The Long 'HOT' Ride
They were headed to LasVegas, across the blistering desert.They had been riding in the car for hours.

Her skin was damp with persperation, his body had a sheen of sweat as his hands gripped the steering wheel. The AC had stopped working a while back. The hot air provided a warm breeze as the car sped down the highway.

It was late afternoon so the sun was not quite as hot as earlier in the day but the temperature had to still be in the 90s.

He looked over at her sitting beside him and his eyes took in the whole picture. She was beautiful he thought. Her brown hair cut to chin length and swept to the side. Her long limbs stretched out in front of her. Her shorts giving him a clear look at those endelss legs. He loved the way those legs wrapped around him when they came together.

He watched her out of the corner of his eye and thought about what he would do to her later when they reached the hotel. They still had miles to go before they'd reach the city.

She watched his hands moving on the steering wheel, strong, agile hands. Hands she loved to feel as they ran over her body, ,his fingers tracing down her neck and across her breasts. She began to imagine how it would feel to have him touch her now.

She placed her hand on his thigh and smiled over at him. He placed his and on top of hers and gave her hand a squeeze. She rubbed his thigh gently.They rode like this for a while, both thinking.

The desert sun beat down on the car and the temperature was going higher. They both continued to perspire with that wet sheen covering their skin. She took out a water bottle and srayed the cooling mist on their arms and legs.

The water dripped down her chest and her nippples began to harden with the coolness of the water. He watched as she sprayed herself again with the water,soaking her thin t-shirt . He reached across her and grabbed her tits in his free hand.

"Sugar you are making me crazy."

"That was my plan lover"

His hand continued to massage her tits as they drove along.She could feel her pussy begin to moisten and her hips began to move very slowly. Her hand moved up and she could feel his hard-on through his shorts. She rubbed it gently and then unbucked his belt. He moaned softly.

He pinched her nipples now with his right hand as he kept his left hand on the wheel. She had his cock in her hand now and stroked him gently.

His hand moved to the top of her shorts and she gave him that look that he knew so well. She wanted him now. With his left hand steering he used his right hand and went down her shorts as far as he could.She lifted herself up and slid her shorts down letting her legs free to spread.

His fingers found the center of her heat and he deftly worked his fingers inside. She was so hot and wet, he could almost taste her.

She continued to stroke his hard cock as his fingers brought her up. God she was so close to the edge. He looked in his rear view mirror and not a car was in sight. He grabbed her by the back of her neck and pushed her head down into his lap.

She knew what he wanted and quickly took his cock in her mouth sucking him down hard. It took only a moment for him to cum as his cock spewed cum down her throat. His hand gripped the steering wheel tight as he let out a long sigh. His fingers, down her shorts, continued their frenzied attack and she came within seconds of him.

They both leaned back in their seats dazzed and exhausted. The heat continued to bear down on them as the car streaked along the lonesome highway.

As the car approached the upcoming hotel he pulled over into the parking lot.He shut off the car and let out an exhausted sigh. He leaned over to kiss her.

" That was the hottest drive across the desert Iv'e ever had sugar , in more ways than one!"
They linked hands and walked into the air conditioned lobby of the hotel. Cool air at last!
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