The Jesse Fantasy
Jim always liked to have things his way. He was blaze about his little affair with the cute secretary at his company. He never did find out how I found out, and I certainly was not going to tell him. His lack of guilt gave me the strength to feel guilty about Sarah. We spent the whole summer making love every day except where periods got in the way. Fortunately, our cycles were close together, so we didn't miss too many days all through the summer. I was in a dreamland laying in bed with her taking turns making each other cum. Many of times we would cross leg pussy to pussy and get off together, not exactly together, but close enough. I am sure if Jim knew what was going on he would not be happy.

Sarah had suggested swapping, but that is before we got going on each other all the time. I am sure Jim would have jumped at the chance at getting in her pants. When Jim brought up a potential man who would like to date me, I wasn't surprised. He likes to fantasize me fucking another man while he watches. I had poo-pooed him before, but this was a different time and point in my life. So I played along, letting him think I was unsure of dating another guy. I said, "OK who is this wonderful guy you want me to date?" And I am not going to fuck him." He responded with, "Oh you don't have to do anything like that unless you want to and then it would be OK with me. Hey, here is his picture." He whipped out his cell phone and handed it to me.

My heart sank. There was this picture of a gorgeous black man. He was so handsome; I would have blown him in front of anybody. I remember in our sorority how we would discuss black men's size; there ability to make love and most of all they would make you feel like a woman. After those discussions, gals would visit their campus boyfriends, or take care of themselves. Me, I visited my counselor, an older smooth-talking man who fucked me starting my freshman year. He was sorry to see me graduate.

I asked Jim what he got out of it, and he explained that Jesse was about three levels of management above him and it would do his career some good. He told me that Jesse had seen me at a company picnic and was interested in dating me. Translation: He wanted to fuck me. It must have been those white short shorts that got to him or my tank top with no bra. Ir had to be one of them. I just told Him, "Well if you think it will help I will do it." I thought he was going to pee in his pants. I then added, "But it is going to cost you a new dress." He just grunted.

Just as soon as I could slip out of the house, I went to visit Sarah. Tim was watching some sports thing on TV so we went outside for a smoke. After seeking each other's lips, I lit up and told her about my date with the handsome black man that Jim was arranging. She with a low voice said, "Sweetie, I have slept with two black men in my life, whatever you do, do not pass this up. I even masturbate thinking about them two. If ever I would see them again, I would lay right down and open my legs. Damn, they were good, and big too, all where it counts." I am not sure if it was her kisses or how she told me her experience that made me wet. Maybe it was both of them. We kissed a little longer, and with Tim inside made it a little hotter with us making out under his nose. She said, "Of course, I will go dress shopping with you. Maybe we could make out in the dressing booths." We both giggled.

Sarah and I went to every department store without finding anything. She finally said, "We will have to drive for an hour but I know a place that will fit the bill'" No argument from me, and we were on our way. I passed the time of the hour drive by rubbing the side of Sarah's breast, but when I started feeling her mound, she told me I was going to get us in an accident. By the time we got to the little dress shop, we were both horny.

Walking into the dress shop, Sarah got hugged by an old friend, who owned the shop. Sarah introduced me to Pam who was very attractive, about my age, with a business suit which showed just the right amount of cleavage to be sexy but business like. Sarah relayed my problem needing a sexy dress for a date arranged by my husband. Pam looked at me and smiled. The way she looked at me, it was just different all of a sudden. Pam disappeared and reappeared with five dresses over her arm. A red one, no; a dark blue one, no; a black one, no, I owned too many now. I fell in love with a maroon one, the white one I didn't think he wanted a blushing virgin. Pam said, "I thought you might like that one, but you can't wear a bra with that one. It is backless and too low for any bra not to be seen. Don't worry I will show you how to handle your nipples from showing with tape."

I went into the dressing booth and took off my clothes, leaving my panties on. I slipped on the dress, talk about sexy. It was backless, very low front and a mid-thigh skirt. I had brought heels exchanging my sandals for them. I paraded out for an inspection and got two opinions that I expected. Sarah said, "Damn!" and Pam said, "Very nice! Fits you like a dream, but you can see pantie line, so they have to go." I started for the booth and Pam said, "Oh, slip them off here, we don't get that many customers this time of the day." I hoisted up the skirt and pulled them down. Pam's eyes were glued to the event, even letting a little breath release as she watched. Not sure what Pam saw but whatever it was she liked it.

