The Job Interview
The Job Interview

This story was written for and about a female friend that has the hots for submissive sex with well endowed black men!

Peggy Sanford at age 46 was still a beautiful woman a bit more full figured and mature now but one who has maintained her youthful looks. She had long brown hair and a shapely 110 pound, 36" C cup breasts a 23" hour glass waist and a nice round slightly over indulged 36" ass. But her real asset was what lays below the flat area of her tummy, she had pubic folds and a slightly larger clitoris than most women and these sexual nerve endings with little thought or attention would keep her wet and ready for sex! She was still a head turner particularly when not wearing any bra or panties, something she did a lot. She had two grown children in college and a well to do much older husband that was gone most of the time playing golf at many of the well known courses around the country something he seemed to rather do than spend intimate time with this attractive woman of his?. This had left Peggy horny as hell and with an incredible unsatisfied sex drive

Peggy hadn't changed much over the yrs, as an over sexed young 18 yr old in hi school probably had sex with just about every boy in her senior class especially many of the young black ones that played sports, or if not at least had given them a good blow job. She was and still is a free spirit and at times could be a very slutty woman. She from her school days had loved the sex with young black dicks, later in life she had fantasy's about working for a very forceful and demanding, black boss... Peggy did not need a job, but had discovered through a female friend, that a hansom black advertising agent was looking for a personal assistant and specifically for a very attractive mature white married woman, and that the agency was in an all black area of the city, this company catered exclusively to successful black business men apparently ones that had little time for seeking out mature white women for kinky sex . Her friend gave her a special secure access code for the internet job application.

This allowed her to discretely apply on line and make an appointment for the interview. As she filled out the application prior to her interview some of the questions really caught her eye, one was attire in that she would be required to wear heels, and dress in revealing and risque ways in order to please not only the boss but also his demanding clients? If need be would also have to spend the evening or more if the client so desired, it did not say what it was she would be required to do, but her imagination went wild with the possibilities? OMG! Peggy could not believe such an outlandish sexist question was actually on the application? But the thought of doing something like this for an over sexed neglected woman, one that had the hots and sexual fantasy's for romantic and abusive sex with a black boss had her on the edge of an incredible orgasm! After answering all of the very personal intimate questions, Peggy like many women that were job hunting knew she should dress in a way that would make this prospective boss interested in more than just her qualifications, this of course was exactly both their intent! Peggy wanted this job and planned on doing what ever it would take to get it?

She introduced herself to the girl at the desk named Wanda and was escorted into his office for the interview by this attractive black female receptionist half her age, and offered a chair,... OMG! He was the most hansom charming man she had ever met! His name was Damion T Hammer! The way he looked and of course how well spoken he was with such class, was obvious he was well educated, but there was something else about him a darker appeal that would attract most any women? The kind of man that mothers told their daughters not to date as bad things would surely befall any female that did, or dare to be alone with a man like this? Mr Hammer was a master at this and said all the right things, his insight into women, what they want and how they think. Knew all about Peggy her wants and needs the minute their eyes met! For Peggy a worldly mostly knowing woman this was quite unsettling, as she had never been looked at quite like this, and with such obvious sinful intent? It was not just that he undressed her with his eyes, he seemed to bring out in her the most perverted and nasty thoughts of sex. And by only the power of his thoughts alone, in only moments of their meeting, it seemed Peggy would do anything, and I mean anything to be with or please this man?

He asked well, I assume you want the job? You do understand what it entails, are you prepared to do what is expected? You did sign the application did you not? Yes of course you did, up, up,.. let me have a good look at you,... turn around slowly ah that's good ,.. put your hands up on the wall! Stick out that nice ass of yours and spread your legs! For Peggy a woman that had always been in charge when it came to sex and men, from the young ones in hi school, to older ones over the yrs, had always called the shots and most were quite willing to do what ever she wanted?
But this was quite different and OMG! Was so incredible arousing that left her on the very edge of orgasm almost dripping with anticipation as to what he was going to ask or do next?

Peggy not sure had worn a most revealing short skirt and thin blouse with absolutely nothing under either, the incredible sensation of standing on hi heels like this with her hands high up on the wall, and her ass out,... was holding her breath as he came closer! What was he going to do, wondering as she waited? She felt his hand raise her skirt and hold it up revealing her soft milky white bare bottom, and with an admiring sigh his other black hand slipped down the crack of her ass and up into the wet flesh of her mature underlips as his big black thumb forced its way up into her pussy his long fingers grabbed her bare well shaven pubic folds and one touched the stimulated nerve endings of her throbbing clitoral flesh,... at about the same time he grabbed a hand full of her hair pulling her head back harshly from behind, biting her on the bare flesh of the neck like a forceful lover might do, this is all it took as Peggy exploded with a climax the likes of which she had never known, leaving her legs weak and shuddering! She would have sank slowly to the floor had it not been for his strong hand now wet that held her up as it continued to squeeze and finger fuck her in this most intimate place! She was groaning and making animal noises of incredible sexual pleasure as,.. OMG! This hansom perverted black bastard knew exactly what she wanted and needed!

