The Itch
I was tiring of my ho-hum sex life and I desired more than what my conservative husband was willing to give me. My life, a perfect fit in most aspects except in the boudoir. Marrying a man of the cloth had both benefits and limitations, as did my husband. My husband was pretty much vanilla when it came to sex. We would make love but I would only orgasm after much effort on my behalf to compensate for Bill's reluctance to trying anything with a twist or kink resulting in a love life without spice. His mantra, often recanted so I would not forget, missionary is the best position the rest are the devil's playground. My love for my husband is unyielding; but I am a vibrant woman with sexual needs requiring more than the traditional bedroom romp. I am constantly searching for solutions, something or someone who could scratch my recurring itch.

Living in NW New York near the confluence of Lake Ontario and the Black River we live in a small community. Bill my husband, is the minister of a good-sized congregation and I, fulfill the role of the prim and proper minister's wife. Wearing the façade of the position to all who I interact with I keep concealed the fact that deep within me resides a secret, lustful, dark passenger.

My dark passenger has a carnal lust for sex. A base desire that is never be sated by the offering of my present meager sex life. I have learned from past that the taboo pleasures of BDSM flows deep within my soul and I will do everything within my power to answer the call when my dark passenger beckons me. Over the years my dark passenger will wake, demanding satisfaction from me. Each time the demand is greater and each time I succumb to the scandalous dictates of my body. This is my deepest and darkest secret and when my dark passenger calls, I answer the call. Always acquiescing to have my sultry itch scratched and I am left powerless to abstain when in the clutches of my dark passenger.

Lately I have felt that dark presence beginning to bubble to the surface of my soul manifesting as an itch. The itch, adamant to be scratched, presents itself in the form of a BDSM fetish of which is constantly at the forefront of my mind. My days are fraught with porn during my waking hours and filling my sub-consciousness during my restless nights. My dreams contain a common thread of being taken and forced to submit to sex with women, they involved latex, restraints, submission and are filled with depravity.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5", 135 pounds, 34C tits with perky nipples and rounded hips from bearing two babies, at forty-three I manage to stay in shape. I still think I have a sensual figure, and still receive a fair share of compliments. I work hard to keep myself in attractive physical shape and my body desirable for Bill but even more so to placate my dark side. Meticulous about my appearance I work out on a regular basis. I keep my mound soft and supple to the touch. My mound is bare; save a small inverted cross of jet black pubic hair which is centered above my slit to represent my convoluted secret sex life. The cross is a reminder than I am a slave to my dark passenger who is always with me and I am obligated to serve. The cross is my way of expressing my commitment to my depravity.

I have always been a very sensual woman with a very active libido and constantly brimming with sexual energy. My daily cravings are placated with my fingers and assorted toys most every day. My toys dwell in a cedar chest along with my secret sex life, safe from prying eyes. In this chest, I keep my dildos, vibrators, restraints of various types and my naughtiest lingerie and often times I think the dark side of my soul lives in residence as well.

I also have a cyber-girlfriend with whom I chat with several times a week. I am Lara's submissive in world of role play. Her on-line domination has failed to scratch itch. In fact my dark passenger just scoffs at frivolity of my efforts.

The first visit of my dark passenger I proffered the excuse of going to visit one of my girlfriends for several days in another city to my husband. During the so-called girlfriend visits, I would check into hotel proceeding to satisfy my dark passengers' sexual desires. Using any means available to accomplish this objective, this was perilous to say the least. I would pick-up strangers and bring them back to my hotel room for a night of debauchery. Some nights it would be men and others it was women. Almost any act was acceptable to me as long as I was treated like the slut I pretended to be when I was horny. After a while this behavior failed to scratch my itch.

Then one day, when I was preparing for a visit from my dark passenger, I discovered Dream Makers, a company that specializes in fulfilling dreams. Envisioning Dream Makers to be a company of making a terminally ill child's dreams come true similar to Make-A-Wish Foundation, I called and made at appointment. I was anticipating that they would bounce my ass out the door upon hearing my bizarre wish. I could not have been farther off the mark. Informing me that the company made dreams a reality for all types of people and the nature of the dream was not relevant, providing the dream was legal. I immediately contracted for the company's services and have continued to do so for several years now, just to scratch my itch.

What I am undertaking this time will be the most elaborate subterfuge I have ever concocted I thought as I laid out the details of my dark passenger's needs. Providing a window and all required pertinent information to my dream maker I was ready for them to execute my dream. After finalizing the arrangements rendering my deposits I provided Dream Makers my schedule of activities for the next fourteen days that I would be at home alone. It was sometime during this period in that my itch would be scratched. I would not know when or how, just that it would happen unexpectedly at any time of the day or night and my family would have no knowledge of my contracted services.

Bill was going to be away at a two week-long seminary conference and the boys would be visiting their grandparents' house for the next two weeks. I would be at home alone so this was the opportune time to scratch my nagging itch.

Nine days had passed; the itch still lingered and grew in its intensity. Masturbation had grown longer in duration, rougher and the frequency increased almost daily. Cyber chats became raunchy and demeaning at times but with all this, I failed to scratch the itch. I was wearing my collar all the time, remained sequestered in the house, I sat naked in front of the computer watching BDSM porn fantasizing about being dominated and fucked. My fantasies encompassed my cunt plugged with enormous dildos, and women fucking me with strap-on dildos while being restrained. Nipple clamps, clit clamps and clamps on my engorged pussy lips were all part of her itch. My pussy is watering just thinking about it.

I had accepted an invitation from my friend Gail to attend a Naughty Lingerie Party at Gail's home on a Friday night in late October. This party was piquing my interest as I was in the market for some new toys to add to my collection and I was anxious to attend. Gail was a friend of mine from outside my normal social circle so I did not run the risk of encountering anyone from the church. My husband and the boys were not due to return home for a few more days.

There was a good turnout of women at the party and they watched the showing of the lingerie and a demonstration of different sex toys with active interest. Sipping wine and chatting, the women compared notes about their sex lives and found they were all pretty much the same. Sex was not all good for all and all the women did not get all they wanted. Most of their men just wanted to get their nut, finish fucking them and go to sleep. These women all had their personal itch of some sort but did not scratch it. How pathetic and oh, so sad that they were unwilling to change the status quo. I had an itch, darker that any I heard but I did not share my itch with strangers. Unlike them, I scratched mine.

