The Italian Stallion - Part 1
His name is Max. Born in Italy to wealthy Italian parents and raised in South Africa, Max was the recipient of a "silver spoon" lifestyle from day one.

From nanny-care, private schools and top universities, Max broadened his education, enjoyed developing social skills, and was able to polish his intellectual persona having mixed with various global cultures.

Her name is Samitra. Born and raised in Taiwan to hardworking Chinese parents, Samitra was sent abroad to America as a foreign exchange student to study English at a young age.

During her early years at home she was taught old-school principles of discipline, morals, and ethics helping her develop steadfast work ethics.

Her parents once told her, "Daughter, the only job you have is school. That is your fulltime job. When you achieve your education and hang that degree on a wall, then you can do anything you want."

Later on in years, Samitra having earned a business degree, she decided to stay in America to start her own business. Samitra believed it was better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a lion; in other words, she felt it was better to work for herself and own her own business, no matter how small.

When Samitra graduated from school, she left with a focused mentality to manage her own business. With the help of her parents, they gifted Samitra a small fortune to start a nail salon.

Her work ethics and business acumen paid off. She went to a beauty school for one year in a Cosmetology institution was hired to work in a nearby salon that she would frequent to have her hair and nails fashioned.

She leased a booth and went to work exercising her social and occupational skills thus providing such quick and efficient customer, that she became a popular and sought after beautician.

Samitra was all work and no play. Her goals came first knowing that not too far in the horizon; she would finally become the head of the chicken instead of the tail of a lion working for someone else. After all, it was her customers that paid her while paring off a percentage to her superior.

Being loyal and having worked with the salon owner for three years she decided to break away to start her own business. There would be no room for negotiation as the salon owner tried desperately to retain her.

Samitra's business flourished from a small nail salon to full service hair and nails. She had established a small staff of five fulltime employees and paid them a percentage equally well as she early on recognized the importance of keeping her staff happy which meant happier customers.

All the while this growth was taking place; Samitra was continuously educating herself in the world of fashion and one day had a brainstorm of an idea. She was determined to add one more wing to business; a massage unit to encourage the working wounded to relax.

It needed to be something different, almost unheard of within her network. She quietly made time to learn Tantric massage.

Having become certified as a Tantric massage specialist she began offering her services to woman only. Her overall business skyrocketed and began to exist on a large number of referrals.

Samitra had always been selective in her hiring. She had one very demanding rule from her first grand opening a few years ago, a rule that she also followed to lead by example, and that was "absolutely, unequivocally, no fraternizing with clients, at all.

"My way or the highway," was her big stick.

Her idea to start a friday "fashion happy hour" of reduced prices drove a stampede of customers with a short time.

Her employees praised her leadership abilities and held Samitra in high esteem. The carrot she dangled in front of her employees in brief staff meetings was that she would eventually sell her business and would offer it to an employee prior to the public.

All her employees became very close with each other and became very cost conscious likened to running their own business. They finally recognized they were now working with a master of business, and she was their teacher.

Samitra, the head of the chicken was becoming a mother-hen.

Early one Friday morning, before appointments, Max walks in, tall, dark and handsome; self confident and smiling as he introduced himself to the whole staff one buy one.

Max brought with him a bouquet of red roses asking each to pick one out, then making note that the person that picked the shortest stem would be guaranteed his appointments for the remainder of the year.

Samitra watched, sizing him up, not quite knowing what to think, as he approached her last.

Samitra was not the winner but noticed the excitement he stirred with her employees and the lucky girl with the shortest stem.

The only person that morning with an open schedule was Samitra, and Max wanting his hair styled, asked if the salon took walk-ins.

Samitra obliged... with curiosity but skeptical about his playful exuberance.

Although intelligent, Samitra has no street smarts, but she has a sense about things, an understanding there are always two sides to a coin.

Continued in parts...
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