Pam was starting her ritual of fitting me. She rattled off with, "You can see if you turn quickly. Go ahead, turn quickly." I did, and my nipple became exposed. "Now we can fix that with two-sided tape." She rattled on. She put the tape on my breast, spending more time than I thought it would. I concluded she was feeling me up. She did have a nice touch, and I didn't mind at all. She pressed the dress on the tape of my boob, and all was fixed even with some shakes and turn. This dress left nothing to the imagination. The next thing she showed me that the back was not attached to the front bodice and a lean forward would show the side of my breast which I thought was sexy. She said she could adjust that to show how much I wanted or how little. I told her a little more as I bent before the mirror. She asked me, " You want that skirt higher? You got to remember you are not going to have panties on, but maybe a flash or two will not bother you." To tease her mind, I said, "Oh, take it up another inch or two." She said, " You sure?" I just told her I was teasing and she could leave the skirt alone. What I liked is I knew damn well with two inches off she would love to be sitting across from me.

I went back to the dressing room to change and handed the dress to Pam. I knew with all the bodice tightening, smoothing the skirt across my ass, touching my thighs to check the hem, and that brushing of my mound with an expert hand, I knew I was felt up by an expert. Sarah kissed her goodbye and I took her in my arms and kissed her letting my tongue go right into her mouth. She put her tongue in my mouth. When we finally resorted to just a hug. She whispered into my ear, "You are lovely, please come back anytime...alone." I winked and said, "Got it!" The only thing Sarah said on the way home about Pam was, "Don't pass that one up either, There is a lot of gorgeous body under those clothes and Pam is quite the fuck!"

Jim was horny by the time I got back home, and a quick blowjob took care of that. He asked if I bought a new dress and when I told him yes and how much it cost, he said to me that would cost me more than a blowjob. He hoisted me up on the kitchen table and proceeded to give me quite a good fuck. He must have visited one of his friends to recover that quickly for my blowjob. But all was well as he told me my date with Jesse wound be this Friday. I just got laid, and that info got me horny again, but I was going to see if Sarah could help me with that. She could not get rid of Tim and do it were we smoked was too risky.

Friday I began the ritual of getting ready. Men think it takes forever. I just think of it as fun to pamper yourself that way. My hair complete and with makeup just perfect, but before I put on the dress, I did perfume my breasts, thighs, and my mound. I was not sure what would happen tonight, so I did not want to take any risks. I carefully placed each piece of tape to keep those pesky nipples in place.. I slipped on the heels. I was bare legged as my tan was dark enough to cover imperfections on my legs. I looked in the mirror, and I had become a vain woman, I said out loud, "Fucking hot!" I proceeded down the steps for inspection by my husband.

"Son of a bitch, woman! You are going to get yourself fucked going out in that outfit. It is just a fucking date with him. Why didn't you wear shit like that when we were dating?"

"Times change Jim. Besides, it was your idea if I recall. I am a big girl I can take care of myself." He obviously thought I looked sexy and I did want him to get all worked up. If he ever knew I was not wearing panties, he would have wanted it right there in the family room. I was sure he was going to ask for a quickie, and I didn't want to start over with all the pampering. Besides I didn't want my cunt smelling of his cum. I cut him off before he started with, "We are running late, are you going to drop me off or should I call a cab?"

He did drive me and on the way said, "Carol, in all seriousness, you are one hot looking piece of ass." A strange compliment but I understood what he was feeling. His wife was about to be laid, and he knew damn well, this was it was all about. We pulled up to the restaurant, and the doorman opens the car door. I completely forgot I had no panties on with all the trying to keep Jim in line. The skirt rode up and the grin on the doorman's face, just told me he saw bare pussy. His ‘have a good one' confirmed it. I turned to him and just winked and said, "Thank you, I plan to!" He just looked at me with that look of the lucky bastard.

The hostess greeted me, and I told her the name, and I followed her to the table. I never thought of myself as glamorous, just a gal with nice tits who was kind of cute. Watching the people looking at me was something new. I knew with a dress this low; there would be looks. My breasts have gotten bigger as I aged. I know they move when I walk and with this much exposure, the folks were enjoying it. Sarah had taught me to cross feet walk which watching her makes a ladies ass move so provocatively. I think I was getting as much of the attention as I passed by as I did with my swinging boobs. We arrived at the table and damn I immediately liked him. He was much better than his picture and felt very lucky that he was interested in me. We greeted with just our first names, while the waiter pulled out my chair for me to sit down as he moved it to the table. From his position, he was getting an excellent view of my chest. Jesse casually said, "I usually don't get this much attention here." It did seem all evening that a lot of waiters, busboys and even the wine gal, spent a lot of time with us. I thought the wine gal was going to spill the wine she was pouring by not looking at the glass but my breasts. I never knew how much effect I would have on a young person, but I liked it.