The women watch the hostess show them different toys and how to use them. The women holding the dildos, feeling vibrators and daydreaming about sex that that would never happen, unless they cheated on their man. Most purchased the run of the mill toys and some sexy lingerie. Vibrators and dildos were crammed into designer purses; small finger vibes given as party favors. There was also a kinky line of sexy clothes and some BDSM items, which caught my eye.

Fur lined handcuffs, some ball gags, various styles of cat o' nine tails, riding crops of various lengths and leather paddles captivated my attention.
"Got a kinky side?" Gail whispered in my ear and I felt her hand on her ass for a brief moment, which made me shiver with desire.

I looked soulfully into her limpid eyes and said to her "No just a passing fancy. Why?"

"Oh I get an itch that I need to scratch from time to time. Just keep that in mind."

Gail smiled wily and drifted off to mingle with her other guests.

My heart racing and my crotch wet I looked after Gail and recalling the electric touch of her hand on my ass and the sweet taste of her pussy from previous encounters with the alluring hostess.

I picked up a pair shiny, black, latex, crotch-less panties and a matching bra with the nipple cutouts. Examining them combined with the lusty thought of them hugging my lady bits, I felt my pussy quiver and nipples harden. OMG I am so wet I thought. The panties looked small but I wanted to try them on.

I picked them up and when to the bedroom designated as the fitting-room and entered. A beautiful raven haired, young girl was trying on sheer, translucent, crimson red panties and matching bra. I could see her luscious pussy lips and her yummy nipples, which really made my juices flow. She looked voluptuous and I told her so, what I failed to tell her was how I desired to throw her on the bed and munch her carpet. The young woman blushed, informing me that husband was returning from a deployment and she wanted something special for him.

"That will work girl," I said. "That will work."
The girl, blushing, changed and left the room.

Bending at the waist, wiggling my torso and the girls lolled into place in the cups of the bra. My stiff nipples fell into the cutouts and only my dark areolas and nipples were visible through the cutouts. Reaching around my back and I hooked the bra's clasp. The bra fit snug but was not uncomfortable. I posed, looking in the mirror and enjoying my hot sensual image, my fingers started to wander south.

Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of my thong, sliding it down my thighs and I stepped out of the thong. I took the liberty of rubbing my swollen lips for a few blissful seconds before picking up the crotch less black latex panties. Sitting on the edge of the bed, slipping my legs through the leg openings of the latex panties and I stood up. Bending at the waist, I pulled the tight latex panties up fitting the latex over my hot pussy. My full round lips exposed, my dark inner lips pressed together which decorated framed my sexy vagina. Looking in the mirror with my hands on my waist and smiling approvingly at what I saw.

"Not bad for a 44 year old bitch!" I exclaimed approvingly.

After removing the bar code tags, I slipped the top and jeans back on over the newly acquired latex and I finished dressing. Stuffing my bra and panties into my large purse, I return to the party to resume shopping.

Surveying riding crops, whips, latex corsets and restraint devices, I spied a set of leather ankle and wrist cuffs. A half-inch thick, three inches wide with chrome buckle loops to secure them with a snap ring or padlock the restraints, a thing of erotic beauty. The cuffs fastened with strong Velcro strips. Slipping the cuffs on and I found them to be lined with a soft material to prevent chaffing, and then the ankle cuffs followed. I slipped on the ankle cuffs I liked the way they chilled my blood when I thought of being restrained and pleasured sexually at someone's whim. It was arousing for me to be submissive, having my body taken and used as someone's sexual toy. My itch is raging to be scratched now.

Removing the bar code tags from the cuffs and I placed them with the other bar codes tags, leaving the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Locating the vendor, I gave her the bar codes and paid for the items.

Gail sidled up next to me "I would love to see your purchases sometime, my kitty."

"Very nice restraint cuffs." She whispered in my ear and gave me a warm kiss on the cheek.

"Love to show you. Just say when." I replied looking into her sensual brown eyes, "I need to go now and get back home. Thank you for a great night ma'am," I said very submissively.

Making my way through the crowd of horny women and to the bathroom was not an easy task. I was horny and aching for some pleasure so I dropped my jeans and peed letting the warm amber liquid dribble through my fingers as I fingered my clit. I peeled my top off, then my jeans and crammed them in my purse. Dipping my finger into my pussy once more, lo and behold my cunt was soaking wet and oh so fragrant. Extracting my finger coated with my juices, I inhaled my scent and licked my fingers clean. Donning my full-length black raincoat over my new latex panties and bra, I picked up my purse and departed.

Bidding my farewells, opening the door, I stepped out into the cold, rainy, October night and starting my trek home. My pussy warm, soaking wet and the tight latex panties hugged my pussy. My nipples are rubbing on the lining of my raincoat, erect, and ached as my tits bounced with each step I took. It was going to be a long, erotic walk to my house.

Desperate to get home I longed to masturbate in the comfort of a warm bed, not just a bathroom quickie. I am craving to be fucked; I sat in the rain on a park bench, spread my legs, and finger fucked my hot, pulsating cunt to get some temporary relief. The cold, stinging rain was preventing me from masturbating like I wanted to, so I quicken my pace.

9:30 PM a fog began rolling in as I trudged in the driving rain towards home. In the distance, headlights of a vehicle appeared, dim and obscured by the driving rain. The vehicle heading in my direction, I continued to walk and after a couple of blocks, I regretted my decision of not driving the few blocks instead of walking. Quickening my pace the stinging rain was cold, my snatch on fire, my itch ever present, I continued to persevere.

The vehicle's headlights are growing closer and brighter as the vehicle speeds towards me spraying plumes of water onto the sidewalk. Asshole! He is going to soak me so I step off the sidewalk and turn my back to the street to avoid getting spray in my face. The vehicle slows, pulling close to the curb as it approaches me. A beat-up primer gray van, now with the lights off, pulls to the curb and the side door slams open. The passenger door squeaks loudly as it is flung open and two people dressed in black jump from the van.

A pair of strong arms wraps around my arms immobilizing me and a dark rag tied tightly over my eyes. A pair hands grasped me under my arms, a second pair of hands grab my ankles and the two people unceremoniously tossed me into the van. Landing on the cold, wet, metal floor with a thud, I instantaneously felt a sharp pain in my shoulder; Hearing the van doors bang shut the van accelerated sharply and I skidded on the cold, wet, bare metal floor.

