The Italian Stallion Part 11
Enthusiastic Max had laid face down on the table.

He was delighted that this precious moment had finally arrived, and he had a difficult time controlling thoughts that had raced through his mind as he tried to relax.

The little boy in him had surfaced, as if having torn through the invisible thin veil that separated them between their professional and personal life.

For Samitra, this was all business; however, Max had not come here all stressed out from a tough week in business in need of a soothing massage.

He wanted to play house with his pretty china-doll.


This was his first time to see her Tantra studio; he was impressed with the facility, and the welcome reception he had received.

It was a private studio by referral only.

Clientele had been provided by existing customers, with the responsibility resting upon their shoulders to provide worthy customers seeking Tantra therapy.

Although Max had patronized her salon as a customer, and was quite pleased, this Tantra appointment would be the pivot point that would make or break his decision to buy into Samitra's business.

He had planned in advance, and had summoned investors to provide funding for the Yoga and Spa center.

As a syndicator, Max would not have to put up one red cent, but he would hold the position of CEO in a 60:40 split partnership with Samitra as she would retain 100% of her salon.

Max would provide the funding, and she would provide the goodwill of clientele, and her well known established reputation.

They would be moving to a new location as they had required much more space, and Max had previously negotiated lease arrangements.


Before applying lotion to her hands, Samitra had fumbled with her French-roll to loosen it, and let her hair hang down loosely.

She had tossed her long silky black hair provocatively over her shoulder as she glanced at Max.

Samitra was a very attractive woman, and Max, although face down on the massage table with racing thoughts, had to keep in mind that any indirect intimation on her part was no excuse for him to lose control of himself.

Samitra had applied lotion to her hand and had begun rubbing them together to create warmth and heat to the touch.

She knew that once she touched his body she would always have at least one hand on him at all times, as it wouldn't be good practice to leave his body untouched once the process began.

Touching him would do more than just make him feel good, the rubbing of her hands on his skin would literally unlock an arousing cocktail of chemicals and hormones that would make touching one of the most potent forms of foreplay he could experience.

With every stroke of her hands, his body would pump out a natural "bonding chemical" called oxytocin that would soak his brain and sex organs, including his craving for skin contact.

She had planned to spend a minimum of twenty minutes warming him up for a deep kneading massage.

Samitra began by turning each side of his face, a highly erogenous area.

She had stroked him up from his chin, along the side of his face to his ears and back again, and then stroked him between his eyes, and over the bridge of his nose.

Max tried to murmur something but Samitra quietly hushed him while moving to his neck and shoulders.

She had proceeded to his back, arms, hands, and shifted to his buttocks.

The lower half of his body came next as she moved down to his thighs, legs and feet.

From his feet she had begun to move upward to complete another cycle, consistently rubbing, kneading, and also had applied circular sweeps along the curves of his body.

Max had tried "scooching" his towel lower and lower below his waist as he had occasionally sighed softly, moaned, and had let out warm breath through his nose and mouth.

Max had no idea Samitra had such a strong, soothing hand grip.

Her motions were in synch, smooth and gentle.

Samitra had asked him to rollover.

She had lifted his towel as a blanket shield between them concealing his private nature.

He was ready to have his front torso massaged; legs, thighs, stomach, and chest.

Max, having rolled over onto his back, without thinking, had pulled the towel down towards him unintentionally revealing his private endowment.

Samitra's eyes had opened widely and had gasped, "Oh good heavens Max! What IS that?"

"It's so huge! It's grotesque!"

She was awe stricken, and paralyzed in her stance, her mouth was partly open, unable to utter another word, and had simply stared at his manhood in disbelief.

In his innocent sway, he said, "It's only a part of me Sami."

"See here, touch it; please."

Within a split-second, Max had taken both her arms by her wrists and gently pulled her toward his beastly organ and placed her soft hands around his shaft.

Like a little boy offering her some candy, he added, "Squeeze it Sami, it's really a natural part of me."

Samitra still in shock was mortified, paralyzed and remained silent feeling its life, warmth, and firmness.

In his eyes, Samitra had lips of fire, and had been taken in with her passive reluctance.

The redness of her lips had further provoked desire in Max.

Max reached up as he propped himself up on one elbow and had placed his other hand around her neck and slid it up behind her head.

He had pulled her closer to his pride until her lips, partially opened from surprise, had touched the tip of his enormous cock.

With heated passion in his voice he commanded, "Kiss it Sami."

She slowly moved her eyes up toward Max without moving a muscle and had been shocked at his suggestion to do so.

He has smiled to reassure her it was OK and said, "Taste it Sami."

Maxed had slowly pulled her inward as the tip of his cock-head eased its way into her mouth, and back out again.

Her silky black hair had fallen along her beautiful face, and her charming almond eyes.

In tandem, Samitra had jumped back towards the nearest wall, and Max had leaped from the massage table, pressed himself upon her, and kissed her lips.

She had tried to push him off and away from her but his mouth found hers, and his arms had embraced her.

She began to breathe heavily trying to turn her head away from him but he followed her every move as he sensed her passion had begun to enlighten.

In the heat of her whimpers and moans, he had slipped her running shorts down around her hips and thighs using his knee and leg to bring them to her ankles to slip them away from her feet.

Max had her firmly in his embrace, and turned her around unto the massage table gently pushing her onto her back.

She had tried to regain a defensive position but Max pressed firmly between her breasts until she had lain on her back.

Max had positioned himself between her legs while holding his cock trying to rub his passion sword against her forbidden fruit.

Samitra had squirmed beneath him and had pleaded with him to stop his charade.

"Please Max, what's gotten into you?"

Max persisted.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Please stop!"

"Not like this Max!"

"Please don't Max!"

Max did not seem to hear her pleas.

"Max, I am not sexually promiscuous!"

Max had begun to lose control of his actions and was now beyond his common sense.

"No! Please, please don't rape me!"

Samitra had begun crying and sobbing uncontrollably.

Max had stopped briefly while panting heavily and looked at Samitra; he had noticed that she was not filled with mischievous passion.

Tears had been streaming down the sides of her temples. Her hair was mussed and sweat ridden.

Max had been taken aback with one last word he had heard; rape.

He looked at Samitra and had questioned her request.

"You're serious aren't you Sami?

"Sami, I had no idea!" I am truly sorry as I don't know what got into me to do such a terrible thing."

"Please Sami, forgive me! I am really sorry!"

Samitra grabbed his towel from the massage table to cover herself as she retorted in tears.

"You're a common bastard Max!"

"I trusted you!"

"You're nothing but a stupid, moronic womanizer!"

"I knew from the beginning you were a jerk, but I went against my better judgment."

"I am not one of your forsaken whores that you have left behind, nor will I ever be!"

"Do you think you can just come in here and take something sacred that does not belong to you?"

"I hate you Max!"

"There are laws in this country to protect women from men like you."

"Oh Sami, I've never heard you speak this way"

"I learned to speak this way having attended an Italian university where I majored in profanity."

"Oh Sami, that was a low blow."

"Get out Max, get out immediately or I will ruin you!"

Continued In Parts

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