The Lady Of The Night
She slips on lace panties and matching brassiere
Her legs long and shapely, her pantyhose sheer
Cleavage appears with her blouse cut so low
Skirt and high heels on, she's ready to go

She walks to a street, crowded with bars
Ready for Johns to come by in their cars
She asks as they pass if they'd like to have fun
"Not now baby, I really must run."

Finally a guy she stops says okay
She knows where to fuck so she leads the way
They go to a room, with a bed that looks worn
The sheets look quite dirty and partly torn

He hands her the money, they agreed to upfront
He makes it quite clear that he wants to lick cunt
Suck my dick," he demands she does first
She strips naked and prepares for the worst

After unzipping his pants, he pulls out his cock
In no time at all, it'll be hard like a rock
Licking the shaft and circling his prick's head
She deep throats to his balls and they're off to bed

She lays spread eagle; he gets between her thighs
He eats her wet pussy and his rod gets a rise
They change positions; she squats over his face
He slowly licks her slit; it's not a race

Her twat is flowing, from all her cum
Dripping down her legs, he drinks up some
Shifting again, he's now flat on his back
She's riding his rod while he's fondling her rack

She moves up and down, on his throbbing manhood
She could last an hour but doubts that he could
He's groaning quite loudly and ready to explode
When he has his release, it will be a huge load

He finally shoots into the condom he wore
He zips up his jeans and heads out the door
She puts on her clothes, the lady of the night
She leaves the motel room and shuts off the light

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