One of my abductors grabbed my wrists pulling me up violently, pinning my hands to the top of the sidewall of the van. I heard the sound of a zip tie straps being fed through the metal loops on my wrist restraints and yanked tight. An accomplice fed zip tie straps through my ankle cuffs and welded loops on the floor of the van then jerked the straps tight securing my ankles. I lay there spread eagle, strapped to the floor of a piece of shit van hurtling into the darkness of a rainy night. My captors untied the rag over my eyes replacing it with a soft thick black blindfold and cinched it tight. One of my captors stuffs a ball gag in my mouth cinching it tight so I could not speak. Lying there in the dark van I whimpered softly as the van sped down the wet road.

My heart was racing, nipples hard and juices seeping from my vagina and to top it all off I had to pee. Left without an option, pressing my back against the wall of the van I started peeing. The golden piss was squirting from my pee hole, the rich odor of urine filling the nasty van in yet in a small way provided me some measure of relief from the musty wet aroma of the van. For a brief moment, the piss warmed my thighs and then pooling on my raincoat with my cunt juice and the rainwater. So I sat in my own stew.

Small nimble fingers grasping the hem of my raincoat and jerking it smooth and the bile mixture flowed through a hole in the floor of the van. The hands of a woman then started to unbutton my raincoat, pausing at my exposed, rigid nipples and tweaking each one before finishing the task. I could only speculate as to what was happening but I did feel my itch starting to be scratched.

The old van slowing, making a right turn, my ass bouncing on the floor of the van as the van went over bumps in the road and then the van slowly came to a stop. The sliding door opening, pressure bearing on the zip ties as they cut them and I was able to move. I felt a leather collar being secured to my neck and I hearing a metallic click of a snap link, the brush of a cold chain on my breast, I was assuming a leash of some type was attached to the collar. Feeling a sharp tug on the collar, accompanied by the sound of a rough voice, commanding me to get out resounded in my ears, I moved cautiously to obey the command.

Disoriented, unable to see, struggling to get out of the van and stand on my own two feet I was a bit scared. Standing in the rain, reeking of fresh piss, I waited and then a door opened. With the leash in her hand, the female from the van led me into the large dark building, which provided shelter and warmth from the cold rain.

"Take off her raincoat," a feminine voice commanded.

A woman began removing the rain soaked garment from my shoulders and I began to shiver uncontrollably, my body, covered with goose bumps, from a combination of the cold rain and evidence of sexual stimulation. Standing there wearing just my new shiny black, latex, bra and panties I was nervous as well as anxious for what was yet to come. My nipples were hard; pussy lips were dark and swollen protruding from the crotch less latex. Heat radiated from my snatch which was wet from my arousal and the rain.

Feeling a yank on the leash, I was led to a shower room. Stripping, my bra and panties from my body, the women shoved me into the shower. The warm water cascaded onto my body warding off the chill and the women scrubbed me vigorously and touching my most intimate places. Pushing me to my knees, I was instructed to bend over a stool with my ass in the air. I followed the orders to the letter. A pair of rough hands began spreading my ass cheeks apart and then I could feel a cold gelatinous gel landing on my starfish. My ass reactively tried to close and for my effort I was punished with stinging slap on my butt. A finger pressing on my bud, rimming my asshole with the cold gel and I feel the cold gel dribble down my anal walls. Grimacing on the outside, but on the inside my inner slut was leaping for joy.

A cold hard object pushing into my asshole, resisting some, once again I would be paying for my futile effort. For that, I received several burning slaps across my butt cheeks, which warmed my ass. No longer resisting, the tears drying on my cheeks, I understood the unspoken message. I felt a warming sensation spreading across my ass, one that I was enjoying very much.

I am allowed a few deep breaths before the cold hard object is slowly inserted into my now willing asshole. Moaning, I arch my back and wiggle my bottom in a most enticing way. A woman's hand pats my ass, as a steady stream of warm liquid starts to flow from the hard plastic nozzle stuck in my ass. I surmise I am being given an enema to clean my ass out which means I am in for a good ass fucking. I can hear the burble of the fluid as it fills the depths of my bowels with the liquid mixture. My breathing quickens as my stomach becomes distended and then I feel a hand caressing my belly.

"Her belly is still soft and pliable, she can take more; give her another bag, make her hold it for 15 minutes before you allow her to release it, then rinse and dry. Make her respectable and present her," a woman's voice commands.

The flow from the second bag is much quicker; I start to squirm from the pressure.

"No, please stop, it hurts," I beg, my voice just barely above a whisper and not very convincing.

"Does it really hurt or is it just the pressure that you're not used to?" one of the women queried, her voice tinged with concern as they want her to enjoy this experience.

"It'sï­it'sï­I don't knowï­it's just uncomfortableï­like I have to, you know, go."

"Oh is that all, well then bitch, you can take some more," one of the women coldly replied

The bag emptied swiftly and then the plastic nozzle was removed and is hurriedly replaced by an inflatable plug before I can protest. She stands to the side of me, reaches down pulling the tube out and quickly slides an inflatable plug into my ass. She pumps it quickly as I pant and I knew further protests would not go well with this crowd. Fifteen minutes is a long time to retain six gallons of liquid, I could feel my bloated belly started to cramp. I was full, straining to control my muscle and riding my cramps. I felt like I needed to take a dump, how very unladylike.

I was panting and blowing, my body covered in sheen of fresh perspiration, my ass cheeks rippled as my muscles constricted from both the pain and pleasure I derived from the enema. I could feel the enema solution working in my bowels as the cramps were very intense. I groaned loudly as my body contorted and I felt panic and my body wanted to shit and shit right now. My mind and my body were in conflict and for now, my mind was winning. I fought the embarrassment of crapping on myself.

I felt the woman pump the plug twice more making me squeal with discomfort. I arch my bottom so it lifts and falls and the onlookers can see a ridge of sweat glistening along my back that I feel. It has only been five minutes, I can do this, not that I have any choice. My ass will be nice and empty so that there is room for whatever is destined to fill my ass. Another cramp and this sadistic bitch pumps more air into the plug, painfully stretching my asshole. A routine has been established now, I cramp and the bitch pumps on the plug. She reaches and feels my hard swollen stomach overextended with the large volume of liquid. A woman massages the taunt flesh, feels the rumblings of my engorged, protesting belly. The irritation of the glycerin is working it magic within in my bowels and I feel I am going to explode any second now. It is announced I have five more minutes, I hope I do, I hope I last.

The woman slid her well-practiced hand between my thighs and feels the wetness of my sex. My muff was saturated with my fresh juices and we now go through another series of cramps and pumps. My tiny anus is stretched to its limits, I am sure.

