The Journey of the Sensible Shoes

She stood by the door watching him as he slept in the shadows and wondered if he knew. Turning, she headed for the front door with only her keys in her hands, wearing her trench coat and her sensible black shoes. Out into the night she went in search of the promise she had left behind.

Reaching his house, she drove by slowly looking it over as she fingered the key that came with the note.


Parking the car letting her sensible shoes take her up the long drive way in the dark she walked to the house. Each step was quiet and affirming as she made her way with the key in hand. At the same time she was forcing her conscious to be silent. As she didn't want to think, just do and be for one time in her life.

Putting the key in the door she opened into cool darkness lit by thin streams of moonlight here and there that came through thinly curtain windows. She stood there getting her bearings after shutting the door behind her letting her trench coat slide down her body to pool at her feet. Remembering the layout of the house and where the master bedroom was located using the filtered in moon light she found her way to the master bedroom and him.
He was laying on his back on the king size bed in a pool of moonlight and shadows. With his arms spread out to his sides with the sheet barely covering his lower body. She marveled at how much the scene looking like a negative relief...his white against the darkness of the sheets and shadows.

Standing next to the bed still wearing only her sensible shoes,nude to the moonlight that caressed her body showing all its planes as it suggested her peak and valleys. She reached up to release the top knot that held her hair in place releasing it to flow like an inky black cloud to her shoulders and to frame her face. With large slanted eyes as black as the night held a dreamy quality about them as she looked down at him in wonder and want.
Slowly she pulled the sheet down to uncover the rest of his body, exposing his semi hard cock to the moonlight that lay tight against his lower stomach from base to his navel. As she leaned forward she could see a thick drop of precum on the head and smell the heady scent of him, a mixture of heat, maleness and soap. Her mouth watered as her pussy did the same.

He stirred in his sleep, not opening his eyes inhaling her scent as she leaned over him. Was this a dream he thought as waves of anticipation ran through him? The very thought had him afraid to open his eyes for fear that it would be. Then he felt her touch and it opened his eyes...

Unable to control herself, she lightly stroked the nipple of his left breast. The almond color perfection sprung to life under her touch, enlisting a moan from his kissable mouth, and the opening of his hypnotic blue eyes.

They looked at each other, lips parted ever so slightly, each believing that they were dreaming a dream that they didn't want to wake up from.
He could feel the joy in growing and tinged with fear as he didn't want to frighten her way. So he laid still as if in sleep but with his eyes open encouraging her with his gaze to do as she wished.
Nodding her head in acknowledgement she let go of the last of her control in the act of slipping out of her sensible shoes. Pushing the top sheet aside exposing him to her desires, she climbed on to the bed at his feet. Kneeling there she looked up his body to meet his blues stare along the way noting the rise of desire in his body. She could feel the warm liquid of her desire genteelly flowing down from her pussy to her thighs and on to the bed. Picking up his left foot she pressed it against base of her neck then slowly sliding it down her body. Guiding it over her breasts nipples and stomach all the while looking into his handsome face where his lips were now more than just parted. He was breathing deeply as his eyes became heavy with need. By the time she had done the same with the other foot, she too was moaning through softly pursed lips. Due to light waves of pleasure that radiating from her core her pussy became a tight, wet and heated place. A light sheen of sweat coated her skin reflecting the heat from within.

He could smell her perfume mixing with her own heated scent and wanted to bury his face in it. To drown in the essence of her and leave his mark on her so deep she would feel it on her soul. Watching her as she stroked her body with his feet, feeling the softness of her skin against the soles sent shivers through him. He felt the skin of his balls tighten and become warmer as they filled.

Continuing to watched, feeling the heat of his desire rising as she started the climb up his body.
Placing kisses on the tops of his feet she started licking, kissing and sucking her way up his thighs alternating between them. Reaching his cock that was now hot and thick dripping precum as she laid between and on his legs with her face now resting on his throbbing member. It was smooth, moisten and hot to the touch as she rubbed her face against him spreading droplet of precum on her face and into her mouth. Moving back a bit, she buried her nose in the space between his balls and cock, to inhale the heated musty scent of him. Then with her lips she massages his balls, feeling the skin of them wrinkled, hot and soft. It made her hungry with want sending her pussy into overdrive. Clamping and releasing wanting something to hold on to but finding nothing. Tasting the salty, tangy sweat of his skin on her tongue she found she wanted stretch herself out on top of him to lay claim.

