The Italian Stallion - Part 2
Samitra worked methodically preparing a work station for Max to style his hair, all the while catching a glimpse of his trendy attire and fancy shoes; she glanced with an approving smile for his good taste in clothing.

Max lay back; enjoying the upper view of Samitra while she washed his hair trying to entertain small talk, but Samitra quietly smiled, nodding her head occasionally, moving an eyebrow here and there.

In order to stop his friendly chatter, she gently scraped his scalp with her finger nails, and allowed her fingers to slide teasingly across his ears.

Max closed his eyes with satisfaction and Samitra could not help wondering what Max was thinking.

Samitra's weakness is her curiosity, always having felt she was born with a curse as a Gemini, always having struggled with her two-sided natures; enriching one and suppressing the other.

Max was very pleased with his hair style and called Samitra a master of her crafty skills.

He did come as a referral, and became a regular customer; a rewarding one to the Salon.

He was a big tipper, always kept his appointments and staggered them; every six weeks for his hair, and every two weeks for his nails. He was always clean shaven and dressed impeccably, even when casual.

Samitra's employees adored him; he was charming, caring, and wise to say the least.

He was polite and considerate with everyone, always stopping by to say hello, and bringing small gifts between holiday seasons, and Samitra's employees welcomed his occasional referrals as well.

Samitra was a cautious individual; always has been, and lacked intimate social skills due to her heavy involvement building her business and going to school at night.

Her free time consisted of sports to stay healthy, meditation, and Yoga to keep her sanity.

She enjoyed ball room dancing immensely, music, the arts, and any form of classy entertainment.

There was something about Max that made her uncomfortable that kept her on her toes, and she privately profiled Max as a womanizer.

This was something she could not confess to her employees but apparently he represented everything she suppressed. To deny her suppression was to classify Max as a womanizer with only one thing in mind as she was beginning to see his moves, and felt she may have allowed a wolf into her chicken coup.

Samitra always interfered between Max and her employees at every opportunity that presented itself. She directed occasional reminders of how their business prospered and successfully attracted upper-scale customers which meant good income for them.

She stated that because of the Tantric massage unit addition to the business, everyone had to work hard not to tarnish or bring rumors of shame negating their business, especially to Samitra and her proud reputation as a stalwart business woman.

To Samitra, Max had womanizer written all over his forehead. His suave manners and wonderful accent spewed forth words of elegance; poetry, and music, as he was well cultured in many subjects, including sports.

Samitra saw Max as an entertainer, and there was not one subject he could not discuss.

Max was a well accomplished business man in import and exports; a world traveler. He was methodical; a planner, and strategist with long-term patience.

Samitra was convinced this also applied to his intimate personal life.

Samitra could not pinpoint exactly which employee he had his eyes on, and this troubled her, raising doubts not really knowing if something was going on behind closed doors.

Her resolve was weakening, her curiosity was increasing, and she was beginning to have a dislike for him.

Samitra had always led a sheltered lifestyle; preoccupied by family, school, and then her business.

She was determined to succeed in life, although in her culture, a successful woman intimidated men, and created jealousy among women, for not being a traditional, passive, and demure Asian lady.

Samitra was well known as being ultra-conservative but in good taste; not boorish or square. She just happened to wear pants most of the time as she always felt simply naked exposing her soft creamy-white shoulders.

In quiet jest; she was a well preserved virgin.

Even her cordial male dates treated her with the respect of a unreachable Matriarch.

Samitra enjoyed going to festivities within her small circle of influence; her female friends. She was attractive, especially when she smiled and let her hair down, and it was rare to see her beautiful gracious legs in heels.

Having attended a recent wedding reception, Samitra sensed with awareness that she was being observed frolicking with her girlfriends laughing up a storm.

Surrounded by close friends, she noticed Max, of all people, carefully observing her. She caught his eye and quickly glanced down, and then looked away without a smile.

Max was very much attracted to Asian women and their culture, and continued to tactfully observe Samitra move graciously across the floor with various dance partners. He was fascinated by her grace and mannerism.

Later, Max approached her table while her girl friends ogled at his introduction asking Samitra to dance. He guided Samitra out to the dance floor holding her hand while simultaneously squeezing her elbow - sending shivers down her spine - her knees were weakening and wobbly.

They made for a handsome couple on the floor.

Samitra was very impressed with his ability to lead graciously in full command of her, the music, and the dance floor.

Samitra was hoping that she would not be left alone to dance the Waltz on the floor as others watched their moves.

Finally, a slow song brought half the reception guests onto the floor; Max was cordial and polite. He had soft un-calloused hands with long fingers and a firm grip. Max was not a pencil-pushing wimp.

He was competitive and assertive but his big brown eyes and warm smile could easily disarm a person.

During a second slow song, Max edged closer bringing Samitra to discomfort but, the music, and his swaying moves dazzled Samitra.

As he flirted over conversation about Samitra, he was charming and complimentary about her loveliness.

She found her head leaning toward his shoulder as he whispered sweet words into her ear.

Max complimented, "You wouldn't believe the pleasure this moment brings to me Samitra."

He tickled her palm with his finger reminding Samitra what she did to his ears sometime back when she washed his hair at the salon.

Because he hung on her every word and got a kick out of her sense of humor, Samitra felt deliciously clever and sexy.

It was then Max asked for her private phone number. She wasn't sure whether to be more dazzled by his wit, his smile or the fact that she already knew he had her business card.

Samitra was not one to mince words, saying she wanted to listen to her favorite song being played while they danced. She added that occasion memorable moments like this were precious to her.

At this point, Max casually slipped his leg between hers, then back out again. This unexpected act sent electric sparks up Samitra's spine; tingles up and down her body.

Max then reaches for a pen in his coat and writes gently his private phone number on her palm sending vibrations straight to her heart.

The song ended, and Max escorted Samitra back to her table assuring her if she ever needed anyone to talk to, he would make himself available day or night.

Samitra's late shower at home was flooded with the evening's memories... the food, friends, music, and of course, Max.

A careful thought in retrospect entered her mind; her parent's advice: "Daughter, it's a different world out there and one must always tread with caution... please, never, never, bring shame home to our family name."

Continued in parts...
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