My groans are louder, I am at odds with the discomfort in my ass. I grind and roll my hips back against the woman's hand and she lets a finger slip into my pussy. It is so tight, the inflated plug scarcely leaving little room for even one finger. So to ramp up the excitement she pushes in a second and starts to finger fuck my wet cunt as her thumb torments my exposed and sensitive nub.

Moaning loudly, my ass cheeks ripple in concert with the cramps, sweat shining on my body, and I scream and convulse in a combination of pleasurable pain. She pumps the plug over and over, stretching my ass, my pussy trapping her fingers inside of me and I reward her with a dousing of girl cum splashing out around her fingers sealing my pussy. Mumbling incoherent syllables as I push through the cramps, through the mini-orgasm and I feel starting to wane as she pulls free of my pussy.

"Times up," she announces with a stern tug on the leash.

I am led to a toilet and told to release the air from the inflatable plug and empty my bowels. Spread, sitting on the toilet, I twist the air valve, a loud whoosh escapes and I literally pull the plug. My bowels violently eject their contents and I feel very empty. My anus tingles and is a little sore from the stretching, but I am sure it will be stretched again very soon. A pull on my leash I stand, bend over grasping my ankles and once again the women fill me with liquid. The volume is half of the first time, the plug in place, I am told to jump up and down. I do and my tits bounce, slapping my chest and I feel the nipples harden as they jiggle. I feel the liquid sloshing inside of me; I must be on a rinse cycle now. This time I only retain the liquid for five minutes then permitted to empty my bowels before being taken to the shower for a quick rinse and dry.

I stood, unable to see what was happening but I could feel the women applying a generous coating of scented body oil; once again my intimate areas were violated by strangers. I stood there feeling my pussy and tits fully exposed, I moaned slightly. The oiling completed the women started to prepare me for presentation to our Mistress. The two women worked swiftly from the top to the bottom. They started by changing the blindfold, next a small spreader bar was affixed to my wrist cuffs. My nipples pulled and Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps were attached to my nipples with a short chain connecting. Each movement caused my tits to move and pull on the chain inflicting gratifying pain to my aroused nipples. Another chain fastens to the breast chain and a sliver clamp dangled from the end. A pair of fingers opened my lips exposing my engorged clit and one of the women placed the clamp on my pulsating nub. The pain shot through my body making tears well up in my eyes. I winced and loving the sharp pain being inflicted. The chains form a Y and each time I move I feel enrapturing pleasure and pain course through my body. Hands on my ankles, the women attached a spreader bar to my ankles. They have me walk a little to get use to my limited movement and I felt a rivulet of my juices trailing down on the inside of my thigh. Finally, they reinsert the ball gag pulling it tight on my head. It was presentation time and I was bursting with excitement.

One of the women led me naked by my leash and I clumsily hobbled until I was told to heel. Now I hear the echo of high heels striking the cold tile floor as they were approaching. Something touched the outside of my thigh just above my knee and traversed upwards to my hip. A soft feminine hand cupped my ass and felt my wet sex. I shivered at her touch. A little tug on the Y chain sent a jolt of electricity through my body. My nipples and clit were electrified and very rigid.

"Remove the blindfold," a voice commanded.

My eyes adjusting to the harsh, bright light focused on the chain of the leash. I saw a woman holding the handle and wearing a black mask with lace trim that concealed her face but her rich brown eyes burned into me. She wore a dark, ruby red flowing peignoir with black lace. Her breasts were large and very perky with upturned nipples on the end of each tit. Each nipple had a small black O-ring piercing and a gold chain connecting the two O-rings. The peignoir draped over her nipples and flowed to the floor. A tiny, dark ruby red G-String concealed her slit.

Holding a riding crop in her right hand and she walked slowly around me. Looking down to the floor, as a good submissive should, I saw that a black spreader bar attached to my each of my wrist cuffs and a black adjustable sprreader bar attached to the ankle cuffs. My mobility limited, I stared as the woman circled. The click of her heels on the tile floor, the touch of her crop on my skin as she touched my breasts, my vulva and the frequent taps on the chain as she inspected my body as she slowly drove me to the brink of orgasm.

The room completely silent, I could feel the riding crop on the inside of my right thigh moving towards my cunt. She drew the leather tip of the crop from the bottom of my pussy and slowly dragged it up my wet slit. Quivering at the touch of leather of the leather tongue of her crop I yearned to taste the bite of the rough leather on my tender skin. Walking behind me, she was cupping my firm ass cheeks, caressing the globes of flesh in her hands, the woman took her time in tormenting me. My cheeks squeezed, I stiffened, clinching my ass cheeks so they would close. She responded with a swift, stinging strike from her riding crop across both cheeks of my ass. Wincing from the sting, I clinched my ass tighter in hopes she would give me some more lashes with her crop. I winced from the sting from the additional lashes. My itch was out of control now and I did everything I could to get her to scratch my itch.

The woman walked to my front of me palming my hot cunt, she slips her middle finger into my drenched pussy. Touching the walls of my juicy, pink pussy and making my snatch twitch with anticipation. The mysterious woman removes her finger from the wet abyss, raises her finger to her nose, sniffing the nectar as wine connoisseur would inhale the bouquet of a fine wine before tasting. Her tongue cleaned the tip of her wet finger, rolling the sap in her mouth with her tongue and smiled approvingly of the sensuous flavor of my passionflower. With end of the riding crop under my chin, she raised my head up. Placing the wet digit in front of my lips, she simply commanded me to and I complied.

Opening my mouth in a small O I eagerly took the juice-covered finger into my mouth and sucked it clean. I swirled my tongue around her digit, eagerly devouring my pussy juice. When the woman slowly extracted her finger I lowered my head and knelt in submissive deference.

Standing in front of me, she spoke to her in a firm dulcet tone.

"Bitch, are you prepared to serve your Mistress, to grant my every wish and desire? Are you prepared to surrender your body to me and allow me to pleasure my body with yours? To submit to my complete dominance over your dominion and do with you as I deem fit? Are you willing to enter into sexual servitude to me for my pleasure and receive punishment for your shortcomings in order to become a better and more faithful submissive slave?

Without raising my head or without the slightest hesitation, I spoke loudly with clear strong conviction, "Yes Mistress, your desire is my will."

The woman, no longer my captor but her now my Mistress commanded "Prepare her for the sawhorse."

Two women, wearing black corsets, which bolstered their breasts, very brief black bikini panties that showed their charms, positioned me in front of a padded sawhorse. Placing her legs against the legs of the sawhorse the women bent down to quickly secure my ankle restraints to the legs of the sawhorse. My legs, splayed wide and the dark red, swollen clefts of my pussy glistened with the freshly applied oil looked inviting. Bending me over the cross bar of the padded sawhorse they quickly secured the wrist spreader bar to the front of the sawhorse.

