The Italian Stallion Part 3
Samitra was glad she hadn't wet her hair during her quick shower as she needed to be up early. Still, she lay in bed, relaxing--dosing off and on.

She then realized she hadn't washed off the phone number Max scribbled on the palm of her hand. Staring at the faint digits on her palm, she recalled the tickly feeling she felt as Max slowly and methodically had transferred his enticing energy into her the night before. What visions had entered his mind--what had he expected from this creative and romantic gesture?

Her senses advised her against him. Why? Here he was; a man with astonishing infallible charm, grace, successful too. But her senses could feel the power of a well trained actor, containing knowledge of cultures, and many tongues; displaying aristocratic mannerisms.

Samitra was beginning to see Max as always one step ahead of himself, and everyone else. Here he was; and she didn't need any interruptions at this time as she had yet much to accomplish.

She tried to clear Max from her mind, and thought of her goals.

Samitra had intentions of being a self-made woman, dependent on no man, and when it was time for matrimony, it would be with a good stable provider. Financial security was very important to her.

She heard many stories, years ago, from her past clients, that when there was no money, and the roof leaked, all love flew out the window.

Looking upon everyone she encountered as a teacher, she always found things to learn, had always observed that by asking questions and remaining alert and eager to learn, she ended up learning something worthwhile, what to do, what not to do.

She recalled homeless men she'd met who went from pushing grocery carts in the street to being men in suits--intelligent, articulate men.

It reminded her, inspired her, to give handsomely to homeless men and women she saw on the streets, those who needed a little hope to keep them going, to aspire to more.

She had noted that behind every downfall, there was always a discouraged man or a woman behind every situation, and that the world revolved around sex and money.

Her marketing experience proved that to her. This is why she decided to move in more humanitarian ventures and decided to pursue her studies to earn her master's degree in nursing. She had enough of the fashion world.

It had been a stressful week with work and studies. . . .

Samitra couldn't wait for Monday, the salon's day off. It was her weekend to spend time with herself. She would run in the morning, and then do a few laps in the pool to cool off, and practice Yoga in the afternoon to calm her mind.

Evenings were for martial arts to work out her emotional stress and develop disciplined thinking.

Leading a very private and secluded lifestyle because of her daily schedule, when it came to her personal life, she was always very generous and gave of personal quality time to her friends and of course, to her business clients. It was her nature to please, aim to serve.

Yet in her own life, here was only one person Samitra could confide in and trust--Kaylin, her Tantric massage therapist.

She called a therapist, because she needed to vent and discuss her concerns openly.

Kaylin was the perfect choice as she always helped her keep her emotional and physical needs in balance.

Tantric massage feels as if you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.

When she yearned for intimate release, she explored her sensual mysteries and had learned through this practice to receive pleasure and surrender to her passions.

Experiencing a wide gamut of sensations, Samitra found she could go from gently soothing to exhilaratingly powerful and that afterwards, she felt awakened.

More importantly, Kaylin and her Tantric techniques helped her successfully maintain her virginity, while at the same time, keeping herself satisfied until the right man could come into her life.

As it worked out, Samitra was rarely seen in the open public or in the presence of eligible men because of her rigorous schedule.

One man told her, that was WHY she was highly sought after by the male populace, although that was not why she did it.


One early morning she received a phone call at work from Max. He mentioned that on his way to a business appointment he heard one of the songs on the radio they danced to at the wedding reception--that it was what prompted him to call and say hello.

The song playing was "When I need You," by Leo Sayer.

Additionally he stated that every time he hears the song "Words" by the Bee Gees, he is drawn to thoughts of her--how happy and alive her presence makes him feel--how nice she looked at the reception, and what a flexible light dancer she was.

He was persistent in mentioning that he did not want to disturb her at work so he asked for her personal phone number to call at a better time, cleverly, he closed the phone conversation saying he would gladly accept an email address, knowingly, that Samitra also carried a Blackberry.

It was all a little too much for her. He was an asset to her business, an advocate of her plans, and overwhelmingly dazzled her employees, but she was beginning to feel smothered by Max.

Pausing a brief moment to regain her conscious business mentality, she pulled from her intellectual arsenal, her personal affirmations to relieve herself of Max.

To my enemies--forgiveness
To my opponents--tolerance
To my friends--my heart
To my customer--service
To all--charity
To every child--good example
To myself--respect
To Max--Detachment!


To Be Continued In Parts.

Submitted by Sami 12/14/10
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