Jesse and I started with a lot of small talks. He asked me how I met Jim and did we still enjoy each other. Translation: Are you still fucking each other? Of course, my answer was a big yes. I did ask him if he was married and he promptly told me yes. I asked him, "Does your wife know you are dating?" When he told me yes, I immediately asked, "Open marriage?" Another quick yes. Without my prodding, he said, "We just started. Something she wanted." "I bet you date a lot." I inquired. "Nope, you are my first, but she has dated more than five now." I just thought that this man needs a little. It was my time to reach for something across the table and let that side panel do its job. It did because the bus boy had a big grin on his face and I can only assume he and Jesse saw the side of my boob.

I knew my lipstick had smeared and was leaving none on my wine glass. I know how men get turned on seeing lipstick on a wine glass or cock. Jim goes nuts when he looks down and sees that ring left by me. I excused myself and headed for the ladies room. My cross feet walk-in play and my casual glance down could see my two girls dancing. I went into the ladies room and retrieved my lipstick from my purse. I was starting to put it on when I lady entered and came right up to me. She was older and heavy set, with a big bosom with a lot of cleavage showing. "Honey, I will get right to the point. You come to my place, and I will eat you all night until you scream for me to stop!" She handed me a note. I thanked her and put the note in my purse. She said I was a hot bitch and left. I left right after her and was stopped at the door by a gentlemen standing next to the men's room door. He handed me a business card and written on the back was ‘Call ME.' I was relieved he walked away. I turned and ran into a man who grabbed my breast. He pushed the dress from my breast breaking the tape, causing my nipple to appear in a few gasps heard in the area. "You do that again I will break your fucking arm!" said a low deep voice. It was Jesse standing nose to nose with the bastard. He immediately took off. I said to Jesse, "I need a cigarette'" We went to the smoking area. I was trying like hell to keep my nipple in but I was shaking too much. He said, "Let me help." He touched my breast while he tried to re-tape my dress. I was shaking but did not know if it was still from the incident or his hands on my breast. He lit my cigarette and asked me if I was OK. He was very much in my space, and it bothered me in a good way. He leaned into me and whispered, "You know I would like to fuck you." I just nodded a yes and then he kissed me. I thought my juices were going to run out of me and stain the dress. His lips were very hot on mine. I opened my mouth, and he immediately explored my mouth with his tongue. I was so worked up I would have fucked him right there if he asked. He finally told me that we needed to get back as the food was probably ready to serve. I wasn't so confident walking back to the table, as I worried my nipple would pop out with the tape used the second time. I got seated with a new busboy getting a good look at my chest.

We ate the meal, with sometimes me bending forward to let him see my breast from the side. I knew he liked that because he would adjust his seating position to get the best look. As he sipped his wine, he would put his hand on my leg by the skirt hem. He did explore with his finger about one inch under the hem. He whispered to me that he liked my bare legs. I was hoping he would ask me to go to a hotel room, but he never did. We left, and he drove me home. He walked me to my front door, and I felt like I was on a high school date. He kissed me, and I could feel his cock against me. He whispered, "I want to fuck you, but in a special place that you will not forget. Are you willing to go with me tomorrow?" I answered so quickly with a yes that we both laughed about it. I went in to face the music of Jim.

"How did it go? Did he fuck you? I can't believe how hot you look!" giving me a kiss he patted my ass and exclaimed, "Damn you have no panties on! He must have fucked you!"

"No, he didn't. I didn't wear any. Jesse wants to go out again tomorrow night."

"You gonna go?"

"If you want me to."

"Baby, I just want you to be happy;"

I knew with all the talk about no panties and fucking Jesse, Jim would want to fuck. He took me to our bedroom, and with a drop of the dress, I was nude. That turned him on even more. I guess he was thinking I was walking around that way. He had me on the bed in no time, spreading my legs he fucked me while I thought of Jesse's hot lips and his hands on my legs and breast. He fell asleep, and I took my cell and called Sarah. I asked her could she get away for a smoke. She turned me down as Tim was still up and about. She said, "Tell me about it in the morning."

The next morning I hopped over to Sarah's dressed in my white shorts and sleeveless blouse. I relayed all the events of the evening while she found her way inside the opening in the armholes of the blouse. She liked what she heard because she spent a lot of time rubbing the side of my boob. She told me how sexy that dress was to be able to show your tits in profile. She got hot. I got hot. When that happens, we find our way to her bed. I helped relieve her pussy of all that tension. After she got me off the same way, she just said, "You lucky bitch, to be able to look forward to him doing his thing to you." I agreed.