Aching with desire, my ass on fire my oiled, rosy red ass stuck high in the air and one of the women spread my cheeks open so my starfish was exposed. Another dose of lube applied to my anus and the woman coated the crack of my ass with lubricant teasingly probing my asshole with her finger.

Each woman sat next to my dangling breasts, fondling them and taking turns tormenting me by jerking the nipple clamp chain. Each woman would randomly suck my hard nipples. Bent over, immobilized all I could do was to enjoy whatever they did to me, so I did.

Hearing the click of high heels on the tiled floor and then without warning, I felt the harsh sting of my Mistress' riding crop stinging my buttocks as she struck my now cherry red globes. Wincing I heard the riding crop slice the air, a line of pain and pleasure burned across my ass I moaned softly. The pain spread after a few seconds then turned to sweet pleasure. As she laced my ass, each stroke striking virgin flesh my juices were dripping onto the tile floor. Whimpering softly, Mistress G spanked my bottom slowly; a stroke every five or ten seconds until she had delivered twenty stinging blows to my ass and then set the crop to the side. I was delirious with desire and I wanted more.

Mistress G caressed my pink apple bottom, feeling the heat and the raised lines of the welts left by the crop. I felt the heated pain and the lust as my cunt twitches with orgasmic joy. I was addicted to the sting of her crop on the soft flesh of my body. Now my ass cheeks were forced apart and my asshole lube again.

The cheeks of my tender pink ass spread, Mistress G wearing a large, thick, strap on dildo pressed it to my starfish. A violent, thrust she ruthlessly shoved the lubricated cock into my ass. My starfish, rapidly expanded to its limits, I shrieked as Mistress G filled my ass with her dildo. With a girth of three-inches, eight-inches in length, she began fucking my ass with abandon. Working her flesh colored dildo in and out of my ass, she stretched the pink walls of her ass. My pussy quivered and dripped with my juices. My chest heaved and I pushed my ass to meet her thrusts, to take her cock as deep as I could. My asshole gripped her faux cock as she fucked me and I rode her shaft. Our bodies covered with the sweat of passion my chest heaved as she breathed hard and the two women continued to caress and suck my tits and torment my tits and clit by causing the chain to pull. I was on the edge of another orgasm; I needed to cum but could not as Mistress G had not given her permission. I felt the dildo being pulled from my ass; my sphincter slammed closed tight in an effort to keep the cock in my ass. My bud spread, I quaked as the dildo slipped from my ass. I could feel a vast emptiness where moments before was filled with a pleasure stick.

I writhed in pleasure and pain, tried to catch my breath as I panted and mourned the loss of the phallus from my ass. Mistress G stood behind me rubbing my kitty and teasing my pink she-cock with her finger. Freed from the sawhorse, Mistress G extracted her finger and let the two women attendants lick it clean. With the leash attached to her collar, the women led me into another room with a four-poster bed.

It is not a finished bed, but one constructed from rough, hewn lumber. The head posts had a rope strung between them with a metal ring on the rope. I was led to the foot of the bed and the lube trickled down her legs from my ass fucking.

"Kneel," Mistress G commanded in a stern tone.

I knelt, naked at the foot of the bed, knees slightly apart, my shapely ass held off my heels, back straight, head bowed, and my large tits perched proudly on my chest and my hands on my knees, palms upwards. It was a perfect picture of submissive servitude for sweet Mistress G's eyes. My nipples ached from the nipple clamps, the tugs from the chain sent jolts of pleasure through my pussy. Standing out hard, erect my nipples tingled, longing to be suckled. The heat in my belly was rising with each passing second as I knelt there watching my Mistresses' eyes devouring my hot naked flesh. A single thought making the fire between my spread thighs grow in its intensity, the thought of surrendering my body to my mistress was enthralling.

Rise, get on the bed and lay on your back bitch," commanded Mistress G.

I complied with the order instantly laying my body on the black satin sheet. Palms facing inward the women removed the bar and lashing my wrists together with sash cord and then securing them to the anodized black, metal ring on a rope between the head posts of the bed. They pulled the rope taunt stretching my arms above my head.

A sash cord secured to each ankle restraint and then to each corner foot post. Spread eagle on the bed, I was immobilized, as Mistress G drew the tip of her crop over my dark swollen pussy lips and traveled to my aching tits, flicking the Y chain pulling on my clit. I tried but could not move. Mistress G climbed onto the bed with me. Her delicate fingers touched my outer lips caressing the swollen flesh, sensing my juices as she could feel my excitement. The women once again applied a blindfold to my eyes and I was plunged into darkness.

I curl my toes and welcome the warm velvety tongue, but it's soon replaced with metal, and I give a soft cry as she puts a clamp onto each nipple, and I give out three soft little "oh's" as she tightens them that many times.

Ms. Lucy stands once again and kisses between my legs, rubbing my clit hood until the little bud exits, erect, swollen, engorged and seeking attention. I moan with pleasure as my clit begins to swell, and she rubs my pussy until the wetness between my legs becomes very slick, then she traps my clit between fingers to roll and tug on it softly. I gasp with delight, as my clit becomes fully engorged, trying not to concentrate on the little clamps that are on my nipple, I emit a purring sound as my breathing becomes labored.

Rise, get on the bed and lay on your back bitch," commanded Mistress G.

Obeying instantly I laid my body on the black satin sheet. Palms facing inward the women removed the bar and began lashing my wrists together with sash cord and then securing them to the anodized black, metal ring on a rope between the head posts of the bed. They pulled the rope taunt stretching my arms above my head and tied it off.

A sash cord secured to each ankle restraint and then to each corner foot post and the rope tied off. I could not move. Spread eagle on the bed, I was immobilized, as Mistress G drew the tip of her crop over my dark swollen pussy lips and traveled to my aching tits, flicking the Y chain pulling on my clit. I tried but could not move. Mistress G climbed onto the bed with me. Sensing the overpowering scent wafting from between my legs her delicate fingers touched my outer lips caressing the swollen flesh, she could feel my excitement. The women once again applied a blindfold to my eyes and I was plunged into darkness.

Hands touched me and I assumed they were the hands of my tormentor, my newly acquired Mistress, as she placed the backs of her hands to the apex of my legs with her palms up. Her little fingers resting on each side of my outer lips. Slowly she presses her hands together squeezing my lips tightly, pushing my inner lips to the surface forcing my nectar from my honey pot. Her fingers titillated my engorged lips as she opened my pussy and her fingers began explore the wet folds of my hot flesh.