He fought with himself to just lie there, wanting her to feel that she could do as pleased with him. The expression of the heat of her passion left him wondering what fool had denied her the right to please him.

She was now at his lips that were parted and warm with the first touch of hers to his. The kiss was light almost chaste as she rubbed her body against him, but the kiss that followed was deeper searching and sensual. A dance of tongue against tongue was feverish and probing.

Swearing and chanting her name with each breath as her mouth and body slowly painfully took him to the edge. The chaste kiss had almost undone him but the one that followed did the job he felt that he was fucking her mouth with his tongue. His hands sought the body of the woman who laid on top him like he was a bed. He had to touch her in spite of the promise he had made.

His touch was inviting and soothing to her. Caressing her skin, hips, stroking her back as his tongue lovely fucked her mouth feeling like he was fucking her pussy at the same time. She wanted him to put that talent tongue in that place between her legs, but not before she had fully tasted him. Releasing his mouth and pushing against his hands, she slid down his body to his cock which now was thick, hot, throbbing as it dripped drops of precum. Wasting no time, she slipped it between her lips giving the mushroom capped top a slow swirling with her tongue. Taking time to glide the tip of her tongue into his pee hole as she lightly scrapped her finger nails over and around his balls that were hot and throbbing in her hands. She heard sounds from him that were between screams and moans begging her to never stop. The feel, the scent, and the taste of him caused her to lightly squeeze his balls, unknowingly causing pleasure and pain all at the same time.

His body responded to her touch and the demands of her mouth on him. He looked down the length of his body at dark mass that was her hair as she fed on his sucking his cock wanting more of his liquid essence to feed her hungry ... her desire. Putting his hands in her hair to steady her head, he be began to fuck her mouth in long deep plunging strokes. As she seem to not to be able to get enough of him. Her mouth, sucking and licking at him was fervor. Each time he slid in and out he could feel her tonsils rubbing against the top of his cock adding to his pleasure. This was beyond anything that he had imagined or hopes for. Combining with the wet warmth of her mouth he was about to lose his mind as he descend into the pure bliss of her.

Looking up the length of his body, she could see that he was holding on to the bed head board with both hands. His face, a mask of passion was such a turn on feeding her desires. Quickly she moved from sucking his cock to riding it. The very act had him roaring as he slid into her tight wet sheath as she impaled herself on his cock now throbbing as if it had a heartbeat of its own. Letting go of the bed head broad he grabbed her around the waist as she started to ride him. Her flesh was hot and slick with sweat but he was able to hold on as she slowly went up and down on his cock.

Rotating her hips slowly with each descent and rising her large dark nipple breasts bounced tantalizingly with her efforts, making her a feast for all the senses. They blended into one as he pushed his cock up to greet her descent repeatedly, a mass of hot wet quivering flesh being driven to release.

In the moon light she was all shadows and light with curves and a few plains. Her hair a black cloud hiding her face but not her body as his hands sought to touch and caress her. Their voices rising with each movement accompanied the urgent drive that came to an abrupt halt when they both hit their orgasm.

With bruises along with some serious pain in sensitive areas they came in a hot, wet, rushing flow of release. Bedding, pillows, were send to the floor as they came jerking and shaking, driving their bodies into each other with such a force sending droplets of sweat flying. Adding to the heavy scent of sex in the air as their voices became louder,demanding of each other and of themselves.

Later spent and sated, she laid on top him breathing slowly and deeply hers matching his as they laid among the ruin of the bed and each other.
It was early and yet late when she put back on her sensible shoes. Walking stiffly to the door retrieving her trench coat as she put it back on, she reached into the coat pocket and pulled out the key. Holding it in her hand for a second she considered it and all that it implied then she laid it on the table next to the door. Opening the door, she let her sensible shoes take her out to her car where she got it and drove home. Once there she let her sensible shoes take her into house and the shower. She didn't take them off as she stood in the shower and washed until the water ran cold.

Later in bed, she relived the journey her sensible shoe had taken her on, feeling the heat of desire and expression of pleasure. She turned away as the man next to her rose out of the bed to start his day. With him gone, she let herself relax into sleep, but not before looking down at her sensible shoes still wet from the shower. They were simple black leather, low in heels, nothing special to notice, but when worn they had taken her on an amazing journey

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Kenny Lattimore: Love Me Back

Kenny G and Toni Braxton: That Somebody Was You ....

Peter Pearson: I Think About You
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