Then with an intimidating vocal threat said strip, I have felt you, now I want to see what a submissive white married slut really looks like nude? His hand left her pubic folds, but the other still had some of her hair and a good grip on her fair skinned throat, once around facing him Peggy was trying to undo her blouse and skirt. Then almost choking Mr Hammer pulled her helplessly to him, and kissed her so forcefully sucking most all of her breath away leaving her breathless! The skirt and blouse easily fell away leaving her totally naked wearing only heels, and in the arms of this forceful demanding and charming black bastard!

The breathless kiss lasted an eternity with Peggy savoring the lustful wanting she had been denied for so long! Then Mr Hammer said on your knees bitch, I want to see just how well such an attractive married white slut of a woman will submit to a demanding black cock! He was quite pleased but not entirely sure that his harsh comment along with him pushing her down is what did it? Or was it just that she could not get on her knees fast enough in order to please him? Once down he said one more thing, you will keep your hands behind your back at all times unless told otherwise, if not you will be severely punished, do you understand? Peggy without thinking blurted out yes sir I will do anything for you! Then Mr Hammer said that you will cunt....that you will!

With Peggy naked on her knees and hands clinched behind her back he slowly walked up placing his huge bulge only inches from her lips, then unbuckled his belt unzipped his suit pants, and slowly let them fall, the white starched smell of boxer briefs and the incredible bulge within was much more arousing that she had suspected as he said, pull them down?

Peggy quickly understood, she was to do so by not using her hands, only by her lips and teeth! She was becoming even more aroused as she realized what was expected, she tried biting the thicker fabric at the lower opening of his briefs and pull it down, only to discover she could not get the waistband past his hips, then tried each side one at a time succeeding to some degree, and when doing so could feel the heat from his enormous erection that was on the other side of the white fabric!
OMG! The waist band had caught on his throbbing fully erect cock as she struggled with it using her lips and teeth to pull it as far out as she could, but could not quite get it over and off the enormous swollen cock head! Finally, he amused at her amorous and unsuccessful attempt helped, as this big black home wrecking piece of meat sprung free wagged about for a moment and finally stood up fully erect directly above her head! For Peggy the thing was both beautiful and intimidating!

It was a perfect specimen a good 10 incher with a mushroom shaped bulbous head! She was mesmerized at first as he in a firm demanding voice said suck! She had no idea if she actually could, but the nasty thing aroused her more that she had imagined and in her lustful desire only wanted to gorge herself on such a hard thing of beauty. Sitting on her haunches with her hands behind her back, Peggy had to raise and straighten her upper thighs out and stretch up as high as possible, but at 5' 3" even with her head up as far as possible could only get her lips and tongue to touch the soft sensitive part under the gigantic cock head that was now oozing sticky precum from the gun barrel size opening!

Finally with her aggressiveness, and his most welcome help had pushed it down slightly allowing her a nice mouth full of his pulsing hard on! As Mr Hammer continued to vocally coach and encourage her to take it even deeper she lovingly sucked the warm black meat! Peggy was really getting into this as in her incredibly aroused state only wanted to be harshly face fucked as the appeal for submissive abuse seemed to over shadow all else! He was a master at this knowing exactly what a slut she was, and toying with her as she sucked him deeper and deeper, until her nose got closer and closer to his kinky pubic hair! Almost there he grabbed her head and hair quite roughly and at the same time flipped open his cell phone and with Peggy gagging and almost choking called the receptionist, Peggy could easily hear the conversation, Wanda, please come in here I have something I want to show you?

With Peggy a mature married woman naked on her knees and a big hard black cock deep in her throat helplessly sucking unable to resist could only think how humiliating and embarrassing for such a respectable white married woman , to be seen by others in this nasty compromising position, but the thought only seemed to arouse her more! Just as she resigned herself to this young black woman seeing her like this the door opened, and not only Wanda, but at least a half dozen other women from the advertising office pool accompanied her, some were giggling with delight and seemed to enjoy her most naked nasty and most sinful predicament. With all watching Mr Hammer up until this point was easily able to hold his incredible pent up cum load, but now enjoyed letting it fly! Peggy had sucked cum before, but nothing lately and of course her new boss had more, much more than she had imagined, as the hard nasty thing was more like a small fire hose of warm sperm, one that came and came, so much so that it filled her throat stomach and the rest up chucked its way out through her nose and around her lips! The warm slimy stuff around and all over her lips and chin was dripping down onto her bare naked breasts off the very end of her hard perked up nipples, and onto the floor..