Mistress G's fingers danced on my inflamed mound making my cunt tingle, heart rate race and my clit throbbed in concert with my pounding heart. I felt her talented fingers released the clip that captured my hard clit, which rapidly filled with surging blood. I lost all control and could feel my pussy flood with copious juices. Mistress G slapped my thighs with her crop, opening my cunt lips and commenced sucking my protruding clit. My scent was strong, I could detect Mistress G's aromatic aroma as well and it drove me crazy with desire. I was thrashing on the bed; my movements limited, but I squirmed as she pulled on the cold metal chain of nipple clamps pinching my tender nipples which rein in my thrashing. My nipples were throbbing with an exquisite, pleasurable pain and her pussy was dripping with her juices. The clamps were tight and connected with a short chain, which pulled on my nipples when I moved. After two very intense orgasms my body ached, I wanted my Mistress to fuck me. I moaned as she abandoned me tied to the bed.

Mistress G raised her arms shoulder level and the two female attendants removed my black blindfold, and Mistress G wearing her ruby red peignoir, the tiny G-string and her heels were what my eyes focused on. Each attendant kissed their Mistress's soft wet lips as they removed the G-string. Her nipples elongated, a faded pink blush color from her nipple clamps restricting the blood flow and the sexual excitement derived from play with slave Ronnie, but she was just getting started with her bitch, I thought. Mistress G walked around the bed dragging the tip of her riding crop over my body.

I felt the bed move and Mistress G knelt next to me. With grace Mistress G raised her toned leg, swinging her leg over my chest and straddled me. Her aromatic sex was just inches from my mouth. Inhaling I thrived on her musky scent of my Mistress' pink kitty. Leaning forward Mistress G played seductively with the chain for the nipple clamps. Her saucy tits hovered just above my mouth with her erect nipples brushing my lips. Then she freed her aroused nipples from the nipple clamps and they turned bright pink as blood filled them. I tried to capture one of her succulent nipples between my lips and then my eyes started to close when the nipple was touching my lips.

"Keep your eyes open," her voice barked. "I want you to watch."

I nodded. It was impossible to speak as I could hardly breathe.

Mistress G sat upright and I could feel her heels pressing on my ribs. Her right hand slid slowly down her stomach. I watch her hand traverse down her flat tummy; her index and middle finger splayed capture the tiny tuft of hair adorning the top of her slit. Her musky odor, intoxicating, as drops of her shimmering juice trickled down the inside of her tanned thighs onto my skin and I licked my lips yearning to taste her nectar.

A growling sound came from the back of Mistress G's throat as she tilted her head back with her eyes closed; she slid her index and middle fingers inside her center. I looked on as Mistress G began to fuck herself, just inches from my mouth, her new submissive. Her actions were so unexpected, so raw, that I was instantly captivated, an innocent bystander who was now a prisoner caught up in her sexual tempest.

Moving her fingers gently at first, her face betraying her pleasure, and as the sexual tension mounted. Mistress G began to thrust harder, deeper. The wet sound, her scent, and the lewd sight just a fraction away from my gagged mouth was overwhelming. I wanted to raise my hands and drag her onto my mouth but my wrists tied, suspended above my head. Each time her fingers withdrew, I could see Mistress G's inner lips gripping them, as if they did not want to feel the void for any longer than necessary. To add to my persecution one of the women removed the ball gag.

"Wanna taste bitch?" she rasped, looking down at me with fire in her eyes.

She removed both fingers and held them up to the light, her juices glimmering. I thought she was going to make me beg but then she smiled and wiped them across my lips. I lapped at them like a rabid beast, up and down and then at the flesh web between her fingers. When she eventually withdrew them from my mouth, I continued to run my tongue back and forth across my lips to savoring her luscious taste.

Mistress G worked both fingers back inside her snatch, then added a third, I whimpered like a baby; god, I so wanted that wet, pussy in my mouth.

"Bitch you are going to eat my pussy and you will make me cum. If you fail, I will punish you. You do not have permission to cum. Do you understand?"

I stoutly replied, "Your desire is my will Mistress."

Mistress G slid forward, her labia against my twitching lips; my tongue quickly darted out, licked her inflamed lips. Mistress G leaned back placing her hand on my tits, pulling on the swollen nipple. I kissed her lips, parting them with my tongue imbibing on her wonderful nectar. I attacked Mistress G's pussy with my mouth like a thirsty woman lost in the desert.

"God, yes," she moaned as I flicked my tongue on her clit repeatedly until she shrieked with ecstasy.

"You delightful bitch, bite... bite it, damn you!" Mistress Gail said in a low throaty voice.

She jammed her pussy hard against my lips as she rotated her hips in slow circles on her slave's my face. She drew her other hand up to her magnificent breasts, pinching and pulling at her left nipple. Mistress G smothered me, rising occasionally to let me breathe and then grinding her pussy on my mouth filling me with her nectar. I bit her hard clit as sucked on it like a newborn.

My cunt was throbbing and I felt the jolts of electricity shooting through my cunt to my brain. I ached to cum but could not as Mistress G had not given her blessing. The juices flowed but I held off a pending orgasm. I wanted to cum to soak my pussy and my legs strained the restraints.

I needed Mistress G to climax, but just as I thought her orgasm was within my grasp, Mistress G, twisting her body around with a remarkable dexterity, reversed her position. Transposing from face sitting to sixty-nine and I quickly understood what she desired. Mistress G focused on taking me into the eye of her sexual tempest.

Mistress G's hands slithered under me cupping my ass and pulling my kitty to her mouth. I gasped loudly and my gasp transformed into a full scream as she traced the letter "G" on my mound. She took her time on each side, as if she were branding me with the heat of her tongue. There was no respite and I didn't care. Her mouth had found my clit and her tongue was tracing the letter again. I was enthralled with her.

"Oh my god Mistress" I exclaimed!

I heard her mutter something in response but all I could focus on was her mouth pleasuring me and the orgasm that wasn't far away. I was the edge of the onset of my orgasm but I understood my needs as she did. She was an expert, after all. Her head drew away for a second and just as I was about to whimper out a complaint, she dove forward again and impaled me with her tongue.

"Now bitch, cum now!"

Wanting to please my mistress I pushed on her face with my cunt and squirted all my cum onto her face. She reveled at the flood of my honey that fed her hungry mouth. She trundled her face as she lapped the juices from my sopping pussy. She reciprocated by exploding on my mouth.

