The Kindness of a Stranger

We haven't been having the best of times lately. Working always being the reason why we couldn't start a family and the lack of intimacy between us. So I decided to take the matter in hand sort of speak.

My husband was out of town for an overnight business trip, so I decided to surprise him and spend some quality time together. Taking the next flight out thinking that I would arrive about the time he would be returning to his hotel from his meeting. After checking into his room, I was a bit upset because it seemed like even after I proved who I was, they seem hesitant about giving me a key card to his room. Which at the time I thought was strange as I had stayed with my husband at this hotel a few times in the past. Pushing it back into the corners of my mind, I went up to the room to prepare my surprise for my husband.

On the way up I found myself in the elevator with a group of businessmen who were deep into a conversation in a language that I couldn't understand. So I stood there with my suitcase minded my business. Eventually, the elevator stop and they left all but one who I hadn't noticed for some strange reason and later I would wonder why I hadn't. He was a few inches over 6 ft. his face was not handsome but interesting. It was the kind of face that you could spend a lifetime looking at and never see it all. I found myself staring at his strong masculine face, taking in the lip and patrician nose, followed by the icy blue eyes that were staring back at me in amusement. Blushing, I quickly left the elevator when it stopped after making sure I was on the right floor, but not before taking in the rest of him. The tailored suit he was wearing hinted at a body that stirred things in me that haven't been touched in a while. He returned my stared as the elevator door closed with a knowing smile that decorated his full lips invitingly. Turning I walked down the hallway to my husband room with quivering thighs, a weeping pussy and it didn't help that I heard him chuckle at me as the elevator door closed. Yes, I guess he knew what he had done to me with my clothes on leaving me to wondered what he could do with them off. I quickly shoved that thought into a corner of my mind as I used the key card and entered the hotel room where my husband was staying letting the door close behind me with a click.

It took me a bit to get my baring as this room seemed more high end then what we had stayed in before when we had stayed here. Leaving my suitcase at the door, I walked further into what I recognized now was a suite and stood there in amazement. There was a living room that had a large picture window overlooking the park below, a small kitchenette and a huge bathroom that rival the one we had at home. Leaving the bathroom to go into the bedroom and I stood at the door for what seemed forever. Trying to make sense of what I saw. I knew my husband suitcase by heart as I had bought it for him, but it was the other one that I didn't know. It was the style that a woman with sophisticated taste and money would own. Feeling my body go stiff with fear, I walked over to the closed and opened the door to the rest. My world dissolved right in front of my eyes and I found myself fighting to breathe. Taking a seat on the California king size bed, I struggled to breathe and then started to cry as with each breath it all fell into place. When I came back to myself, I was in the elevator again with my suitcase shaking with rage and almost drowning in my grief. Then the elevator stopped, and he got on again.

I guess my face said it all because not a word I spoke.

"Come with me," he whispered to me in my misery.

I looked up at him and shook my head," No I don't know you," I mumbled feeling something wet running down my face. Wiping it away I wondering when I had started crying.

"Yes you do, you know me, and you want me," he said with no sense of ego or vanity he was as if he was just stating a fact between us.

Yes, it was a fact, not one I was ready to admit to, but it was the truth. My world, my marriage as I knew it had just fallen down the step head first, on its way to breaking its neck.

"Then come have a drink with me, it looks like you can use one," he said as the elevator descended.

Now on that, I had to agree. So leaving my suitcase at the check-in desk, we went to the bar to have that drink.

I didn't say anything for a while just sat there staring at the top of the table and occasionally taking sips of the gin and tonic that I didn't want.

"So what are you going to do now," he asked his voice a deep soothing base in my ears.

Looking up into his eyes, seeing the sympathy there I said nothing at first as it was a good question and I hadn't thought that far.

" I have no proof...," Lord, why did I say that I did... and had for a while. I needed to know to be sure to understand for myself why I was going to make my next move.

I still had the key card and looking at my watch I figure my husband wouldn't be back in the room yet. I need to see for myself.

"What are you going to do? "he asked again.

"I am going to go back and end it," I said as I stood and walked out of the bar leaving him at the table.

Going back up to the room, I found a place to hide in the large closet that was right across from the bed. The door of the closet was made of like a blind, so there were opening for me to look through. So with my IPhone, I hid in a dark corner and waited. I didn't have to wait long, I heard their voices, his and hers a few minutes after I got into place. Closing my eyes, I listened to my husband's voice and the way he talked to her using endearments that he used to say to me. They came into the room a single moving mass of legs and arms entwining each other as their lips were locked in a passionate kiss. Coldly I took the first picture then more in rapid succession as outer clothes were discarded without a care in their wake.
Finally ending up on the bed with him he on the bottom she stood up and walked away from him to model the sexy linger that he had bought a month ago. I had found it and assumed that he had purchased it for me. When I went back to look for it later it was gone now I know why. She was a tall, attractive woman with shoulder lengthen dark blond hair full in all the right places. So she wore the black and cream colored lacy bra and panties well.

