The Italian Stallion Part 9
Max had taken himself deeper into meditation.

In his mind's trance-like vision, he saw that all the dance couples sat at white table-clothed dinner tables surrounding the dance floor, illuminated with candlelight center pieces.

The couples had been egging Max on, cheering and applauding his masterful performance.

The lighting had been dimmed and soft music had played in the background.

Maxed had bent forward, and had reached for Samitra's ankles, having extended her legs to remove her high-heels. He had placed both of her ankles together, and brought her feet close enough to his face that he could smell her body lotion.

As he had proceeded to kiss the soles of her tender feet, he had pressed his facial cheeks against the arches of her feet feeling their softness.

He had parted her feet just wide enough to press his face between her arches but unable to see anything below her mid-thighs that had been concealed beneath the cloudy mist.

He slid his hands downward behind her smooth calves until he had reached the softness behind each knee, and bent her legs while holding them together.

As he bent further toward Samitra, he had placed each leg upon his shoulders and simultaneously had reached down with both of his hands to pull her underwear away from her cantaloupe bottom, passed her thighs, knees, and legs, having reached her ankles until the material touched his nose.

The audience stood with daring cheers as he removed her skimpy underwear from her feet, and had tossed them away into the clouded floor.

Samitra's hands and arms had risen above the clouded floor in a v-shaped manner as she arched her back, and her welcomed motions had encouraged him to free her bra. He had pulled her upper garment up an away onto the cloudy floor.

Max gallantly stood upright to acknowledge the cheering crowd, and had taken a few steps back to look around at the audience.

While Max had been occupied with his glorified moment, Samitra had lowered her arms and legs, in a spread-eagled fashion, and had vanished from sight into the thick cloudy mist that had totally covered the dance floor.

Max had looked away from the spectators and back down at Samitra having discovered she had disappeared. His meditation had come to an end.

Having brought himself slowly to full consciousness, Max had proceeded to interpret his experience. His private moment was symbolic and had given him the answers to his frustrating uncertainty.

The misty environment had been symbolic of a thin veil that had kept him socially, and intimately separated from Samitra.

The cloudy floor symbolized soft white satin sheets.

Not being able to have seen Samitra's private nature, represented intimacy denied but open to discovery.

The candle light center pieces, and music, signified a forthcoming intimate rendezvous.

The cheering and hooting represented a successful forthcoming conquest.


His private moment in meditation had left him with a sense of warmth and confidence.

Max realized from his meditation that he had to offer Samitra more than just business and sexual escapades to win her over.

He needed to change her mind to reach her two personas, the visible and the hidden, without an apparent motive.

With the caprice of a despotic king, he would have to operate between kindness and cruelty until he discovered her true nature.

He understood that when principles became despotic, morals relaxed.

He had been sure, like all young virgins, she had dreamed of thrilling passions, love and ardor, but always ended up having smashed her fiery passion to conceal her lust for love.

Like all women, she would hate to be forsaken. Yes, she was virtuous and upright, but wanted to be above suspicion.

He strongly felt it would be only a matter of time, Samitra would come to him. She had saved up her desires, and he was confident they were for him alone.


Samitra had realized she could no longer dance around Max. She had to look at him as an investor, not a customer, and she knew the next step would be paramount to the future growth of her business.

She would have to make a first class impression of her business without selling her soul to the devil.

Although not having been sure what his expectations would be, she had to put all her emotions and feelings aside to accommodate Max.

He was not just a customer of her salon studio; he was a credible investor that would help take her business to the next level of success.

This was going to be his first tantric massage experience that had to be planned step by step from start to finish.

She had decided to take the therapeutic session over and beyond the norm, but in good taste.

She would have to keep it professional as usual; however, Max being a customer and potential investor, she would add a personal touch to win him over.

She had planned for his first session to be a warm up from head to toe, a sensual massage, without sacred intimacy, to entice future appointments.

Besides using her hands extensively on his body, there would have to be slight use of her body pressing into him, letting him feel her abdomen against his back, her full arms up and down his arms and legs and whatever other parts she chose to touch him without provocation.


Samitra jotted down a few quick notes:

Massage table in lieu of the floor

Mood-lighting and romantic music in the background

Candles for the right tone and ambience

Scented massage lotion

A small bowl of chocolates for occasional feeding

A Japanese Kimono with running shorts and tank-top underneath

Bare feet

Cordial body contact

Soft whispers close enough for him to feel her warm breath

Signed disclosure form for safety


Samitra had taken a few minutes to herself to mentally plan her massage techniques.

To Be Continued In Parts.

Submitted by Sami 1/2/11

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