The Italian Stallion Part 6
Max was enthusiastic on the phone and couldn't mask his excitement when Samitra had scheduled him for a Tantric massage. He had mentioned that it was going to be his first and he was delighted it would be in her studio.

She tried very hard to like him, but every time he called the salon and spoke to her, she felt uncomfortable; always being suspicious that he had an agenda behind his handsome playboy face.

Stress began to take its toll on her, from burning the candle at both ends, to being plagued with feelings that she had been losing control of her professional and personal life.

She had twenty-four hour marathon days, filled with activities of managing her salon, going to school at night, and personal time off.

Personal time off included time alone, a few social events, various exercise routines, and camaraderie with a handful of her closest friends.

Her normal challenges and pressures of the day were easily dealt with as she juggled her activities to make things happen to flow smoothly, but life was somehow different with Max around; like a ghostly figure flying in and flying out.

Although considering him to be her worst enemy, he also happened to be one of the salon's best paying customers, and a good source of referrals.

He had quickly won over the salon employees combined with his generosity and charming persona; however, the employees were beginning to talk behind Samitra's back about the growing attention he was displaying towards her; after all, she had always been adamant about everyone complying to her number rule, "absolutely no fraternizing with our customers!"

Samitra had always been well disciplined and head-strong about accomplishing her goals in life, always charging forward similar to a rhino and never looking back; the Nike motto, "Just Do It" had always been her favorite.

She had always felt confident and in control as she embarked upon her future in life until Max came onboard. Her suspicions of him had become a distraction to her personal and working objectives.

Rumors abound began to surface that he was planning on buying into Samitra's business. This hare-brained notion drew her attention with an afterthought; she kept reminding herself that business was business.

While thinking there would be no harm in evaluating the possibility of expanding her business further, she had begun to realize it was time to review her past, present, and future objectives.

With careful planning she could make the necessary adjustments to proceed, and move forward into the next five years ahead.

Although she rarely saw Max, he had been extremely helpful, kind and generous as he never made demands nor expected anything in return from her.

He had been considerate in recognizing she had a very hectic schedule requiring much of her time, and during stressful times he did try to escort her to lunch or dinner, and suggested occasional outdoor walks, but her number one business rule did not allow client fraternization.

Samitra's repeated explanation had always been that it would just complicate business

In order to move forward toward her future business objectives, she knew she needed to confront her number one challenge, her feelings about Max.

She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt which was difficult for her in the beginning as it was an important Asian custom to establish trust first when meeting someone for the first time.

She needed something more effective than affirmations to counter her well rooted negative gut-feelings about him.

Samitra believed that a person's birth name should be chosen carefully prior to birth because the child's name determines his or her personal attributes, and characteristics in life.

She believed the birth name laid the foundation of stepping stones to one's destiny in life, good and bad, such as her, having to deal with her inner eagle and wolf.

She decided to apply her mystical belief to Max. She never really cared for that name. That was her first turn off when she met him and could not understand why any parent would subject the child's entire life to just, Max, as it rhymed with ax, tax, lax, and anthrax.

Privately, Samitra had spared no feelings for him personally since their first introduction.

Taking a writing tablet from her desk drawer, she drew a large capital letter T down the center from top to bottom.

She began to write his positive traits on the left side of the T and his negative traits on the right.

The positive left side of the T far outweighed the negative right.

The right side had only contained his name Max, after crossing out playboy and womanizer.

She took into consideration that she had not spent personal quality time with him, so she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Then she would look at the descriptive notations to determine his true character based on his true actions, activities, profession, achievements, and successes in life.

From this method, she had determined that he was a person motivated to lead, and humble enough to learn from his mistakes. He was an intimate person with insight and intuition; more so, a fun loving, peaceful, and calm man.

Samitra was astounded, relief swept through her torso like wildfire. She had to admit to herself that he had lived up to all these attributes through his actions and accomplishments.

As she stared at the notes on her writing paper, her cold stone-heart searched for more negative traits to write below his name; Max. It was quite obvious to her she had tried unsuccessfully to add her own personal, antagonistic, discriminating tastes.

Her heart turned from stone to putty, and she began to feel a bit of remorse for having been so blind in condemning such a nice man to her imaginary guillotine.

She began to see him as a possible asset to her future plans which would create a great selling opportunity in the future.

Furthermore, she could always stipulate an option that would entitle her employees to buy out her ownership first as she had promised them.

Her stressful feelings had started to melt away, and ideas began to flow smoothly through her mind.

Samitra began to see value in his presence and perhaps as a partner. He was successful; an astute businessman with global networking connections, and he would come with a reputable source of referrals.

It was then she had decided to take a different course of action from her routine the following day.

The first steps would be to address her employees that she would be having a business lunch with Max to discuss the rumors she heard, and secondly, invite him to lunch for a meeting of the minds.

To Be Continued In Parts.

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