Watching in fascination and anger,I was still taking pictures as she went down on her knees between my husband legs and unzipped his pants. I watched his face handsome face go hot with lust as she pulled out his erect cock and slipped into her mouth. Rage filled me because that was something that he wouldn't let me be in charge. As I took more pictures, I wondered what else she could do that I couldn't base on his say so. I listen to him moan and say her name repeatedly, by then I had switched to video mode on my phone. I almost laughed out loud thinking how I had complained to him that this phone was too expensive with all its extras. He demands that I get this one, I wonder how he will be feeling about this later when I show I my pictures to a lawyer? When she came up licking her lips her bra was off showing large pink stiff nipples on creamy mounds. Her hair was a mess as he had put his hands all in to guide her head.

"Fuck me," she said in a voice heavy with need.

My husband just smiled back and took his pants the rest of the way off as she pushed the lacy panties down her long legs and stepped out of them.
"Are you wet for me baby? " he asked reaching for her with his cock sticking out like a rod seeking her.
He was picking her up pushed her back up against the wall and pinned her there with his mouth. For what seemed like minutes but was only seconds they kissed.I guess in that kiss is when he slipped his cock into her. Still lipped lock he started to fuck her up against the wall of the bedroom.

Moving so I could continue taking pictures, I let the knowledge of what was going on seep into my consciousness. All that I have given up, all that he had held from me, and here I am in a closet in a hotel suite taking pictures of my husband fucking his boss's wife, Anne Drake. Yes, I knew her as we had met once before some years ago, though I had never met her husband.

He let her go, and she slid down the wall to fall on her knees and pushing his cock into her mouth as she did so. Still taking pictures, I watched as he started to fuck her mouth with glee. Her hands were moving around seeking purchase on his ass to suck more of him down with each thrust of his hips. It was then that I realized that I was aroused, feeling the gather of wetness between my jeans covered thighs and my erected nipples rubbing against the material of my bra. Before I became discussed with myself, he came shooting his cum into her mouth which she greedily swallowed. Using the wall to hold himself up my husband tented his body over hers and she rose up from knees and kissed him deep and long. By then I was done if they were not. As they walked the closed where I was hiding on their way to the bathroom, I took a few more pictures of them making sure to that I had their naked bodies and faces showing, then I save them and sent them to someplace safe. Waiting until I heard the shower going to make my move, I left the closet not bothering to shut the door and then from the room leaving that one open as well. I was almost to the elevator when I was bodily picked up and pulled into the room just before the elevator. Looking up as I started to kick back but I stopped and let myself be kidnapped from my get away.

Shutting the door and locking it behind us, he put me down in the living room of the suite. I stood there looking up at him as tried to get my hair out of my face; it seems my hair band had popped.

"You should wear your hair down like that more often," he said never taking his eyes off me.

"How did you know ... I mean ... hmm, I need to go," I said feeling so many emotions all at once and no way to let them out.

"No, you need to stay here with me," and with that said I found myself on his arm with his lips pressed against mine in anything but a chased kiss.
My mind screamed no as my body did the opposite. It took me to where it wanted to go as it was still aroused from what I had just witnessed.

His suit jacket was gone when he had taken me from the hallway so wearing just his crisped white shirt and trousers it I could feel the warmth of him through his clothes as he picked me up and wrapped himself around me. I wanted to ravel in the heat and closeness of him realizing that my husband had never made me feel this way. He never let me be free to be myself with him even in the most intimates of moments. Now in the arms of this stranger, I know that I would have that as my skin became so hot and tight and I needed a release that I felt only he could give me. It didn't matter about my marriage or that this man was a stranger all that matter was that he could set me free. For that alone I allowed myself to depend on the kindness of this stranger to take me and in doing so release me.

Stripped of my clothes and he left himself with just his trousers on, he disposed me on the edge of the bed with great care going down between my legs as he did so. Under his appreciative glaze My dark brown hair a wild mess around my head and shoulder, lips bruised from his kisses, nipple hard and pussy wet I have ever felt so alive and sexy in my whole life. Then for some reason, I felt shy and started to wrap my arms around myself, but he stopped me.

"No, don't cover yourself, I love what I have been allowed to see, to touch and very soon to enjoy completely," he said his voice husky with...lust.

The very thought that it's directed at me made me smile inside and out.

"Lay back and let me feast upon you..."

Feeling the heat of his hands and words on my body, I laid back onto the bed as he stood up and took off his pants letting them fall on to the floor and then kicking them aside.

My breath caught in my chest, and I felt myself go still. I now think I know how men feel when they look upon a woman they desire naked. To say that he was beautiful is to say little. I started aching to touch, to put my hands and mouth on him. Holding him there and tasting him and drinking his cum as I inhale the aroma of his sex, the very thought had me coming up off the bed, but he stopped me. Effortlessly he pushed me back on to the bed with one hand at the same time moving to stand between my legs so that I would find it hard to get back up without his help. The look on his face said everything, he was a man used to being obeyed and what he said next proved it.

"I am going to give everything you want and more, but I will decide how and when," he said in a voice that was clear and concise.