Mistress G's hot silky cum coated my tongue as she pumped out her gift and I drank deeply from her chalice of her womanhood. Her salty-sweet nectar glided down my throat, warm and thick I lavished in the abundance of her gift. I was busy licking and sucking her pussy savoring her liquid cream. After getting her fill of my pussy she extricated her face from between my trembling thighs and then the bed.

Mistress G said nothing but just gave a slight smile as the attendant replaced her peignoir, her wet pussy sparking under the translucent fabric she walked away. My eyes followed her as she walked away. My pussy was throbbing and coated with the remainder of juices that were left behind. My pussy craved more and the itch was still present.

I felt the attendants loosen the ropes that secured my ankles to the bedposts and moved the ropes to the side of the bed. One of the attendants placed a thick pillow under my ass, which raised my pussy. They spread my legs wider than I thought possible and secured the rope. They disappeared and soon Mistress G, accompanied by a large naked man that was endowed with a large swollen cock protruding from a bushy patch of course black pubic hair. The shaft of his long, thick cock was smooth and not a hair visible. They stood at the foot of the bed looking at me lying there, spread eagle and still wet from my session with Mistress G. Mistress G stroked his cock making it very hard and working a frothy pre-cum on the head of his dick. She was coating his thick prick with lube. The man eyes were transfixed on my wet snatch. He licked his lips and Mistress G instructed the man to fuck her slut.

"Fuck this bitch till she begs for relief. Fuck her any way you want but I want to hear her howl with pleasure and when you finish put the slut on the table."

"Yes Mistress," he replied.

The man knelt between my splayed legs, rubbed my sopping bare pussy and drew his thick finger up her my engorged slit. Trembling with lust I braced for the fucking I craved. I felt his thick fingers roughly open my pussy lips and then he laid the swollen head of his cock in the center of my split pushing it slowly into my gasping cunt. I could feel his thick prick stretch my pussy as he started to fuck me with long hard deep strokes. His pubic hair rubbing on my smooth mound and was soon matted with the juices infused in his pubes. His pace quicken, I moaned softly at first then the soft moans evolved into full-blown screams as he filled her cunt with his prick. Buried deep in my snatch, his body stiffened and his hot cum filled my hungry pussy. I matched his flow with my own and climaxed filling my pussy with her sap mixing with his cum. My entire body was quaking and I felt spent. The nipple clamps hurt as the short chain pulled tight as my tits rolled on my chest. I begged him for relief, but he gave no quarter as he screwed me relentlessly.

A sudden movement came without warning as he pulled his thick cock from my distended, saturated pussy. Suddenly I felt the bite of Mistress G's riding crop on the excited flesh of my labia. The nipple clamps were roughly removed inflicting pleasurable pain in my breasts and the assistants moved in and released her from the restraints that held her to the bed. Jerked from the bed to a standing positioning, my body is weak, shaky at best when the man swept me up in his strong arms and carried me into another room. Depositing me on the floor, he faced me towards a counter top and then bent me over the counter. His strong hand held me there as the attendants took over and he departed leaving me feeling empty and still yearning for more. I am such a slut I thought.

The two women working under a watchful eye of Mistress G secured my wrists to an eyebolt on the opposite side of the counter compressing my bountiful tits against the cold granite countertop. The sash cord pulled tight, my arms outstretched on the countertop. My nipples, kissing the cold granite countertop and my legs spread wide with my ankles secured to the base of the counter. My ass and pussy were completely exposed and I felt the leather tip of Mistress G's crop as she drew it up my moist slit, dragging it over my perineum and between the split of my ass cheeks. She then laced my ass with ten stinging lashes of her crop turning my cheeks a rosy red color and left ridges from the braided crop. The attendants coated my ass with gelatinous lube that providing a soothing effect on the sting from my ass whipping.

I felt a pair of strong hands squeezing the globes of my ass. They separated the warm flesh and a finger circumscribes my anal ring. I shivered, I enjoyed a nice cock in my ass but my husband did not share my view so I rarely enjoyed that pleasure. I shivered from the touch and desired that they would be more to follow. My ass in the air, my cheeks spread, a dollop of cold lube landed on the center of my clinched asshole. A large thick finger began to rub the crinkles of my anus working the lube into the recesses of my anus. Each time the finger made a round on my sphincter the muscle relaxed my tiny rose. Soon the finger was rimming my anus which was twitching madly now.

A man pressed hard against my ass, his erection between the cheeks of my ass he worked his erection up and down my ass crack on my purple starfish. He paused and placed the head of his prick tight on the opening of my ass. My twitching asshole was inviting him in for a play date. The head of his prick covered my asshole and with out warning he flexed his hips driving his pick into my ass. The bulbous head stretched my delicate, small, pulsating anus open, telegraphing a sharp pain to my brain. My sphincter closed tight around the head of a very fat cock. I screamed in pain, and my body twitched and shook when I first felt the pleasure and pain combination that resulted from having the large head of a cock jammed into my tight little ass. The head of his cock was just barley in my ass and a thought flashed through my head. How in the world is this monster prick going to fit in my ass? Grunting and heaving my hips backwards pushing hard the thick shaft began to enter my ass.

I shrieked, the best I could with my mouth gaged and relaxed my sphincter to facilitate the ease of entry of his thick throbbing dick. He grabbed my hips in his strong hands, pulling me back on his prick, ever so slowly filling my ass with all of his long thick cock. Fighting my instincts I kept my sphincter loose as he backed his cock out. Stars danced before my eyes, sweat from my face pooled on the granite countertop and he stopped with the firmly in my ass. The without hesitation he began to fuck me in my ass. We settled into a steady rhythm and I groaned and moaned incoherently as he fucked me harder with each stroke of his wonderful cock. Tears welled up in the corner of my eyes as his balls slapped my pussy; I ensconced in depraved pleasure.

His hands held my hips tight as I was impaled on his thrusting cock. He gave me incredible pleasure and was doing a hell of a job of scratching my itch. I loved his hot, rigid cock buried deep in my ass. I could feel his prick expand inside of me as his scalding cum filled my ass and my clutching asshole milked him. He slammed me hard against the counter and held me there until he finished shoot his cum in me. My nectar flowed from my pussy and oozed down my thighs as I exploded in orgasmic pleasure. My ass fucking had pushed my mound against the counter resulting in constant pressure on my clit and the result was fantastic.

