He gave a small grunt and started filling my mouth. Just like Christina said, his cock throbbed and jerked and twitched with every pulse of cum, I'd received head many times, I knew exactly how good this felt. "Don't swallow without showing me" I heard Christina say while her husband came in my mouth. I squeezed his cock tight with my hand and milked the last of his cum into my horny mouth, then I pulled away and showed her her husbands treat. She grabbed my head and started kissing me deeply, sucking the cum into her mouth as i spit it, then pushing it back into mine. Our spit was mixing with the cum and my mouth was getting full, then it overflowed our lips and started dripping down our chins. I finally pulled away and swallowed my share, christina did the same.

As I remembered my first load of cum, the young stock boy had my pants mostly cleaned up, but he kept breathing and nibbling. He looked up at me with desprate eyes and told me he wanted to suck my cock real bad."I get a break in 15 minutes, can I suck you off in your car or something" he asked. I looked down at his young face, his lips looked so full and soft, his skin fresh and clean, oh god was I horny. I shook my head yes and he brought his mouth back to my cock and sucked hard.

I closed my eyes and concentrated, I was sitting in my car, my new young cock hungry friend sitting next to me. I lift the center console up so he can lean into my lap. My pants are quickly pulled down to my knees and he's drooling looking at my cock. The windows are covered in snow and even with the powerful parking lot lights, it's still as dark as a cave inside. He has me get on all fours and I dream about his young tongue circling my ass. Oh god I'm so horny. Maybe, yeah, reaches thru my legs and pulls my cock backwards and licks me from the head, up my shaft over my balls and licks my asshole some more. He's rimming me so good, so much spit running off my hole it's covering my balls. Then I picture him finally sucking me. He does it nice and slow and his lips ARE as soft as they looked. Oh man, his mouth is going to be so warm and soft. I'm positive he'll let me cum in his mouth.

The boys hand starts stroking my cock thru my pants while his mouth has made me warm. In my daydream I'm half way in his mouth, his hand holding gently onto my shaft, slowly stroking me. I can't wait to get out to my car, I need to CUM....cum, cum, oh my god I'm about to cum.

My eyes shoot open in a panick, I'm totally about to cum in my pants, I'm past stopping it, it's rushing up my cock right now. I'm freaking out, I can tell I'm about to blow an above average load, they'll be no hiding it.

The stock boy feels my panick and calmly lowers my zipper saying in a soft, almost motherly tone, "Its ok, I got you". I use all my might to hold back as he reaches thru my zipper, and quickly pulls my cock through the the dick hole in my boxers. He's so relaxed as his mouth sinks over my cock just as the first main load pumps out. Oh, it feels so good. His hand grabs my tool and expertly jacks me into his mouth. It's just as big a cum as I thought it would be, but this beautiful teenage boy is handling it perfectly. His lips sucking and sucking, tingles running up and down my nerve endings as I finally finish, standing in the middle of the grocery store.

"Mister you cum a lot" I hear him say in his beautifully flamboyant young gay voice. My eyes are still shut tight, head back, bathing in the warm feelings. His hand is still jerking my cock, I feel his mouth on me again, perhaps sucking up the last bit. I just smile.

I look down at him while my cock is still in his mouth, he looks up at me and smiles a beautiful smile.

"Well at least I dont need to go out to get my protein shake" he says as he tucks me back in and zips me up. "But I haven't had MY, protein shake yet" I whisper to him. He looks at me with a non believing, "get the fuck outa here" expression and says, "YOU, suck dick"? "I haven't in 6 months, but I'm eager and ready, wana come out to my car" I ask.

I took that youngster out to my car and he had his hairless prick in my mouth his whole lunch break. "Mister, I don't know what you did, but that was the best suck job I ever had" he told me. "I guess you just motivated me" I told him, his fresh young load still heavy in my mouth.

We decided we liked each other and that we should play again so we exchanged numbers, he said he would save my number under "Daddy". This boy had a huge daddy kink and over the next few months I trained him into my young sex slave.

By the time I got back to Christinas house I was horny again. I picked out her silkiest panties and blew a small load into the crotch and tucked them back in her drawer as a present for her leaving without buying dog food or water for the mutt. But I digress, if she had, guess I wouldnt have just got sucked off by a sex kid with a daddy fetish.


This is the very first story I've ever written
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