The Italian Stallion Part 4
Samitra continued unsuccessfully repeating her affirmations, and succumbed to annoying frustration, so she directed her most trusted assistant to watch the salon while she spent a quiet moment in the Tantra Unit undisturbed.

She sat quietly in the Yoga Lotus position to meditate for a few minutes.

Then came Max, floating into her mental vision, likened to watching a movie in a theatre. She kept reminding herself to focus but once again, Max appeared right to left floating across her mind.

Samitra was enflamed, spewing mental spears of venom directly into her heart; molten lava began to course through her veins. Anger riled her as she verbally repeated, "Damn the man, damn the man, damn the man with the plan. Damn the man, damn the man, damn the man with the plan!"

She yelled out uncontrollably, "Stop, stop, stop!"

She reminded herself that negativity only bred contempt. After all, what did he do to deserve such wrath, and she began to realize she was feeding her underlying nature that she suppressed; the wolf.

"Soar with the eagle! Soar with the eagle!" She exclaimed.

Samitra quickly went to her locker, donned on her sweats and went for a run, running faster and faster she tried desperately to exhaust her negative energy.

Later that evening, she was disappointed in herself for giving way to one of the seven deadly sins, the wolf of anger, to rise above ground. In the past, with the help of martial arts, she had learned to manage her negative emotions well, curtailing all her demons; pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth.

Her vision was to always manage her business by fostering and cultivating the angels of virtues; prudence, temperance, justice, fortitude, faith, hope, and charity; however, emotional confusion was beginning interfere within her, and it was up to her to decide which of the two she would continue to feed, the eagle or the wolf.

She had always been a person giving everyone the benefit of the doubt by following her inner guidance, but just the thought of Max kept pushing her to the middle ground of her morals and ethics, and he smelled of a rat.

It seemed he was always too well prepared, very efficient and effective presenting himself socially when it deemed necessary.

Until this day, Max and Samitra have never been close enough to know each other well, but he was beginning to show up everywhere he could tail Samitra, gaining ground, and moving closer to her day by day.

She began to notice that Max showed up unexpectedly in her presence; a party, a dance, a wedding, including her day off on Mondays when she secluded herself to do inventory and accounting.

He also learned very quickly of her favorite choices in life, her likes and dislikes, and just about everything that sparked her interests.

He always seemed to show up at the right moment; in time of need, to make Samitra's life easier. He would show up with her favorite beverages and healthy nutritional treats to keep her going through the day. He'd have her car washed, waxed, and detailed while she worked to ease her busy schedule, dazzling her employees making him seem irresistible, and indispensible.

Although she felt he stifled her freedom, what was Samitra to do? Complain?

She understood that within a group of people there is always a Judas; man or woman, and she would not be surprised if one of her very own employees had betrayed her trust.

Someone had been leaking personal information about her to him. She didn't know who, but everyone was suspect. It would take a strong willed person to keep Max at a distance, and not eventually tell him whatever he wanted.

She began to inform her employees that when Max availed himself to show up, she would always require an employee companion at her side, never to find herself alone with him, including on inventory and accounting days.

Early the next morning, Max calls the salon, "Good morning Samitra. How are you today?"

"I would like to make an appointment for a Tantric massage. I understand there is a session, one for a woman, and one for man, is that correct?"

Usually, when Max asked a question, he already knew the answer. Max was a genius at setting clever snares for the unsuspecting. Because of his eloquent style and manner, he made them feel THEY were in the driver's seat, but in reality, it was always HIM at the wheel.

Samitra greets him, "Max, how delightful to hear from you so soon. Oh Yes! We do have openings available."


To Be Continued In Parts.

Submitted by Sami 12/15/10
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