For Peggy the torrent of cum also stopped any hope of air to breathe, and after several moments of terrified fright thought she would pass out as her hands that had been obediently clinched tightly behind her back quickly came up and tried with all her might to push him away and her off his enormous cock, that was still spewing and pumping squirt after squirt of the nasty cream colored spunk!

All of these black women, especially the young ones, they were still giggling and pointing, but the older ones with knowing smiles loved to see married white women on their knees totally humiliated in naked submission, being harshly face fucked by a big black forceful man, and in this case one that was soon to be her new boss! Finally with her almost turning blue , Mr Hammer quickly pulled free leaving her covered with more cum and gasping for air as several of the older black women made even more nasty and humiliating comments, you love black dick don't you honey, and now you know what real men do to black women? This and more will be expected of you, and we will see if you can take what real men can do on a regular basis as our new submissive personal assistant, or should I say our personal sex slut! After all of the commotion was over, Peggy was told by Mr Hammer that she had performed quite well and since she was now and official employee would she mind staying on as he had a special client that would be there shortly he wanted her to meet, and that he, this client would not mind at all if she was naked and pumped full of cum?

With Peggy naked on her knees Mr Hammer continued to inform her what was expected, as the ultimate, and sexually intimate personal assistant. This new boss of hers would and will of course be able to have her any time he wanted, but along with this, he will have a quite a number of black clients who also find attractive, married working wives to be their ultimate submissive pussy. This boss of hers, Mr Hammer would not only fuck her but she would be required to dress to the max in sexy but tasteless office attire. Whenever a client would come, Peggy was to make sure he was "sexually attracted" to her... and in that process of keeping the clients happy, she would be available for those who wanted the intimate company and more of this very attractive, hi class white married pussy.

Peggy loved wearing very short skirts less panties and bra and was told when she reported for work to bring photos of her both naked and wearing sexy clothes for the clients to purse so they could pick out what she was to wear while in their company...Most of these clothes were, just inches below her pussy. She was encouraged to move show and entice these black business men making nasty sex talk of submissive sex at every opportunity! Sexy clothes make the woman, and Peggy was quite aroused from the looks and feelings she would get when wearing next to nothing especially now in front of these horny black men! For Peggy it was so obvious and she would have no trouble at all showing her incredible mature body, knowing full well that she will be harshly pleasured and abused! As they say, once a white woman goes black, she will never be satisfied going back!...

For Peggy the feeling of standing in front of strange men, especially black men ones that are turned on by her open desire for black cock that so many white women seem to want these days... She once told me without any panties on under her skirt, always excited her, and her pussy, she loved feeling her juices slowly seep out, sometimes running down her thighs, and when out for the evening could feel the night air caressing the lips of her bareness..between her legs. was so exhilarating.

With Peggy still naked and on her knees the client has arrived? She glanced at his crotch, does he know my bare pussy is, ready, wet, and hungry for black cock she thinks? And is getting more excited by the second? Her mind whirls and the deep inner contractions of her pubic muscles continue as the excitement begins, he asks her questions that seem to go on endlessly and are out of place for a woman that is naked and on her knees,.... during this innocent conversation... She can only think of perverted fantasies and what he will feel like as his hard black cock, full of spurting sweetness, touches the well shaven white of her pussy, then forcefully presses between her wet lips and pussy folds into her waiting vaginal opening to its full depth!.... Until he is firmly against her swollen clitoral flesh! The fantasy persists as Peggy will never be completely satisfied until the bare whiteness of her ass, red painted lips and pussy, have big black cocks in all three at the same time!

Her fantasy is shattered as the words from her first client, command up my dear I have big plans and you will not need to dress at all for it? For Peggy once up he has placed a red leather collar around her neck and buckled it tight then has turned her around and secured her wrists helplessly behind her back using similar red leather cuffs, snapped a leash onto the collar placed a coat over her shoulders and led her out of Mr Hammers office past the young black receptionist and into the elevator, OMG! She thinks it is broad daylight outside where is he taking me, and what will he do?

Continued in part two .

Peggy's First Black Business Client

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