The Lawnboy
The Lawnboy
By: Sassysue

I lay on the chaise with my top undone so my back would tan evenly. I wore my bikini and the bottom is nothing more than a thong with string ties. Not all this was lost on Jamie, the young man who I hire to cut my lawn in the summer. Jamie is gangly youth, trying to make some money before he goes to college in the fall. He tries to focus on the lawn but his eyes seem to focus more on the tan globes of my ass than the grass. I am fifteen years older than Jamie is so I never paid him much attention other than the boy who has always cut my lawn. He has lived in the neighborhood forever and I have seen him grow up over the years. Today there is definitely something different about him and his repeated lecherous gazes of looking at my near naked ass stir something within me sexually. I found myself welcoming his looks wondering what he had under those white basketball shorts he is wearing.

By now, I was in the zone and lust had taken over my reasoning, so when he was near the pool I would roll onto my side in order to give him a look at my tits. When he saw those 34Cs of mine complete with stiff nipples, he almost ran over a garden gnome with the lawnmower. I suppress an outright laugh but I softly chuckle to myself and I could see those white shorts tenting very nicely, arousing my curiosity among other things. I found this to be rather amusing and I thought it was time to bring to the next level and have some real fun.

Jamie's cock is ready to bust out of his shorts and I surmise that he is not wearing any underwear. I giggle devilishly, like a bad girl who is about to be real naughty. I asked Jamie, point blank, if he likes what he is looking at and if he would like some. Jamie's jaw drops open and he just stares and nods. That was all he could manage to do at that particular moment.

I take his hands and placing them on each side of my tits and I squeeze them together. This accentuates my cleavage even more. My nipples stood straight up from the excitement of his touch and being from being so wicked with this young man in public in my backyard. Jamie frozen in place for a few seconds and then he squeezes my tits.

"Go on Jamie play with my tits if you want to and I will make you feel so good.
By now, Jamie's cock is indeed bulging and straining for relief and I run my fingers over the prodigious bulge under the white basketball shorts and confirm my suspicion, that Jamie wore no underwear under the silky basketball shorts; I suggest that Jamie take them off. Jamie, averting his gaze, from my tits to my face stammers.

"Here, outside, where anyone can see us."

"Yes," I reply, "Howelse am I going to see what you have lurking for me under those shorts," I ask teasing the young man and playfully tugging on the drawstring.

I turn to him naked from the waist up, smile, lick my lips and then wink at Jamie. Jamie wasting no time pulls the drawstring and the shorts slither down his legs and pool on the grass.

For a skinny kid he has a monster of a cock jutting out of his crotch. The damn thing is thick; double the girth of most men I have experienced, and long, somewhere in the eight to nine inch range and a pair of swollen balls to match his impressive size. Jamie's face is beet red and I do not help by caressing his youthful erection and commenting how he must make the girls weep when he lays that big cock to their tight young pussies. I think about a young girl seeing her first cock and to confront a monster like Jamie's dick.

Jamie needing no further urging is pawing my tits; my nipples are bright pink and excruciating hard. Standing tall on my dark areolas my firm pink nubs ache from his pinching and pulling on them and I want this young man to suck on them, bite them and fuck my tits with his cock. I am sticking my hand between my thighs to my now wet pussy. I look into his eyes, confirming my approval of letting this young boy ravage my tits. His eyes reflecting a wild lustful drive of a very horny boy enjoying a mature woman's tits. I felt like Mrs. Robinson. I love the touch of an inexperienced boy's hands on my breasts; he is so unpredictable as to what he will do next with my aroused boobs.

I could no longer stand the one sided sex so I tugged on Jamie's erection, I want to return his touches and the passionate tongue kisses on he is laying on my nipples.. The size of Jamie's rigid tool shocks and excites me pops right out in all its glory. Pre-cum is oozing from the eye of his mammoth cock head. I gasp at the astounding size of his big dick. Most men would love to be hung like Jamie and I wonder if he can use that gift, that he has between his legs. I grasp his cock just below the head and kiss the meaty head before I suck on the throbbing flesh.

I eased off the chaise lounge, I kneel before Jamie, and I pull on the strings of my bikini bottom and let it fall to the grass. The head of his cock is rubbing on my left tit just an inch or so from the center of my cleavage. I move his thick prick to the right and place it right between each melon. His cock head sticks out over the tops of my tits. My hands on Jamie's and I guide him to pressing the voluptuous flesh together ensconcing his hot cock between my tits. Jamie, out of instinct I am sure begins to fuck my tits. His cock is sliding effortlessly in the suntan lotion that I have slathered on my boobs. The engorged purple head peeking out of the titty pink flesh and then disappearing before it reappears. Jamie has my tits together and proceeds to rub his cock between them. Faster and harder Jamie fucks my tits. I arch my back presenting my tits for his decadent pleasure, my nipples straining straight out from my areolas. I lower my head to flick his youthful dick with my tongue and my hand cupping his balls feeling his momentum building as he fucks my tits.

Jamie could not hold back any longer, he had not yet mastered control over his domain and with a stifled moan, he explodes a load of hot cum onto my tits, my face, lips and hair. I rub the cum on body and lick what was on his thick shaft. With my hands I keep pumping slowly on his cock, up and down to drain get all of his fresh cum out of his cock for my selfish pleasure as my pussy is drooling. Jamie, spent now, he had gotten more just money for mowing my lawn.

Next time Jamie when you cut my grass you can fuck my pussy like you did my tits or both if you want, In fact why don't you come back tomorrow and finish your job.
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