The Italian Stallion Part 5
Samitra had personally scheduled Max for his Tantric massage session falling on next weekend afternoon. Unlike her, he felt relieved.

It was customary for Max to sit back quietly and smoke an expensive cigar when he achieved some victory in business or pleasure successes, and getting this appointment with Samitra was like winning an Olympic Gold Medal.

Although she was not in favor of him, he was very much attracted to her. He found her mysterious and fascinating; a day in his life would not end without a mindful thought about her.

She had basked in the memory of his mind, heart, and soul; her almond eyes, shy smile, and silky long black hair. He recalled the first day he met her, and how she had washed and styled his hair; the three dances she had shared with him; the way her soft hands and long delicate fingers had wrapped around his; the music, and the lingering scent of her perfume.

The outline of her healthy figure had been etched in his memory too; the way her beautiful sculptured gorgeous legs had accented her pretty feet; pristine feet that he would like to bow down to and press his warm lips upon.

To him, she was like a beautiful flower bud that would not open up to an elusive carefree butterfly that fluttered above, just waiting to see the bud's splendor and beauty as it displayed itself to the world.

Max also saw something else in Samitra; an extraordinary, ultra conservative woman he was certain contained kinky attributes hidden deep down inside her persona; he saw her as Betty Boop and Bettie Paige combined; mischievous and sexy, and HE wanted to be the one to bring these characteristics to surface.

It was not easy to get her attention outside of business, and he felt confident that after successfully getting THIS appointment with her, it would bridge a connection from business to pleasure.

Looking back in retrospect, six months after first meeting her, he played "Cupid" by match-making a couple of his friends with the single available employees from the salon having met during social events. These gentlemen would never be salon clients.

There romantic task was to shoot arrows of love potion into the hearts of her female employees to gain access to Samitra's life from a distance.

Max was indirectly gathering information about her without her knowledge. Gradually he learned almost minute by minute, and day to day details of all her activities, likes and dislikes.

Max would send anonymous gratuities as a secret admirer. The salon would receive flowers weekly. Hot and cold beverages would be delivered in busy stressful times.

Invitations to wine tasting events, and art galleries would be offered. Cards for every thoughtful holiday with sweet messages were sent or delivered to her desk.

There were times he would not approach Samitra at social events but made sure their eyes made contact with a waving gesture of his hands.

It was times like this that he had been meticulously observing who was who in her influential circles. As long as there were no matrimonial bells in the future, he knew that time was on his side.

He also had dropped hints during his scheduled appointments that he had an interest to buy into the salon business, perhaps even buying the business from Samitra.

Some of the employees were excited to hear the good prospect of working for Max, but the rumors that worried others had found their way back to Samitra. A couple of the employees had their heart set on buying her business first, as she had once promised.

Max was a shrewd businessman always on the lookout to acquire a prosperous business venture. Samitra had built a solid business from the ground up and he thought a Yoga and Spa Center would compliment her Tantra unit and full service salon.

He recognized Samitra as a sharp witted woman, ambitious, and competitive. He highly respected her business acumen as he saw great potential in her ability to move mountains and get things done, with the right guidance.

His gut-feelings told him she preferred business before pleasure, and that her successful achievement would eventually heighten her senses for intimacy.

He had been fully aware that Samitra just needed to feel stable and secure, and it was very important to make her feel that selling her business would be her idea.

More importantly, the reality of having Samitra's lovely hands all over him next week just thrilled Max beyond measure that he decided to treat himself to another expensive cigar.

To Be Continued In Parts.

Submitted by Sami 12/17/10
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