I spent the rest of the day being anxious, hoping the time went by faster. No planning on what to wear. He told me to wear the same outfit I wore at the company picnic. What a memory! White short shorts and a tank top, he recalled. From that, I assumed he was interested in me long before he and his wife went to an open marriage. I put the shorts and the tank top on the bed and then decided on panties. It was between high cuts and thongs. Thongs won. I perfumed my breasts and mound again, although I did not need it. I was sure this time he would be in both those places. The time to dress was upon me and I did my makeup and I was going to wear my hair up. Thong, shorts and then the tank top. I looked in the mirror and I didn't remember the tank top having to stretch so much. Sandals on and I was ready. I proceeded down the stairs.

"Where the hell is he taking you going dressed like that? You go from one extreme to another."

"Just remember Jim darling, this was your idea. Remember your career and all that bullshit. Besides quit complaining, you got a lot of, as you call it, cunt, last night." He smiled and said no more.

Jesse pulled into our driveway and beeped his horn. This was beginning to feel like a high school date, but I went bounding out just like I did in high school. Jumped in the car gave him a welcome kiss. We drove off. He had on jeans and a tee shirt. Picnic time once again. We drove for about an hour and wound up in front of a place which was about a couple miles from the main road. The building was stucco and very modern. We went to the door and rang the bell and gentlemen greeted us. Walked us to another door, opened it and led us in. Before us was a huge hot tub, big enough to hold a crowd. The place was candle lit, and the water shimmered off of reflections on the walls and ceiling. He directed us to a dressing room for each of us and told us there were robes for our use. Asked us what kind of music we liked, and said us the noise we would hear while changing would be the pumps for the water jets. He told us that if we were going to let the water jets spray on our gentiles to walk into them slowly as they were very powerful. Get used to the force gradually and don't get near the nozzle. He left us.

Jesse kissed me and told me to get undressed. As I was taking off my clothes music started playing and then the whirl of the pumps. I put on the robe and proceeded out to the main room. I looked across, and Jesse was standing in the white robe, which contrasted to his dark skin. He turned around and took off his robe. He had a cute ass, but when he turned around, I just stared. His cock was everything I wanted to be. He walked towards me while his member swung back and forth as he walked. He only stopped when I took off my robe. He grabbed his cock, like a little boy. He apparently was feeling the blood going there when he looked at me. He descended the steps closet to him, and I did the same with the steps closest to me. Both of us in the water waded our way to each other. We kissed and for the first time felt our naked bodies feel the softness of each other. His cock was against me, and it felt so wonderful. His hands were all over my breasts, ass and finally feeling my mound. One of his fingers found the spot that delighted me.
He waded and jumped on the hot tub wall sitting there fully exposed and me closer than ever. I knew immediately what he wanted, and I obliged him, as my lips encircled the head of his cock. It felt so damn good in my mouth that I flicked it, running up and down the ridge. When he started moaning and grunting, I took him entirely into my mouth. He was close as it was swelling even more. He stopped me and traded places with me. He as in the water with the jet on his cock and me sitting on the side with my legs wide open. When his tongue hit my clit, I almost passed out. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. He pulled me from the side and into the water. He picked up my legs and wrapped them around him. I felt him trying to put that gorgeous cock of his in me. I moved my hips until I felt it make its way into my cunt. He started a slow grind on me. This glorious man in the water was fucking me. He wanted something to remember for our first time. He was getting it. He slow fucked me not far very long, but when he picked up the pace, I did not last long, screaming at him that he was a mother fucker! When I came, I was crying but then I found myself bent over the side of the tub. I felt him putting something on my ass. I later found out it had to be lube because he entered my ass with that big cock and it hurt, but not for long. The pleasure soon arrived, and then he came in me. His cock went limp, and I felt dizzy. We both laid back in the water and just cuddled. We kissed as the water bubbled around us. I was out of it, but I do remember getting fucked again. As far as I was concerned, I could not get enough of that big thing in me.

"You know I could fall for you."

"Carol, I have to ask you a favor."


"The only way I could get Jim to set up a date with you was to promise I would fuck you in front of him in your bed."

"You got to be fucking kidding me."

"No, I am not. Would you do it for me?"

I said nothing but got out of the water and dressed and went to the car. Jesse dropped me off at the house, and it was so late nobody was up. He walked me to the door, and as I walked, I pulled down the tank top. He kissed my lips and my nipples right in front of the neighborhood. And I did not give a shit. I was so happy. I walked in the house with my tits out, and I was glad Jim was sleeping. I slept on the couch and had beautiful dreams that one more of my fantasies had been fulfilled...

Jim did get his wish. He watched and played with himself as Jesse fucked me in Jim's and my bed. Unfortunately, Jesse went back to his wife. The open marriage closed, and we never fucked again.
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