It was incredible. My whole body shuttered in the overwhelming mixture of pain and pleasure. The two totally polar sensations culminated producing a sublime experience and I lost myself to the sensations emanating from the two orifices between my legs. Pleasure in my pussy and pain in my ass is the ultimate symphony. These two orifices, so close together, only separated only by a thin sheath of tissue within my body. This painful unnatural act is the keystone of a surreal and earth shattering bliss.

I could feel his cock being withdrawn from my ass leaving an empty void I craved to have filled again.

"Well done Ronnie. You are a little dirty cock whore for a preacher's wife, but I am not done with you yet," Mistress G rasped.

I heard the crop cut the air and land squarely across my freshly fucked ass. She added ten more stripes to my ass and I was looking like a Zebra. The attendants busied themselves releasing me from my restrains and removing the ball gag. I gulped in volumes of fresh air and my breathing began to slow. Pulling up from the countertop I saw a pool of sweat as my tits peeled off the granite. A leash was fastened to my collar and I was returned to the bedroom.

A tone muscular man, wearing a pair of black satin boxers was lying on the bed watching my wobbly entrance.

"You like cock so much I have another one for you. You have to suck him until he cums in your mouth. He is not an easy cum so you will have to be at your best bitch," Mistress G instructed. "Understand whore?"

"Your desire is my will Mistress," I said weakly

My body was spent from all the sex and amazingly I still craved more to satisfy my dark passenger. I had lost track of all time but I knew it was early in the morning, Mistress G was clearly in control and she was not done with me yet. I shuddered with an excited anticipation. One woman began giving me a sponge bath, cleaning the cum and sweat from my body. Another was drying my body with a thick plush white towel and Mistress G coated my body with vanilla scented oil. Her nimble fingers dallying on my stimulated nipples and engorged clitoris and she renewed my carnal lust to another level. I walked to the bed swinging my hips putting on a show that would rival a professional stripper.

I took longer than usual to slip onto the bed next to my lover. I sat next to the olive skinned man and let my fingers gambol across his chest teasing his nipples. I kissed him on the neck and played with his black curly hair. His fingers were on my breasts, rolling my aroused nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and then stretching the nipples as far they would stretch. Bending over him I let him suck on my tits and my hand gilded over the black satin boxers. I found no fly in which to gain entry to his flaccid cock. I could feel that his cock was not oversized, like the one that just filled my ass. It was longer than the span from my thumb to my little finger so my estimate his cock was a little more than six to seven inches long. Gripping his shaft my thumb and forefinger encircled the shaft but would not touch so he has a wide fat shaft for my delight. My hands moved to the waistband of the satin boxers and began to peel them from his sculpted body. I wiggled the slippery stain from under his hips exposing exactly what I surmised was between his legs; a nice fat thick cock all soft and pink resting on his humongous balls. He was completely shaven and his skin soft as velvet. I was going to enjoy making this man pop a nut. I commenced my challenge and spread his thighs wide open giving me full access to his languid prick.

Sliding the stain shorts from his legs I kissed his inner thighs and my tongue licked his balls. My wet tongue eased across his ball sack feeling his nuts. I wanted to suck on them but first I wanted him hard as steel. I took his flaccid cock holding it to my lips, opening my mouth I took his prick into my mouth. My tongue licking his shaft and wrapping around the mushroom head I could sense his cock growing in my warm mouth. The more I titillated his pulsating rod the harder it became. It did not take long to get his prick fully erect. My head bob on his turgid pole.

His fingers were busy in my pussy, intimate and loving. He was looking at my body with his hands, gently seeing the curves of my breasts, affectionately sensing my wetness flow onto his fingers. His two fingers buried in me and energized my clitoris to produce more juice. He would then remove his fingers and pause. He knew I would anticipate their return. I knew he was dipping his fingers in to cover them with my nectar, but I never knew if it was to put them in his mouth or to smear them over his cock. After a few pause, cum filled dips he would stop. He was doing everything to distract me from my goal of making him cum. It was working; my pussy craved his cock to fuck me.

Refusing to be distracted by my burning lust, I refocused on making this man cum. We morphed into a pair dueling sexual lovers that would bring each other to the cusp of orgasm and were unable to close the deal. I was pushing him closer to his breaking point. I could taste his seed exuding from the head of his prick whenever my tongue licks his head and I knew I had him then. I increased my tempo and suck his shaft as I fondled his balls. Stroke, stroke, I was sucking harder with each stroke of my mouth. I could sense his urgency, as well as mine, when his cock muscles tighten. His dick puffing out, I close. Anticipating; he'll cum this stroke, this stroke, this stroke and then he exploded filling my mouth with his rich creamy cum.

Swallowing his hot jism I licked his shaft clean. My tongue lapped his cum from his balls all the way to the tip of throbbing prick. I did not disappoint my lover I deposited a copious amount of my honey all over his fingers as a reward. I knew my ass would receive a hiding for disobeying Mistress but I liked that too. I pulled my head from his cock and looked into his sparkling eyes; he knew he had met his match.

I was enjoying his cock a little too much when I felt the harsh bite of Mistress G flaling my ass with her leather crop and the two attendants dragged me from the bed. The quickly fastened my leash to my collar and led me back to the dressing room. My latex bra and panties along with my wrist and ankle restrains lay on the small table. My raincoat and bag were on the chair with my shoes and I was instructed to get dressed.

I was exhausted, my itch had been scratched and I was filled with a warm glow. After I put on my raincoat the restrains, blindfold and gag were put in place. The attendants led me, with the leash still fastened to my collar, to the door. The door was opened and she could feel the sting of the cold rain when she was pushed into the waiting van. Inside the van they secured me again spread eagle on the cold wet metal floor. I felt the attendants clamber into the van and one of them sat next to her hip. I felt the van door slam shut and lurched forward.

She could feel a pair of hot lips on her cunt kissing her. A cold glass dildo penetrated her pussy and the black clad figure sawed the dildo in and out of her cunt riding against her throbbing clit. Thrusting my hips up to meet the dildo I wanted to feel the cold glass deep in my pussy. Between the lurching of the van and the stroking of her tormentor, I was having one last orgasm and I was squealing in contentment. She felt the van make a U-turn and drive over the curb. The dildo removed from her tingling cunt and her restraints unfastened. The black clad figure grabbing me roughly by the collar of the raincoat and dragged me from the van. I landed on the saturated grass, pelted by the stinging rain, and I laid there in the fetal position. My skin was cold but I glowed warmly on the inside. Rising I realized that I was just two blocks from my home and I resumed my trek home. My itch no longer existed my dark passenger was resting peacefully until the next time.

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