The Interview Part 2
Mr Klein held in his hands what appeared to be a dildo made of some semi-translucent light blue material, probably silicone. It was moulded into a realistic cock shape, complete with veins and ridges and sizeable balls, which were truncated to form a flat base. It looked a lot like one I had at home myself, although this was considerably bigger, probably about ten inches in length and very thick. I wondered for a second if one of my three interviewers had provided the source material for this item, and if so, which one, which more or less instantly caused my pussy to flood.

I sat there with my legs and pussy still spread as the German stood up and walked rather stiffly over to me to hand over the object.

I am sure you think you have seen something like this before, Ms _____,' he said. However, this is a prototype from a new range of lifestyle products we're developing which incorporates some emergent technology. Please just act as though you were alone and do whatever you feel appropriate while we observe.'

He rejoined his colleagues behind the desk, and the three men stared in unison at their screens, impassive but with just a hint of anticipation.

I cradled the blue cock in my hands for a moment while deciding on the best plan of action. Not wanting to waste too much time, and wanting to give my interviewers a good view of the action, I stood up and placed the dildo flat on the chair, then lowered myself slowly onto it, gripping the underside of the chair for support.

I tried to angle myself back and up so that this beast was going to hit my G-spot, and took an experimental slide down the shaft. As I did so, I was sure I felt a twitch in my pussy which wasn't just my muscles stretching, and jerked upwards with the surprise. I looked straight at the interview panel, and saw that all three men were wearing wry smiles of satisfaction.

The pale Mr Stevenson coughed a dry cough, then said in his thin, hoarse tones, Yes, that's right, Ms _____, you felt something alright. I won't bore you with the technical details, but basically this item utilizes sophisticated nanotechnology and contains an active gel which reacts to both heat and vaginal lubrication to simulate the natural variations in size and movement of an actual penis. In theory it should respond to the force and speed of your movements, and in essence... er, well...' He seemed to falter for a moment.

In essence it will actually fuck your pussy, is what my colleague is trying to say,' boomed Mr Nolan. Which is really what we would also like to see at this stage.' He looked at his watch slightly impatiently, and I sensed I needed to be quick and impressive.

I started to raise and lower myself very rapidly on the dildo, and as I did so I felt it throbbing and pushing back into me, fucking me at exactly the right speed and pressure. It was pretty much my own personal perfect cock. I started to feel an orgasm building, and looked right into the camera and just let it go, emitting a series of short gasps in time with my movements, and then some louder, more guttural moans as my pussy went into spasm. I sank as deep onto the dildo as I could, held my position there and let out one final scream of pleasure.

I looked up and saw my interviewers deep in conference, Mr Klein gesticulating enthusiastically and pointing at the screen, Mr Stevenson occasionally making the odd comment from the side and Mr Nolan nodding sagely at the centre, looking very pleased.

That's excellent, Ms ____, very impressive indeed,' he boomed. Now, strictly speaking the interview should be concluded at this point, but as I'm sure you understand, your work has engendered a certain amount of arousal in the members of the interview panel, and I hope it would not be too much of an imposition for you to assist us in dealing with that, so that we may regain our objectivity before seeing the next candidate.'

The precision and formality of his tone seemed so ludicrous that I actually allowed myself a burst of laughter.

Yes, sir. That would be no problem at all,' I said. Now get your cocks over here.'

Excellent,' said Mr Nolan, and the three men stepped out from behind the desk and crossed the room towards me, each one undoing their belts and stepping out of their suit trousers as they did so. To my surprise, all three were not wearing underwear, and had completely shaved cocks and balls. Also to my surprise, although Mr Nolan's cock was a little larger than his colleagues', they didn't lag too far behind. Needless to say, they were all already as hard as the technological miracle that was still lodged in my cunt.

Company policy, Ms ____,' said Mr Nolan, noticing my appreciative glances. Eight inches is the minimum penis length acceptable for members of the senior management team.'

I nodded my approval.

Now, we're somewhat pushed for time, so if you don't mind, please just remove your blouse and we will simply ejaculate over your face and chest,' said Mr Nolan.

Mr Stevenson and Mr Klein stood beside me and unbuttoned and removed by blouse, before Mr Klein hooked my bra under my tits.

I hope you do not mind this, Ms ____,' he said. A personal preference.'

I started to ride the dildo again as the three men began to stroke themselves very rapidly, Mr Nolan in front of me and Mr Stevenson and Mr Klein on each side of me, close to my face.

Mr Stevenson came first, making hardly any sound but releasing a thick gob of cum over my right cheek and down onto my breast. Next was Mr Klein, who let out a series of short, loud gasps as he came onto my forehead. And finally there was Mr Nolan, who roared like a bull elephant as he released a monumental torrent of spunk, completely covering my glasses, face, neck and tits.

There was a brief silence as they stepped back to admire their work.

I then felt a hand upon each of my legs, as Messrs Klein and Stevenson Iifted me off their wonderful invention. My pussy gave a twitch of disappointment at being separated from its new friend.

I reached my hand up to my face, and Mr Stevenson almost shouted No!', by far the loudest he had been throughout the whole interview.

Please, we must observe correct procedure,' said Mr Klein. Exit the interview room exactly as you are, and when you reach the reception area on the ground floor, Ms Jeffries will assist you with tissues, and your skirt and underwear will be returned to you. I am afraid, however, that use of company washing facilities is strictly forbidden. Do you understand?'

I nodded.

Then we are concluded. You will be contacted within the next few days. Goodbye, Ms _____,' said Mr Nolan. And I knew from his tone that no more words were to be spoken.

With cum running down my face and my vagina soaking wet and aching, I shakily got to my feet and made my way towards the door in as businesslike a manner as I could muster. In the lift, I allowed myself a smile as I wondered what the fuck had just taken place, not to mention whether I would get the job, and what working here might entail if I did.

In any case, if you're ever filling in a job application and come across that same small print that I did, I would recommend ticking the box. A vaginally-based interview certainly won't be dull, whatever the outcome...

(And no, I didn't get the job. Bastards!)

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