From the curtain of my hair I looked up at him and made two decisions the first, I would do now, and the other well what happens in the now will decide that future. Pulling my leg up in a way that opened my pussy to him I watched face and waited, and I didn't have to wait long. Grabbing my left foot which fitted well in his hand as I have tiny feet massaging the arch and toes he looked down at me as he started kissing and sucking my toes. When he put his hands on me, he had me, with his mouth I was open to whatever he wanted. With the middle finger of his right hand, he slowing drew an invisible line on my skin from my foot down the inside of my right leg that sent a warm tingling sensation all the way down to my clit, causing me to spread my legs wider welcoming his attention. Then lifting my hips up toward his finger that has stopped it decent at my knee and where he was just making circles. Right there and then oh how I wanted his cock in me and him pounding me into the bed! He just smiled at me and placed his lips where he finger had been then the tingling sensation when from warm to scalding hot and the lower half of my body came up off the bed making its way to his mouth. I was flooding so badly that I could feel it sliding between my ass cheeks. Moaning and reaching for him, the very act was begging for more. He just smiled at me and continued his teasing. Then he fell upon me, and it was the last clear thought that I had that didn't include him.

"Until you leave this room you are mine," he stated his voice heavy with a sensual truth that ranged like a bell in my body and mind. After that, there was no more talking only sounds of raw, passionate sex. Starting this time at my lips, he slipped his tongue into my mouth as his left hand massaged my left breast and nipple. Elongating and twisting the nipple between two fingers and then letting it spring back to settle on the breast mound the color of deep rose had me in the area of pain and pleasure. In the meantime, his kisses went from tongue and lips to his teeth being added in as he kissed, licked and made shallow bites on my skin.
My hands were on him as well, stroking his muscular arms and back, latching on to the skin of his neck leaving love bites on at its base. I was like someone ravenous for intimate attention, and now that I had it I wanted it all. This seemed to strengthen my efforts to dominate him to get more, but I found myself face down on the bed and my hands put together and being somehow tied the bed frame by use of his necktie. Then being pushed to my knees with my ass up in the air my head down. At this point, I thought he was going to try something that I had never tried before, anal sex. A fleeting thought came to me of his cock in me, and I almost screamed no, but then I felt his tongue, which was extended and thick teasing its way around the back entrance to my pussy, and I froze in place. Breathing deeply with my head up I tried to over my right shoulder at him only to see his massive shoulder just as I felt it and I closed my eyes in sensual rapture. He plunged his thumb into my anus the same time as he shoved his tongue into me and pinched my clit as he did so. I was rocked by pleasure and pain, and I became their bitch. I move in a frenzy against him causing the material of the necktie to rub against the skin of my wrist, but I didn't care it was all part of the pleasure and pain. Somewhere in all of that, I could feel my nipples how hard sensitive was rubbing against the spread adding their fuel to my fire. I was drowning in sensory overload, and I didn't care. Off in the distant, I could hear someone screaming fuck me fuck me as I thrashed around trying to get free and trying to stay bound as his thumb fucked my ass and orally fuck my pussy. This was more than I had ever experience with my husband in all of our years of marriage and even before. My orgasm started to play is sweet music in my ears a sound that I had only heard when I masturbated alone, never with my husband. Fearing that he would stop picked up moving against his mouth and thumb just to have both disappeared. I screamed out my loss and moaned in pain and pleasure when he shoved his cock into my pussy, and it was so great that it made my eyes close in bliss
.Folding his tall body over me, he untied my hands and pulled me hard against the front of his body as he picked me up with his cock still in me. Taking into the sitting room and laid on the back of a couch that face down and started to pistol whipping his hips into me driving his cock deeper each time.
I fought to hold on, and now cum digging my nail into the fabric of the couch cushion I held on still a warm then hot wave of energy flashed from my toes, and out my mouth erupting in a soundless scream. My orgasm hit me and came like a torrent rain shower spraying the back of the couch, with sweat flying off like droplets of rain from my quivering body. Then somehow I found myself straddling him on the floor riding him hard and fast with my tits bouncing up almost hitting me in the face with my orgasm still riding me. Opening my eyes I not realizing that I had closed them, I looked to see him looking back at me with an orgasmic fever to match my own. We continued to fuck like that, bodies dripping sweat, driving into each other and holding on for dear life. We finally came screaming into each other mouth as our bodies released taking our consciousness with them.
Later as we stood under the warm water of the shower raining on us, we talked. Telling each other the important things that needed to said between two strangers and making no promises. After getting out of the shower, we laid together, and this time we made a kind of love that can only be between strangers. The climax this time was explosive yet gentler than the first, and he held me as I cried for what never was and what would never be.

The next morning we checked out and went our separate ways after saying our private goodbye up in his room. Before parting, he did give me one piece of advice, the name and number of a good divorce lawyer and wished me the best.

Well, it has been five years now, and there is not a day that I don't think of the stranger and his kindness, freeing me sexually and giving me something else that I had wanted and was hoping to get that night with my husband. One day I will tell him about his son and the son of his father, David Drake, Anne's husband, that fact I found out sometime later, but that is another story. That night was the first time that we had met, and we haven't been in contact since. As for David and Anne well, I never bothered to keep up with them. But now and then I do think about David and the gifts that he gave me. I will always remember the kindness of a stranger and be thankful.

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