The Inspector
The pool was finished, the eight-foot wooden fence was up around it. All we needed now was the county's inspection, which is required after installing and the necessary buildings for pumps, heater, and associated chemicals. I was anxious to start swimming. I love swimming nude with all the freedom that allows. With the eight-foot fence that certainly was allowable. The really only place you can see into the pool is from our house's windows. I doubt if my husband would be peeking when he can have it all on his bed anytime.

The phone rang, and a man introduced himself, Keith Renko, telling me he would like to inspect our pool for completion of work. He told me he was not the regular inspector, but because of staff illness, he was substituting to help fill in. He also said to me that it probably was unsure of what day he would visit, possibly one to three days. He kept apologizing for the lack of preciseness. I assured him it was no problem, as I was home all day until I could find a job in the area. I told him I was anxious for him to visit, so I could get to swim.

After that call, I decided with so much sunshine, I was going to sunbathe maybe 30 minutes to start getting a decent tan. I pulled the lounge into the sun. I put the chair next to it. I took off my jeans and the tee I was wearing and draped them over the chair. I unhooked my bra and put it on the seat of the chair. I stepped out of my panties and threw them next to the bra. The air felt good on my body as it warmed up with the sun beating down on it. I laid down to enjoy being nude in the sun. In our old place, I had no opportunity to be this free with my body.

The only time I was this free was on a nude beach in the islands. With my husband leaving me on the beach to go gamble, I got into trouble with one of the native boys. I did learn a lesson. Never to into chest-deep water with a horny young man when the shore cannot see what he is doing to you. That thought popped into my head as I lay there on our lounge. If my husband ever knew that the young man fucked me in the water, I am sure he would have left me. After all, it was our honeymoon that I was unfaithful, but nothing since. My thirty minutes were up, and I dressed, but I did notice my pussy was wet. I still get that result thinking about that nude beach and what I did.

The next day with no phone call from the inspector, I was disappointed. It was a lovely day, and I thought another great day to sun myself. Removing my shorts on the same chair, and the bra was still in my vanity drawer, I slipped off my panties, flicking them on the chair.
This time I brought a bath towel, in case my thoughts got me horny, and a wet pussy. I was on my back for about 20 minutes. When a banging on the locked gate, got my immediate attention.

"Mrs. Fundle! Mrs. Fundle. Keith, here, I talked to you on the phone about the inspection. I should have called, but we are all overwhelmed with half the staff out."

"Hold on Keith, I will be right there."

I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around myself and made my way to the gate. I opened it, and there was an older but handsome man with gray temples. He looked very distinguished to be an inspector. He was casually dressed and came in with a quick look at what the towel wasn't hiding.

"I will get you inspected as quick as I can."

I thought, if he was going to inspect me, don't be quick about it. With that thought popping in my head, I realized I was attracted to this man. He probably thought I had a suit under the towel, and he best kept thinking that way.

"I can't wait to start swimming, Keith, one of my favorite things to keep in shape."

"Well, Carol, whatever you are doing know, it is working well for you."

Oh God, he was looking me over more than I thought. He went around the pool measuring I don't know what. He then asked me for the key to the filter and heater shed. I took it off my husband's hiding place and gave it to him. He opened the door and went inside. After a few minutes, he called me to come inside he wanted to show me something about the heater. I went in, and when I did, my towel got caught on something on the door. I walked in, but my towel didn't. I left it hanging on the door.

"Damn! Be careful. Carol!"

He was no more worried about me being careful than a man in the moon. His eyes feasted on my body. His eyes went from my tits to my bare pussy, and then to my face. The sequence was repeated many times. He grabbed the towel from the door and handed it to me. The look on his face seems to be sorry I would be covering. I decided to be daring.

"Thanks, Keith, but you can't see any more of me than you have unless you are uncomfortable with me this way."

"No, no. That would be fine. Now let me show you this on the heater."

We had to be very close to him to show me what he wanted to show me. I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. His voice kept getting deeper and deeper. I was turning the man on. And as good looking as he was, I didn't mind that at all.

"Carol, everything is good. You can swim to your heart's content."

I walked over to the edge of the pool and dove in. I swayed my ass with the walk to the pool, and I hoped he was watching. I swam to the steps at the end of the pool and slowly walked up and out of the pool. I was hoping I looked like a mermaid coming to seduce him. I knew I was having an effect on him because his eyes never left my naked body. I decided to take another risk.

"Keith, do you have time for a swim?"

"I couldn't Carol, I don't have any trunks."

"You see mine, Keith? If that is uncomfortable for you just wear your underwear."

Without hesitation, he dropped his pants. Took off his shirt, and dove into the pool. I was anxious to see what wet boxer briefs would reveal. He climbed up the side stairs, and oh my, what an outline. Keith was not short-changed in that category. He looked down at himself.

"Those boxer briefs do not hide much, Keith. Take em off for me, so we will be equal."

He did and it was even better to see it hanging down in front of him. A delicious looking cock being protected by foreskin. God, did it look delicious. I just went up to him and kissed him. He kissed me back and I could see him rising to the occasion. I backed away and asked, "'Would you like to go in the water with me?"

He was nodding his head as I looked at that hard thing pointing at me. At least 7 to 8 inches pointed at me, and the girth of it would fill any woman's pussy. It had to be close to little under 2 inches. His balls looked so suck-able. I was so turned on by him, I didn't even care if my husband came home and saw me sucking him by the side of the pool. All the while I was admiring his assets, his hands caressed every part of my body. He fingered, kissed, pushed against openings, and explored me completely.

"Keith, would you let me blow you?"

"Only if I can eat your pussy when you are done."

We both knew we were going to fuck after all of that, and the juices flowed out of me. I had Keith sit on the side of the pool at the shallow end of the pool. I stood in the water and skinned him back and kissed that slit which allowed me to be filled with his cum in my mouth or cunt. After licking his shaft and tormenting his cock head with my tongue, I sucked him into my mouth. I performed every trick in the book blowing him into orgasm. I held his cum in my mouth. He told me to let it run out. A teaspoonful of it fell on my tits. He kissed me as we changed places. My legs were spread wide on the side of the pool as he went down on me. His tongue was all over me, party my pussy lips. He then hit the glory spot and I could tell he had done this before. When I came I was loud enough to make the next property's dog started barking and whining. Apparently, Rover had heard his mistress do the same as noisy me.

I kissed him again, and said, "Keith, you are a fantastic pussy eater. Your wife is a lucky gal."

"You should meet her. She does that better than me, at least that is what her girlfriends say."

My thoughts turned to Miss Thompson who taught me such things in high school.

"I would love to meet your wife."

"Do you and your husband swap?"

"We talked about it."

He went to his pants and pulled out his cell and showed me a picture of his wife. A cute little thing built like a goddess. If Will didn't want to fuck that he was dead. And I wasn't dead for sure as my mouth watered at the possibility of eating that young thing.

"Keith, I would not like to go to my and husband's bed and have you fuck me."

And that is exactly what we did, and it was not the last time I was inspected. Turns out he was the County Supervisor and a helluva fuck!
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